Water Arena

Arenas agua2
  • Both very deep and shallow water areas, ranging from 20 feet deep to a few inches
  • A tunnel deep down goes out to the ocean where other creatures could be called in
  • There's plenty of dry areas as well for users not Palaemon or Poseidon kids, that are covered with anything ranging from sand to grass to some small vegetation/shrubs
  • There are some trees around the sides of the arena and below the cliffs (not shown in picture) that can be used for cover and provides plenty of places for shadows
  • There are also cliffs around parts of the Arena, ranging in height, with both water and land below them, the cliffs also cast shadows on the arena below
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.

The Fight

CamilleShe walks in the arena, taking note of its vast size, and intricacy. She's standing a few feet away from the colossal pool of water, in the sandy shore-like area. The moon's reflection was painted lightly on the surface, the white silver disk shining like a pearl, stars splotched in random places. She turned around, and saw the mountainous cliffs that encircled the arena. Before the cliffs was a lush forest, the trees and vegetation glowing with health; after the forest, the transition led to the sandy shore of the pool. She takes a moment to adjust her armour accordingly. Fixing her light Celestial Bronze breastplate, making sure her gauntlets covered her forearms, her sword correctly slung over her back in its sheath, and her two daggers were concealed in her combat boots, one in each; she then rubs her bracelet, and moves to unsheathe her sword from its place. She eyes her opponent confidently.

Flare: He stands by the edge of the quite large pool of water, not taking note of the moon and stars' reflections in the flowing waters below as it seems unimportant to him. While Flare is around six feet tall the cliffs tower around him, enclosing the utterly gigantic arena, giving him a quite intimidating impression on large pieces of stone. He appears to be incorrectly wearing his celestial bronze chestplate as it's not even half protecting his chest, a pair of gauntlets made of the same material and a pair of raggedy old converse which appear to be armoured as the torn material reveals a somewhat glistening bronze colour. His weapon of choice in a light sword-easily carried in one hand-and for his secondary weapon a spear-in which he doesn't intend to use all that much.

Camille: After studying Flare in general, she skirts around the pool, sprinting towards Flare, sword in hand. As Flare never fixed his incorrectly positoned chestplate, she aims a forced stab at his unprotected torso, she then jumps back, and enters a defensive stance.

Flare: He seems to be off in a dream world for about several seconds before he realizes Camille is about to attack. He then quickly makes himself invulnerable to physical attacks before creating a smoke screen, trying to suffocate Camille as well as trying to make an escape route for himself. He then dives into the somewhat deep waters and only slightly keeps his head above water, keeping his eyes on her checking for movement.

CamilleThe smokescreen hazes her vision heavily, but she creates a torrent of air around her, ultimately shielding herself from the hazards of the smoke. Having heard the splash from Flare's dive, she turns to the pool, and manages to trace the concentric ripples to Flare's head. She sends a cool breeze to turn a small area of water into a stable, platform of ice. She then cautiously steps on it, and sends a frigid gale wind at her, slivers of ice being carried along with the gust.

Flare: Flare guesses that Camille thinks she's got an advantage on him but then Flare decides to tricks her by pretending he's in pain from the particles of ice falling down and hitting his cheeks but in reality they just produce a faint stinging sensation, after being almost 100% sure she'd fell for it he ducks under the water, holding his breath before going underneath the floor of ice keeping Camille afloat in the now seemingly treacherous waters. He raises his palm to the sheet of ice and attempts to melt it, hoping for Camille to fall in and probably shock her.

Camille: She looks around cautiously, expecting Flare to jump out of the water, but the she feels the heat emanating from under the ice. She quickly jumps, and hovers in the air, then sends a cool breeze toward Flare's position, attempting to freeze the surrounding water with a thin sheet of ice. After, she glides over to the edge of the pool of water and creates a snow flurry to help slow Flare down and regain energy from the use of her powers.

Flare: After feeling the layer of ice he was heating up become considerably lighter he is alerted by the fact that Camille has managed to get off of it. Knowing another attack is coming for him he quickly tries to swim to one of the banks managing to escape the sheet of ice by about an inch but gets slowed down by the snow. He ducks under the water, trying to make the snow as ineffective as possible and tries to swim underwater, only coming up for breaths. When he manages to actually get to the bank he creates a stone wall, hopefully blocking any attacks Camille tries to hit him with, so that he can rest up.

CamilleFeeling somewhat revitalized, she skirts the pool in a hasty run, the slivers of ice buffeting her cheeks lightly, leaving pinks spots on her pale skin. Once close to the wall, she focuses an ice storm on it, attempting to freeze the space around him for a short time.

Flare: As the walls of ice close around him Flare somehow cannot shake the chilly feeling numbing his toes and fingers, keeping his sword presses tightly to his hip he attempts to create a small fire inside the dome of ice, helping warm the place up, essentially melting the freezing water he's trapped within.

CamilleAs the ice slowly withers away to frigid water, she runs past the wall to spy Flare, leaning against it, shivering with algidity. She backs up a few steps, if she were to take 3 more she would be in the forest biome, and takes the knife from her right boot, and throws it strategically, aimed for his unprotected torso. To boost her attack, she imposes a wind behind it, chilling the blade and enhancing its speed.

Flare: Realizing slightly too late that Camille was throwing the knife at him he goes with his first reaction and tries to block the knife with his arm. It then slices the little bit of skin between the elbow and the end of his gauntlet. He then grabs his wound and tries to cauterize it.

Camille: Seeing no sign of general defense, she unsheathes her sword and charges at Flare, again aiming a slash horizontal at his exposed torso. The cold air invigorating her, and strengthening her physical maneuvers.


(Posting on behalf of Minx) Because Minx has made the last post on the fight, per rules Camille will advance to Round 3. Windsword7ChbLet The Battle Begin 07:01, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

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