Fox in the City
By: Todd Valentiano

In the forest lies this cunning thief at bay,
Ambition and loyalty newly swayed,
As these eyes have paused on a grand highway.
Crazily, the towns were not far away.

Released, born to be free, wild, untamed;
Tired that life soon dooms in the hunters' game.
Striding around these closed fields feels the same;
To change this lifestyle is what I have aimed.

Just one star above to serve as my guide,
Steadfast will I run in hope's doubtful ride.
Lift my head high like a lion's firm pride.
Zealous to succeed, shall endure, one tried.

Whatever upon me the world may smite,
The hardships and dangers others may cite;
Inspiration shall be pressed out of spite,
Head to the tail will this heart's flame ignite.

Today, my freedom has come to an end.
In place, a glorious span given to spend.
With all my strength, pow'r, this shall I defend.
For, dreams: one's greatest foe---and friend.

Loyalty Towards One's Dreams

Todd finally understands why his mother had named him 'Todd,' which meant 'fox.' Like the fox who was condemned of staying in the forest for safety, Todd was born to a farming family; his heritage didn't stop him from dreaming for the city. He keeps loyalty to his dreams, doing and enduring almost anything to achieve it. For a fox, freedom means much to it; but Todd sacrificed his own "freedom." With zeal in each step, he can't leave that deprived of a reward.


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