Wings of Illusion


By:Zayden Tanberry

I knew an angel, who had everyone enchanted,

Whose eminent wings did luminosity lifted,

Who was marked both beautiful and profound;

Envy of all, center of the sky and ground.

Alas, struck by vanity’s lightning and fell, the host,

His prized feathers were scattered and lost.

His wings, he spends ages conniving to find,

His fixed goal made him truly dumb and blind

Even with time, not a feather has he restored,

He gazed upon heaven as he gravely mourned.

To his side, a mediocre child nighed,

Gave comfort where the rubies’ worth was defied.

As time passes, he forgot all his doubts and pains

And recalled his face’s warm smile again.

There, on the spot, for him to feel and see,

Wings of more august that filled him with glee.

The angel learned to accept with a grateful heart,

Though none else can see this illusional art,

He still walks with the child, hand in hand,

Never does yearn for another folly’s demand.

He comes to an end with a stern conclusion,

That is: he had glorious wings that aren’t of illusion.

Away from the spotlights, all along waiting,

Was a path for him to realize a new beginning.

~Writer’s Interpretation~

Beginnings, they are always there but recognized in the end. They do not always mean to start in a new chapter, but sometimes in a whole different book. The poem talks about a fallen angel, which any of us can be guilty of, who has faced turbulences and has a fixed goal to remain in the past; eventually, a “child” helps him “accidentally” realize his self-worth so he realizes there were wings on him. The first set of wings the angel had were symbols of earthy wealth, things people see to admire; the second pair was of intangible things such as love, friendship, and feelings. They are called wings of illusion because no one, but the angel himself could see it. Why? No one can see your worth but yourself; sometimes, we need a “child” to awaken us to be able to start anew. Like the fallen angel, no path is too late to begin as long as you realize the importance and your love in it. I was once that angel, but realized there was more to life than wealth and that was love; thanks to all the “children” who has helped me realize this. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Zayden Tanberry

Rhyme Scheme: A-A-B-B

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