Water Arena

Arenas agua2
  • Both very deep and shallow water areas, ranging from 20 feet deep to a few inches
  • A tunnel deep down goes out to the ocean where other creatures could be called in
  • There's plenty of dry areas as well for users not Palaemon or Poseidon kids, that are covered with anything ranging from sand to grass to some small vegetation/shrubs
  • There are some trees around the sides of the arena and below the cliffs (not shown in picture) that can be used for cover and provides plenty of places for shadows
  • There are also cliffs around parts of the Arena, ranging in height, with both water and land below them, the cliffs also cast shadows on the arena below
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.


[[|Adam]] -Child of Apollo
-The Shining Rockstar

  Height: 5'10 
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Bow/Arrow and a Knight Sword
 – 19:06, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

Adam smirks as he enters the arena, feeling confident after 4 straight wins. He enters the grassy area of the arena and notices that the grass seems quite dry. As Adam looks up he can see overcast in the skies, greatly reducing the amount of shadows in the whole arena. Adam remembers how much that helped him in his match against Adam Darkwood, it made it very hard for the son of Hades to shadow travel. He wears chainmail over his torso as usual, along with leather gloves and boots with spikes at the tip. His signature weapon is a guitar pick which can transform into a knight sword or a bow; it rests in his pocket with a pen that can transform into a spear. A quiver full of arrows is strapped over his torso. Strapped to his right thigh is a pack of shuriken and caltrops. Sitting on his wrist is an Orange G-Shock that can transform into a round shield.


[[|Brandon]] [[|-Child of ]]
-Dark Freak

 Age: 15  Height: 6'2  Weight: 150 pounds
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Swords
 – The marks humans leave are too often scars.

he arrives into the arena and frowns at the water with distaste. Just like all of his other matches, his hand somehow find his sword at his belt and taps on the hilt. Unlike his opponent, his swoord is the only visible weapon he has on him. His lightweight, leather armor hangs almost sadly on his thin frame over his long sleeved black shirt and jeans. He scuffs his shoe on the ground and doesn't make eye contact. "Camper." he mutters quietly to himself. "Let's just get this over with." he says out loud

Le Fight

Adam: He smirks as he looks towards his opponent, not intimated by his height. As he runs towards him, he quickly collects three shuriken from his pouch and hurls them towards Brandon's face. Adam then quickly collects the guitar pick in his right hand, feeling it quickly take form as his knight sword. The sun of Apollo grips the hilt with both hands, before making a powerful swing towards his opponent's torso. He hopes to easily tear through his frail leather and cause him damage.

Brandon: Not flinching, his hand stops tapping on his hilt and grip onto it with one hand. He swings it into a wide arc quickly, and knocks the three flying objects like rag dolls into the water. He puts both hands on his sword and blocks Adam's attack from hitting his torso. To relatiate, he pushes his sword back against Adam's and frees it from the lock. He brings his sword up and down, aiming for his opponent's shoulder, well knowing he wouldn't be doing any real damage.

Adam: He seems confused as to how he could perform such an inhuman action, since it would take incredible aim and timing to do so. Adam nimbly jumps back from the slash, he swings towards Brandon's sword. He hopes to knock it out of his hand; the son of Apollo quickly dashes towards his left side and swings towards the back of his knee. Adam hopes this will cause him a lasting injury that will effect his ability to run for the whole match.

Brandon: His sword doesn't leave his hand, but it come very close to it. He grapples it just in time to stop a full forced sword from coming into his knee, but the awkward position cause his sword to push back and cut the back of his knee. He winces as blood begins to slowly trickle down his leg. He frowns "No more playing defense." He pushes his sword forwards and waves hit hand, creating a single, 3 feet deep, dark pit from the ground that will hopefully ensnare Adam, giving him some time to recover from the now bleeding wound.

Adam: He's completely surprised by the dark pit, but fortunately it's far away enough for him to avoid it. He manages to fire a light beam towards the side of Brandon's leather vest, he figures the beam will burn through the vest and give his opponent a weak point. He then tries to thrust his blade towards the area he tried to burn, Adam hopes to take advantage of his opponent's injury and do some damage to him.

Brandon: The beam burns through the leather, but stops at the metal plateing just before his chest. It's so hot, he can feel his skin burn. He backs up quickly, blocking the thrust with a return parry, pushing on Adam's sword with a lot of force. He back up further and waves his hand, sending a wave of negative energy 'onto the nearest person, Adam.

Adam: The wave hits Adam with full force, he quickly begins to think he's falling in a deep pit. He feels like he's plummeting towards the bottom, the dark walls around him. He yells in shock and intense fear, fortunately the effects subside after a few moments. Once Adam realizes it wasn't real, the young blonde quickly recomposes himself. He quickly decides to slightly alter his fighting technique, he commands his sword to reform into a guitar pick; he returns it to his pocket and takes out his pen. As he has his pen take form into his spear, his G-Shock watch turns into a circular shield. He stays about 3 feet from Brandon, keeping his shield raised as he tries to jab him in the right knee with his spear.

Brandon: he pulses his sword forwards to block the spear and then winces as the cut on the back of his knee is stressed again. He pushes himself forwards and leans in, trying to disarm Adam with a simple disarming maneuver, crossing his sword of Adam's spear and lifting up and to the right in a circular motion.

Adam: The spear comes flying out of his hand, landing on the ground a few feet from Adam. Fortunately since the inside is made of bronze, the spear is still intact. His shield remains strapped to his left wrist, he quickly uses his right hand to pull out his guitar pick and has it reclaim it's sword form once more. Adam then quickly creates a powerful burst of light as he moves towards his foe, he hopes to temporarily blind him. He then swings the edge of his shield towards Brandon's neck; as the young musician thrusts his sword towards Brandon's upper leg, wanting to land another blow.

Brandon: The light blinds him and almost at once gives him a wicked headache. He knows he can't block anything while he's seeing nothing, so he waves his hand and concentrates hard. He creates a single replica of the bronze walls of Tartarus, about one and a half the size of him. It comes up between Brandon and Adam, and more importantly the sharp metal objects.  He concentrates hard again, and more bronze walls come up around him, forming a tight wall around. He puts a hand over his eyes and breathes shakily, his knees feeling weak.. He swears silently to himself, as being blind is one of his worst fears. He waits for it to pass and blinks a couple of times, trying to get a grip on reality.

Adam: He knocks his shield against one of the bronze walls, seeing that he clearly can't break through it. He commands his sword to revert into his guitar pick, before collecting his spear and dashing off into a bush eight feet away. Adam watches over the wall Brandon created as he drops the spear next to him, he hopes his opponent will drain more of his own energy to maintain it's existence. Adam fires a light beam towards the dry grass around Brandon's wall, hoping it will burn him when he dismisses the wall. Adam then commands his shield to revert into his watch and his guitar pick to turn into his trusty bow; He draws two arrows from his quiver and notches them, ready to shoot Brandon when the wall is no longer an obstacle.

Brandon: Once his eyesight returns, he breathes a sigh of relif, and the wall disappears. He suddenly gets a bad feeling, and quickly draws his sword, waiting for the attck from Adam that was sure to come. He gut directs him towards a bush and he grits his teeth. "Don't.Ever.Do.That.Again."

Adam: The flames brush against Brandon's feet, threatening to burn him. As the blaze burns around Brandon's position, Adam quickly releases the two arrows, they hurl towards Brandon's chest. Possibly able to pierce through his leather vest, the fire begins producing a black smog. Adam collects his spear and dashes away from the scene; until he reaches the end of the arena, hiding behind the large pillar. He commands the bow to switch to it's sword form, expecting Brandon to arrive.

Brandon: the flames lick at his feet and he backs up, feeling the heat. The arrows come flying at him, and he dances out of the way. Unfourtntly, his feet get burned. His ankles sting, but his feet were mostly fine, due to his thick shoes, which melt a little. It smells like burnt rubber. As it turns to black smog, he sprints towards Adam, his sword still hot from the heat, nearly glowing from the fire that had warmed it so. he charges forwards, bringing his sword down on Adam. Despite his anger, he aims with the flat of his sword instead of sharp edge.

Adam: Adam is in disbelief that Brandon was able to just come and attack him like that when he'd been hiding discreetly behind the pillar. The flat of his sword hits Adam's upper arm swiftly, he grunts in pain and jumps back. As he reaches the other side of the pillar, he hurls his spear into the pyre. Causing it to become coated in flames and move down towards Brandon; Adam grips the hilt of his blade as he charges towards Brandon, swinging towards his sword arm.

Brandon: Distracted by the spear, the sword makes contact. Brandon pulls away, cutting himself deeply in the sword. His shirt tears, revealing the fresh cut, about 4 inches long and crimison red. Besides the cut, you can also see some more of his arm, and there's an old burn mark which the cut had gone over. Brandon winces in pain as blood starts to flow from the cut. Panic briefly washes over his normally dull eyes, yet he somehow manages to calm himself enough. Switching hands, he tries to bring the sword back down towards Adam, again using the flat end of his sword.

Adam: He raises his left arm as it transforms into a shield upon his command, Adam uses it to easily block the sword. Since he's right in front of his opponent, he begins to sing an old rock and roll song his step dad taught him using his powers to sing at an incredibly high pitch. He tries to use his sword to hack at Brandon's fresh wound; He hopes to cause more damage to it, Adam then tries to drive his sword through Brandon's knee.

Brandon: Overwhelmed, he waves his hand, once again creating once again, four replicas of the bronze walls of Tartarus, about twice the size of him. But, instead of being around himself like it was before, it surrounds Adam, incasing him a very small square, only open to the sky. It blocks the attack of Adam, and the sound of sword against bronze can be heard clearly throughout the arena.

Adam: He looks up towards the opening of the sky and smirks, seeing a very simple way to escape from his current imprisonment. He takes a deep breath as he morphs his body into a pure plasma state, allowing him to easily fly out from the bronze walls. Since Adam is still holding his sword it becomes very hot from his touch, the son of Apollo fires two beams of light towards Brandon before flying down and trying to make a powerful thrust towards his left leg. Adam tries to work fast, knowing he'll be very drained from his transformation.

Brandon: Dropping the walls that were once around Adam, he backsup and jumps into a deep pit that's about 7 or so feet, keeping him out of harms way. Well knowing that he couldn't attack Adam while in his bright form, he puts a hand on his arm, trying to steam the crimson flow that was now flowing freely from the wound.


Judge Rlb/Brandon Hydro/Adam Points Possible
  • Grammar/Spelling -2
  • Defensive -6
  • Offensive -6
  • Fairness -13
  • Balance -6
  • Strategy -2
  • Creativity -10
  • Effective Char Use -12
  • Judge's Discretion -2
  • Grammar/Spelling -3
  • Defensive -7
  • Offensive -8
  • Fairness -16
  • Balance -8
  • Strategy -4
  • Creativity -12
  • Effective Char Use -15
  • Judge's Discretion -3
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 5
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 59 76 100
Judge 2
  • Grammar/Spelling - 2
  • Defensive - 6
  • Offensive - 6
  • Fairness - 10
  • Balance - 7
  • Strategy - 2
  • Creativity - 9
  • Effective Char Use - 11
  • Judge's Discretion - 2
  • Grammar/Spelling - 3
  • Defensive - 7
  • Offensive - 8
  • Fairness - 13
  • Balance - 7
  • Strategy - 3
  • Creativity - 10
  • Effective Char Use - 13
  • Judge's Discretion - 3
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 55 67 100
Total 114 143 200
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