Urban Arena

Urban arena
  • This arena is essentially a small abandoned city, overgrown with vegetation and some of the buildings crumbling in decay.
  • Located in the middle of the arena is a small abandoned park, with a pond
  • This arena has all the typical things you'd find in an abandoned overgrown city, everything from flat surfaces to small buildings to tall skyscrapers, some crumbling, some still standing, lots of dark places to hide, including an underground subway tunnel. There are abandoned cars, and things can still be found within the buildings, perhaps even a few stray cats or dogs, or some smaller creatures such as rats and spiders.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • This arena also possesses a more rural arena, possessing large mansions, estates and houses.

The Fight

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Flare -Child of Hephaestus
-The Boy who Played with Fire

 Age: 20  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 141 lbs
 Sexuality: Bicurious  Relationship: Single
 Health Status: Healthy 
 Main Weapon: Sword
 – Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.

*Walks into the arena, swinging the sword he's gripping ever so tightly in his left hand.*


Oli -Daughter of Zephyrus
Age= 15 Height= 5'4"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= Korean
Species= Demi-God Main Weapon= Twin daggers; Bow&Arrows

 "Apathy is a sort of living oblivion."

She enters the arena in a light, Celestial bronze armor that consisted of a breastplate, a skirt of tasses and gauntlets; and to match her attire; she wore shin-high boots. Her twin daggers were in their separate, small scabbards suspended on the opposite sides of her sword belt and her quiver is comfortably hanging on her left shoulder. The arena was obviously an aftermath of a downpour, making the arena foggy, moist and a little bit cooler and also adding small puddles on the cracked concrete and mud in the grassy parts of the city. The two demi-gods were standing in the middle of a street with some cars parked on both sides. She looks around the vicinity to see where she could better fight. As she looks to her right, she finds a long line of empty merchandise stores and to her left, she sees the city quadrangle with mud on most places and thick fog hovering over the ground. She stops looking around and studies her opponent who stands three meters away from her, "I don't really mind you going first."

Flare: Makes himself resistant to physical attacks for a short time, before looking for a chink in her armour, not really making any other attacks, but bluffs saying that he hasn't even made a move yet. You can go, as the saying says "Ladies first."

Olive: Alright then. Without delay, she creates a cloud, the size enough to trammel his vision, and she runs back, heading towards the end of the road. She hides behind the last store which was a derelict pet store. She prepares her bow and arrow as she stays hidden and the cloud slowly fades away.

Flare: Suddenly a little statue of a young boy appears, one which she saw standing outside one of the merchandise stores, gripping an arrow from her quiver in his hand and attempts to stab her in the bit of her leg not covered with the boot nor a tasse.

Olive: She turns around, hearing the steps of the statue because of the mini splashes from the small puddles on the road. Her eyes widen at the anonymous company and by immediate response, she counters the arrow with the dagger that was dangling on the right side of her belt. She turns to see the statue and steps away, taking a short gaze behind her for her real opponent's presence.

Flare: Creates a smoke screen around her, hoping it would hinder her ability to escape, as the statue becomes stationary once more before running towards her and trying to strike her with his sword, which seems to be quite hot as if it was on fire for several moments before hand, on the opposite leg than the one the statue attempted, but failed, at hitting.

Olive: She decides to fly away from the smoke screen as it is her only resort to avoid horrid coughing since she has asthma and it was also an easy escape from the supposed hit of the statue. She flies to the rooftop of the same building where the pet store was and takes her time to recuperate while looking over at the smoke screen to see where he was, knowing he would be weak because of the statue.

Flare: Flare notices her flying up to the roof but decides not to pursue her and instead run off, using his enhanced speed, into the entrance hall of an abandoned hotel before finding broken glass below where several mirrors used to hang and a backpack which seems to be from a fisherman who was staying at this hotel as it contains a fishing rod and some rope. Figuring out that he's too tired to start a fight, especially with a bow and arrow which could strike him from anywhere so Flare decides to create a trap for Olive, but then looks up to find a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, three out of the nine light bulbs are still on, but flickering like the indicators of a car. Suddenly it comes to his attention that the whole chandelier is hanging by one wire. Flare quickly grabs ahold of the banister and begins to climb up the stairs before getting to the part of the banister which is closest to the chandelier, and then stands upon it, being only around four meters away from the flickering chandelier, more than enough for the rope to reach, so he creates a lasso out of the rope hooking it to one of the arms of it, hoping to pull the chandelier so that it falls down, either distracting Olive or falling on top of her, either one.

Olive: Unbeknownst to Flare, as he ran off to the hotel, she was flying and, at the same time, following him from a 15-meter horizontal distance (and a 20-meter vertical distance) behind him, only recovering her energy as she hid under the window sill of a large window and being able to watch him finish the trap. However as Olive is not well-versed in traps, she didn't know what he was trying to make. Realizing that she finally recouped into her original strength, she shoots an arrow aiming at his right shoulder and quickly runs to the back of the hotel which had the empty swimming pool with only raindrops on its 'floor', a bare juice bar and a lot of trash.

Flare: Flare curses quietly under his breath before an idea comes to him that if he makes the chandelier fall he could lure Olive back into the lobby. So he sharply tugs on the rope causing the wire to snap and the chandelier to crash to the ground, making a noise so loud that it is as if an aeroplane is flying overhead. He then quickly hides behind a pillar which is on the balcony, a few stairs up from where he pulled the rope, overlooking the lobby.

Olive: True to Flare's idea, Olive has become intrigued with the shattered chandelier and she goes back to the same window where she attempted to shoot him with an arrow. She doesn't enter through the window now thinking that it could've been a trap, and looks around the lobby, unable to see him. Heph dude? I don't remember your name but we're still fighting and as far as I'm concerned, you don't have to regain strength for anything and hide.

Flare: Flare growls when he realizes she is outside, making his plan worth nothing. Trying to think of something to trick her into coming inside the lobby, he decides to check the fisherman's backpack he found, searching it for anything which could be of use to him, finding a knife and a first-aid kit. He then feeds the knife through the gaps between the barrier between the balcony and the free space below, hoping for it to make Olive think it's his sword, thinking he's weaponless and most of all luring her actually inside the lobby.

Olive: Weaponless now? Aren't you going to pick it up, huh? She puts her bow back to its quiver and now enters the lobby through the window. She curiously waits while leaning against the wall close to the window maintaining a tight grasp on her dagger.

Flare: Flare continues to remain silent and static in movement, waiting for her to come closer to the knife which fell or the flight of stairs up to his hiding place.

Olive: Hearing nothing, she walks up the stairs, seeing the knife and still taking a grip onto her dagger. So, you're not exactly weaponless, she comments in a hushed tone.

Flare: Flare sets the posh carpet on the stairs alight. And you're not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Flare then springs up from his hiding position on attempts to hit her hand with his sword, not to maim her in anyway as she's wearing gauntlets but so that the force will make her semi-weaponless, having only a bow and arrow which isn't exactly the handiest of weapons especially when your other opponent has a sword.

Olive: The dagger in her hand quickly falls off but she still has another dagger dangling on the left side of her belt. As if an automatic response to the stimuli which was the flaming carpet, she creates a rainstorm inside the hotel, extinguishing the fire and also causing a waist-high flood on the lobby that will give him a hard time getting out of the place. Really? She asks sarcastically as she picks up her dagger, puts it back to its scabbard and flies out the same window that she entered, recuperating, once again, outside the hotel.

Flare: What Olive didn't know was that her attack on Flare was actually the stupid one, Flare stands there on the balcony as the water drips down onto the floor about ten feet below where he is standing. Flare curses again, a little bit louder than before, as he realizes he's going to have to find another exit in the hotel somewhere, so he decides to run down the hallway, trying to find another flight of stairs to run up, hopefully taking him to some emergency exit of some kind. Flare scampers up the stairs like a dog being called for his dinner and takes a quick peek down and around the small corridor to check if Olive has followed him or not, he can't seem to spot her if she is. He runs to the last right hand door of the corridor, opening it up to find a janitor's closet. Inside he finds a pair of binoculars, a book about birds and a mop, he stuffs these into his backpack. He then makes his way to another room, hopefully a guest bedroom. He opens the door to find a beautiful room, a bed which covers are made of the goldenist's silk, a beautiful pale carpet that goes with the room's strange beige wallpaper. There's a TV but it's got nothing on and is a flickering buzzy mess, but the thing that draws Flare's attention the most is a pair of glass doors leading out to the balcony. He puts a chair against the door in which he entered, thinking it may slow down Olive if she tries to enter that way, and slides open the sliding glass doors. Flare quickly remembers about the binoculars and takes them out to check if he can see Olive flying anywhere.

Olive: Olive notices that Flare is going in further inside the hotel but she doesn't attempt on following him inside the building as she is better off in open areas. She walks to the swimming pool area, supposedly flying back in through one of the balconies, but hides behind a group of bamboo trees near the juice bar when she sees Flare in the balcony. She shoots an arrow aiming to hit his left upper arm and doesn't hide anymore.

Flare: Flare weirdly smiles after she shoots an arrow at him, and although it hurts for a brief few seconds he gets over it, pulls it out and enters back into the room, opening the door and running up to the roof space, while slightly exhausted from running up around five flights of stairs. Flare then looks to his right and realizes there's a hot tub and a box controlling it, about two meters away from where Olive is standing.Flare then uses the last of his energy to overheat the hot tub control box and set it alight, hopefully distracting Olive like he did with the chandelier, then he tries to slash her bare arm, slightly above the elbow. However the slash isn't that forceful as he is extremely tired after this somewhat large game of hide and seek.

Olive: With a hot tub on fire, Olive cannot help but become distracted and receives a surface slash on her right arm which was cut short as she creates a strong gust of wind with three quarters of her remaining energy trying to have Flare fall off the ground and, hopefully, knocked out.

Flare: But just as Olive creates a gust of wind to knock Flare out, Flare loses his balance and dramatically falls into the swimming pool, sending out a large splash. Then a bell rings to state that the battle is over and as of this Flare swims up the the edge and tries to grab Olive's ankle, attempting to pull her in with him.


Judge Flare/WT Olive/Ela Points Possible
  • Grammar/Spelling -4
  • Defensive -6
  • Offensive -6
  • Fairness -16
  • Balance -7
  • Strategy -4
  • Creativity -10
  • Effective Char Use -14
  • Judge's Discretion -2
  • Grammar/Spelling -4
  • Defensive -5
  • Offensive -5
  • Fairness -16
  • Balance -6
  • Strategy -2
  • Creativity -9
  • Effective Char Use -12
  • Judge's Discretion -1
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 5
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 69 60 100
  • Grammar/Spelling - 4
  • Defensive - 6
  • Offensive - 5
  • Fairness - 12
  • Balance - 7
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 12
  • Effective Char Use - 10
  • Judge's Discretion - 2
  • Grammar/Spelling - 4
  • Defensive - 4
  • Offensive - 5
  • Fairness - 15
  • Balance - 7
  • Strategy - 3
  • Creativity - 11
  • Effective Char Use - 10
  • Judge's Discretion - 2
  • Grammar/Spelling: - 5
  • Defensive - 10
  • Offensive - 10
  • Fairness - 20
  • Balance - 10
  • Strategy - 5
  • Creativity - 15
  • Effective Char Use - 20
  • Judge's Discretion - 5
Sub Total 63 61 100
Total 132 121 200
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