Half-Blood in History Contest



Have you dreamt of writing about riding aboard Titanic? Fighting in World War One? Surviving the Black Death in Europe? If so, gather my fellow writers and historians for we have a special contest this month featuring history! Write about a character being part of the past and leaping forward time in the most creative and sensible way and you might just win a new character spot and front page featuring! Like a normal character contest, with a twist of history partaking and choice of any deity! Bedazzle us with your knowledge of the past and creativity of the present!

Best wishes to all the participants!

NOTE: All entries must be half-bloods when they get to either Camp Half-Blood or New Athens, NOT nymphs, spirits, etc.

  • You must have a rank of level 3 or above by the end of the month.
  • Entry deadline is on the 1st June 2020. Judging will part-take on the 1st.
  • You may choose whatever godly parent for you character --- so long as they have a cabin if you choose for them to be at Camp or any deity if New Athens.
  • For those who don't win, do need to put their character through regular claiming in order for it to be approved, if they still want to make the character.
  • They must be part of a legitimate event in history that is significant, not made up events.
  • Events CANNOT be repeated. For example, if one user uses the "Korean War," the other must find another event.
  • They must arrive at Camp or New Athens not being nymphs or such, but HALF-BLOODS.

Note: User must either update their name in the character forum to reflect their prize choice or notify an admin or rollback to update the user/character forum for them

The Winner still gets to make their character, but if instead of having the character count as a minor, they would prefer a different prize, that is their choice. For instance, I have character spots I'm not using, so for me, if I enter and won, I'd rather count the new character as a major, and pick the use a famous model or power up early prizes.

First Place Prize Options

  1. Pick a major character to count as minor or
  2. A new major character slot or
  3. Pick a character to skip the wait time for the 3/6/9 Month Powers or

Second Place Prize Options

  1. Adopt a character and have it count as minor or
  2. 10 Minutes face time with a god or goddess of your choice with the character of your choice

User Character Event
Filoksenia 1969 Stonewall Riots
Sirene Althea Dorzana Wild West/American Frontier
Time Francisco Teodoro The disappearance of the Mary Celeste
Hara Ynaguinid Maristela Moon Rise and Collapse of the Silk Road
Broken Aisin Gioro • Yi-Xiang Opium Wars
Tulk Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


Entry Last Edit Last Author
Half-Blood in History Contest/Clearchus - Moo's Entry14:24, June 1, 2020Thasirene
Half-Blood in History Contest/Althea Dorzana - Sirene's Entry08:46, June 1, 2020Thasirene
Half-Blood in History Contest/Francisco Teodoro - Time's Entry04:01, June 1, 2020TimeForTheTea
Half-Blood in History Contest/Xavier Yan - Broken's Entry21:54, May 31, 2020Broken fire
Half-Blood in History Contest/Maristela Moon - Catty's Entry06:17, May 25, 2020Hara Ynaguinid


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