By: Winter Papakl

Notes: Winter finds winter the easiest thing to write about because Winter herself and winter have so much in common. It is quite sensational when Winter can write about winter, as she can write about herself at the same time. Winter can easily relate to herself; the title is Winter's Frosted Heart; and she's not the most friendly of people that you'll meet.

Winter's Frosted Heart

Winter looks down coldly on the world below

Her grey eyes cold as ice

As the children play

In the snow each day

Yet she doesn't even crack a smile

The hail is falling

The hail is falling

Letting out all Winter's anger

That icy cold anger

In a pretty painful way

Christmas comes and people sit

Beside their fires

Winter watches them

But no hint of jealousy enters her eyes

Because she has that icy heart...

It's Winter's frosted heart

Like a never melting icecream

Like the cold north wind

Buffeting everywhere

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