Cries of War



You've woken up in a dark, gloomy throne-room, your eyes are groggy, everything's taken up an apocalyptic setting. As you sit up, you turn to your right and see you're not the only one who's been taken to this place. You turn and face forward, and you're suddenly blinded by a radiant, golden throne, with steps leading up to it. You continue to squint until your eyes adjust to its immaculate glow. After the dazzle and glint of the throne dissipates, you can make out someone on it. An angry, grim look is on his face, though his eyes and pale face show signs of fatigue and weakness. As the others around you get up, the man on the thorn stands, and two younger looking men come by his side. The man pounds his spear on the ground, and all eyes are directed to his presence.

Lord Ares ~ God of War
Updated pic of ares

“I like having battles with immortals cause it means I can smash them into a pulp as often as I want and they'll just keep coming back for more.”
The first time around was great, I got everything I expected -but- the rush it gave me was, like... A riptide. Energy surged through me and for once it felt like the good old action was brought back. As you could probably assume... I would do anything to feel that sensation again. Which is what brings you here...
Character's Bio

 Age: Immortal  Height: Any  Weight: Any
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: Seeing Aphrodite
 Birth Place: ???  Main Weapon: Ares' Sword
 Accent: ???
 – "I am happy to crush my enemies underfoot, but I don’t fight without reason. I don’t want war without end."

Character's Powers

 Powers of Ares

  1. Possesses the natural abilities of a God.
  2. Has vast physical strength.
  3. Has minor ability to control fire.
  4. As the god of war, he is an expert in all areas of warfare.
  5. He has the ability to invoke feelings of anger, passion and violence in others.

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OOC Breakdown

After the first tournament, Ares loved the rush that was brought in by the amount of fighting and bloodshed going on, so it lasted him quite a long time. The rush affected him like a drug, so he wants more. And because he's a god, and all, he can get more easily. The contest will be in a tournament style and I'm only taking multiples of 16, so the setting of the battle's is basically like the Roleplay Battle Royale. If you have any questions regarding the contests feel free to message me. There will most likely not be another one, unless I get more requests. If so, then I'll consider it being an annual thing.


  • You must have a rank of level 3 or above.
  • Contest is starting as soon
  • Put your name in the sign up box along with you're character. If you want to risk a character's life, you are allowed to make-up a character ONLY for this contest, if they win you can create the character with your prize.
  • All standard battle rules apply (No godmodding, OP, 10 posts a person, etc.).
  • You HAVE to be active enough to keep this up, as other users will be waiting on YOUR posts to be able to get to start off their next bracket.
  • Your character doesn't have to have a Camp godparent, as long as it has an approved powerset, you're good.
  • Each battle will last 7 days, if the battle isn't completed, the last person to post wins. If you're not able to post, you can have someone post for you, but if you're not there for the majority of the time, and the person makes it to the top 3, they get the prize, not you. If for whatever reason you need more time, let me know and you can have as much time as you need.
  • If you created a character solely for this contest, and you want it created, it still has to go through claiming, no matter what; it will be treated exactly like every other character.


Note: User must either update their name in the character forum to reflect their prize choice or notify an admin or rollback to update the user/character forum for them

The Winner still gets to make their character, if they created a character for this contest, but if they would prefer a different prize, that is their choice, and they would still have to go through claiming. For instance, I have character spots I'm not using, so for me, if I enter and won, I'd rather count the new character as a major, and pick the use a famous model or power up early prizes.

First Place Prize Options

  1. Pick a major character to count as minor. or
  2. A new major character slot. or
  3. Pick a character to skip the wait time for the 3/6/9 Month Powers or
  4. Get a cool gift from Ares personally.

Second Place Prize Options

  1. Have your character count as minor. or
  2. Have a 10 minute talk with Ares; he may not be all that proud of you, depends how much bloodshed there is >.<, and who's roleplaying as him.or
  3. Have your character unlock 3/6/9 powers.

Third Place Prize

  1. Adopt a character and have it count as minor.


User Character & Godparent Division/Record
Wonder Skylar Lune, Eros Hellhound North (1-2)
Song Hyacinth Sua, Mnemosyne Hydra South  (0-2)
Brocky Lexi Mansin, Aphrodite Hydra South (4-0)
Hydro Adam Solarius, Apollo Hydra North (3-0)
Kevin Colton OwenPandia Hellhound North (1-2)
Unu Annaleise Denim, Circe Hydra South (2-2)
Wind Shen JianBia Hydra North (3-0)
Hyu Mitsuru Matsui, Limos Hellhound South (2-1)
Onyx Alexander, Thanatos Hellhound North (1-2)
Birdie Nayra Capac, Hecate Hydra North (1-2)
Craft Scott MacDiarmid, Hephaestus Hydra North (1-2)
Rlb Brandon Sonni , Tartarus Hydra South (2-1)
Red Heo Yi Jae Ariadne Hellhound South (1-1)
Shis Ivan Kozlov, Boreas Hellhound South (0-3)
Oli Erin Price, Oizys Hellhound North (1-2)
Time Adam Darkwood, Hades Hydra North (0-4)
Flame Alice Aslanov, Nyx Hellhound South (4-0)
Migs William Anderson, Pandia Hydra South (0-3)
Toxy Nyxil Vane, Nyx Hellhound North (4-0)
Raid Blake Taylor, Hades Hellhound South (0-2)

Divisional Standings


Hydra North

1.Hydro/Adam Solarius (4-0-0)

2. Wind/Shen Jian (3-1-0)

3. Craft/Scott MacDiarmid (2-2-0)

4. Bird/Nayra Capac (1-3-0)

5. Time/Adam Darkwood (0-4-0)

Hydra South

1. Brocky/Lexi Mansin (4-0-0)

2. Rlb/Brandon Sonni (3-1-0)

3. Unu/Annaleise Denim (2-2-0)

4.Migs/William Anderson (0-3-1)

5. Melleh/Hyacinth Sua (0-3-1)


Hellhound North

1.Toxy/Nyxil Vane (4-0-0)

2.  Kevin/Colton Owen (1-2-1)

3. Onyx/Alexander Su'apa'ia (1-2-1) 

4. Wonder/Skylar Lune (1-2-1)

5.Oli/Erin Price  (1-2-1)

Hellhound South

1.  Flame/Alice Aslanov (4-0)

2. Hyu/Mitsuru Matsui (2-1-1)

3. Red/Heo Yi Jae (2-1-1)

4. Raid/Blake Taylor (0-3-1)

5. Shis/Ivan Kozlov (0-3-1)

Matchups (Week1)

Hydra North

Match 1: Bird vs. Time=Bird wins

Match 2: Craft vs. Wind=Wind wins

Off: Hydro

Hydra South

Match 1: Song vs. Unu-Unu Wins

Match 2: Brocky vs. Migs- Brocky Wins

Off: Rlb

Hellhound North

Match 1: Wonder vs. Onyx-Onyx wins

Match 2: Kevin vs. Oli-Kevin wins

Off: Toxy

Hellhound South

Match 1: Hyu vs. Raid-Hyu Wins

Match 2: Red vs. Shis-Red wins

Off: Flame

Matchups (Week 2)

Hydra North

Match 1: Hydro vs. Craft=Hydro Wins

Match 2: Time vs. Wind =Wind Wins

Off: Bird

Hydra South

Match 1: Unu vs. Brocky-Brocky wins 

Match 2: Rlb vs. Migs-Rlb wins

Off: Song

Hellhound  North

Match 1: Nyx vs. Onyx-Nyx wins

Match 2: Wonder vs. Kevin-Wonder wins

Off: Oli

Hellhound South

Match 1: Hyu vs. Flame-Flame wins

Match 2: Raid vs. Red-Red wins

Off: Shis

Matchups (Week 3)

Hydra North

Match 1: Craft vs. Time - Craft wins

Match 2: Bird vs. Hydro - Hydro wins

Off: Wind

Hydra South

Match 1: Song vs. Migs-Tie :/

Match 2: Unu vs. Rlb-Rlb wins

Off: Brocky

Hellhound North

Match 1: Oli vs. Onyx - Oli wins

Match 2: Kevin vs. Nyx - Nyx wins

Off: Wonder

Hellhound South

Match 1: Flame vs. Red - Flame Wins

Match 2: Shis vs. Hyu -Hyu wins

Off: Raid

Matchups (Week 4)

Hydra North

Match 1: Hydro vs. Time-Hydro

Match 2: Bird vs. Wind-Wind

Off: Craft

Hydra South (2 Weeks)

Match 1: Brocky vs. Rlb -Brocky

Match 2: Brocky vs. Song -Brocky

Match 3: Migs vs. Unu -Unu

Off: Nobody

Hellhound North (2 Weeks)

Match 1: Oli vs Nyx -Nyx

Match 2: Nyx vs Wonder -Nyx

Match 3: Onyx vs. Kevin Nobody

Off: Nobody

Hellhound South (2 Weeks)

Match 1: Flame vs. Shis -Flame

Match 2: Flame vs. Raid -Flame

Match 3: Red vs. Hyu-Tie

Off: None

Matchups (Week 5)

Hydra North

Match 1: Hydro vs. Wind-Hydro wins

Match 2: Bird vs. Craft-Craft wins

Off: Time

Hydra South

Match 1: Song vs. Rlb-Rlb wins

Off: Brocky,Migs, Unu

Hellhound North

Match 1:Oli vs. Wonder-Tie

Off: Nyx, Onyx, Kevin

Hellhound South

Match 1: Shis vs. Raid-Tie

Off: Red, Hyu, Flame

Playoff Seeds


1. Hydro 

2. Brocky

3. Wind

4. Rlb


1. Flame

2. Nyx

3. Hyu

4. Kevin

Divisional Playoffs


  1. #4 Rlb vs. #1 Hydro
  1. #3 Wind vs. #2 Brocky


  1. #4 Kevin vs. #1 Flame
  1. #3 Hyu vs. #2 Nyx

Winners of Above Playoffs



Final Fight

  • Wind vs. Flame
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