Fire Arena

Fire arena
  • At first glance the arena seems to be hills of lush vegetation surrounded by some sort of fog, however on closer inspection, it is really islands of vegetation and hills suspended over lava rivers and fire beneath, so watch your step, the fog isn't fog at all but steam from where there are streams flowing off the sides of the islands and down onto the lava below.
  • On the top level of the arena it is open to the air above, and has lush green vegetation and hills, lots of shadows, lots of places to hide. Some of the islands are only a few feet across, more like stepping stones, while some are quite large, the central one being the largest with a Greek style building at the top.
  • Within the Greek style building there are a few 6 foot tall Greek statues
  • Beneath the "islands" the lava an fire below are broken apart by rocky areas that are free of lava and fire
  • There are some stone steps leading down towards the lava/fire beneath at various points
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements

The Fight

Alice: Alice enters the arena much as she did last match, her coat concealing a mail shirt and a side-sword of darkness in her right hand, the only real difference being her tied back hair; its otherwise flowing lengths confined to a bun at the nape of her neck. She looks out across the ominous landscape before making her way up one of the suspended hills and hiding in the brush, sorely hoping that she hasn't been spotted. From here she has a decent vantage point with a view, however obscured by smoke, across most of the South-Eastern portion of the arena, and a sheer face of rocks at her back.

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