Hayden Sharpe ~ Mika DQ'd

Owner: Mr.Mikachu

God Parent: Phobos



Why: WIP

Skylar Lune ~ Wonder DQ'd

Owner: Wonder

God Parent: Eros

History: His mother abandoned him as a baby. In the orphanage life was hell exceptionally for a 4 year old boy. When he was 6 was picked on by other children but he almost always got them later. On his 12th birthday he was found by a lovely couple. They adopted him. They all ready had 4 kids so money was tight but they loved their kids all equally. He was the only one adopted the other kids hated him because he was different and he wasn't their actually their real sibling. On his 14th birthday his adoptive parents told him that they found his real mom. He was shocked but he thought they where lying just to make him feel beter for being adopted. He went to bed that night and found a sword and shield under his bed with the name in Greek writing on the sword(they were from his dad but he didn't know that), he was shocked at how he could read it. He tried to hid it but after a while they just shrunk down to headphones and an i-pod. He thought it was a dream until a monster attacked at Christmas. During the fight he remembered about his sword he got it and slayed it. Most of the family died except for the father which got so angry at him he looked up his real mothers number, then gave him back, but instead of taking him to her home she took him to camp.

OOC: I know it's crappy because I made him like almost a year ago >.>


Why: WIP

Juliet Royce ~ Shady


Character: Juliet Royce

Owner: ShadowGoddess

God Parent: Nike (Head Counselor)

History:Charlie met Nike one day at park near the college he was staying at. After that they grew close, went on a few dates, and Nike moved in with him for a few weeks. A little while after, Nike had to leave. Soon after Charlie finished college and moved back with his family in Chester, Montana. Months later, a small baby showed up on the doorstep. It was a little girl rapped in green blankets with a note saying that this was his child. Charlie at first didn’t want a kid but, when he looked into the baby’s eyes he couldn’t say no. He took the child in and named her Juliet. Juliet grew up on a large farm with her father, cousin, grandmother, and grandfather. Her cousin’s mom had died so she went to live with her grandparents. Juliet and her cousin’s were homeschooled by their Laura, their grandmother.

Juliet’s grandmother was a creative soul. When Juliet turn seven she started playing softball as a way to use up her energy and as a way to make friends. She turned out very good at the sport so she started also playing baseball too. When Juliet turned ten she went to a birthday party for one of her friends at a zoo. While everyone was checking out the elephants, Juliet slipped away to look at the monkeys. As she was watching them when a man grabed her by the shoulder then dragged her away. She tried to fight him off but, the man was too strong. Soon she was dragged to a room and tied her up. He studied her for a second before knocking her out then her grandmother burst into the room with two hunting daggers.

Her grandmother threw the dagger expertly at the man, hit him and he turned to dust. Her grandmother quickly untied her and they left the zoo and went home. That’s when her grandmother figured out that Juliet was a demigod. Later that night, Juliet woke up and her grandmother told her about the gods and goddesses. She also learned that her grandmother was a daughter of Ares. Then Juliet started her training with her grandmother. When she turned fourteen her grandmother took her to camp.

Description/Quests: None yet

Why: Juliet has been a great counselor the former counselor forfeited. She's a hard working camper but, at the same time she's still fun to be around. She's helped out her siblings and other campers when they need the help and gets along with them. She's very creative and has been working on ideas to try and protect camp better and she's gone up against some BC members before

Audie Clarke ~ Hyu


Character: Audie Clarke (Created 30 June 2012)

Owner: LyreOfOrpheHyus

God Parent: Hebe (Lieutenant Counselor)

History: Francis Clarke is a cameraman in a children's show. He went to tapings everyday and helped out the kids on their performances. He's a child of countryside people, which is seen in his style of clothing and even singing. Unbeknownst to many, he's a cowboy when he was back home at Cheyenne, Wyoming. The local women there was amazed not only in his horseback riding skills but also on how he retains such a youthful face. None managed to make a move on her, but actually, there was not only one, but two. The first one was Candice di Maggio (not related to Joe di Maggio) but too sheepish to confess. The other one, on the other hand, was determined to hit on him. It was none other than the goddess of youth and patron of the bride, Hebe. She came down from Olympus to earth, disguised herself as a beautiful young woman named Monica. She signed up in the children's show Francis filmed as one of the children's caretakers while off the camera. She used this to get a move on Francis. Francis, on the other hand, was also interested in making a move on her too. They started out as friends first and gradually their feelings for each other grew. Eventually, they became a couple. They went to a hotel to do their business and the unexpected happened to them: they had an affair which led to Hebe's pregnancy to Audie. During that time, Hebe loved to play baby music videos which might explain how cheerful Audie is. After some time she gave birth to the very adorable baby, Audie Dustin Clarke. Francis took Hebe in his house as they took care of him. One day, without warning, while Audie is still a newborn baby, Hebe suddenly left the house. This left Francis lost and crushed. He tried to forget her but he couldn't think right. He left Audie in his neighbors when he went for work. He goes home late because he began drinking. After learning about his situation, Candice used this opportunity to get him. She began comforting him, taking him out until she captured his heart after some months. She still accepted Audie kindly and treated him like her own child. They became married and bore a girl named Charity after two and a half years. Audie grew up under extreme care of his parents. He's different than other children. Besides being dyslexic and has ADHD, he's super babyish and childish, even for a young child. Many kids liked him, while some didn't. He was homschooled because they feared he might get bullied, so as Charity. Upon reaching middle school, the siblings became somehow enemies. Charity became vain and a bully while Audie was the complete opposite. Charity and her 5th graders picked on him being gay, while Audie's buff 7th grade friends held them off. One of Audie's friends was a Junior high student named Charlie. Charlie was always there to protect him from Charity's gang or the so-called sorority. Things changed at the middle of his 7th grade year. Audie was walking home when a hellhound appeared out of the bushes and began to bare its teeth on him. Audie was frozen as ice because of fear. He thought he was going to die. Luckily, people by the name of Natalia and Orlando saw his situation and rescued him from danger. He thanked them enough but the siblings didn't end up the conversation at that as they sensed he's a demigod too so they introduced him to the gang. It wasn't as bad as he thought though he got into a lot of serious trouble like Beau and Natalia's argument. He's one of the people who joined The Untouchables, in favor of Natalia. After some time the two teams fought again. After the fight with the cyclopes, harpies and hellhounds, they were brought to camp by Lucas Hawthorn and Claire Gorman, where he was claimed.

Description/Quests, Events:

  • The Dark Cauldron - He joined up with Ailred Wolfskill and Micah Bachelder to investigate black magic happening in the Woodchester Mansion in England. Despite this being his first adventure, he showed great participation in it. Despite being nauseous on taxis and airplanes, scared of the Woodchester Mansion and got injured pretty bad, he still showed (reluctant) enthusiasm to work out the mystery.

Why: He's very social to everyone he met and gives his best to show them how hyper, funny, and childish he can be. Even though he won the position of lieutenant counselor in a very easy way (Clarice Lefevre stepped down, giving way for him.), he didn't stop being just a lieutenant. He tried to attain the position of head counselor of Hebe's Cabin and even though he lost to the counselor, Aaron Denning, he didn't show any depression. Instead, he showed happiness. He didn't show any superiority to his siblings but instead, treated them all equally. In general, he deserves to win for his great personality.

Lara Villafañe - Bloom


Character: Lara Villafañe

Owner: BloomOfFairyTail

God Parent: Palaemon (Head Counselor)

History: Lidia Villafañe led a completely normal life on Rio de Janeiro. Had a well-paying job, a good apartment and a nice family that didn't put their noses on her life. That was until she met Palaemon on one of her trips to the Caribbean. He fell in love with the woman but she didn't respond it. When she went back to Brazil, she found the man living on the neighbor apartment which had been put for rent for months and no one wanted. He kept asking her for a chance or at least one coffee break and she gave in after two weeks.

After the coffee she agreed with another date and the god finally won her heart (she didn't know he was a god, thought it was just an average man). After they started dating, she found out she was pregnant after a drunk night when they forgot the condom.

She was heartbroken when she heard Palaemon had to leave her with the newborn baby. She didn't believe him when he said he would come back someday for them and cursed him for all Lara's life. Everything that went wrong in Lidia's life was the man's fault and Lara wasn't sure on what to think of her father. Lidia had destroyed anything that remembered her of that man and refused to call her daughter Lara, the name he had given to her, calling her Miranda instead, the name she wanted to give.

Lara lived in Brasília, not Rio like her mother, since Lidia hadn't forgotten what the god had said about coming back and didn't want him near her daughter. She only got to see the ocean on her vacations and was always counting the days for it.

The time when they were in the Caribbean, the same place Lidia had first met Palaemon, when Lara noticed how one of the maids of the hotel looked a bit... Off. She looked a bit like a chicken and that freaked Lara out. She ignored it, thinking she was going crazy. But when her mother had gone to the town with a tourist group and left her alone in her room the old maid attacked.

The weird woman sprouted wings and now looked more like a chicken then ever. Lara ran to the beach, not knowing what to do but the harpy was pecking on her skin and she couldn't protecy herself. She dived in the shoal that was near the beach and held her breath. After some time, she noticed she could breath under water normally and the harpy gave up and flew back to the hotel.

A sea nymph watched everything and told Lara about her guess that she was a demigod. She said it was best if she went to Long Island to train on Camp, where she would be safe. When Lara told this to her mother, she was taken with a wave of her mother's hand and a "You spent too much time on the sun, dear. You're going mad". Lara was fuming with anger but now she was always next to someone, for fear the old hag would come back.

One of those days she was hiding near the lobby, she saw a really tanned man with sharp teeth. He smiled at her and hugged her tightly. When he let her go, her mother had just came, looking for her. Lidia glared at the man and pulled Lara away from him. She started throwing curses at him and said he didn't have the right to touch her daughter. Lara got away from her mother's arms and asked the man if she was a demigod like the Nymph had guessed. He nodded and said he would explain it all if her mother would let him. Lidia turned on her heels and left the two alone.

Palaemon explained everything to Lara and said he had a ticked to Long Island for her to get to Camp. he said there was going to be a satyr on the airport waiting to take her there. He then disappeared.

Lidia didn't want to send her daughter that far, but let her go making her promise she would at least come back to visit during the winter (since it was Summer there). When Lara got to New York, the satyr was there waiting for her. He took her to Camp with no problems on the way.

Quests/Role-plays: The Forbidden Symbol Quest, Skirmishes/Test Page, Forum:One bloodhot eye, Izama Brothers Quest

Reason: Lara has been a good liteunant ever since the last counselor left and now, she has been a good counselor since her brother stepped down. She has gone to help other campers in fights and has gone against the Broken Covenant and protected camp as best as she could. Overall, she has been a good friend and camper during her stay no matter how much she had been troubled lately.

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