A New Year's Confusion

by: Sierra Lucker

The year is coming to a close;
and another one begins.
By the eve, there's the toast,
but the rest, full of sins.

It's always been the same,
there's nothing to be celebrated;
and it's somewhat so lame
and seriously overrated.

Such camaraderie baffles me.
If nothing's going to change,
Why do we have to party?
It's not like we're that deranged.

In the years of my own life,
nothing became better
even if I was full of strife;
but nothing worsened either.

Maybe the new year's bliss
is all about wasting.
Wasting time, that is,
Or possibly it's just living.

And again I stay away,
Away from you, away from people,
away from the noises, they all cause dismay
But that's what you think's simple.

Yet, up to now, I live confused
on why it's so special
and why you're extremely enthused,
Though, that's a belief of one who's normal.

Note: Sierra Lucker is a lonesome kid and when accompanied, she becomes loathesome. In this poem, she expresses how she thinks of New Year as an occurrence that doesn't have to be celebrated. It's because in another year, things will still be the same. After a year of which New Year's Eve that you've celebrated and wasted money for, you're still you, she's still her, dead or alive, the world is still going to be the same. She also describes the new year's resolution's effectiveness and durability which lasts literally for the first week of the year. And (I know sentences aren't supposed to start with this but whatever), not only is Sierra loathesome with companions but also with noise which makes her dislike the holiday even more. She simply doesn't like the celebration of New Year.

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