Character: Penelope Hendrix

Notes: The poem is inspired by A Person/A Paper/A Promise by Dr. Earl Reum. This poem also depicts Pen's life in her perspective.


The Lucky Girl

There was a loved child
She didn't know her mom
Because she didn't know how to ask
She only had her dad
and she loved him very much
but she wanted to know things
Especially who her mother is
But she didn't think she'd get an answer
And no one was able to help her
She's raised up well
She's raised thoughts which fell
Yet she didn't know she was lucky

There was a little kid
She didn't know her mom
Because someone else has played the role
She had her newly wedded dad
And a stepmother who loved her
Yet she used to want to know things
But all she'll ever be is clueless
And now that she doesn't mind,
She lost everything
All that she ever loved's gone
All that she ever felt's done
And she didn't feel lucky

There was a lone girl
She didn't know her mom
Because she had no one to ask
She stayed with the devils
And lived like a prisoner
But the unfortunate young thing,
had so much more to go
Most of them was pain
And she's stuck in her own thoughts
Just to run away from reality
Just to run away from her destiny
She didn't think she's anywhere near lucky

There was a broken teen
She found out about her mom
Through the breach of her freedom
She's escaped from the little hell
And was absolutely homeless
She was yet attacked,
But from pain, she learned
to fight back and be strong
And take her wrath for her defense
And finally, the young lady was free
And finally, the young lady was happy
And through the misfortune, maybe she was lucky

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