Margot 6
Name: Gwenllian Aeron Lucassen

Age: Immortal

God Parent: Styx

Mortal Parents: James and Hellen Dyllone

Personality: Gwen used to be a simple girl—a free-spirited person who had great parents and a happy life. But she preferred to stay under the light. She liked just staying in her room all the time except when it's a sunny morning. She hated some people, but instead of showing it, she keeps them hidden from everyone.

But because of a painful twist in her life, she started to feel hatred among others, and a desire that somehow all the people around her will see who she really was, not blaming her for a lot of things. She doesn't talk much, and an introvert. Because of all the things that had happened to her, being alone in the darkness kept her company and comfortable. She keeps trying to not feel the others' oaths breaking, which causes her anger.

Model: Margot Robbie

It all started when a two teenage kids in the early 17th century, a child of Morpheus and a child of Phobeter, have gone in the Underworld, straight to the Demos Oneiroi, the Land of Dreams. The child of Phobeter thought it was a bad idea, but the child of Morpheus was determined to.

The child of Morpheus had the desire to control the dreams in that part of the Underworld. So having the ability to sense where it was, they reached the Land of Dreams, and had been amazed to process such things. The next thing the child of Phobeter knew was that he was already helping his friend twist the cloud of dreams around them. Both of them turned them to nightmares, terrifying images, and creepy faces.

In their moment of happiness, the child of Phobeter decided that that was enough, so his friend followed him. But trying to sneak out of Demos Oneiroi, they have to pass the River Styx. Styx herself was watching, and learned about the mischief. When the demigods tried to cross it, the goddess made them think to swim the river, and drown them for tampering in the Underworld. The plan worked, but the dream gods knew what happened to their child and got angry. Phobeter loved his son so much that he silently swore he will curse whoever Styx's next child may be.

January of 1648, Hellen Dyllone gave birth to Gwenllian in a small hospital in Wales. It was a typical day—her neighbours cheering and giving congratulations and gifts and other stuff. Hellen's husband, James, had a good job at the farm, so there wouldn't be much anything to worry about.

Gwenllian grew up having the common life—having a lot of friends, helping her dad plow and seed, going to the market, join her mom in washing clothes, and running like there was no tomorrow. She had gone to school, and learned a lot even though some teachers are miserable. Everything was okay, until one day came.

When Gwen was 13, her school had a trip to Cadair Idris, a known mountain in Gwynedd. All of the students were amazed and focused on remembering everything they saw in that place. But, unfortunately, a huge earthquake came to them. Everyone was panicked, scared, and weeping. The quake was so sudden it frightened the town of Gwynedd and other nearby towns. Where the side of the mountain the students were, the soil cracked and eroded down, causing a huge landslide.

Many of them died, including the houses near the incident. And so did Gwenllian, who had thought she would never see the sun again. Her parents fought desperately to find her, but to no avail.

Gwenllian awoke to the side of the River Styx, which is the opposite of the Erebus Wall's side. There, she saw other spirits floating around, stolid and transparent. The Underworld, full of spirits—tortured or emotionless or overjoyed. In that time, Styx was around, unknowing of everything about the god of dreams. There, she saw the spirit of Gwenllian, staring stolidly at the dark waters of her river. She heard Gwen muttering things, about pain and suffering and stuff. Gwen had stayed in the Underworld for a couple of years, suddenly full of hatred.

Styx saw and knew that this child would be of greatness and a large future, but she's dead. Unless she wished to let herself be reborn again. So Styx took the spirit of Gwen under her care, then put her in the goddess' womb to then let herself be born as Styx's child.

Styx then gave birth to the girl, who she let the old name retain, in the Underworld. Styx brought Gwenllian to London, and placed her under the care of a man named Gregor Bridenbaugh, who was a descendant of a son of Styx and had great devotion to the goddess. Gregor accepted the child wholly, and took care of her as if she were his own daughter, though he hid from her the truth. But everything turned out bad.

Phobeter had watched on the girl, and when she stepped on her eighth birthday, he cursed her in her dreams that she would have never-ending restless nightmares, unless someone destroys her. This scared Gregor, and doubled his time in keeping her safe. Parties gave much joy to Gwen, so Gregor decided to give out parties, even though its for nothing. Most of all, she liked the Day of Magic and the Dead, for the costumes are fun.

When Gwen turned 13 in 1676, she went running into the wild and thick forest of Epping to calm down from a recent nightmare. She cried a lot of times, under the dark's shadows, but this time a group of myrmekes came to her. Panicked, she felt frozen, but wanting to run. Suddenly, a boy a couple of years older than her appeared with a gleaming Celestial bronze sword and slashed and killed one of the huge ants to dust.

He threw another sword to Gwen, which was braided with jade gems, and turned to kill the another one. One left, Gwen's instincts came over and dodged and slashed at the monster. The boy helped until all that was left of the monster was golden dust.

The boy then introduced himself as August Mason, a son of Oizys. Gwen was confused at first, but August told her to take him to whoever's taking care of her, since he thought Gwen might be a demigod for she had been attacked by monsters.They came to Gregor, where August forced the man to tell the truth. Gregor so then told them everything he knew. Gwen still was confused, but August promised to keep her safe and okay.

Years passed, together with overcoming monsters, Gwen knowing how to fight, and August learning about Gwen's curse. He tried to ignore the part about someone destroying her, but it was unsettling him. When Gwen turned 16, she became August's girlfriend, and she was happy about it, despite all hardships she's been going through, and August does help her. But a time came when all her nightmares were coming dangerously fast and horrifying, she started to lose control of herself.

Gregor and August tried to calm her down, but the dreams were too strong. Gwenllian started to rip things apart and shout unintelligible things until she had tried to kill someone. People around thought she was possessed, but Gregor shut them out. One night, August brought her to the forest where they first met. Unknown to him, Gwen had crazily brought Gregor's Celestial bronze dagger with her.

Styx, in the meantime, saw her daughter's agony. For this, she gave her a gift. When Gwen was still home, prepared to leave, Styx magically left a sword made of Stygian iron with vintage swirls covering the hilt. Gwen saw it hanging from her cabinet, and she hid it in there.

August talked calmly with her that night, letting her notice the stars and the sway of the trees. But Gwen was too retarded to notice everything that's happening. In a split-second, she stabbed August with the dagger. Illusions came to her head, which made the situation worse. August tried to stop her, but she abruptly be came too strong. Gwen stabbed again and strangled until August lost his breath. After that, her consciousness started to come back to her slowly, then realizing what she had done.

Gregor ran to find the two of them, but instead saw August's dead body. Gwenllian ran away—came back in the house for a whiel to retrieve her swords, both Celestial bronze and Stygian iron— torn apart and having the deep desire to just kill herself. With this idea, Phobeter's curse wore off, as she was to destroy herself. For vengeance, August's mother, Oizys, didn't want to let what happened just pass away. Oizys made some witches living in the woods to pass by her and take her. Ans the goddess wished, two witches came by and stopped Gwen from killing herself took Gwen under their care.

The witches made up Gwenllian's mind, teaching her the dark arts and magic. Oizys then continued her plan, to curse the girl for what she did to her son. Thee will not sleep, thee will not rest. Anger, misery and discord bring thee to thy fate. Darkness be cast upon thee, the light of love be cursed, shall no one be saved, shall chaos be woven in mind. You will eternally walk the earth with all these as thy eternal burden, until the wait ends.

All that, and Gwenllian became a life form of hatred and misery. Being the daughter of Styx, she unleashed more of them. All she thought of was chaos of discord, anger and misery, and her daily thinking of August, which burdens her more. The curse was to never make her love again, and to never have someone else love her again in all her immortal life, unless an impossible force overcomes her.

More years passed, and her training of dark arts turned out well done. Monsters came, but she was already too violent to be scared, and wiped them out without fear with the Celestial bronze sword August had given her and the Stygian iron sword that she had guessed her mother had somehow gave her. She stayed under the shadows, and kept tranquility in the dark. The 18th century came, and humanity became part of her hatred.

In England she lived, and people started to destroy the doers of dark magic, the witches and sorcerers. It was a hard time then, since even innocent people are accused of being a witch. They are hanged, staked, burned alive, and tortured. Gwenllian was caught, but she thought of nothing else but to destroy. She made everyone in the trial court to feel hatred towards one another that they started to fight each other. This gave her the chance to escape, and so she did.

For years people searched for her. Gwenllian kept a low profile, and always with her the magic sword. She can only sometimes wander out by deep night, when no one can realize someone's still awake. Decades passed by, and the people started to forget about witches, thinking that the last ones had decided to kill themselves, including Gwenllian.

Gwen lived without anyone and anything to comfort her. She lived in the forest where it had always been a bit dark, where she had made her own garden full of fruit-bearing trees. She stole things and never cared about people. Through all those she remembered her mother, and asked her for help. Lots of time she waited, but there was no answer. She began to lose hope, and grew angrier. There were times in the 19th century when some headstrong people came to talk to her. One of them was a man her physical age—18—named Lake Sumner, who had a demigod uncle. He met Gwen in the forest, and from then on started talking and following her.

Gwen didn't mind him, since she had tried to keep away from others. But Lake had become fond of her, and after a long time, so did Gwen. But the next month came when she heard the news that Lake was dead, after some group of unknown guys murdered him for having him saw something about them. Gwen was despaired, like she always was. Then, there were others who came be fond of her, and she was fond of, too, but all of them died the instant and made her despair too much already.

That is when she understood the part of the curse, ...the light of love be cursed, shall no one be saved, shall chaos be woven in mind. Every person she had an affection to or even love will suffer death, then will Gwen be added of hatred and misery. Gwen wanted it to stop, but she can't, and she never found a way of finding someone or something that will kill it.

The Victorian era ended, the mortal wars passed by, but there was no difference in her, except for the fact that she had learned to cover up everything with just a little touch of a smile and the fighting with monsters and her love for parties, the day of the dead, mostly known as Halloween. Gwen didn't know how old she was, and even changed her surname to Lucassen to blend in the present day.

And that is when she met a demigod, who told her about a group of like species who fights against the gods and to put them in their place once and for all. Gwenllian perked up at the idea, and told the demigod to bring her there. They boarded up a flight from London and the demigod led her to the Sanctuary.

Gwen had chosen the Broken Covenant faction Opus Superum. For long, demigods have been looked down, by both deities and mortals. The gods in their petty and puny glory should see who outmasters them all. The mortals should see that they can treat the demigods as picayune no more. "How about we show them what we can do? How about we show them what it's like in our shoes, how it feels to be us? No one can ever step both worlds but us, and they overlooked us? The gods just sit on their butts watching us solve all their problems and claims the glory when we accomplished their bidding, while the mortals adds on our burden when we are already saving them. The demigods shall rule, and all shall see what will happen if it weren't for us. We are better than the gods, we are better than being naive as mortals. Our race shall rule—say the eyes of veracity. I'm tired of living under everyone's footsteps and crawling in the dark."

Weapons: A simple 17th century Celestial bronze sword with jade braided around the hilt, another CB dagger and a Stygian iron sword.

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