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Do you adore a specific god or goddess? Do you wish to let the others know that you like them? Well, you may do so here!! Welcome to the voting page for The God/Goddess of the Month!!!!!!!!!! You may vote for your favorite god/goddess here!

How it Works

Every month, five gods and goddesses are chosen, and put into a poll. Then, users vote. At the end of the month, the winner is the "god of the month" or the "goddess of the month". Vote by putting your signature (using four of these ~) under the name of one of the gods/goddesses. Then press 'enter' to make another number for the next person. Also, update the heading of the god/goddess you voted for to update how many voted for him/her.

January 2021 Poll

Aglaea (+0)

Astraeus (+0)

Asteria (+2)

  1. Although only breath, words which I command are immortal. - Sirene
  2. Cats have feelings too ~Nat

Hera (+7)

  1. Gigi2.gif Brocky Good morning, campers!

  3. TimeSig.pngSee if you deserve what comes next. TimeSig.png
  4. Rainonme1.png i hear the thunder coming down, won't you rain on me? ~Mige
  5. Stalk my profile! "Hard like a rock. Cold like stone. White like a diamond, black like coal... ~Steve~  Read my blogs!
  6. User:Everblaze020 (I'm a newbie, I don't know how to create a signature yet)
  7. MySpecialty'sIce.gifYou wanted fire? My specialty's ice. KMØMySpecialty'sIce.gif

Iris (+1)



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Previous Results

April 2020

God/Goddess Results
Apate 2
Dionysus 3
Elpis 5
Hephaestus 3
Thanatos 4

May 2020

God/Goddess Results
Apollo 3
Demeter 2
Harmonia 1
Notus 1
Persephone 10

June 2020

God/Goddess Results
Aphrodite 2
Boreas 2
Eris 3
Morpheus 2
Tyche 7

July 2020

God/Goddess Results
Ares 4
Deimos 3
Hebe 1
Hermes 1
Zephyrus 2

August 2020

God/Goddess Results
Nike 1
Poseidon 1
Nyx 5
Psyche 1
Cybele 4

September 2020

God/Goddess Results
Aeolus 2
Aetna 3
Eros 1
Hecate 2
Zeus 1

October 2020

God/Goddess Results
Hades 4
Melinoe 2
Mnemosyne 1
Nemesis 0
Lyssa 0

November 2020

God/Goddess Results
Athena 1
Khione 4
Kymopoleia 6
Limos 4
Pandia 1

December 2020

God/Goddess Results
Ariadne 1
Artemis 7
Plutus 1
Prometheus 0
Rhea 0