Character name:Lexi Edison

Notes:Lexi has always had a very negative view on winter, but ever since she developed her power her feeling toward the season has become worse. There are days when she is cold and alone that she has this strange fantasy about her developing Hypothermia, and there are section of this poem that does reflex some the symptoms and treatments. (Hypothermia's symptoms like shivering, clumsiness, weak pulse, shallow breathing, progressive loss of consciousness, and lack of concern about one's condition.)

Name of the Poem: The Freezing Cold

the poem:

The Freezing Cold

White beauty why are you so cruel

To have forced me in this duel

What have I done to deserve such pain

For this campaign is simply insane.

Each year I pray you don't arrive

So I don't have to fight to survive

But my prayers are in vain

For you come to begin your reign

I am greeted by your icy breath

That causes plants a quick death.

But to me you don't offer me such mercy

For in your eyes I am not that worthy

You are a wolf in sheep clothing

Which I desperately try exposing

Yes I played at your feet

And danced in the streets

I discover that breathing become a chore

As I fall on the floor.

I loose interest in my failing health

Sleep offers me vast riches and endless wealth.

I can no longer fight this battle

I am now sick of listening to your rattle

I will lay here and cry

Leave now so I can die.

Why is there a blanket on me?

Why won't you just let me be?

How is it possible that I am moving?

If I am no longer standing?

No longer do I feel cold and alone

I may venture into the unknown

Despite it all I have my reason

To strive through this horrid winter season


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