• Name:
    • Sakiyama Fuyuki (or for those who don't understand the Japanese naming system; Fuyuki Sakiyama)
    • Spencer Sakiyama (English name)
  • Age: Immortal (roughly 116 years old biologically and 20 years old physically)
  • Species: Snow Spirit
  • Model: Adachi Yuto
  • Family:
    • Sakiyama Osamu (father)
    • Khione (mother)
  • Personality:

Fuyuki is extremely reserved and rarely talks to other people, preferring his own company to that of others. Some at Camp speculate that this is down to some traumatic event in his past or the fact that he appears to be eternally cold and nobody can be bothered to attempt to get close to him. Whatever the reason is, Fuyuki is found to be more on his own than not. His resting bitch-face doesn't help either; he looks as if he's in a mood with someone and that, quite unfortunately, deters people just as much as his cold and short style of talking. Nobody can make it past a few conversations with him and it's rumoured that nobody ever will.

If someone was able to get close to him, they'd find a sensitive person who just wants to be valued as a person; ironic seeing as at one point he was worshipped as a saviour from a harsh regime. No, Fuyuki wants to be treated as a normal person with no special accolades to his name. He has a bitter sense of humour with dry sarcasm and the ability to make a joke out of just about anything which is why it's a shame that he can barely do so due to a lack of people around him to talk to.

  • History:

In 1900 Japan poverty was ripe across the islands and, one of the worst affected, was a peasant named Sakiyama Osamu. Osamu lived a hard life - from his birth he had worked for essentially nothing and it seemed as if his life was destined to remain that way forever. He tried to work harder, to court a woman in a higher class to better himself and to give his future children a chance at a decent life but, alas, all efforts were futile. One winter, the quality of life was so poor for Osamu that he nearly perished. That is, until he met a certain woman.

She was different to the other women he had tried to court. She looked as if she was from nobility, yet she was kind and didn't upturn her nose at him. Instead, she spoke to him and within weeks a bond formed between the two. Every time he conversed with her he felt warmer, as if she was making his home warmer in the harsh winter winds. Before long she was pregnant and a new challenge presented itself to Osamu; the woman refused to marry him and soon the idea of dishonour began to frighten him. In return the woman promised him a life of fortune and bounty if he would accept the life of a single parent for a while. Begrudgingly Osamu took on the task and before long he was entrusted with a baby boy. Upon giving him the child, the woman revealed herself to be Khione. Osamu wasn't one who lightly believed things and was largely sceptical of religion as a whole and thus dismissed it, underestimating the impact it would have on his legacy.

Being a single parent wasn't as devastating to his reputation as Osamu had assumed. Instead, the cover-up that his suitor had died during childbirth was one that stopped the pointed questions coming his way and instead he was met with sympathy and support from those around him. However, life became even more strained. What little food he had went towards feeding his son, Fuyuki, and soon he began to starve. Many times a day he could be found cursing up at the sky at Khione, believing her identity more and more. He assumed he was beginning to go mad and began to detach himself from society more and more.

Unfortunately, the village in which the two lived in was struck with some of the worst recorded poverty of the era and, as a collective unit, the population fled. A sentiment of betrayal from the government began to arise amongst the people and, deeming it their best option, migrated to one of the nearby islands in order to set up their own community. Being a a town that was situated close enough to the see whereby knowledge of boats was easily transferred, they had little to no issues settling. Within a few months very basic houses had been constructed and the people began to seek for a new leader. This is where Khione's promise came into play, not that she needed to do much. She made Osamu appear so desirable to the people, so much so that they elected him as their ruler, citing his hard work and modesty as good qualities for a ruler to have. Soon, Fuyuki became Prince Fuyuki of the newly named Island of Orankoshi.

The Sakiyama family had the life that seemed like a far distant dream. Over the next couple of years the island grew; houses began to look more professional, an education and a healthcare system were beginning to start up. It seemed like a perfect utopia. Fuyuki, the nine year old prince, was described as the island's "treasure" and he had a much more lenient lifestyle than his Imperial Japanese counterparts. Life was, for lack of better words, perfect. Khione and Osamu began to correspond again in secret with Khione revealing the nature of Fuyuki's teen years. The concept of monster attacks began to scare Osamu and subsequently Fuyuki's life became much more structured. He wasn't to go out alone, interact with anyone deemed strange by the castle and he was to have fighting lessons. Khione's only gift to the boy was a sword in a Samurai-like style. She had given it to Osamu with the simple instructions of 'it will help.'

By the time Fuyuki's thirteenth birthday rolled around he was bored with his life, finding it mundane and uninteresting. Fond memories of his free and careless childhood failed to make him smile and he found himself being more and more miserable. His father seemed to be getting more and more mad and the memories of him whispering to himself came back to haunt Fuyuki. His father kept mentioning about an event, an event that was incredibly important. What was the said event? Fuyuki never knew despite constantly questioning his father. Only when it happened did he get the first inkling towards a new feeling. A sentiment against his father.

His first monster attack was a harpy. In many ways he was fortunate that it was such an easy monster compared to others, but at the same time it made him more paranoid. Being only thirteen and trying to wield a Samurai sword proved difficult for him and thus the battle between him and harpy that ensued was long and gruelling. He killed it, but at the expense of going unconscious and having to be rushed to the castle's hospital wing. For the new week or so the island of Orankoshi waited on bated breath to see if he would live. He emerged healthy and the kingdom rejoiced, unaware of the events in which Fuyuki was planning.

Fuyuki blamed his father for his first monster attack and continued to do so as each monster attack went by. He was fortunate enough to be a quick learner, figuring out effective tactics and ways to maximise his abilities with his sword. By the time he was eighteen he would refer to himself as a veteran in fighting strange and unfathomable things. After his latest monster attack he publicly accused his father of conspiring against him and wanting him dead in favour of a new heir. His old title of 'treasure' wasn't forgotten and many of the islanders were on his side, usurping Osamu and placing Fuyuki in his place, crowning him king of Orankoshi. The ironic thing about the whole situation was that Fuyuki was a worse monarch than his father.

In the succeeding two years he slept with countless women whilst never marrying them, leaving all children he had illegitimate. Khione had been heartbroken when Osamu was killed, having developed a special liking to him. She would refer to him as one of her favourite suitors and the statement wasn't underestimated. She had little love for Fuyuki, only love for Osamu and as such she waited, judging the former's actions. Seeing the way he tossed about women as if they were nothing enraged her and in this fit of rage she created a mini ecosystem around the island, cursing them to colder temperatures year round. In the winter, temperatures dropped lower than they had done and more snow fell and in the summer it was never warm enough for any crops to grow and subsequently famines occurred. Fuyuki could do nothing but watch as his subjects began to drop like flies around him, close to falling to the effects of the harsh coldness himself.

Boreas took pity on Fuyuki, finding his daughter's actions hypocritical as she, like all gods, did the same; sleep from person to person and rarely care for their offspring. As the cold airs came close to killing Fuyuki, Boreas put him into an eternal sleep, ordering snow nymphs to encase him deep underground. As they had done fifteen years earlier, the people of Orankoshi fled their island back to Imperial Japan, leaving the cold ecosystem and empty houses as the legacy of the short-lived Kingdom of Orankoshi.

For many years Fuyuki remained in his slumber and was guarded by snow nymphs from the rage of Khione. Truthfully, she slowly forgot about her son and by the time the new century came around he was nothing but a familiar name in her head. Boreas decided in the late 2000s that Fuyuki was safe enough to return to the world and thus he allowed him to wake. What little of his immune system that was left failed him however and he survived a total of three days before perishing. With the same pity he had taken on him before, Boreas revived Fuyuki in the form of a snow spirit whilst Athena and Mnemosyne, who throughout the course of the past century or so had taken an interest to the Sakiyama legacy, gave him knowledge and wisdom, so much so that when he came back it was as if he was a millennial.

The island, with little to offer, was deemed unsuitable and Boreas ordered the snow nymphs to transport him to Camp Half-Blood where he would live full time. How could he live there full time? Simple. Boreas took the mini ecosystem that had once been applied to the island and applied it to Fuyuki, citing it as the least he could do.

It's both a curse and a blessing; a blessing as Fuyuki doesn't need to find somewhere cold to be during the warmer seasons, yet a curse as the air around him is permanently cold and has, in some aspects, doomed him to a life of solidarity.

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