Basic Information

Name: Colden Ryusei; 流星 コデン (born as Airlea)
Natalia 8

Age: More than three millennia (Physical age: 17)

Species: Demigod (formerly goddess)

Parents: Boreas (god of the North Wind) & Kheimon (Horae of winter)

Affiliation: Camp Half-Blood (former Hunter and aide of Khione)

Personality: Colden was once a friendly person who absolutely loved winter. Even though she was once a powerul, immortal being, she still stayed humble and caring. She loved colourful surroundings, too, in which her time in the seasonal Horae's island had affected her. She might be aggresive in times, but she cooled down by reading or training herself. She became more glad as she lived in her father's abode, together with her immortal siblings, Khione and the Boreads. They were fun, and had shaped her so much in a lot of ways. Their cold, observant attitute together with their positive vibes (well, mostly from the Boreads) influenced Colden.

Her time as a Hunter turned the tables, though. After lots of horrible situations, she always felt down, causing her to stay away from her group and be alone. However, she found love blooming. It changed her a bit, knowing how she should move on and learn from her mistakes. Her continuous living in the mortal world helped her to become more observant and attentive, although her longing for friends gave her quite the impression of talking to herself at times when she's terribly alone. But after some realizations and help, she found new hope and is now trying to stay positive. Yet ironically, she naturally avoids people if she can help it.

Weapons: A huge scythe, a set of javelins with different features, a pair of xiphos, bow and arrows, a shield that covers the user in the way she wills it to (though she rarely uses it), and a huge katana, all made of Celestial bronze. She also has in store two pairs of silver short swords.


It was just before the famous Trojan War. Gods argued, demigods fought, mortals took cover. And some never minded such a mess to get involved with. The god of the cold northern winds, Boreas was probably one of the gods who remained ignorant of the foolish quarrels. He left his throne of ice and went out to wander the earth, searching for things he would know when he found them. He happened to pass by a small, lovely island that was full of life and colour. There resided the Horae of seasons. In that moment, they were rejoicing over something that they were expecting to happen. Music and light filled its atmosphere, and waves seemed to join in to the rhythm of their instruments. Boreas saw them and realized how lovely those goddesses were - so young, so fragile, so wonderful.

The god had immediately liked them, but fell in love with the Horae of winter, Kheimon. Clad in a simple Greek white dress and gold armbands with her hair braided with snowflake-like pins, she was simply yet extraordinarily beautiful. Starting from that instance, he thought of a way to get a wise goddess such as her. In the end, he succeeded. They seemed to like the same things. They seemed to get together so much that each time they were together was a special moment. They got a little bit more too close, and things didn't go the way Kheimon had imagined.

For a long time, neither of the season goddesses planned to have children, most especially Kheimon. The others, Eiar, Theros, and Phthinoporon, were shocked by what they'd learned about what Kheimon was having. It was so much unexpected that her sisters got so mad at Boreas and never let him step on their island. It hurt him to know about what Kheimon felt about him. However, he did his best to watch over her and her sisters, and his coming child. Meanwhile, the goddesses tended to their sister, helping her with her needs and caring for her. Sooner, a beautiful and healthy baby girl was born.

The sisters were so overjoyed to have another one with them in their paradise island. They decided to take care of the child and raise her there, and teach her the ways of a goddess. They named her Airlea, who was indeed 'ethereal'. Even their father, Helios, came by to celebrate the birth of a new granddaughter. It was all well.

Airlea was well taken care of. She was beautiful, intelligent, and really wise for a girl her age. Different gods tended to pass by, especially wind and messenger gods. She would most likely talk with them when they stop by or just wave at them while she watched them disappear from the horizon. The island was safe, and no harm came to her or to her mother and sisters. Soon, she took on work. She helped the Queens of the seasons watch over each of their domain, and she helped bud the island into a larger and prettier one. Music was a remedy to her, and it became a huge part of her life. She even became excited meeting Apollo himself.

Airlea didn't wonder about who her father might be, but the thought had crossed her mind before. Yet having four lovely women as her parents were more than enough. Then the Trojan War came to be. She desired to see whatever was happening, but the four ladies told her to stay put and stay safe from harm. While pondering about it, she decided that she wanted to learn how to use weapons. Making things grow was cool, but she wanted to learn something else.

One time, a huge chunk of Celestial bronze crashed on their island from the sky. It was totally something new to Airlea. Then a huge, crippled guy came falling after it, cursing about the fallen object. She then knew that he was Hephaestus, and they got close whenever he spoke of weapons. He made her some, like some xiphos, javelins and bows and arrows, and taught her how to use them. The lessons were totally what she had wanted so much.

A few years later, she had physically grown into a mesmerizing young woman. She loved training herself in her spare time while commanding the trees to play some lively music. The Trojan War was nearing its end. She kept doing what she did. The gods went back to their usual, problem-stirring self, some still up for vengeance on each of the sides. Zephyrus payed a short visit on their island, delivering some messages from the other Horae. He also told Airlea about a demigod he had rescued that had escaped Poseidon's wrath. She found the mortal interesting, like how could one possibly escape the Sea God's anger? It was just one of her tons of I-wonder.

Things went wrong, though. She might've been a goddess, but she's too young despite her wisdom. Another goddess came to their island, pretending to be someone lost. Airlea helped her up and gave her proper food and place to rest. Then the woman started talking - about the world out there, how things Airlea never got to know worked, how it was better that the small world she's been living in. This got the young goddess's attention, and she started retorting questions, which the other woman gladly replied to, slowly deceiving the girl down to her wreck. The woman told her about her father, that he might be waiting for her and yearning to see her. Airlea's forgotten desire to know her father suddenly rose from the depths of her mind, and it was all she was thinking about. The woman told her it'd be alright to stay from the island for just a while; anyway, she's just going to try to know her father. It was reckless, Airlea thought, but there's no harm in trying, her other side said.

With the help of the goddess who she had helped, she had stepped off of the island while the other were busy somewhere else. It was a new feeling, and she enjoyed it so much. Sooner than she stepped on new land, the woman vanished. Later on, she learned it was Ate, goddess of mischief and folly, the goddess Zeus has threw down from Olympus because of her recklessness. Airlea, not knowing where she had gone from, slapped herself for all the foolishness she'd done. After calming down, she disguised herself as a normal citizen of the city-state she's in. While there, she tried researching about the place. She kind of eavesdropped on people and asked people. Argos was their answer. She immediately knew she was far away from home.

Fortunately, a kind old couple let her rest in their place. The next days, she started roaming around the city-state, getting curious about things minute by minute. That's when she finally met Boreas. She was sitting on top of a small cliff, eating some plums that she plucked from a nearby tree. A man suddenly came near, and asked why a young lady like her was all alone in such a place. She told him that it was her quiet spot, her own place. The man chuckled, and they seemed to get along. Starting that day, they'd meet again and talk about things that soon made Airlea consider the man a friend. Then under a starry night sky, he revealed himself to her. Airlea's face was stricken with shock. Yet slowly, she smiled and hugged him, happily yelling that she had found her father.

Boreas asked her if she wanted to go with him, and with no hesitation, she agreed. The god called on the north winds, and he brought her to his icy palace, which Airlea found much beautiful than her island home. She thought about her mother, but Boreas told her to worry no more. Airlea believed him, and there she found another place to call home. The Boreads were fun creatures, and she played with them a lot. Boreas's other goddess daughter, Khione, wasn't always around, but she gave Airlea small yet cold smiles. However, she found her half-sister amazing in every way. The winter, the snow, the ice, it was an invisible embrace that kept Airlea feeling alive than ever, accepting it as her own. For some time, she became a part of the northern winds, never wanting to leave the place again.

One day, Kheimon came barging in, red with anger and smoke steaming from her ears. She yelled at Boreas, and they started to quarrel, the air dropping lesser than its usual temperature. The Boreads and Airlea watched from a distance, wondering what to do. Khione was there, too, but she didn't mind too much. Sooner it came to the point where Kheimon seemed to burst of madness for him taking Airlea from her. Airlea stood up and shouted at them to stop. She apologized to her mother, and told her that it was her decision to come with her father. She thanked her for all the things she'd ever done for her, and admitted that she wanted to stay with her father, to stay with the cold. It was already home to her. Kheimon burst into tears and embraced her daughter, telling her to do what she wanted to do, and that she ws proud of her. Airlea thanked her, Kheimon fixed things up with Boreas, and she set off back to her sisters. Airlea was both sad and happy, but the others in the palace was overjoyed that she, too, celebrated in happiness. Khione, on the other hand, found the girl worth trying.

Khione, then, always wanted an assistant, just as her father had. So, she came up to Airlea to talk with her. The young lady was deeply honoured to talk to such a beautiful goddess. The snow goddess then told her about her job, of keeping winter in place and the poles cold. She asked Airlea to help her, in other words, an aide. Airlea jumped in surprise and agreed. Khione, starting then, taught her all the things she needed to know. Airlea was a goddess, she can do anything to adapt to her surroundings. So she taught her to control ice and snow, which Airlea soon got used to. Khione was pretty harsh sometimes, creating blizzards and having glaciers crack whenever she's mad. But through the years, it was like Airlea was the one to be able to calm her down. The Boreads even seemed to think that the two were friends. It was good, thought Zethes and Calais.

Boreas found Khione and Airlea together for most of the time, which he found a good sign. No wintry mood swings from his daughter was such a good news. Airlea became stronger, gathering in all she had learned the past years. It was good, to feel strong, to feel free, to be free. More friends, more merriment. Gods and spirits alike would sometimes pass by and she would have the chance to meet them. Eos, the goddess of dawn, would stop by for a break just after her shift in bringing the light up, paving the way for Apollo and Helios. She was a nice and pretty woman, and she loved story-telling. Airlea would listen to her for a long time before Eos would leave. She even gave Airlea the chance to see her palace the next time she came by. Airlea looked forward to it.

There, coincidentally, she met the other Anemoi, and met one of Eos's trusted aides - her demigod son, Evandros. Him being really kind and merry made the girl want to have him as a close friend. Although she seldom visited, it was good having aides of Dawn around.

Nighttime was her favourite magical time. Khione didn't need her that much in her true business - as what could Airlea do in keeping the poles cold that is a peace of cake to Khione - so Airlea spent her time out of the palace and lying in the cold snow while she watched auroras dance in the sky, fading green, blue and violet. It was like she was in an impossible dream full of wonder. Then she'd observe Eos in her chariot running through the sky, breaking the dark sky to a lively shade of purple and orange. Khione would sometimes appear, proud and beautiful, and sit by her, somehow admiring the beautiful sky (although she hated sky gods so much). Khione, Airlea knew, could be a nice friend, and was a good friend, despite her cold nature, and she loved her more than anyone else. It was like the harsh goddess of snow was her best friend, save for the Boreads.

Khione had shaped Airlea greatly through the long time they had been together since she arrived, but the young goddess had a different thing in mind. That time, she wanted to roam, to hunt, to save. She had been observing a group of maidens doing so, and she found them interesting. She told Khione what she wanted. The goddess was surprised, after all the talks about boys they'd been having, but she supported her. In no time, she pledged to Artemis to be one of her loyal handmaidens.

Roaming, playing, hunting - it was fun and lively to be a hunter. Together with other maidens who had sworn to stay with Artemis, Airlea found another family within them. Her skills that she had perfected before joining had become of great use to her. Occasionally they'd pass by Boreas's palace, and there she took the chance to revisit them all. The Boreads and Khione she'd hug tightly, while she'd give a huge smile to her father. It happened repeatedly, through all the years they've been roaming about. Her icy powers gradually strengthened. Goddess or not, she admitted it was the best part of her life. Even though betraying Artemis for a little bit could cause her much damage, like she'd witnessed first-hand. But something else happened that somehow had her lost her faith.

They were up trekking on a northern mountain, with sheets of ice raining down on them. The lieutenant then had the group split into five, each having two wolves. Airlea was with Minami and Jenny, who were both a bit new to hunting. She guided them in finding a place to rest while the others were assigned with different tasks. Unfortunately, they had crossed paths with one of their known enemies, Lycaon. Airlea knew she shouldn't be afraid, but every nerve in her body trembled in fear for her two comrades. The werewolf had group of more than a dozen with him, which snarled viciously at the three maidens. Their silvery wolves attacked, but in vain. Minami shot an arrow, but it only pierced one of the werewolves' thick hide. There were too many for them to handle, considering her two companions's standings. It all then ended a second before the others had arrived. Airlea was all alone, crying to herself while she held both Jenny and Minami.

Since that moment, Airlea wasn't that outgoing and bright and positive. She would set her mood when fighting monsters, as if she was pouring out all her hatred and anger to all she'd killed. The Hunters had lost more as time passed, and that made her even more miserable. She knew she shouldn't be so much as affected. But she couldn't help but keep adding the weight of the deaths of her comrades. Somehow, she started blaming herself. Artemis herself had tried comforting her; it did well, but not enough to make her good. Even Airlea tried moving herself, yet it seemed like she was at war with herself. There was no big thing to be worried about, she thought, but how did it end up like this? That was until she met someone she must've never had close ties with.

The Renaissance period had started. They were having a bit of rest up in the mountains of Apennines. Some went out for a walk. Airlea did the same, and came up in a spring surrounded by thick bushes. She cleansed her face and saw another person nearby. A young boy with the same physical age she had. A nymph, a forest spirit. At first she ignored him completely. But since they stayed long in the mountains, as Artemis had ordered them to do before she left for some other business. He was always there with the other nymphs, serving more food and needs for the Hunters, also by Artemis's request. One night, Airlea stayed awake a few metres way from the group. She again pondered about whatever happened to her, and when she saw the young male nymph, without a second thought, she called him to gain company. He was hesitant, but he loved to help. Enzo was his name. A little later in the night, she started telling her story to him, and to her surprise, he was very, very calm. He then comforted her and gave her some advice, to which Airlea found thankful. For two whole weeks they camped in those mountains, gladly finding some fun in annoying monsters then killing them. They found the bigger ones more enjoying. Meanwhile, Airlea had been more comforted in the company of a boy than her maiden comrades.

Airlea wasn't sure what she felt about Enzo. He's really nice, and he didn't mean any harm. But what was it? After a long time of thinking it through, she found it. It was something very beautiful, yet truly dangerous in her stead. In the months they'd roam around the Apennines, she tried forgetting all about him or lessen her feeligns for him, in the least. But it was nonsense. She loved him. Hunters of Artemis are forbidden to love a man. They swore to her. But she loved him and broke that oath. Shr searched for Enzo, and confessed everything to him. He, as expected, was shocked to hear such a news. A Hunter falling in love with him was dangerous, really dangerous. He still wanted to live. But fortunately for Airlea, he felt the same for her. And they were ready for whatever punishment they may receive. But Airlea wished the hunter goddess would let Enzo leave and just punish her completely.

As they had highly expected, Artemis heard all about it. Disappointed at what happened to her beloved Hunter, she did what she always do. She sent the other Hunters away for the moment. She was about to sentence both when Airlea pleaded with her to let Enzo go, that he never did anything wrong. But Artemis wasn't very forgiving when it comes to disobeying her. She decided to just turn the nymph into a tree that bloomed beautiful violet flowers that matched the nymph's eyes. Before she ever did so, they kissed their first and last, and Enzo completely turned to a tree flowing with violet curtains of flowers. Then she turned on Airlea. Suddenly, the air around them dropped and frost crawled over the trees around them, save for Enzo's. A white-haired girl appeared in a dress made of crystals. She introduced herself as a snow nymph sent by Khione to deliver a message.

"This is what the Lady Khione says, 'It's been a very long time, Lady Artemis, since we had ever met. As an acquaintance and an ever-supporting goddess, it would be very gratifying if you do me a favour. I know this is your decision, but this is also part of my concern. Airlea is my beloved aide and friend, and it will do you good to not turn her into whatever you have done to your former Hunters. Yes, this is discipline, and she does know the consequences, but on her behalf, I am asking you to give her a least punishment. I hope you keep in mind that you are also part of why she turned away. Take care of your Hunters after this. They truly need your attention."

The nymph disappeared, together with the cold surrounding them. Artemis, red with rage, sighed and stayed quiet for a few minutes. Then she gave her punishment: she would remove Airlea's rights as a goddess-born woman, that is, her immortality and god abilities, only if a mortal, demigod or not, would so as lay a finger on her. And she disappeared. Airlea was stunned for a moment, and cried and cried afterwards. Khione then came to her, comforted her, and promised she'd always be there for her. She told her she contacted Evandros, the child of Eos, to meet up with her in England. Airlea found it amusing, and thanked Khione for everything. She told her to say her good byes to Zethes, Calais, and Boreas. She promised Khione to do her best to keep herself a goddess, for the abilities Khione taught her was already part of who she was, and she didn't want it to just go away.

Airlea met up with Evandros in Greenwich, England with a little help from Khione. She cut to the chase and told him everything, including the part where she'd go down into being a normal demigod if she was touched by mortals, and it shocked him badly. Artemis was not a goddess to anger. She at first was scared on even being literally close to him, but he told her not to worry for he wasn't a mortal. She thankfully sighed at this. Riding on Evandros's pegasus, Firebright, they flew to Wales and he led her to a small, wooden cabin in a forest. There, he told her, she would be safe from mortals and would have anything she would need. She promised she'd owe him forever, to which Evandros laughed off.

For years she stayed hidden there, but she occasionally visits the cities in Wales, sometimes arriving up to Glasgow with a help of her abilities. She had survived through the Middle Ages, sometimes fighting monsters she see, and it was a good thing. She decided to go to different places, without having lots of mortals surrounding her. Evandros found her staring from the cliffs in Norway, and he bragged about his own travels. She learned that he changed his name, now Khyllian. She murmured to herself that she kind of liked him, but avoided for it to be that way. Khione would visit sometimes whenever Airlea was in a colder country. They'd share stories and cry more tears. Airlea wanted to socialize, but it was impossible without them touching her. She still wanted to be immortal and be with Khione and Evandros.

The Victorian era passed in Britain, and the 20th century came. Evandros suggested she come up with a new name for herself. Airlea thought about it, but couldn't come up with one. Then he suggested Colden, like the wintry girl she was. She loved it, although it was meant for guys. Sooner she told him that she'd like to move to Japan and stay there for a while. He couldn't do anything but agree, and he promised to visit her. She came to Hakuba, a tiny village that was by the Japanese Alps and was a wonderful place when winter came. She would roam its snowy mountains and play with the nymphs residing there.

And something better happened. She met a demigod family of three in the same village, the parents were a child of Athena and of Deimos. The daughter was a teenager, who was good with a katana. They soon learned her story, and was very careful not to touch her. Monsters came and went, and Colden had somehow had herself in practice again. After some years, the family accepted her as their own, and gave her their last name, Ryusei. She was so emotional that she almost hugged them until her heart's content. Fortunately, she held herself back.

Everything was good. But the family she had been with all died. The parents died of old age just after the Second World War. The daughter had been her close friend and a partner in defeating all sorts of monsters, but she, too, passed away during the 70s. It was hard to let everything she had loved go, but she knew she had to move on. In those days, looking like a normal 15-year-old girl was pretty hard, considering the agencies that took kids in from wherever place. Thankfully, Evandros came when the 21st century started, and brought her to the United States. He told her he had some business in Norway, and they said their good-byes again.

She'd been to the US, but not for long. She stayed in Maine, but moved to Nova Scotia. She found a small cabin by its shores and spent her time reading, wandering, and talking with deity passer-bys. Somehow Khione found her way there, and it was her last meeting with her as an immortal. It was 2014, and it was the same life. Telekhines come out of the water sometimes. Even a sea serpent appeared, but it didn't mind her. She still trained herself with the weapons she had gathered through the times she had survived through. Fortunately they'd disappear and reappear at will. She loved the Celestial bronze scythe Hephaestus had made for her, and kept it in use.

However, on one faithful day, some children had somehow arrived nearby. Colden learned they were on camping, and she stayed hidden as possible. But one little boy came hopping from rock to rock by the shore. Colden watched nearby, carefully observing the family, and suddenly wanting to have someone like that again. Then the little boy slipped when he was a few metres away from Colden. Without a second thought, she rushed to his aid and held his back from hitting the sharp rocks, his head only inches away. The parents came and thanked her so much.

Then she realized what she'd done. Suddenly, she felt her power and energy slipping away from her, leaving her tired and weak. Artemis's voice echoed in her mind, and she passed out. Hours later, she found herself in her cabin, with Khione in a simple dress fixing her up. Then the girl told her she was a nymph sent by Khione, and Colden was disheartened. She was mortal. She tried forming ice, but in vain. Her wind powers hadn't faded, thankfully. The nymph soon said its good-bye and left her all alone again. Unfortunately, a stupid Cyclops arrived fro, nowhere and attacked her. Out of anger, her huge scythe appeared in her hand and with one slash, she cut the monster in two.

For two years, she stayed in the forests of the state she resided in. She met some nymphs who were so kind and gave her a home in the forest. Food was enough, things were sufficient. And thankfully, by time, she moved on and decided to face her new life as a demigod, a daughter of Boreas. She learned about Camp from the nymphs, and decided to go there. She used the money she had collected in riding buses, then flying for some miles and resting hard. Monsters were not an exemption. She totally hated them and killed them with the least moves she could muster. Finally, she arrived at Camp Half-Blood, and in the few days she'd stayed, it was probably good.

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