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Do you adore a specific god or goddess? Do you wish to let the others know that you like them? Well, you may do so here!! Welcome to the voting page for The God/Goddess of the Month!!!!!!!!!! You may vote for your favorite god/goddess here!

How it Works

Every month, five gods and goddesses are chosen, and put into a poll. Then, users vote. At the end of the month, the winner is the "god of the month" or the "goddess of the month". Vote by putting your signature (using four of these ~) under the name of one of the gods/goddesses. Then press 'enter' to make another number for the next person. Also, update the heading of the god/goddess you voted for to update how many voted for him/her.

April 2018 Poll

Aetna (+6)

  1. Aja AYO SIS! I have some unfinished business. ~Brocky
  2. OhWellOh well, karma's a bitch! KMØKarma'sABitch
  3. lava mom amirite SophieSigRey I need someone to show me my place in all this. ~Sophie
  4. indeed sophie, indeed Cheesesyou call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheeses

  1. I...lava you? a SIGN.  an OMEN. a Glitchpic
  2. I think she’s pretty cool. Never herd of her till now😂 Samirah ara(Talk) 04:25, August 26, 2019 (UTC)Samirah ara

Demeter (+1)

  1. Peach 1f351 call me by your name and i'll call you by mine Migs

Eris (+2)

  1. "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    
  2. Hydrocarbon1997 (talk) 02:00, April 14, 2018 (UTC)
  3. The Damocles (talk) 04:59, February 5, 2019 (UTC)

Mnemosyne (+4)

  1. Rest in spaghetti she never forghettis Zenyatta GIF"I, for one, welcome our robot overlords." ~Nata RoebotZenyatta GIF 03:15, April 3, 2018 (UTC)
  2. Agreeing with Twiny~ here DrinkMeAs lost as Alice. As mad as the Hatter ~Nat
  3. There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32
  4.   5984f0af6e36415daf4c2d5b  wendy won 2nd grade spelling bee with russian roulette    H  Y  U  

    5. Flopfish3 (talk) 22:56, April 23, 2018 (UTC)

Nyx (+7)

  1. She's the real og for me Trash can this is my trashcan bc i am the trash in it Trash can
  2. ditto WE'RE Jsig2 VALID.
  3. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.TSig
  4. Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x (2) B L I M E Y.Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x
  5. Agreed. lol Natethegreat321 (talk) 08:16, April 23, 2018 (UTC)
  6. fell in love with her a while ago lol Venomrunaway (talk) 15:58, April 1, 2019 (UTC)
  7. I like her, and so does Drew, so yup yup! Lightball "No matter what happens, my light will destroy your darkness."


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Previous Results


January 2018 ("A" Deities Edition)

God/Goddess Results
Aeolus 1
Apollo 1
Ariadne 2
Aristaeus 4
Athena 6

February 2018 Poll

God/Goddess Results
Deimos 7
Hades 2
Lyssa 1
Melinoe 4
Tyche 4

March 2018

God/Goddess Results
Poena 0
Pothos 3
Plutus 4
Peitho 3
Phobos 1

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