User Character Event
Gruff Aaron Miller (Aka Benjamin Zimmermann) The Holocaust
Migs Penelope "Quinn" Larsen The Titanic
Kookies Elizabeth Margaret Shelton American Revolution
Wai Li Dongfeng The Second Sino-Japanese War
Yugi Anatoly Banin The Cold War
Shady Gwenaella "Gwen" Fontaine The French Revolution
Wonder Juliet Shakespeare Basically just a daughter of William Shakespeare and Mnemosyne
Ridd WIP Henry Hudson's Ship/Disppearance
Unu Beatrice "Trixie" Landers World War I
Anna WIP

Vietnam War

SoA Evangeline Grey The Tudor Court
River Alice Liddell The Lusitania
Izzy Crystal Welles The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Leonarhyu Pierre Mauri The Siege of Orléans
User:SirMoodletonofCanadia Acaeus The Roman-Spartan War
Nephy WIP The Lost City of Atlantis (Not yet sure)
User: District3 WIP Spanish Civil War
Hybrid Alphonse Bonhomme Franco-Prussian War
Boreas WIP Stalinist Era in the USSR
Brocky Rebekah Belle The Whitechapel Murders (1888/Jack the Ripper)
Float WIP Salem Witch Trials
Evil Evelyn Braun Sinking of the Gustloff
Bird Nayra Capac/Nala Cardew Inca Empire
Minx Cassia Nightwine The Amityville Horror
Dead c: Deirdre O'Callahan The Great Irish Famine
Onyx Icarus of Sparta The Trojan War
Barbie Sophia Briggs The Disappearance of the Mary Celeste
Mo2 Alfonse Domville The Golden Age of Piracy





Name: Icarus of Sparta


In 1206 B.C., a spartan maiden, by the name of Alcina, was extremely ill. On what was to be her death bed, her mother prayed to the god Apollo to save her from her ailness. Apollo answered this prayer, granting Alcina a long life. As she was out and about, recovering, she met a loving man. While she was with him, she had eeverything she could want; health, possessions and, after 6 long months of togetherness, they sired a child, and named him Icarus.

Icarus grew as many spartan boys did. In his military training, Icarus excelled. He was top of his group, having the ability to best his mentors in a sparring match when he was 14. When he turned 16 though, he managed to fake being a 20 year old man, and got shipped to Troia to take part in the Trojan war. While he was stationed in Troy, Aneas, his commander, was found turned to stone. With lack of a commander, Icarus never saw the real horrors of war, but he managed to be picked for placement in the Trojan Horse.

A month before the plan was to be carried out, Icarus received a dream from his father. Apollo, though not telling him that he was Icarus' father, gave Icarus information saying a great hardship was on its way to Icarus. Later the next day, as Icarus was jogging along a trail, he came across a dead body. The body was lacking skin, and had been completely drained of blood. Disgusted, Icarus rushed back to his battalion, and begged the gods for the name of the person the body belonged to. As he exited the prayer tent, the tent dedicated the his closest mate caught fire spontaneously. Icarus took this to mean the body was his closest mate, and was enraged. He prayed once more to Apollo and Artemis, asking for good health and a good hunt, then set out to find this murderer.

The first thing he should do, he decided, was to check out the scene where he found the body. When he reached it, he was surprised to find the body gone, with only a spartan helmet and a bronzen javelin and xiphos. Believing this was another gift from the gods, Icarus replaced his equipment with the ones he found, then walked farther along the trail. As he walked, he noticed his feet made no sounds when he walked, nor did his armour clank.




Name:Nayra Capac (aka Nala Cardew)
Age: 17 (physically) 906 (mentally and biologically)

  • Hecate (mother)
  • Manco Capac (Father)
  • Sinchi Roca (Half-Brother)
  • Mama Ocllo (Step-Mother)
  • Alice Cardew (adoptive mother)

Personality:Nayra is fun to be around, having the combination of beauty and brains. She is wise beyond her years, and always tries to please people she likes. She wants to find love, after seeing the way it affected people over history. Nayra is also very headstrong, but in a subtle way, and will strive to get what she wants in the most morally correct manner. She has no self-inhibitions when it comes to her appearance, and is comfortable in her own skin.



Nayra llama
Nayra sword
Nayra bracelet

From top to bottom:The llama statue that was placed at Nayra's burial site and then retrieved by Hades; Nayra's scimitar, Inti, who she named after the sun god the Inca people worshipped; Nayra's scimitar as a bracelet.


Part 1: Inca Princess

"She is our gift from the gods, she is our sign to a better future."

Manco Capac was a god. Or at least his people thought so. He exuded power and magic, and had created the Inca Empire through his own work, sweat and tears. His people had believed him when he chose Cusco as the heart of the Inca Empire because his alleged father, the sun god Inti, had told him so. He taught his people to build homes, make weapons and grow plants. His people had been awed, and decided Manco would be their king. So, in Cusco he sat, the first Sapa Inca, the first of many to come. He had married is sister, Mama Ocllo, and they were expecting a child together. But something was missing in his life.

There was a woman who would often visit Cusco, a woman who named herself Qullana (Hecate). Manco desperately wanted her, and he believed she would fulfill his deires. Qullana was attracted to Manco as well, and they had a secret affair that lasted only a week, as Qualla soon disappeared. Manco felt whole, and continued to rule the Empire with his wife unaware of his adultery.

Nine months later, in 1107, Manco had built up Cusco to a grand city and Mama Ocllo had given birth to a baby boy, who they named Sinchi Roca. His life was perfect, until a messenger arrived at his house bearing a baby girl and the message that Qullana was truly the goddess of magic, Hecate, and that the baby was his. Manco fully believed that he had seduced a goddess as a reward for the fine empire he had built, and the child was his godly daughter. He believed that, to ensure the well-being of his Empire, he would have to sacrifice his daughter when she was of the right age.Manco told Mama Ocllo of the gift they had received in the form of his godly daughter, and she agreed that it would be a grand sacrifice to worship the gods.

They named the child Nayra and raised her to be as innocent and pure as possible. Nayra’s mother, Hecate, began watching her from time to time on Olympus as she was only the second child she had sired, the first being Circe. She had no idea of the sinister plans Manco and Mama were harbouring for Nayra. Manco and Mama Ocllo raised Nayra and Sinchi differently. Manco trained Sinchi to be the next Sapa Inca, and Mama raised Nayra away from all the difficulties and impurities of life in the Empire, feeding her only corn and choosing only select innocent village children to play with her.

When Nayra turned five, Manco led her up to the highest point in Cusco, to an altar on the top of the mountain. At the top, he tried to explain to Nayra that she was going to die to help the Empire. Nayra didn’t want to die, and she started crying. She tried running away, but Mama Ocllo caught her and dragged her to the altar and sat her on it. In one dramatic sweep, Manco brought the sacrificial knife across Nayra’s throat, and her head lolled, lifeless, onto the stone altar.

Hecate missed the moment of Nayra’s death, but saw enough to realise her daughter had been killed by her own father. In the Underworld, Hades had also noticed Nayra's death and thought it premature, so restored Nayra in the Underworld, flesh, bones and memories. Hecate rushed to the Underworld, making sure not to be seen by Nayra, and struck a bargain with Hades. Nayra could stay in the Underworld with him until Hecate decided the world was safe for Nayra again. Hades agreed and so Nayra began her life in the Underworld.


Part 2: Influence
At first, Hades treated Nayra as a slave, having her look after Cerberus and shine his palace floor daily, but eventually he softened, and began treating Nayra as his own daughter. He told her stories of the Gods and trained her to use weapons. She got her own bedroom in the palace, and Hades let her visit Elysium. Nayra’s body never aged, but her mind and soul did. She began to grow into her powers as a child of Hecate, and when she asked Hades what was happening to her, he told her how the Gods often consorted with mortals and conceived children who were half-God and half-mortal. Nayra understood, and trained with her powers for two hundred years, until Hades offered her a proposition.

He told her that the Sapa Inca Pachacuti had recently set off on a solo journey to try and reach enlightenment and closer association with the sun god Inti, but had died on his way through the Andes. Hades explained how his soul had already passed to the Underworld, but his body was still in fine form, and could be inhabited by Nayra’s soul if she wished it. Nayra, although used to her home in the Underworld, yearned to see the living world again. She accepted the proposition and took control of Pachacuti’s body.

During her time in Pachacuti’s body, Nayra expanded the Inca Empire and redefined the political system. She grew to accept the fact of her role as a sexually active alpha male, and sired a child, whom she named Tupac. As a gift to the Gods to show her appreciation of their kindness, Nayra ordered for a grand palace to be built near Cusco for the gods.

The Inca people, thinking Nayra meant the Inca gods, happily obliged, and, seven months later, the great Machu Picchu appeared. Nayra left the palace empty for the gods, but surrounded it with a sacred village where llamas, the Inca’s sacred animal, could graze amongst the most pure and respectful villagers.

Eventually, Nayra decided it was time for Pachacuti to die, and moved back to the Underworld. In the Underworld, Nayra slept for ages, waking in the Renaissance, when Hades explained to her how the Inca empire she had helped build had fallen. Nayra was deeply saddened, and returned to her slumber, but not before training again with new weapons, and catching up on the world's history. Nayra slept for hundreds more years, even sleeping up to the 1990s.

Up on Olympus, Hecate was frustrated. She had forgotten something important to her, but she couldn't remember what. Suddenly it came to her. A daughter! She had a daughter in the Underworld, waiting for her. But she couldn't bring her back into the world directly, so she sent a letter to Nayra.

Nayra was sleeping calmly when Hermes woke her up with a letter. It read as follows;

For too long you have slept. I had admittedly forgotten about you until recently, and understand you have grown to the best of your ability in that body. I am proud of you. But it is time to start afresh. At the completion of this letter, your memory will be wiped and you will be taken back into the world, and raised by a loving family. I will return your memories to you over time, but you should be innocent for as long as possible. Hermes will attach a bracelet to your wrist. It was made for you by Hades. Don't question it until you have your memories back. It will transform to your touch in battle when the time comes.
Farewell my child.

Before Nayra could protest, her mind went blank and she blacked out.

Part 3: New Beginnings

Nala was raised in an orphanage until the age of five, when Ms Alice Cardew adopted her. Alice treated Nala well, enrolling her in a private school in upstate New York, and supporting her with extra tutoring and support when Nala was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Nala had a fine childhood up until the point, when she was twelve, when her class had to do a presentation on an ancient civilisation.

Nala was picked to study the Inca Empire, and she had happily accepted. But when she began studying the Empire, and reading about the great Sapa Incas Manco Capac and Pachacuti, her head began throbbing, and figments of lost memories would haunt her. At one point during the research, something in her mind broke, and Nala screamed, remembering her past years and everything she had gone through. She remembered her true name, Nayra, and her mother, the Greek goddess Hecate wiping her memory so she could live an unburdened life. She remembered Hades, and his stories about the gods and goddesses, and she remembered building Machu Picchu as Pachacuti. Most importantly, she remembered her father murdering her, spilling her blood on ancient stone.

From that moment on, Nayra was distraught. From time to time, she would remember something new, like the Renaissance, and the memories would bring her to her knees. She never told Alice, thinking she would send her to a mental hospital, and knowing that she had been kind to Nayra through all these years. two years after she got her first memories back, Nayra was attacked by a harpy.

Nayra had been walking home from school, when a woman had come up behind her and pulled into a dark alleyway. The woman began transforming, and Nayra screamed and ran. The woman, now an ugly human sized chicken, chased Nayra as she sprinted through the streets of New York. Remembering her training with Hades, nayra threw small magic fireballs at the harpy, hoping to burn it, but with no success, as the harpy dodged each one. Nayra kept running and running, continuously throwing fireballs, until she reached the apartment where she and Alice lived, slamming the door into the face of the harpy.

After she was sure the harpy wasn't at the door anymore, Nayra curled up into a ball on the carpet and tried to remember more of her past. As she was rocking back and forth, trying to remember, it came to her. Nayra held up her wrist, examining the gold and jade bracelet it had held since she had been at the orphanage. She tried tapping it, but nothing happened. Nayra frowned, and then it came to her, the bracelet would only react in battle. Pleased with herself, Nayra went on with life.

When Nayra turned sixteenth birthday, all her friends had a huge party to celebrate. They hired a lion tamer and a few circus performers, and rented a huge marquee. They held the party in Central Park, and over 100 people came. Nayra was smiling the entire night until the party ended and the circus performers were packing up. The lion tamer was just closing the latch on the lions cage, when it burst out and leapt towards Nayra. As it came bounding towards her, its form shifted, changing into that of a huge black dog, a hellhound. Nayra tapped her bracelet and it grew into long, bronzen scimitar, with a moonstone handle and gemstones adorning the hilt. She was surprised at the change, but nevertheless charged at the hellhound. As it neared to her, the hellhound pawed lunged at Nayra, slicing open the skin on her right shoulder. With her back to the hellhound, Nayra could still see it, and quickly swung around and sliced the hellhound down the middle, turning it to golden dust.

Alice didn't see the attack happen, but when Nayra returned home from her party with her shoulder wounded, she took he to the hospital to be cleaned up. Alice believed that Nayra was being stalked, so for the next year she kept a close eye on her, making sure she wasn't harmed again. When Nayra turned 17, Alice received a text message from her workmate telling her to meet him at Long Island for a picnic with Nayra. They both arrived safely and whilst Alice and her co-worker were chatting, Nayra explored the woods of Long island, stumbling across the entrance to camp. She walked through the entrance and looked across the set up of camp. She saw people milling about below her and knew that this place was special to her somehow. She left to tell Alice about the Camp and organised to be dropped there again the next day, hoping the people there would accept her.

As Nayra walked through the entrance to Camp the next day, she was claimed by Hecate.

The Inca Empire or Inka Empire (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu) was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The administrative, political and military center of the empire was located in Cusco in modern-day Peru. The Inca civilization arose from the highlands of Peru sometime in the early 13th century.

From 1438 to 1533, the Incas used a variety of methods, from conquest to peaceful assimilation, to incorporate a large portion of western South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges, including, besides Peru, large parts of modern Ecuador, western and south central Bolivia, northwest Argentina, north and central Chile, and a small part of southern Colombia into a state comparable to the historical empires of Eurasia.

The official language of the empire was Quechua, although hundreds of local languages and dialects of Quechua were spoken. The Inca referred to their empire as Tawantinsuyu which can be translated as The Four Regions or The Four United Provinces.


Name:Anatoly Banin
Age:16 (physically), 66 (biologically)

  • Harmonia (Godly parent)
  • Vladimir Banin (father)
  • Olga Banin (aunt)
  • Milano Banin (mortal brother, now deceased)
  • Harmonia's Cabin (demigod siblings)



It was a cold winter's night, all the way back in February 1947, and Vladimir Banin was walking the many street's of Moscow. The Cold War had recently started. Vladimir Banin was a peace-keeper. He was a politician, however he fought for peace, which got him off the senate. The previous year, World War II had ended. Vladimir was a general in the army, but he fought for peace, so that affected his plans slightly, so he would try to capture them but not kill them. He was called a 'big softie', literally. Moscow's streets were not packed, unlike before the Cold War. You may see a person occasionally, either walking to their house, or somebody elses, or back from shopping. As Vladimir was walked down Arbat Street, he saw a woman with shopping clutched in her left hand. Strange, he thought to himself. He had seen the woman at the exact same time in the same spot for the past three days. He walks up to her and asks her for her name, 'Elizabeth' she would reply. They would continue chatting for a while. They were meant for each other. They both realised this. Vladimir invited her to his apartment, three streets away. She accepted the invitation and they rushed in. There, they expressed their feelings for each other.



Name: Penelope "Quinn" Larsen
Age: 18 (physically) 118 (biologically)

  • Messalina Larsen (Mother)
  • Aristaeus (Father)
  • Florencia Adriana (Aunt)
  • Roger Franklin (Ex-Spouse)
  • Caserin Franklin (Daughter)




Name:Elizabeth Margaret Shelton
Age: 16 (physically) 253(biologically)

  • Sir Richard Shelton (Father)
  • Aglaea (Mother)
  • Mary Shelton née Willson (Step Mother)
  • Abigail Shelton (Half Sister)
  • James Shelton (Half Brother)
  • Margaret Shelton(Half Sister)
  • Anne Shelton (Half Sister)
  • Richard Shelton(Half Brother)

She's sweet as honey on the outside but more stubborn than a mule on the inside

Elizabeth is a typical Colonial American gentlewoman. She is sweet, quiet and gracious, on the outside that is. Inside, Elizabeth is fierce, wild, outspoken and stubborn, something that was clearly frowned upon on women during those times. She was clearly a girl ahead of the times. Elizabeth, known as Lizzie, is a fierce Loyalist like the rest of her family. She often feels different from her younger siblings, James, Margaret, Anne and Richard since she had a different mother.Over the years, Lizzie’s personality and attitude changed with every passing year, decade and century. Now in the 2010s, Lizzie has left the Hunters and is now aging again and has come to Camp. Her attitude right now is quite the same during the 1700s. She’s also good in singing, playing the guitar and piano. Reading books is now a very good pastime to her, which before she thought was a lifeless pastime. Beware if you tease or be rude to Lizzie, the sweet, kind and gentle nature is only a mask to her real self. She’s still the same colonial girl with a rude, stubborn and wild attitude.

“Lord Shelton, this is Mistress Elizabeth Dormer”

Those were the words that started Richard Shelton’s infatuation with Elizabeth Dormer, more known in the world of Greek Mythology as Aglaea, Goddess of Glory and Splendor

Richard Shelton was the son of Sir John and Lady Margaret Shelton, members of King George I’s court. After Margaret Shelton died, John left Court and settled nicely in their country home, while Richard stayed. He married a woman from another noble family, Alice Bryan, yet he was not satisfied with her. Richard had affairs with almost every woman at Court. Aglaea noticed that. She liked handsome Richard and decided to try and capture his attention, so under the name Elizabeth Dormer, Aglaea entered the Court of King George I. She had one of the courtiers introduce her to Richard and sure enough, he fell for her, it might not be real love, but maybe just lust, much lust, with that introduction, Richard started pursuing Aglaea.

Of course, Alice noticed it and tried everything to push Aglaea away from Richard, but her plans were in vain. Richard was openly showing around Aglaea as his mistress, which was open shame to Alice. She knew that if she cannot give Richard a child, he would leave her, so one night, while Richard was under the influence of wine, she made love to him. She conceived a child, and she was very happy. But Alice was a tad bit too foolish, since she was pregnant, Richard spent all his time with Aglaea and soon, she too conceived a child. Now, Aglaea decided to tell Richard the truth. She explained about her being a goddess, Olympus, Greek Mythology, everything and Richard believed it. Due to her being a goddess, Richard sent Aglaea to the “countryside”, or Olympus. Richard gave an excuse, saying that Aglaea, a.k.a, Elizabeth, left because her mother was quite sick and she needed to take care of her.

Nine months later, Aglaea returned to Court with a beautiful baby girl. A few days ago, Alice went into labor and gave birth to a weak baby girl. She was currently sick of perpetual fever, better known by some as child bed fever. Richard, not wanting Aglaea ’s child to be illegitimate switched both of them. Soon after, Aphrodite disappeared. All of Court thought that the illegitimate child, named Elizabeth Margaret by her father was the legitimate and the real legitimate child, Abigail, was illegitimate, and was so referred to even by their father. Richard showered Elizabeth with gifts while Abigail was ignored. But Richard knew that if Alice would get well, she would know the difference so just in case she lives, he had her poisoned. Soon enough, Alice died, they thought it was due to the fever but Richard and the poisoner knew otherwise. Richard knew that he will take the secret to the grave.

Soon after Alice’s death, Richard sent the two infants to their family home to be raised by their grandfather. John loved Elizabeth will all his heart while he ignored Abigail. Elizabeth, nicknamed affectionately Beth by her grandfather was his pride and joy. He brought her dolls and toys and would always read to her before bed. Like her grandfather, Beth ignored Abigail. When they were infants in the same crib, Abigail would try to get Beth’s attention but she would ignore her. Sometimes Abigail would grab or hug her and she would cry to get their governess, Lady Anne Marshall’s attention.

Court was not a good place for two young children so at the age of three, Elizabeth and Abigail were sent away from Court to their grandfather’s. Like their father, the two girls had divided attention and care. Elizabeth was given more while Abigail was given less. Elizabeth grew to a charming, beautiful girl. She didn’t really like her father much, since he never stayed at Shelton Mansion, their country home, except for a few days. She and Abigail grew quite close, playing together and chatting about everything. Their grandfather discouraged Elizabeth from spending too much time with Abigail, whom he called as the “bastard girl”, but Elizabeth disobeyed her Grandfather’s wishes.

John Shelton’s good health didn’t last long and on June 27, 1768, he died of natural causes. There was no question on where the two young girls were going to stay next. Richard returned to Shelton Mansion a day after John’s death with his new wife, Mary Willson. Mary came from another noble, rich family and was only pushed by her parents toward the marriage. She didn’t like Richard at all, yet loved him out of duty. As John instructed, Mary gave her motherly focus to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a bit confused about this, wasn’t Abigail her Papa’s child too? A few weeks after John Shelton’s death, Richard Shelton declared that the whole Shelton family shall go to America, the New World.

At the age of ten, Elizabeth, along with the rest of the Shelton family; Richard, Mary, Abigail and the newest addition, James boarded the ship “The Eagle” that was bound for the New World. Elizabeth was very excited about it and during the whole voyage, kept a daily journal. The journal was destroyed when the Shelton family home was set on fire but a letter Elizabeth sent to a friend of hers in England detailing her trip has survived.

A copy of the letter: May 27, 1770

Dearest Emma,

Greetings Well, here I am in the NEW WORLD. This new place is quite hot, Mother has been complaining day and night and Baby James is always crying, but I suppose we can make a good home for ourselves here. We have been staying with the Bridges family until our home is finished being built. Father plans to put up his own general store, which is quite a popular business here in Williamsburg.

About our journey. It was quite frightening! Abigail got very sick but she’s ok now. We almost ran out of food and salt water got into our supplies, I thought we were truly going to die during a really big storm but Mother said the Lord kept us safe. Oh, I have great news for you on other matters! Mother has given birth to another little baby; they named her Margaret after Grandmother. She is very pretty. Abigail doesn’t like Baby Margaret much. She says that she likes it more if it was only the both of us. I disagree. I like having siblings!

I have to end this letter now. Mother says it’s time for bed.

Yours truly,


Elizabeth’s monster attacks started when shortly after she turned twelve, in the year 1771 and ending in the spring of 1775. She was attacked by numerous monsters such as harpies, hellhounds, telekhines (once during a visit to Chesapeake Bay) and once a giant scorpion. She didn’t tell anyone about it but her father and step-mother often questioned about her scars and the dirt smudges on her dress.

Meanwhile, matters with England were growing quite uneasy. The people of Virginia, and the other colonies of England, were divided down the middle, the Patriots and the Loyalists. The Patriots didn’t want the British to govern America, they wanted a free country, while the Loyalists wanted to stay under the rule of the King of England, the Sheltons, Elizabeth’s family, were Loyalists.

Tensions grew higher when Governor Dunmore took away the gunpowder from the Magazine. By the summer of 1775, it was clear that there was going to be a War. Tensions between the Patriots and Loyalists were growing worse too. On September 17, 1775, the Shelton Home was burned down and Richard Shelton was imprisoned, the crime: for being a Loyalist.

The other members of the Shelton family, Elizabeth, her step mother and her half-siblings, survived the fire, with the exception of Anne, who was trapped in her chambers during the fire. The Sheltons stayed with their longtime friends, the Wellingtons. Unknowingly a big secret uncovered would change Elizabeth’s life, and would prompt her to run away.

It was a few days before her birthday when Elizabeth received a letter from her father in prison, confessing about Elizabeth’s true heritage. Elizabeth was shocked; she was filled with so many emotions. She felt profound shame but most of all anger, anger at her father, and somehow to all men. She quickly made her decision; she’ll run away, tonight.

That night, Elizabeth slipped away from the Wellington household. She roamed around the countryside for days and was attacked by a hellhound. Elizabeth got scared out of her wits and was about to be killed when a silver arrow hit the hellhound, it was right on target and the hellhound disintegrated. Elizabeth got up and turned to see a group of girls. In front was a girl who looked about twelve and who seemed to be the leader. The girl introduced herself as Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt. She explained to Elizabeth again about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, Elizabeth, being slightly superstitious, believed them. Then Artemis asked her if she would like to join the Hunt and she agreed. She then said the pledge:

I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis,
turn my back on the company of men,
accept eternal maidenhood,
and join the Hunt.'

Joining the Hunt was one of Elizabeth’s best decisions she has ever made. Elizabeth witnessed many global and historical events while she was a Hunter. She discovered who her god parent was, Aglaea, Goddess of Glory and Splendor. She never felt so free in her life. Finally in 1783, the Revolutionary War ended, the Patriots won. Elizabeth later learned that a few years back, in 1779, her most beloved step mother, Mary, died of cholera. Her father, Richard was also released from jail soon as the War ended. She wanted to visit but restrained herself, since she might be kicked out of the Hunt.

Over the years, Elizabeth’s understanding of the world grew she also grew many different personalities that quite amused the other Hunters of Artemis. During the 2010s, Elizabeth was starting to have second thoughts about the Hunt. Of course, she loved the Hunt but she believed she needed to experience more of the world. She thought about these thoughts for months. She so wanted to approach Artemis on the matter but she held back.

Finally on January of 2013, Elizabeth approached Artemis and told her about her thoughts. She and Artemis talked for hours about Elizabeth’s decisions and finally Elizabeth decided to leave the Hunt, on which Artemis allowed. In March, Elizabeth left the hunt. She wanted to have time to understand the new ways of the world. Of course, since she was a half-blood, many monsters were attracted to her but she fought them off as best as she could.

In May, Elizabeth bumped into a satyress and another young half-blood. The satyress told her about Camp and she agreed to go there with the satyress as a guide. Two half-bloods of course, got the attention of monsters and fought many along the way to Camp. Elizabeth was a good archer and defeated many of the monsters. As she set foot into Camp, she immediately felt that she belonged there. She stayed in Hermes Cabin for a few days before her mother noticed her and claimed.

That night during the Campfire, Elizabeth felt that Camp was her true home.


Name: Gwenaelle "Gwen" Fontaine
Age: 16 (physically), 232 (biologically)
Family: Pierre Fontaine (Father)
Harmonia (Mother)
Caroline Monet (Aunt)
Henri Monet (Cousin)
Liesel Monet (Cousin)
Belle Monet (Cousin)

Gwenaella is a quiet girl though she’s willing to fight for what she believes in. She’s normally a calm, shy and peaceful girl but, if you get on her nerves she’ll be ready to declare war. She respects anyone who as more power than her or is older than her and she’s very loyal to her friends and family. She’s also stubborn and hates it when people talk about her behind her back. She personally hates herself for not being able to keep the king, queen and her family alive and it’s very hard to get close to her personally.

Pierre Fontaine, a baker in Paris, was shutting down his bakery for the night when he noticed a young woman sitting across the street. This woman was Harmonia. It was snowing outside and she had barely any clothes so he invited her into his Bakery. The young woman was very thankful and he gave her some freshly bake bread and some extra clothes to keep her warm. Pierre let her stay for the night and the next morning offered her a job at the bakery. She eagerly accepted and began working. Pierre soon began to fall for his beautiful co-worker and as did Harmonia and one night they made love. Recently after, Harmonia left without notice, leaving behind a heartbroken Pierre but, Pierre had to move on quickly so he could keep his mind with his bakery.

Though, nine months later, when he opened his shop, he found a baby lying in a basket with a note tied to the handle. The note said the child was his and he was shocked but, he took the baby in and named her Gwenaella.

Gwenaella grew up working in the bakery. She would go around to the local houses and sell bread from door to door. When she wasn’t working, she was attended the nearby school which she wasn’t a very big fan of but, if she was planning on running her father’s business when he got to old, she had to do good in school and she did. Not long after she had turned seven, she and her father began hearing rumors of a rebellion starting against the king and queen. Gwenaella didn’t like the idea of a rebellion but, her father did and he began going to the secret rebel meetings.

Not long after, Pierre packed up all of Gwenaella’s things and took her into the countryside to live with her widowed Aunt Caroline and three cousins, Henri, Liesel, and Belle on their farm. Gwenaella wasn’t happy about moving and didn’t know why but, she obeyed her father. He left a few days later and not long after that, news of the rebellion starting reached the farm. Gwenaella was devastated but, Caroline wouldn’t let her slack off so she sent Gwenaella to go work in the field with Henri. She hated working in the fields but, did it anyway so her aunt wouldn’t get angry at her.

A little while after Gwenaella’s tenth birthday, her aunt got some news from one of her church friends about the Queen needing some new ladies in waiting and anyone who offered to become one, her family would get a year’s worth of grain. Caroline was falling behind on food so she had Henri help Gwenaella pack up her things and take her into the city of Paris. When they arrived in Paris, the city was practically in ruins, people were starving and homeless. In Gwenaella’s eyes, it was a living nightmare. Henri and Gwenaella went to the palace, hoping that the queen wouldn’t pick her but, she did. That night, Henri tried to help her escape but, the two were caught by the night guards and Henri was put into the prison over night.

The next day, Gwenaella began her training as a lady in waiting. At first, she wasn’t very sure of herself but, after many words of encouragement from the maids and several long days of lessons, she was finally ready to begin working for the queen. She enjoyed working for Queen Marie Antoinette though she missed her father and cousins. Sometime after her fifteenth birthday, the rebellion was overwhelming the palace so the King had the queen and her most trusted guards and servants move to the queen’s private home, Hameau de la Reine.

When Gwenaella arrived at Hameau de la Reine, she found her cousins working there, Henri as a stable hand, Liesel as a cook and Belle as a maid. She was so happy to be reunited with her cousins and she began hoping that the rebellion might be over soon and she might get to return to her father and continue working at the bakery. But, her hope ran out as the rebellion got worse as the year passed on. The queen noticed her servants getting gloomier as the days went on so one sunny day she picked several servants and guards and went on an outing.

Around the middle of the day, the queen decided to stop to have a picnic and while they were eating, her favorite horse, Lenag, spooked and ran off and Gwenaella chased after him. After awhile, Gwenaella got lost in the forest and it began to rain so she took cover in a nearby cave. During the storm, a lightning strike hit the rocks above the cave causing the rocks to block the exit. She struggled to move the rocks but, they wouldn’t budge so she sat down and cried until she fell asleep from exhaustion. Meanwhile on Olympus, Harmonia took pity on her daughter so she went to Zeus and asked him if he could put her into a never aging sleep.

Zeus agreed but, told her that as Gwenaella was a demigod, he wouldn’t keep her asleep forever. Harmonia understood what he was saying and went out to ask nymphs to guard the cave from unwanted visitors until she awoke. As the years passed, Zeus forgot about Gwenaella and during this time, nymphs protected the cave from nearby monsters that’d smelled Gwenaella.

216 years later, Harmonia decided that it was time to wake her daughter from her slumber and Harmonia went to Zeus and asked him to wake her. Zeus quickly did, embarrassed that he forgot about the demigod.

When Gwenaella awoke, the nymphs began removing the rocks from the cave entrance and waiting outside for her were two satyrs, brought to take Gwenaella to camp. She was confused until the satyrs explained what had happen, and then she became devastated. The Satyrs and nymphs felt bad for her but told her that they had to get moving as they didn’t want to draw in any monsters. She agreed and the two satyrs took her to camp, teaching her the basics as they traveled to camp.

When she arrived at camp, Harmonia claimed her and she now resides with her half-siblings in their cabin.


Name:Aaron Miller (Modern Name) Benjamin Zimmermann (Real Name)
Age:16 (physically), 83 (biologically)
Family: Ovid Zimmermann (Twin Brother)
Abigail Zimmerman (Sister)
Fritz Zimmerman (Father)
Greta Zimmerman (Mother)
Thanatos (Biological Father)

Aaron is a tough guy even though he's pretty depressed by the death of all of his family. He tries to be upbeat but sometimes he just breaks down. He's pretty isolated and doesn't like making a lot of friends just encase they leave him.

For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.

–Elie Wiesel

Greta was an extremely pretty woman when she was in her 20s. Men all around use to ask for her hand in marriage. Yet she would always declined. Greta had set her heart on one man. She was young and foolish and married at a young age to Fritz. Fritz was a strong manly person who worked on his fathers farm for years. This was the only man for Greta.

After a year of their happy marriage, Greta was out with some friends in the local bar. She became very drunk and met a man. This man pressured Greta but she declined. This man pressured her even more and she left the bar feeling awkward. The man followed Greta and threatened her. Greta, scared started to run. She ran into a dark and dismal ally. The man closed in on her and took 'sexual advantage' of Greta. She later became pregnant but told Fritz that it was his under fear of losing him.

Ovil and Benjamin were born 9 month later. They were raised in a Dairy Farm run by their father, mother and sister. They grew up happily with their family. Benjamin and most of his family -excluding his parents- were illiterate. They were close to each other and he was especially close to his brother. They would play for hours on end in the fields and in the woods of their farm.

Benjamin, coming from a small village of Broken and knew almost every one there. As this was nice he would often make friends with everyone, he was a well loved and popular boy. At about age 5 the Nazi party had been voted for governing power over Germany. This didn't really inter-fear with the Zimmermann life anyway. Life carried on for them on their daily work milking, farming, keeping the livestock well feed and looked after.

When Benjamin was 10 rumours reached the town that the Nazis were collecting Jews and others and taking them to large Summer Camps. Fritz found this suspicious and so asked the neighbouring if they could come stay with them. The Neighbours happily excepted and the Zimmermann's came to live with them. This carried on with some years and Fritz posed as the Neighbours cousin and helped around on the farm. Of course soon the Nazi's came and started to take away the Jewish residents of the Village. Though many had either run away or had also gone into hiding.

The Zimmermann's lived like this for 4 years. Hiding in the house and helping around the farm. When Abigail, Ovil, him and the Ackermann (Neighbours) children were all playing down by the river just by the house. They threw stones into the river and climbed trees. As Ovil threw a stone into the river he saw a large black dog at the other side. He gave a large Yelp and the others turned to see the beast. Ovil quickly climbed up the tree and so did the others. At the top they gave a loud yell for their fathers. The creature leapt at them, but luckily the children where just out of reach. Their fathers came running and shot at the beast with their double barrels. Many bullets hit the dog and it ran away but didn't bleed or fall to the floor in pain. News of this quickly spread around the town and a lot thought it too be the Devil cloaked as a large Hell beast.

The next week, word came round to the S.S that a Family of Jews were hiding in the Ackermann's house. The S.S quickly took a squad too the household and took the Zimmermann's away. The Zimmermann were dispatched to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Here this suddenly took a turn for the worst. Benjamin and Ovil quickly took the eye of one Dr. Joseph Mengele. This was because of them being Identical Twins, and let's just say Joseph 'liked' things like that. Dr. Mengele quickly became friendly with Ben and Ovil, giving them candy along with a lot of other children at the Camp. He would pull them out of labour and take them to his study. Here he conducted experiments on Ovil and Ben, but they were unknowing of this as he would knock them out.

This went on for a year. Ben now had a walking condition from lack of spinal fluid and had one blue/green and one brown. Ovil had a large limp and had to use a crutch to walk. Ben and Ovil where kept in different barracks from the rest of their family. This made them lonely but brought them closer together. At around September 1944 Ovil passed away from to much nitrogen in his body. Mengele had placed 4 nitrogen pipes into Ovil's heart. This killed him instantly and conducted experiments on Ovil's now dead body. He had lost his 'usage' or so they said. Ben on the other hand still had his usage. He was healthy and fit and could sustain more physical and mental pain than his brother.

Sometime later that year, around November the rest of Ben's family were eradicated. But again they still needed Ben, he had some D.N.A mutation that Mengele had the urge to unlock and understand. So he carried on pulling out blood and other D.N.A samples from Ben's body. He was so close and yet so far from unlocking his gene code. In this time he became lonely. His family were dead and he was alone in his cell. He only made one friend in this time, Alesky, a Polish Jew who had also lost his family to the Gas Chambers.

At January the American's arrived at Auschwitz. They set every one there free. This was the unhappy time that Ben found out what happened to his family. This drove him to great sadness and he didn't want to stay in this country any more. He heard that a lot of the remaining Jews were travelling to America. Ben found this the perfect idea to leave behind his history. He also changed his name to Aaron Miller. He moved with a massive group of Jews. They arrived in Cuxport and boarded a boat. Luckily because of the mass chaos they didn't seem to notice Aaron. They reached San Diego 5 weeks later. When they asked to look at documents Aaron seemed just to 'jump' past them. He thought really hard about it, and just appeared at the other side of the boarder pass. With his new found skill he felt tired but couldn't stay here. He couldn't really go anywhere. He only had $4 and 68¢. He travelled into the back of a large van and fell asleep in the back. He slept for 6 hours until the van came to a quick stop. He left the van and stood there in shock. All the bright-lights hurt his eyes and he looked around at all the large casinos and buildings. He had read that Las Vegas was where people mad millions of dollars. He wanted to be a millionaire, one casino took his fancy. The Lotus Casino stood in front of him. It was written in large white lights that made his eyes sting looking at it. He knew that this was the place for him and so he entered.

The staff were so kind to him, feeding him for free. He won hundreds of pounds and quickly bought a Platinum card and room. He loved this place, why would he ever leave? Well he didn't want too. It had only been 3 weeks and he felt like it had happened in the matter of days. In fact it had been 69 years. One day while Aaron was eating ice-cream he heard a voice. He looked around, he was alone and the place was quite. Only music was playing, but no one talking. The voice was deep and dark. It was cold, like Death was talking it had a deep gritty voice. He told Aaron that he had to leave this place. That he had a destiny, he told him that someone would be waiting outside for him. Aaron hesitated, a lot. But in the end the voice seemed to get angrier. So Aaron in the end left. But the staff seemed to urge him to stay. He declined and tried to brush them off. Again they urged him so he shadow travelled out. He arrived outside in the bright new lights. The place had seem to change, buildings had grown and changed. The light blinded him and he stood there stunned for a few seconds until he was dragged into a dark car.

In the driving seat was a boy. He must have been between 18 and 20 but had a full beard and messy dark hair. He seemed normal he just wore weird cloths. He had a bright orange shirt on, a large had that seemed very very strangely made. The weirdest thing was that he had very hairy legs. Actually they were amazingly hairy, and the lower Aaron's eyes went then he saw the feet. Wait, they weren't feet, they were hooves. HOOVES ON A PERSON? Aaron thought he ate something strange and tried to leave the car, but he passed out from tiredness. He awoke some time later the hairy goat man driving this car. He wished Aaron a good morning and started to talk. A lot. He talk for ages about Greek gods and myths and old stuff. After a long time of talk he mentioned Aaron's dad. His dad? His dad was dead, how did this guy know about him? This guy told Aaron that his dad was a Greek God. Aaron nodded and just laughed awkwardly and looked out of the window.

He must have slept for at least a day and some hours. He truly was shattered. It was like a worm had sucked all the energy out of him. The goat man seemed to stop at the bottom of a wooded hill. He helped Aaron walk and lead him up. Aaron was to weak to really try and fight back and so he followed behind. Up and up they went until they reached a large stone arch, at the top were carved words. But Aaron's eyes hurt to much to read them. All he could read was Blood. Blood? Was this another test lab? He panicked and tried to fight back, but falls on his face hitting it hard. He felt like he was being dragged through the arch to his new found life.


Name: Li Dongfeng

Age:: 18 (Physically), 89 (Biologically)

Family: Limos - Mother, Li Wei - Father

Dongfeng is cool and level-headed and at first sight, he does not appear to be traumatized or psychologically damaged by the Massacre he had witnessed. He does his best to remain stoic. He doesn't talk much about his past.



Li Chen, a librarian and a scholar working at the University of Nanking (Nanjing) met a young woman about his age, Fa Ming. This lady wanted to read the reports on the Great North China Famine. Li Chen wanted to know why she wanted these reports. Fa Ming gave him a smug smile as if she was the one who caused all of them. After a pause, Fa Ming told him that it’s classified. Li Chen gave her the report and Fa Ming left. The lady returned once again. Li Chen asked her what she wanted. She wanted another report on the Persian Famine. A conversation later on ensued between them. Fa Ming later on came usually just to talk to Li Chen. Chen knew this and asked the girl out on a date. Fa Ming accepted. Their first date was a success and Chen revealed his life to her. He was raised by a professor after his parents died. A few weeks later, Chen was drunk and Ming decided to take advantage of him. They made love in Chen’s apartment.

Chen was heartbroken at the loss of her. He never even knew her address. She had completely vanished without a trace. By this time, China had been broken down into various coalitions of warlords. It was not a great time to live in. Li Chen remained working at the University of Nanjing. He became withdrawn from society after his adoptive father died. That was it, Chen presumed. In August 1924, Chen heard a knock on the door. It was cold and rainy outside so who could really be there? The whole place smelled like decay and death for some reason but this odour reminded him of Fa Ming. He opened the door and to his surprise, a baby in a small old cardboard box lay there crying. Chen soothed him to make him stop. Inside the box, he discovered two other items. A pen and a letter addressed to him. The letter was not dampened the rain and was still readable. He unfolded the paper.


The Second Sino-Japanese War was probably a precursor to World War II. However by 1941, the war became part of the Asian-Pacific Theatre of the Second World War. It was fought between Imperial Japan against China starting from the summer of 1937 up to the summer of 1945. It was also the largest war ever fought in Asia of the 20th century leaving around 30 million Chinese and 2 million Japanese dead. The war is still within living memory, and what successive generations have been taught about it is the subject of (fierce) controversy in East Asia.

Sources: Wikipedia, TVTropes


Name: Alisa Sword

Age: 15

Biological age: 75

Family: WIP





Name: Lady Evangeline Grey
Age:16, 475 (Biologically), Born: 13 February 1538

  • Pandia - Mother
  • Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk - Father
  • Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk (née Lady Frances Brandon) - Stepmother
  • Lady Jane Grey (Ex-Queen of England, executed by Mary I) - Half-Sister
  • Lady Catherine Grey - Half Sister
  • Lady Mary Grey -Half Sister

Background on Historical Period:

So, In 1485, the House of Tudor began their reign in England, with Henry VII as King. He died in 1509 and was succeeded by his second son, Henry VIII. Henry VIII had six wives and three children (in order of age); Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. Males always took precedent before women in claiming the throne, so after Henry died in 1547, his only son became King Edward VI at only nine years of age. Edward continued his father's reforms to the Religion- making the country Protestant strictly; going against the religion of his eldest sister (and Heir Presumptive)'s wishes. In June 1553, he was sickly to the point where he knew he would die soon. In order to stop Mary becoming Queen and reversing all his changes, he named his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his Heiress, to be Queen Regnant of England in order to secure the Protestant Religion. Edward died on the 6th of July 1553, aged fifteen, and the next monarch on the throne was the 16 year old Queen Jane. Jane ruled for a mere nine days before Edward's sister, Mary, marched into London with troops, deposing Jane and taking her rightful place as Queen. In early 1554, Jane, her husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, and her father, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk were all executed for Treason against the Queen. Jane's mother and sisters were fully pardoned and maintained their positions in the Court. After Mary died in 1559, ruling for only six years, the last of the Tudors, Elizabeth, became Queen, as Mary (much like her mother, Catherine of Aragon) was unable to successfully conceive a child. The Tudor line ended when Elizabeth died in 1603, unmarried and childless, with no Tudor heir to continue the line.

Evangeline is very proud and vain. She hides her spiteful vanity under a charming and caring façade. Being brought up as the hated daughter in the family and being known as "the Grey Bastard" contorted Evangeline's outlook on life, making it cynical and cold. When she lost her position in Court after her father's actions and was forced to flee, it numbed her heart and now remains wary of and cold to all whom she meets.

Evangeline is blonde, like her half sister Catherine. They were both considered anomalies, as Mary, Jane, Frances and Henry all had brown hair. Evangeline also has strikingly silvery-grey eyes; very much unlike the rest of her family. She stands at 5'8", with a very slender body frame and long, shoulder length hair, the colour of sewn platinum.

Excerpts found from Evangeline's diary, showing some of the most important parts of her life....

Thursday, 13 February, 1547

Today is my ninth birthday. My father, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, gifted me this small diary in the morning. He said that I should write about my life in this book, so that one day when history looks back to the glorious days of the Tudor Court, they will use the Diary of Lady Evangeline Grey to recall the transpiring events! He sounded crazed on the breakfast table as he spoke- there was a piece of bacon caught on his beard; and I tried my best not to laugh. The diary is very beautiful, and I thanked him for it- it is made of leather,with the Tudor Rose, embroidered with gold silk in the bottom right corner. The pages are creamy and soft, I must be careful to not blotch the ink when writing in it! Father also told me that today, I will become a Lady-in-Waiting for the Queen Dowager, Catherine! He said, all proper and propped against his chair; "Evangeline Eleanor Grey, today you will go with your sister, Jane, to Court. You will become a Lady-in-Waiting for Queen Dowager Catherine". He was very serious. I only had the bravery to nod and say "Yes Papa." I looked from him to Mama, who never smiled- not at me anyway- and he laughed heartily again, a piece of egg falling from his mouth, and told me and Jane to go and get ready.

I suppose I should tell you about my family. My father is Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk. I don't know what Dukes do; but Mama and Jane say it is a very important job, and it is what makes us Noble. My mother, Duchess Frances Grey is a Royal herself! She is a granddaughter of the late king Henry VII, which makes her aunt to His majesty, King Edward VI. That leaves my sisters and I. There are four of us, in age order, it is Jane, Me, Catherine and Mary. Jane is one year older than I, she is ten, Catherine is seven and little Mary is only two years old. I always have felt different to the rest of them- with my lighter, softer hair that they are so jealous of, and my silver eyes. Papa always says that God blessed me with beauty, but I find myself rather plain. Jane is beautiful.

Jane lent me a dress, we are the same size, it's a beautiful purple dress, embroiedered with gold fleur de lys'. Jane got it from King Edward, back when he was a prince. I didn't want to wear it, I couldn't- but Jane insisted. My waist is slightly smaller than hers, so she tightened the bodice and I must say, I looked at least 14. The dress is still quite big, and I'm worried not to spill any ink on it.

We got to the court by noon, and Jane, Queen Dowager was sitting alone in her late husband, Henry VII's throne. King Henry died a few weeks ago; the court Physician told Father that he died from ulcers all over his legs. Not a very Kingly way to die, but oh well. His coronation will be in three days, and his son, Edward, will be crowned King on the 20th of February. I curtsied politely, and The Queen Dowager looked at me and smiled. She asked me if I said my prayers. "Yes, Your Majesty" I replied. She then asked me if I prayed for the Royal Family. I nodded and said "Yes, Your Majesty". Finally she said, "Do you wish to be a Lady-in-Waiting for me?" Jane looked at me and smiled. "If it pleases Your Majesty." I said. Queen Catherine smiled and then invited me to be one of her ladies-in-waiting! I was so glad!

Sunday, 16 February, 1547

Today was the funeral of King Henry. Queen Catherine did not wish to go; it is not comely of a woman to go to her husband's funeral. We sat with her, watching the procession from St. George's chapel. Poor Catherine cried very much, and we could only comfort her.

Before King Henry went on an expedition; he made Queen Catherine regent- to rule as Queen until King Edward came of age. Rumours are spreading that Parliament are going to revoke this. I know Queen Catherine shall not drop this without putting a fight. I fear that Queen Catherine shall not be given the position; for she is not Edward's birth mother...

Monday, 17 February, 1547

It is true. Parliament have withdrawn Queen Catherine's claim as Regent, under grounds that King Henry did not give any Position of Court in his final will and it is wrong to assume that she should become Regent; and all it stated was to "treat Catherine as though she is of Royal Blood". She will lose all her powers as Queen when Edward is crowned King on Thursday. No doubt, she is furious. We are to accompany her to her home at Chelsea Manor, and continue serving her.

On a sidenote, I noticed that people have been whispering things behind my back at the Court. They think that I do not notice it, but of course I do. I shall ask Jane what is going on.

Thursday, 20 February, 1547

Today was King Edward VI's coronation. What a wonderful procession! It is the first I have witnessed in my life, for King Henry VIII was already coronated when I was born. It took place in Westminster Abbey, and everyone was there! Queen Catherine and us stood near the front, in full view of the King, the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the Bishops, Priests and Clergy! Many other Nobles were also present, including one of King Henry's old wives, Lady Anne of Cleves. Many people say she looks ugly, but I find her pretty, in a plain sense. The Princesses, Mary and Elizabeth, Edward's half-sisters, were also present. Lady Mary is gaunt, with black hair that matches the dress she was wearing- black with gold embroidery and the Catholic Cross- like her mother, Lady Mary did not become a Protestant with the rest of the Country. Elizabeth, on the other hand has long, flowing ginger hair, much like her father. She wore white, laced with green, and looked beautiful


Name: Alice Isobel Liddell

Age: 16 (physically), 113 (biologically)
Family: Sylvia Liddell (Mother)
Hades (Father)
Christopher Liddell (Step-Father)
Edith Liddell (Sister)
Evie Adler (Aunt)
Event Description ('cos I want to >.<): The RMS Lusitania was a British Ocean Liner, holder of the Blue Riband and for a little while, the world's biggest ship. First launched in 1907, in 1915 she was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, causing the ship to sink and kill many. The RMS Lusitania is considered one of the reasons America joined WWI, as the original route of the sinking in 1915 was from New York, USA to Liverpool, England. Of the 1,959 people on board over 1,000 were killed, leaving 761 survivors, including Alice.

Tumblr mmm3jnJzT41rijmvyo1 500

Alice is one of those people who can't not stutter unless around people she truly loves. She's incredibly intelligent, but because she can't talk about things much, people assume she's simple. Due to the loss of her whole family, she suffers from depression, suicidal thoughts and survivors guilt. If someone mentions anything connected to the death of her family she'll either cry, run away or hit them. Alice, however, is a surprisingly good fighter, best with anything long range though.

Alice suffers from PTSD, and after the death of her family she has become more brave. She is incredibly loyal, and will usually, but not always, do what Anton tells her to do. Unlike most people, when there is nothing interesting going on, whilst most people will be vocal about it, she claims "Nothing ever happens" and retracts into a shell, showing signs of minor depression, if nothing has happened for a while. Nowadays, she is a lot more selfless. She has a tendency to bottle up anger, until it is released in outbursts. This normally only happens with triggers, such as someone claiming it's her fault her family died, or insulting her friend Anton, having almost hurt her sister Edith when Edith insulted him.

Tumblr m5glrvaiRz1qdndm8o1 500

Sylvia Adler and Evie Adler were born to a loving, caring family. The family were poor, however, but they loved their daughters all the same. The girls had little education, but were kind and caring. One day, when Sylvia was out on the streets of London, she practically crashed into a rich young man, two years older than her, causing them both to fall down. The young man’s friend attempted to hit Sylvia, but the man she had bumped into caught his hand and apologized, saying it was his fault he wasn’t even paying attention. He smiled at her, which made Sylvia blush deeply. Over the next few days, Sylvia would stay near that street, in hopes he would return to it. She had never believed in love at first sight, but this handsome man had taken her heart.

After a week, she gave up after never seeing him; however on her way back home, she bumped into him again. He apologized once again, and smiled at her. He asked for her name, giving his in return.

“Christopher Liddell. A beautiful name, Miss Adler. You seem a little skinny and pale, have you eaten today?” He asked in a deep and calm voice. She shook her head, making him frown a little. He offered to buy her a meal, and despite her protests - as she thought it was rude to yes right away – he took her to a lovely restaurant, which caused people to stare at her. Poor people who were barefoot and wore rags, according to them, ought not to be in such a clean and beautiful place. Christopher told her to ignore them, and ordered their food. Every three days after that, they arranged to meet on the street they had met, and go to that exact restaurant. After five months, Christopher finally told Sylvia he was in love with her, and ten months later they were married.

Sylvia had given a lot of money to her family, and Evie had decided to move to America in search for a better life and to make it on her own. One day, whilst Sylvia went to visit a friend, a tall man with dark black hair went to talk to her. She didn’t like him the second she saw him, but he knew he had to get her. Every few days he would try and find Sylvia, asking her out, but she would reject him. In the end he had enough, and grabbed her, pulling her into an ally. He told her he’d hurt her if she rejected him, but she slapped him hard.

“You repel me, you foul man. Let me go!” She screamed, but he pushed her against a wall. She tried to get away, but he had a tight grip on her wrist. An hour later, Sylvia had finally gotten back home, but she was in tears. She ran to Christopher, who hugged her tight and asked her what had happened. She explained that for a few days a tall man had followed her and that he had pulled her into an ally and raped her. Back then, women who were raped were blamed. However, Christopher simply comforted her, telling her it wasn’t her fault. Nine months later, Sylvia gave birth to two little girls, and it turned out the man who had raped Sylvia was the Greek god Hades.

For years, Christopher loved the two little girls, treating them as his own. They never told them about their real father. They were called Alice and Edith Liddell, and they were very different. Alice was terrified of everything. She was clingy, quiet, and whilst incredibly clever, people considered her simple because she would rarely speak. Edith, however, was completely different. Loud, excited, social, but not very smart. She had little problem talking to utter strangers, and sometimes had to force Alice out of the house.

The twin's first attack was two hellhounds. Alice screamed, whilst Edith jumped at one. They were eleven then. An odd looking thing with goat legs. It fought the hellhounds, then left. Attacks happened a few more times after that, and every time something with goat legs fought the monsters off. They never told anyone about the creature.

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When they were 15, the girls were to visit their aunt in America. They went by boat, and it was a fairly regular trip. They planned on going on the RMS Lusitania back again, as it was the boat they had gone on. However, there was a planned attack on the ship, and warnings were issued to people planning to board the boat. However, during the visit they decided to ignore the warning, thinking it to be a joke. After the visit, they boarded the RMS Lusitania, with strong protest by Alice, who hated boats. They were led to their cabin, and Edith was incredibly excited. She would run around the boat, despite it being considered ‘un-lady like’. Alice however, spent most of her time in the cabin, or hanging out with a friend she was, at this point in her life, yet to meet, named Anton Chekov. She also kept a diary whilst on the ship, and wrote about everything that happened to her on the ship.

The first day was pretty boring. She had decided to simply read a book in her cabin the whole day, and went to bed. Alice decided, on the second day on the ship, she'd have a proper look around. She'd seen the basics, dining room, you know, things like that. Rushing through, she bumped into someone. She yelped and fell backwards. A couple of people stared at her, but the person she bumped into helped her up. He told her his name was Anton. He had a Russian accent, apparently he lived in America since he was seven and never lost the accent. Her seldom seen smile appeared on her face. She'd made her first friend that wasn't part of the family. He offered to show her properly around the ship, he'd worked it all out. Alice nodded, and he grabbed her hand, running around the ship. She giggled, and they explored for three hours. Anton showed her a little space he had found. It was empty, and he had hidden a few items in it.

"Why do you keep them here?" Alice asked. He replied by telling her it's where he kept his most important items, and that if anything bad happened to the ship it'd be easy to get the items back, because they would almost likely be here. Plus it was a nice area. He had placed a letter from his mother, who had died due to Tuberculosis. There was also an expensive ring. "If you wike you can put a few thing in hewe". Alice nodded. "Wait here." She said, and she slipped out of the space. No one had noticed here, and she ran to her cabin. She grabbed a photo of her and her sister, and her diary, slipping them both into the space. She would return there every day to write a little in the diary. The two hung out a lot for the four days. Alice's sister started to get angry at her.

"You keep ditching me for that Russian idiot. I mean, he says he lived in America since he was seven and can't pronounce the letter L properly. Or V. It's always a W. I mean how can you be friends with an idiot like that, I thought you only like smart people". Alice glared at Edith. "Perhaps that's why I don't like you" she practically yelled.

"ALICE, EDITH. Stop. Alice, apologize to your sister for yelling". Alice screamed at her mother. "WHY SHOULD I? SHE CALLED ANTON STUPID". Everyone turned around, and Sylvia grabbed Edith's wrist, but before she could grab Alice's wrist, she got away. Alice checked the space she and Anton hung out with. He was sitting there, reading an old book. Alice crept into the space and tucked her knees to her chin.

"What's wong Awice?" He inquired. Alice refused to answer. "Okay, I suppose you want to be awone. Should I go?". Alice shook her head. "No Anton, it's fine. Edith got angry at me because I hang out with you more than her. And she made fun of you accent. And then I shouted at her and my mother. Everyone stared at us and I heard a few people calling our mother unfit. They were the posh ones saying that though". Anton sighed, and passed her the diary she was keeping, telling her to write how she felt down. She did so, and when she finished she noticed he was still reading.

"What's that?". She looked at the cover, and noticed it was Alice in Wonderland. "Oh, I like that one as well Anton". She smiled, and he nodded. "You have the same name as the girl who inspired the books I think. I can't wemember the name". Alice heard her mother shouting for her. "I'd better go Anton. Bye". She hugged him lightly, and ran to find her mother.

Now it was the seventh of May, 1915. The RMS Lusitania was near The Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. The ship had more lookouts now, they were taking the warning from the Germans seriously. The U-20 had spotted the ship, but no one on board the Lusitania knew. At roughly 1:40 PM, a torpedo was launched at the Lusitania, hitting the starboard (right) side of the ship. Almost immediately, another explosion rocked the ship, the cause still unknown to this day. Some say it was another torpedo, some say it was something on the ship. Chaos broke on the ship, and passengers and crew tried to get off. This had been a few years after the Titanic, and most ships had more lifeboats now. The RMS Lusitania had the right amount needed. But on one side of the ship, the boats swung out too far. Attempting to get onto one of those would be too dangerous. On the other side, getting into the lifeboats wasn't the problem. It was getting them to the water safely. Boats would be crushed by debris and other boats coming down. In a little over 18 minutes, more than 1000 people died.

But what happened to Alice in the 18 minutes of chaos?

Alice had apologized to Edith, and they were playing Hide and Seek two hours before the torpedo hit. Alice had spent those hours trying to find Edith, and it was minutes before the Torpedo hit. Edith had hidden in their cabin, and Alice was pretty far away from that room. She walked around the boat, some people in their cabins.

"Edith? Edith this isn't funny anymore. It's been two hours! Where are you?" She shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth to shout louder. Edith, to ensure she won, had locked herself into the cabin and put the key on a draw. Two minutes later, the Torpedo hit. Everyone started to panic and scream. Alice's parents came and found her. "Where's Edith?" They asked, and she shook her head, crying a little. "I-I don't know! We were playing Hide and Seek and she's not been around for two hours!" She clung to her father Christopher. In the panic and practically sea of people, they were swept towards the lifeboats. As Crew were trying to get as many people as possible in, Alice tried to get away.

"I'm not going anywhere without Edith and Anton!" She cried, but her parents had grabbed her arms. "It's too dangerous." Her mother said, but Christopher frowned. "I'll go get her. Now Alice there's something I need to tell you...I'm not your father. I thought you should know. I'm not Edith's real father either. It wasn't anyone's fault but you're not my child. Well, technically. I see you as my daughter and it's the same with Edith. I'm going to go get her but Anton's family will get him, we have to worry about ourselves."

He rushed off. In the Cabin, with the ship tipping and sinking the key had gotten lost. She was trying to find it, but no one knew she was stuck. Water was seeping into the cabin, drowning her. Christopher bashed the door down, causing the water to pour out of the Cabin, and he shook Edith. But she was already dead. Alice was crying, she knew Edith would be dead. She had that feeling where you're sure of something. And what about Anton? She couldn't spot him anywhere in the huge crowd.

Christopher tried running back to his family, but he had lost them. Whilst loading one lifeboat, he managed to get onto it. However, like a lot of the other lifeboats, it tipped over whilst being lowered, tipping the people inside into the sea bellow. No one survived that one, they either drowned or hit debris. Now Alice only had her mother. Whilst one lifeboat was being loaded, it turned out there was only space for either Sylvia, or Alice and a little boy about six. Sylvia helped get the little boy in, and kissed Alice's forehead. "There's a tiny, TINY chance that the boat won't get down with you alive Alice. Something bad may happen. But just hope you'll be alright. Keep thinking to yourself you'll be alright. I love you". Alice started kicking and crying, but Sylvia grabbed her whilst one man in the boat grabbed her legs. They got her in and the boat was lowered. Alice kept thinking 'Everything will be alright'. The boat got down safely.

"Awice?" A familiar voice whispered. She turned and saw Anton. She flung her arms around him, crying. Placing a hand on her head, he pulled her away to face her. "I didn't wealize that vas you. I would have got out for her to get in so you could be with your pawents. I saw what happened to your father, I was going to be put in that boat as well. But then it was full and me and my father came to this one. The boat your father was in tipped, he either drowned or got hit by debwis. Where's Edith?". Alice shook her head. "I-I don't know. My father went to try and find her. If you didn't see her with him that must mean she is still lost or di-" She stopped. Her mother was trapped. This was the last lifeboat. Her father had died. And her sister, if not already dead, was going to die. She had no one.

"A-Anton. If we get out of this alive can I come live with you?". Anton nodded. He put one arm around her, taking his coat and putting it on her as well. "I noticed that you forgot your coat and it is vewy cold. You can of course stay".

"Anton. I have one question. How did you never loose you're accent? You lived in America that must be what, nine years? You're a year older than me and went there when you were seven so it must have been about nine years". Anton sighed. "It's a national pwide thing I suppose. You move somewhere else but you don't feel like you belong there. I didn't like the Amewican accent and wanted to keep my accent to show pwide. I can of course sound Amewican but I just pwefer my actual one. Oh, by the way. I got our things." He had put them in a very small bag. Her diary, her photo, his letter and his ring. Looking at the photo, she tucked it into her diary, rubbing her eyes slightly.

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She didn't remember the next few hours. She had fallen asleep on Anton's shoulder. When she woke up she was on land and being carried by Anton. When he noticed she had woken up he let her down. "A couple of people fell into the water on ze way here. My father and you were two of zem, I went to get you but couldn't find him." The crowd of people that had survived was some what large, but most of the passengers and crew had died. "Awice, I have an idea. We can't do it just yet, in an hour or so. I'll tell you the idea zen." He took her hand and pulled her away from everyone. He was wearing his coat, and had put money in the pockets for when he arrived in Liverpool. He went to a shop, buying some water, a pair of boots and a tiny bit of food. He put them in his bag. He told Isobel to put on the boots on, they'd be better for her feet for their trip.

"Trip? What trip?" He didn't answer just yet, and helped her lace the boots up. He put her shoes in the bag, and slipped his ring on. "Awice, I need to tell you something. I'm what people call a demigod. A son of Nyx to be cowwect. I think you might be one as well. Well I don't think our world will be nice for a while. Your family has died and so has mine. Ze world is at var. I have an idea. I'm going to shadow travel us to Canada. Getting a boat is less safe. Zen the next day we go get a bus to ze USA and go to a hotel I know. I heard of it once. Ven we get to Canada, we go to a cheap inn or something. I'll be tired so you will need to 'elp me walk. This is all new to you and odd, but trust me. Ok?" She was attempting to take it all in, but nodded. Grabbing her hand, a few second later they were in Canada. Anton stood for about a second, then collapsed to the floor. Going all the way from Ireland to Canada, taking another person had made him nearly die from exhaustion. Alice helped him up. Luckily they were a five minute walk to the nearest Inn, and payed for a room. She helped him into bed, tucking him in and giving him the bottle of water.

He fell asleep almost instantly. She sat on a chair, and decided to write in her diary. The other entries were happy. Meeting Anton, playing with him and Edith, etc. She had to write about 18 minutes of chaos that ruined her life. The worst 18 minutes of her life. She had a quill but no ink. Looking through the room, she found a tiny bottle of ink. She started writing, but after the first few sentences, she started crying. Anton had been asleep for about two hours, she kept reading the entries she wrote. He woke up.

"Awice, put ze book down. Vant a hug?" She nodded, and ran towards him, sobbing. He stroked her hair gently. "You may want to get some sleep. It's been a 'orrible day." She went to the other bed they had gotten in their room. Anton fell asleep again, but she was kept awake. Two hours later she finally fell asleep. Ages later, she was woken up by Anton. "Get your boots on Awice, we're going now". She rubbed her eyes, and tied her boots up. He took her hand, and walked outside of the inn. "I'm not shadow traveling, it's not as far but it was tiring, and more so with you. We'll get a bus. I got enough money from the change to get a bus fair to the USA. I think when we're actually down there shadow traveling won't be as bad."

They got onto a bus, and Alice lent on Anton's shoulder, wearing his coat. She fell asleep for a while, but he woke her up when they arrived. He took her hand and went to an alleyway so no one saw them. "Ok, I'm going to shadow travel us to the 'otel". She nodded, and they arrived a few second later. "Ok, the reason we're 'ere is because the world is in such a bad state at the moment I think it vill be better in ze future. This 'otel is...magic, something like zat. We won't age in 'ere, and in ze future we vill leave. When I vas little my father told me about a place called Camp 'alf Blood. When 'e told be about zat, that's when I found out my 'mother' wasn't really my mother. But she was always like my mother. Until she died." Anton looked down, but shook his head to dismiss the thoughts. "Come on".

Roughly ninety years later, 8:20. Alice had just woken up from her nap, and noticed Anton packing. "What you doing?" She asked. "I've just wealised we've been 'ere for ninety years. We need to go to Camp." Alice shook her head, and got up, still wearing her dress from the day the ship sank. She grabbed her boots and started lacing them up. She waited a few minutes to reply, taking a brush and brushing her hair. It had a few tangles. Still brushing her hair, she opened her mouth to speak.

"We've only been here a little while Anton. Not nintey years. We're the same age." She said. Anton chuckled. "No Awice, we're both one hundred and something. But physically we're still 16, although you're 15. So I'm 16, you're 15. You're birthday is soon though isn't it?" She nodded. "Now you will pwobably wondewing how I know all zis. My mother Nyx came to me two days ago in my sweep, she towd be to go to camp. I decided not to just then, wait a couple of days. Well come on zen, let's go." He took her hand and ran out of the hotel, carrying the bag.

"I'll shadow travel us to Camp. Zat'll save a lot of time." He took her hands, and seconds later they were right outside Camp. Anton was still holding Alice's hand, but before they stepped in, two hell hounds attacked. Alice had no weapon to fight them off, but Anton had a necklace in his bag, also from his mother Nyx. He pressed his ring, which turned into a sword, and stabbed one of the hell hounds. He threw the necklace at Alice, which turned into a bow, with some arrows. She shot one right in the second hell hound's left eye, and another in its right eye. It fell over in pain, and Anton stabbed it's chest. He turned to her. "Pretty good for you're first time. It is your first time, da?" Alice lifted her eyebrow. "Huh? Oh, yeah. That's Russian for yes isn't it?" He nodded. "Yes, that was my first time ever touching a weapon." She said, looking at the floor. Anton took her hand and they ran into camp.


Crystal Welles

Family: Jackob Welles-Grandpop
Emerson Welles-Dad
Donovan Welles-Brother
Anastasia Granger-Adoptive Mom
Danny Granger-Adoptive Dad

Crystal is a sweet girl, she was involved in the bombing of Peral Harbor with 2 other demigods named Jack Starke, Son of Eris and Annie Robinson, Daughter of Ares

Ella Breanne was an amazing woman, who died in a shooting. Her dear husband was sad and alone. It was 1896 and he was ready to start a new life with his step son, Daniel and step daughter, Juliet. Daniel was a handsome, already grown man who owned a boat called the S.S. Welles. He met Leto in 1899. Leto had silky blonde hair and icy blue eyes, They were in love. They had a brief affair that conceived Jackob Welles

Im 1912, rumors of The Japanese Empire planning an attack on Peral Harbor spread. at this time Jackob lived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He met Mnemosyne and they were in love. They conceived Emerson Welles, a man that would grow up to be a lawyer, and father to the twin demigods, Donovan Joesph and Crystal Joyce Welles.

In 1928, Emerson met Athena. They fell in love, but Athena was a virgin goddess. A month later, Donovan and Crystal were born from Athena's head. She gave the kids to Emerson with a warning. When he put his children up for adoption, he gave the warning to the parents that adopted them They are Demigods he told their new parents.

They had a normal life, but they were often attacked. On the morning of December 7th, 1941, Donovan and Crystal were walking along the military base where Donovan was enlisted. Then, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese Empire. Donovan and Crystal got Athena's Blessing and they fought the attackers, not being injured. Athena gave them this blessing. Permanently

They were 19 forever of course, Crystal loved this and so did Donovan. One day they found their grandfather and father, but did know. But Emerson did. Emerson pointed the twins out. They looked just like Emerson so he knew.They talked and found out everything

In 2013, they found camp. They were found by a satyr after years of attacks that Donovan fought of with some of the bronze weapons he salvaged from Pearl Harbor. The satyr was friendly, and took the demigods to camp. They were claimed by Athena and then asked where they got the weapons Pearl Harbor was what Donovan said. Then they were swarmed by people asking how they lived since then Athena's Blessing Crystal said in conclusion

The attack on Pearl Harbor (called Hawaii Operation or Operation AI[9][10] by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters (Operation Z in planning)[11] and the Battle of Pearl Harbor[12]) was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941 (December 8 in Japan). From the standpoint of the defenders, the attack commenced at 7:48 a.m. Hawaiian Time.[13] The attack was intended as a preventive action in order to keep the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan was planning in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.

The base was attacked by 353[14] Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes in two waves, launched from six aircraft carriers.[14] All eight U.S. Navy battleships were damaged, with four being sunk. Two of these were later raised, and with the remaining four repaired, six battleships returned to service later in the war. The Japanese also sank or damaged three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship,[nb 4] and one minelayer. 188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed; 2,402 Americans were killed[16] and 1,282 wounded. Important base installations such as the power station, shipyard, maintenance, and fuel and torpedo storage facilities, as well as the submarine piers and headquarters building (also home of the intelligence section) were not attacked. Japanese losses were light: 29 aircraft and five midget submarines lost, and 65 servicemen killed or wounded. One Japanese sailor was captured.

The attack came as a profound shock to the American people and led directly to the American entry into World War II in both the Pacific and European theaters. The following day (December 8), the United States declared war on Japan. Domestic support for non-interventionism, which had been strong,[17] disappeared. Clandestine support of Britain (for example the Neutrality Patrol) was replaced by active alliance. Subsequent operations by the U.S. prompted Germany and Italy to declare war on the U.S. on December 11, which was reciprocated by the U.S. the same day.

There were numerous historical precedents for unannounced military action by Japan. However, the lack of any formal warning, particularly while negotiations were still apparently ongoing, led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy".


Name: Beatrice "Trixie" Landers
Age: 105, but, looks 15.
God Parent: Persephone
Mortal Parent: James Landers
Historical Event: World War I

Trixie is generally a sweet girl. She enjoys daydreaming and being by himself but, also likes the company of others. She generally doesn't act her age, and, still does very childish things, as she hasn't fully matured and still has the mindset of a 10 year old. She genuinely cares for others and trusts others way to easily. She is generally oblivious and forgetful.

Beatrice Landers was born in 1908 to James Landers and Persephone in Amiens, Northern France. Persephone and James Landers met one day while James was strolling through a valley full of flowers. The saw each other and felt an instant attraction. They went out on a few dates before doing the deed. After this act, however, James never saw Persephone again. 9 months later, as he was going to his job at the bakery, he saw a baby girl in a golden cradle on his doorstep. There was a note from Persephone, explaining that this was his baby. He accepted her into his home, and called her Beatrice, after his mother.

From the age of 2, she was fascinated with plants. James saw this and planted a garden, with the help of her. However, Trixie was much more plant-friendly, and soon, decided her father shouldn't help, but, just supervise. James invited others over to see the Green Thumb his daughter had, and how well their flowers grew. A lot of the neighborhood was impressed by her growing, and, asked if she could grow flowers for them, as well. She agreed, and, went over to their houses to tend their gardens, will the supervision of her father of course. After the flowers were grown, and showed that they were well-cared for and beautiful, they payed Trixie, even though she tried to refuse it.

At the age of 5, her father's bakery soon began to fail. Her father and her didn't know what to do, so, she gave the money she had earned from gardening to her father, in hopes of him getting back on his feet with it. He saw the kindness of his daughter, and, knew he couldn't just stay on the ground, not when this poor child depended on him. He took the money he got from Trixie, and, invested it all, hoping this gamble would help. However, they would soon know that it wouldn't matter if the gamble payed off or not, as the War started the next year.

So, when the first World War started when she was 6, and, her father was forced to become a soldier, it really tore into her spirit. Her father had been her motivation, her light, her best friend, not just someone who took care of her. So, when she moved in with her neighbors because she couldn't very well take care of herself, she became some what depressed. The plants began dying, as she had stopped looking after them, and, everyone in the neighborhood could feel the mood shifting.

The war took it's toll on the whole town, almost everyone was working to move the supplies in and out. Trixie helped as much as she could but, mainly stayed home, as she was only a child, younger than double digits most of the war. She kept getting her hopes up that her father would return but, he never did. She, however, tried to keep her spirit up and all others. She would not let this stupid war defeat her. So, she vowed then and there, to always be happy, nothing could bring her down. Absolutely nothing.

On the last year of the way, 1918, she was almost to her breaking point. Her father hadn't returned and, the war had been going on for 4 years. People began to think that this war would never end. However, on March 21st of that year, would prove to be very decisive for both the War, and Beatrice's life. She was asleep in her bed at early in the morning, when, the family she was staying with jerked her away. It was no earlier than 4:40 and, she asked what was going on. She got her answer looking out the window. The Germans were attacking, and, the troops were coming into town. She quickly grabbed a jacket and began to run with the family she was staying with.

As they fled the town, with the troops coming in, Beatrice, only 10 at the time, got lost. Soon, the shooting between the sides began. Beatrice was behind the Allies and, trying to run, although already tired and out of breath. She managed to get to the edge of town, when, a single shot managed to hit her. It hit her in her shoulder, and, she managed to scurry away after that.

She ended up in a field of flowers, the very same field that her parents had met in. She laid down in the field, the noise of the guns firing in the air, and prepared to die. Her mother saw this, and, knowing her daughter could have a better life, would have a better life, she decided upon saving her. She, after Trixie fell unconscious due to blood loss, encased her in a large lilac, that was closed so nobody could see, or reach her. Her mother made it so that once the flower was open, she would awaken, and, basically come alive once again.

That was how she stayed for the next 100 years. Inside the flower. Occasionally a mortal or two would come by but, they couldn't see the flower through the Mist. Inside the flower, Trixie took the flower's energy it got from the sun and the water, and, managed to heal, the bullet hole becoming nothing more than a scar. Afterwards, the energy she gained went towards her growth. She slowly aged, and by slowly, I mean really slowly, as it took quite a lot of energy to age her. The flower's smell also hid her Demigod scent so, no monsters attacked her.

However, one day in 2013, a Demigod fell upon the flower. Upon investigation, he knew it was magical, and, began to try and open it. After a few failures, he managed to pry off the petals. He was shocked that he found Trixie in there. Trixie had aged 6 years by the time she was awoken. She sat up, and, asked about what happened. Slowly, the two uncovered the story of what happened. The two managed to make their way to Camp, first by foot to the docks, and, then, by boat to New York, where they continued on foot, being attacked by Hellhounds all the while, until they finally reached Camp.


Name:Acaeus of Sparta
Age:18 Family: Alcaeus-Dad

Acaeus was born, as customary to Spartan tradition, to fight in the army from the young age of a boy. He is a battle-hardened soldier, always calm and calculating, neither underestimating or overestimating a situation or person. He, however, can be flirtatious and is rather easygoing. He has a sense of humour and a generally high set of morales.



Juliet Shakespeare
Daughter of Mnemosyne
The Fibbing Actress

Did it surprise you that I am not who you thought I was? Did it surprise you to find that I don’t exactly stand for what you thought I stood for all along? Did it surprise you to find that I’m not exactly how I played myself out to be? That the person you thought I was is actually nothing to what I am.

Name: Juliet Shakespeare
Age: 20 (Physically) Around 500 (Biologically)
Mortal Parent: William Shakespeare
God Parent: Mnemosyne
Personality: Aislynn is very secretive and mysterious, preferring not to direct much attention to herself, however she likes attention when she gets it (possibly why she wore a mask during her performances). She enjoys acting, not only in plays but in real life too, making fake friends and lying to get what she wants. She's dramatic, over-emotional but polite. She speaks in a very articulate manner. She's a flawless liar and hardly anyone can see through her lies, except maybe perhaps a child of Themis.

People who have only good experiences aren’t very interesting. They may be content, and happy after a fashion, but they aren’t very deep. It may seem a misfortune now, and it makes things difficult, but well—it’s easy to feel all the happy, simple stuff. Not that happiness is necessarily simple. But I don’t think you’re going to have a life like that, and I think you’ll be the better for it. The difficult thing is to not be overwhelmed by the bad patches. You must not let them defeat you. You must see them as a gift—a cruel gift, but a gift nonetheless.

The Diaries of an English Actress
Biography of Juliet Shakespeare....

My first words, I hardly remember them as I was only tiny and quite frankly I still have no idea what I was doing at the time but my first word was "Infinite". This word would have been difficult for most children to say but not for me. Somehow speaking came naturally to me, acting also. It didn't help that I was a child of Mnemosyne and William Shakespeare, I grew up around plays and language arts, I was intrigued by literature as the usual child is intrigued by toys, when I was little words were my toys. My parents met as my mother was watching one of my father's plays one night, very beautiful lady I'm told, beautiful blonde hair and shocking blue eyes, shame I didn't inherit her looks now isn't it. They got together for about a year but she left him as soon as I was about to turn 2 months old, the only thing I remember was him screaming for her not to go, I don't remember her whatsoever though. Now I'll start where my story actually begins...

I'm on stage, in front of thousands of people, I'm nervous but the words flow out like a sweet tune, my actions are flawless as I grace the stage with my beauty. I was about 13 then, everything before that was just be learning the basics of math from my tutor. Acting calmed me, it made me feel...needed, whilst everything else I did I was either bad at or I wasn't able to do it to the standard most other girls of my age could, like cook or clean or manage a household. I loved acting. I had a monster attack when I was 15, it scared me, but the hellhound decided I wasn't worth the kill after chasing me about a mile down the lane, let's just say it wasn't fun. Walking home that day I was shaking and my face was as pale as a ghost. When I got home my father wasn't there so I started to panic, then I realized he was probably at the theatre watching one of his plays. I sighed and collapsed onto my bed, wanting to sleep away everything that had happened.

The next day I met a boy, his name was Romeo. However I soon learned that this wasn't just coincidence. 12th May 1604, my father was getting old and when I asked him could I marry Romeo, he said no, not because he wasn't a nice man, it was because out families never really got along. I decided to run away, to Romeo but I got killed by a Harpie while doing so....serves me right I guess...

Romeo requested to be at my burial but my father refused him, he was getting old, my poor father, may have been losing it, but when he was refused entry he killed himself, just outside the gate. My poor Romeo...

I didn't know until now that he was a child of Hermes, he never told me anything about it to be fair....

Around 500 years after we had died Romeo was feeling quite mischievous and decided to sneak up to Olympus to steal something, I had no idea what so I just shrugged and let him go on with it, what I didn't know was that he was going to streal Mnemosyne, my mother's, notebook, the book that allows her to write things into existence, but it wasn't only her that could. Romeo brought me back to life with the book and I snuck out of the Underworld, trying not to laugh about it. But if you do something wrong you must get punished, and as of this Romeo was put into Tartarus for all eternity, but my mother allowed me to live, probably only because I'm her daughter but. I then decided to make my way to camp, happy to finally have the experience of an actual demigod rather than just one which was a superior actress. Oh, I forgot to say, I lied about being in love with Romeo, I really just wanted someone to revive me when I died.

The Flawless Beauty of an English Actress

Large (2)

Aislynn has dark brown hair which seems to be recently ombred at the ends, her skin is pale from hours of staying inside that blasted box/jar. Out of all her features her lips are most noticeable of all as they are usually coated in a layer of bright red lipstick. Her clothing style is quite vintage and old, but she somehow makes this combination work with her tall, slender young body. She stands at approximately 5'8 and weighs about 121lb.


Pierre d'Arc-Mauri
Son of Prometheus
Me-clay-nical Paladin

Name: Pierre d'Arc-Mauri
Age: 24 (Physically), 606 (Biologically)


Personality: Pierre is calm, tactical, and focused, solemnly believing in his abilities and that his victory will come as a result of the valor of his friends. He pays no heed to the taunts and attempted manipulations of the villains he battles, and though he grows concerned that they know something vital that he does not, he continues to struggles onward as long as he has the power to do it.

It seems almost no one is unable to sway his resolve, despite them expressing their doubts over the growing risk of the battle. He will always keep fighting, even if it's a fight to the death. As a leader, he is a stern but compassionate, temporarily straying from his path to rescue his comrades and challenging them to ensure that they are strong enough to be safe traveling alone.

However, behind the strong sense of leadership and bravery lies fear. He fears self-powerlessness, for he couldn't do anything to fight; he fears that if too many people believe in him and fails them to their expectations, he will lose the will to continue on; lastly, he fears that through his stalwart personality, he becomes too distant from his friends which eventually leads to his relationships with them being estranged.

Weapons / Possessions:

The Paladin, The Saint, and the Siege:
Part One: Beginnings
Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.

–Bernard Law Montgomery

It was unbeknownst to the whole world and history itself that even before the Maiden of the Orléans, Joan of Arc was born, Isabelle Romée, a native of Vouthon-Bas, already had a child with another man. The man, who was none other than the fore-thinking Greek god Prometheus, disguised himself as a peasant but good-looking sculptor to capture the heart of the French farmer. Already a married woman (to Jacques d'Arc), she refused the love given by the former, but he insisted to reciprocate his love for her. Being also a pious Christian woman, she insisted that it was not right to covet another's wife, for it was a great sin. Prometheus didn't back down. He began to sexually desire for her, and secretly abducted her one night without Jacques' knowledge. She was raped in her sleep that night, and he brought her back to their small house near the large farm they are tending to like nothing ever happened.

In the next few days, they discovered Isabelle's pregnancy. They thought it was their child biologically; the fact that Hephaestus being the real father, not Jacques, was never known up to this day. After nine months of conceiving the child in her womb, Isabelle gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They named him Pierre, meaning 'rock', which pertains to the rock where Jesus Christ instructed Saint Peter to build His Church, for the married couple were baptized Christians. But, a single event marked the end of Pierre's ties with his parents.

A rich French family, the Mauris, were very frustrated with the d'Arcs. See, the former were the ones who formerly owned the farm the latter were tending to at the time. They gave the farm to the poor family after the request of one of their mediators, on the condition that they should give more than half of what they harvest. Technically, that was unfair from a concern man's point of view, as the d'Arcs were already poor to begin with. They still have to divide their part of the harvest into the ones they sell and the very few ones left that they take on their own. Because of this, Jacques, who used more of the harvest to provide for Isabelle and Pierre, failed to meet up with the Mauris' conditions for five times in a row. The farm was rather large, and with Isabelle not able to help Jacques because of Pierre and that he can't find a suitable replacement for her in the time being, it was seemingly legit to have such reason. The rich family, which mainly consisted of the childless couple Denis and Doriane Mauri, already gave Jacques several warnings after his failures, and if he fails another time, they will take the farm back from them.

Several weeks later, Jacques wasn't able to comply with them again, and when they found out, they sent one of their landlords to confront the d'Arcs. However, the landlord was physically forceful. He threatened to hurt Isabelle and Pierre when they don't agree, and on impulse, Jacques unsheathed his farmer's sickle and nearly cut off the landlord's right ear. This only made things worse. The landlord, with a bleeding ear on his right, stormed off in a fit. Jacques and Isabelle thought it was over for now, but they didn't think it would happen three days later.

Enraged on what Jacques did to their landlord, the Mauris called for their personal assassin, who was actually an all-around thief, kidnapper etc. They ordered him to kidnap the infant Pierre. The sight of such a poor family having a child, while them, a rich family with everything they want and needed, didn't have one, sickened them. If defending their farm would go far as nearly cutting off the ear of their landlord, what if they take away their child, which was seemingly more painful than almost losing an ear? Well, it was a yes. The assassin went to the house of the d'Arcs, sneaked in without too much sound to wake the sleeping family, and whisked Pierre away. None was then known of the couple, until they conceived Joan of Arc five years later, which was 1412.

The assassin gave the infant to the now-happy couple, who could now have a child of their own, despite it being a child of two peasants. They decided to keep his name intact, Pierre d'Arc, while pushing their surname with it, making his name Pierre d'Arc-Mauri. It wouldn't hurt retaining his name because they would leave their home and move into a new one, and that Pierre wouldn't even know of his real heritage. They disagreed on retaining his name firsthand, but as said: it wouldn't hurt. Two days later, even before the d'Arcs can reach them, the Mauris fled for Chinon, where the future King of France, Charles VII, took residence.

Pierre, under the supervision of his parents, were raised with the idea of serving the French army during the Hundred Years' War; but, he wasn't only raised with the idea, he was also raised doing the idea. Denis and Doriane had high hopes for their son, in accordance for what a fortune-teller told them years ago. It was said that he will fight a holy battle, a battle destined to change the fate of France. With that prediction, they became determined to raise Pierre as best as they can, and they were happy to see the results, for Pierre was very obedient and loyal to them. He never swayed their orders, just as what he would do if he were still in the possession of Jacques and Isabelle. During these times, he had been also seeing visions (which is due to his demigod abilities as son of Prometheus): a young woman clad in armor with a face similar to him raising her sword into the heavens, and the same young woman holding a cross as flames erupted under her. He also saw vague sights of horrible-looking hound-like creatures, and creatures with the upper half of the body a woman and the lower half of another animal (hellhounds and empousa, respectively).

For years, vague prophecies had been circulating in France concerning an armored maiden who would rescue France. Many of these prophecies foretold that the armored maiden would come from the borders of Lorraine. These vague prophecies were somehow connected to Pierre's visions, in which he brought attention to his parents. They, however, dismissed this as a coincidence; if it was true, they would also dismiss it, as they don't want risking their child from questioning even before he enters the French army. In conclusion, Pierre's visions were kept secret between the three of them, and were never told to anyone else.

Around the time he was 14, a hellhound barged into his room, severely hungry. It looks exactly the same thing he saw in his visions, but no weapon laid itself in his bedroom, he couldn't actually fight it with his bare hands. He tried running away to get help, but the hellhound was too fast. Piercing screams echoed throughout from his room, as the hellhound pinned him down to the ground and began to bite off his left arm. It was excruciatingly painful, as his muscles and tendons were ripped out. He could have passed out, but his body couldn't. He tried to break free, but tried in vain. The armored guards of the Mauris eventually arrived, and managed to fend off the hellhound by throwing a dead rat they found scurrying in his room to it (as their mortal swords can't kill it). They were too late. They found Pierre lying on the bloody floor, still breathing. But, that wasn't the point. The point is that when the guards arrived, his left arm was, well, halfway ripped out. It wasn't a good sight to see, of course. And when Denis and Doriane found out about this, they were struck with horror.

They brought him to an infirmary, but his arm was too late to be even mended by Medieval medical means. It has all come down to amputation to prevent infection. The doctor, who was actually a child of Apollo, attended in the amputation procedure. Amputation wasn't officially introduced in Medieval times, but considering he was a child of the god of healing, it was made possible, though never recorded in history. After a few hours, the operation was successful and he was sent home, only to be disgraced by his parents.

They were blindly disappointed in him for doing no action during the time of the attack, in hopes of saving his arm. With the loss of his arm, they thought that he wouldn't be able to work properly in the army, and that he was useless, despite him still having three limbs. They felt so bad that they decided to send him away in exile, away from his home, just for losing an arm from an unfortunate attack. So petty. No pity. Lose an arm, and you're exiled? That's the nature of two rich people who have done everything for their son and in exchange, he loses an arm for he was powerless. It's nothing but absurdly irritating.

As Pierre didn't know anything but living back at his home, he didn't know how to handle it. He slowly led the life of a beggar on his own city, and when he sees his parents, he feels nothing but reciprocal disappointment for what they did to him. Whenever he sees his parents, he tries to catch up, but he either doesn't reach them in time or gets held off by-passers or their personal guards. This event repeated itself for many times, and when one of the creatures he saw in his previous visions appear, he would run and hide as soon as he notices them, traumatized by the incident.

Eventually, his fate changed when the Dauphin of France, Charles VII, happened to pass by a street on horseback, greeting the people of Chinon. Suddenly, an armed man emerges from the crowd and attempts to attack Charles. Pierre, who was near the presumably assassin, lunges for him and disarms him of his poisoned dagger. Upon laying his eyes on Pierre for his little heroic deed for him, he orders one of his guards to bring Pierre to the court to reward him. There, in gratitude for saving him, he was appointed as one of his servants, not minding his lost arm. For 5 years, he served the Dauphin only as a lowly servant, but the idea of joining the army as what his parents dreamed for him occurred to his mind. He then decides to join the French army, and becomes Charles VII's loyal personal bodyguard. He would bring him whenever he went, and Pierre would comply to his requests. He thought that if his parents can see him, they must have been struck deep into their hearts. It seems that exiling him from his own home was the way to bring him to his condition right now.

The Paladin, The Saint, and the Siege:
Part Two: Joan of Arc and the Fateful Battle
One should not lightly alter any policy because of conversation with a girl, a peasant ... so susceptible to illusions; one should not make oneself ridiculous in the sight of foreign nations.

At 1429, by the time he was 22 years old, news came of a young woman, disguised a man, coming to Chinon to ask a private conference with Charles VII. Many began to speculate that this was the maiden in the prophecies, destined to rescue France. When the young woman came to the court of Charles, she introduced herself as Jeanne d'Arc / Joan of Arc. Pierre, who was present during her introduction, was struck not only by her name, but also by her face. They both have some of the same facial features, and he was greatly drawn to her. He had this vague feeling that Joan was his relative (apparently she is his half-sister to Isabelle). During this time Charles's mother-in-law Yolande of Aragon was financing a relief expedition to Orléans. Joan asked for permission to travel with the army and wear the equipment of a knight. She depended on donated items for her armor, horse, sword, banner, and other items utilized by her entourage.

They were doubtful of Joan's explanation of divine voices telling her to take up arms and fight for France, so the Dauphin ordered background inquiries and a theological examination at Poitiers to verify her morality. The test for the truth of her claims would be the raising of the Siege of Orléans. Pierre allowed himself to join Joan's army as one of the lesser captains, and headed off to Orléans.

Joan and her army arrived at the siege of Orléans on 29 April 1429, but Jean d'Orléans, the acting head of the Orléans ducal family, initially excluded her from war councils and failed to inform her when the army engaged the enemy. However, his exclusions did not prevent her presence at most councils and battles. Pierre, on the other hand, followed her wherever she went, fighting the English with his sword with only his right hand. Over the next couple of days, to boost morale, Joan paraded periodically around the streets of Orléans, distributing food to the people and salaries to the garrison. Joan of Arc also sent out messengers to the English bastions demanding their departure, which the English commanders greeted with jeers. Some even threatened to kill the messengers as "emissaries of a witch".

At May 7, 1429, she was asked to sit out the final assault on the Boulevart-Tourelles for being wounded on the foot, but she refused and roused to join the French camp on the south bank, much to the joy of the people of Orléans. The citizens raised more levies on her behalf and set about repairing the bridge with beams to enable a two-sided attack on the complex. Artillery was positioned on the island of Saint-Antoine. As evening was approaching, John of Dunois had decided to leave the final assault for the next day. Informed of the decision, Joan called for her horse and rode off for a period of quiet prayer, then returned to the camp, grabbed a ladder and launched the frontal assault on the Boulevart herself, reportedly calling out to her troops "Tout est vostre - et y entrez!" ("All is yours, - go in!"). The French soldiery rushed in after her, swarming up the ladders into the Boulevart. English armies clashed with the French, sending blades and crossbow bolts flying at all directions. Pierre decided to stay with the other French soldiers to get rid of the English, but even with the morale brought by Joan of Arc, the number of adversaries was overwhelming.

Pierre, only armed with one arm with a sword, was eventually cornered by English soldiers, ready to give him the death stroke at any time. When suddenly, his powers awakened; he abruptly dropped his sword because his hand was literally sparking with fire. In an attempt to remove it, he launches the small ignition of fire at the soldiers, distracting them. Sparks of the fire flew into the cannons nearby, prematurely launching the cannonballs, which also creates a thundering sound and a cloud of smoke. However, another spark flew into a malfunctioning cannon a few inches from Pierre. It causes a large explosion, sending Pierre flying over from the Boulevart.

As he fell outside of the walls, several stray crossbow bolts pierced through his limbs, which were already severely burned and damaged by the explosion. He landed right on the River Loire, staining the water with his blood, ash and splinters from the cannon wreckage. He floated just near the banks of the river, so it wasn't that deep, but considering he was unconscious, he could have drowned if he completely sank. However, Joan of Arc, who was also injured with a crossbow bolt in the shoulder, emerged from the Boulevart. She noticed Pierre's floating body in the riverbank and, despite of her injury, went to save one of her soldiers. She brought Pierre back to the heart of Orléans and entrusted him to the other soldiers who tended to their wounded comrades. After that, she went back to the battle at the Boulevart. That was the only contact between the two half-siblings, and never did another chance passed by.

The Paladin, The Saint, and the Siege:
Part Three: Six Hundred and Six Years Later
Prometheus sided with the gods in the first war, because he knew that the Titans would lose. As a result, he was not imprisoned. He was entrusted with the task of molding mankind out of clay.

While he was unconscious, he had a dream. He was in an empty void, still in his armor and wounded body; but he wasn't alone. In front of him stood a towering brown-skinned man in the prime of his life. He had a scar running across his face, and his skin smelled like pottery or cooked clay. He was wearing a clay-stained white Greek chiton, cut just above the knees. It was none other than Prometheus himself, his real father. He revealed that he was actually dead after succumbing to his severe injuries during the battle at the Boulevart. He then showed him three projections, which were formed from his power of forethought. The first projection showed a battlefield with French bodies littering the ground, which will then become the Battle of Agincourt; the second projection showed Joan of Arc being captured by the Burgundians; the third and last projection showed her again being burned at the stake while holding a cross. These three were already predicted by Prometheus, and he reasoned that one of his very few children dying at the hands of the Burgundians is not a sight he wanted to see. He let him die to his injuries, and gave him the second chance to live a life not always about war and battles; but also a life of bliss and joy in the presence of others. With that, Prometheus cut off his dream with him, and Pierre was flung off to the Fields of Elysium for his valiant deeds during his life.

His dead body, which completely died a few minutes after Joan of Arc brought him to his comrades, were buried back at Chinon. Prometheus decided to bring back his son and reunite him with his other half-siblings as compensation for Joan's martyrdom in 1431 at Rouen. He was very nostalgic at creating mankind the ancient way, and the thought of mankind reproducing without his help anymore was irritating.

Thus, he "recreated" Pierre out of clay and formed him to look the way he was 606 years ago. However, he was recreated as a small hardened clay statue, which was passed down from generation to generation of families who inherited him. Eventually, at the modern year of 2013, his statue was brought to Camp Half-Blood by Greg Austere, also a child of Prometheus, who found him lying on the ground near the entrance. When he brought him to the cabin, his statue began to shake and began to grow larger until he assumed a full human's body. He was finally reformed back to his former self, clothed in the modern way. His lost arm, by the way, was also restored during this.

He was still technically a clay man, but as normal as any demigod children of Prometheus. The only catch was that when he was wounded, his wounds became covered with hardened clay, then became human skin. Also, another catch was that when one of his limbs got cut off, it regenerated first as clay, then became human skin, muscle and bone. With that, the once French soldier, half-brother of Saint Joan of Arc and personal bodyguard of King Charles VII, was brought to Camp Half-Blood, and was officially claimed by his father, Prometheus.

He is now here to start things anew, bring more out of his second life, and continue the legacy that he had created... Six hundred and six years ago. In this battle for a new life, he must take up arms and survive, as this world was now a place of conflict and discord. He must face challenges that may prove worse than his battles in the past, but Prometheus as plans for him in the future; plans that may deem a blessing on him. These plans, however, are still being born, and with Pierre's every step, choice, and action, it becomes more realized.

The Siege of Orléans

About: The Siege of Orléans (1428–1429) marked a turning point in the Hundred Years' War between France and England. This was Joan of Arc's first major military victory and the first major French success to follow the crushing defeat at Agincourt in 1415. The outset of this siege marked the pinnacle of English power during the later stages of the war. The city held strategic and symbolic significance to both sides of the conflict. The consensus among contemporaries was that the English regent, John Plantagenet, would succeed in realizing Henry V's dream of conquering all of France if Orléans fell. For half a year the English appeared to be winning, but the siege collapsed nine days after Joan's arrival.

The siege of Orléans occurred during the Hundred Years' War, contested between the ruling houses of France and England for supremacy over France. The conflict had begun in 1337 when England's Edward III decided to press his claim to the French throne, a claim based in part on ancient inheritance from William the Conqueror and augmented by inheritance from strategic marriages.

Following a decisive victory at Agincourt in 1415, the English gained the upper hand in the conflict, occupying much of northern France. Under the Treaty of Troyes of 1420, England's Henry V became regent of France. By this treaty, Henry married Catherine, the daughter of the current French king, Charles VI, and would then succeed to the French throne upon Charles's death. The dauphin Charles, the son of Charles VI and presumptive heir prior to the treaty, was then disinherited.

With Boulevart-Tourelles taken, the English had lost the south bank of the Loire. There was little point of continuing the siege, as Orléans could now be easily re-supplied indefinitely.

On the morning of May 8, the English troops on the north bank, under the command of William de la Pole (Earl of Suffolk) and Lord John Talbot, demolished their outworks and assembled in battle array in the field near St. Laurent. The French army under Dunois lined up before them. They stood facing each other immobile for about an hour, before the English withdrew from the field and marched off to join other English units in Meung, Beaugency and Jargeau. Some of the French commanders urged an attack to destroy the English army then and there. Joan of Arc reportedly forbade it, on account of it being Sunday.

The English did not consider themselves beaten. Although they had suffered a setback and tremendous losses at Orléans itself, the surrounding perimeter of the Orleanais region - Beaugency, Meung, Janville, Jargeau - was still in their hands. Indeed, it was possible for the English to reorganize and resume the siege of Orléans itself soon after, this time perhaps with more success, as the bridge was now repaired, and thus more susceptible to being taken by assault. Suffolk's priority that day (May 8) was to salvage what remained of English arms.

The French commanders realized as much, Joan less so. Leaving Orléans, she met the Dauphin Charles outside of Tours on May 13, to report her victory. She immediately called for a march northeast into Champagne, towards Rheims, but the French commanders knew they had to first clear the English out of their dangerous positions on the Loire.

The Loire Campaign began a couple of weeks later, after a period of rest and reinforcement. Volunteers of men and supplies swelled the French army, eager to serve under Joan of Arc's banner. Even the ostracized constable Arthur de Richemont was eventually permitted to join the campaign. After a series of brief sieges and battles at Jargeau (June 12), Meung (June 15) and Beaugency (June 17), the Loire was back in French hands. An English reinforcement army rushing from Paris under John Talbot was defeated at the Battle of Patay shortly after (June 18), the first significant field victory for French arms in years. The English commanders, the Earl of Suffolk and Lord Talbot, were taken prisoner in this campaign. Only thereafter did the French feel safe enough to accede to Joan's request for a march on Rheims.

After some preparation, the march on Rheims began from Gien on June 29, the Dauphin Charles following Joan and the French army through the dangerous Burgundian-occupied territory of Champagne. Although Auxerre (July 1) closed its gates and refused them entry, Saint-Florentin (July 3) yielded, as did, after some resistance, Troyes (July 11) and Châlons-sur-Marne (July 15). They reached Rheims the next day and the Dauphin Charles, with Joan at his side, was finally consecrated as King Charles VII of France on July 17, 1429.












Name: Alphonse Bonhomme
Age:19 (physically), 162 (biologically)
Family:Father: Abel Bonhomme
Mother: Athena




Name:Dmitriy Vitsin
Age:20 (physically), 90 (biologically) Born 1923
Family:Pandia (Mother), WIP





Rebekah Belle
Daughter of Nyx
Child of the Ripper
The Semi-Psycho Nightfall

Name: Rebekah Belle
Age: 18 (Physically), 125 (Biologically)

  • Father: Jack the Ripper (Unknown Name)
  • Mother: Nyx
  • Step Mother: Leona Belle
  • Step Brother: Christopher Belle


Rebekah Belle is a dark an mysterious girl. She can be very sweet and kind talking in a group of friends. But one on one she is hesitant to speak. She likes to be alone most of the time, which could be a trait she inherited from her father. She doesn't like to speak about how her father had killed so many people, and tends to get defensive when someone says she is acting odd or resistant to speak.


The Whitechapel Murders
had shocked the citizens of London
and it has yet to come
to a final conclusion...

Late one dark night in Whitechapel, London 1884. A young soon to be "Jack the Ripper" was observing the dark gloomy nights sky that surrounded him when he stumbled due to a fallen branch. Do to this unfortunate stumble, he cracked his scull open. He stumbled into a nearby villa of an old couple, who swiftly called 911. An ambulance came and recovered the unconscious man. After a day of foggy and hazy memories, the man soon woke up to the Greek goddess Nyx tending to him as a nurse.

Jack the Ripper, still having a hazy memory of what went wrong the past day, asked Nyx. Who spoke in a soft, but strict tone of voice, she explained that his skull had been cracked open, and if he didn't stumble into a villa, he probably would have been bleeding out on the streets of Whitechapel. The two began to talk, and "Jack" felt an instant attraction to Nyx. Although she did not feel the same way towards him.

Weeks had passed and the man was still infatuated with Nyx, to such a great extent that he began to cut himself with a knife blade, or find an alternate way of injuring himself so much he would need medical help. Some may say this is what drove him to soon become a serial killer, but Nyx and his soon to be daughter Rebekah have an alternate theory as to why he became a serial killer. It was the final time the man went to the hospital and he finally worked up the nerve to ask Nyx out on a date to town. With a large festival going on at the time, Nyx agreed. The two enjoyed each other's company, they enjoyed it so much they began to get intimate in the back of a carriage.

It was around five months later that Jack the Ripper had gotten over Nyx leaving, and was now married to a young lady named Leona Belle. When they arrived home in Whitechapel from their honeymoon, the two were happy together, a love that would soon fade. Four months had passed and the couple was still happy. Until "Jack" went in to town and ran into Nyx sitting by the park bench with a baby stroller. Nyx jumped to her feet and rushed over to him, quickly handing him the stroller, she explained the child was his, and ran into the shadows of a nearby forest.

When "Jack" had returned to his wife, she was in awe that he had a child. But within a few days got used to the idea of her being a mother. Four years had passed and it was time that Jack the Ripper emerged from the shadows and killed his first victim. With four year old Rebekah and her step-mother being none the wiser that the only man in their life was a killer. The night he killed his first victim, he came home and Leona and him had sexual intercourse. Soon after Jack the Ripper killed his next four victims, and possibly even more deaths that had been recorded but not listed under his name.

When Leona had found a bloody knife in "Jack's" washing, she immediately thought back to the murders and knew right away it was her husband. While he was at work Leona pulled Rebekah out of school and they quickly packed their bags to leave. But during packing Leona's water broke and she gave birth in the bathroom tub. With five year old Rebekah still packing she heard the door open from downstairs. With Leona's instructions she took the newborn baby into the wine cellar and locked the door. Meanwhile upstairs Leona was murdered after her husband discovered the knife that was no longer hidden like he had left it.

In the wine cellar, Rebekah carried the baby through an air shaft that lead to the roof. While an angered Jack the Ripper was frantically looking for his daughter and newborn son. Rebekah screaming at the top of her lungs, enquired the help of a passing by fireman and his truck. "Jack" soon arrived to the roof, but Rebekah and the newborn were long gone. He vowed to keep searching, and eventually kill Rebekah so she would not let out his secret.

Yet years had passed and she and her brother Christopher were now living in a foster home. The secret had spilled and Jack the Ripper was constantly on the run. After Rebekah's eighth birthday on October 30th, she was going trick or treating when she ran into a man who she immediately recognized and her father. Her and Christopher swiftly maneuvered the streets, until Christopher fell and Jack the Ripper caught up to them, with three year old Christopher not being able to get up in time, "Jack" picked him up before Rebekah could save him. She swiftly carried on to maneuver the streets so she herself would not get caught and killed like her brother Christopher had been later that night.


Meh this quote is a WIP xP

–Rebekah Belle


Name: Hannibal Sheerwood
Age: 18 (physically) 402 (biologically)

  • Anna Sheerwood (Mother)






  • Name: Evelyn Klein-Braun (mostly goes by Evelyn Braun)
  • Age: 16 (physically), 83 (biologically)
  • Mother: Helga Braun (née Klein)
  • Father: Prometheus
  • Half Siblings: Prometheus' Cabin, Elisabeth and George Braun
  • Step-father: Bruno Braun
  • Grandparents: Hermann and Nathalie Klein

Event: The sinking of the Gustloff was one that occurred on the 30th January 1945. It was a ship evacuating German civilians from Courland, East Prussia and the Polish Corridor as the Red Army advanced. The ship itself was carrying a crew of 173 (naval armed forces auxiliaries), 918 officers, NCOs, and men of the 2 Unterseeboot-Lehrdivision, 373 female naval auxiliary helpers, 162 wounded soldiers, and 8,956 civilians, among them an estimated 4,000 children, for a total of 10,582 passengers and crew. The ship was hit by three torpedoes fired by the Red Army. Only 1,252 people survived. The Gustloff still remains the largest loss of life in the sinking in maritime warfare.


Evie WB
Evie 1

Evelyn's very secretive, and it often comes off that she's being cold and harsh, when in reality, she's still scared about what happened that day. If she does manage to open up to someone, she's still pretty shy and scared, yet her kindness seems to soar past that.

Helga Klein was the only daughter of a respectable member of the Nazi party. As a result of this, her father and his friends would often baby her, much to her dismay. Like her mother, Helga disagreed with what her father stood for, yet never spoke for herself. In 1929, when she was 19, Helga met Prometheus, who was in the disguise of a man named Alexander during a walk in the park. One thing lead to another, and Helga found herself pregnant and Alexander gone. Helga, scared of what her father would think, only confided in her mother, Nathalie. Nathalie, having converted from the Jewish faith before marrying her husband, shared the mutual feeling of the dislike of the Nazi party, promised to keep her daughter's secret a safe one.

Soon the secret couldn't be held for long, yet Helga's father embraced the upcoming child with warm arms, and threw a party, in celebration of his daughter bearing a child who would someday bring Germany glory. To both Nathalie and Helga's surprise, Adolf Hitler showed up the party, and gave Helga his blessings. Once the whole party was over, Helga went out with her mother, to her grandmother's house, and cried about the whole thing. On the 1st January 1930, Evelyn was born.

Helga and Nathalie both raised Evelyn. Growing up, Evelyn had mixed views over Nazism due to her grandfather taking an interest in teaching her the ways on how Germany worked. Evelyn's grandfather, on top of teaching her, sometimes took her with him when he met Hitler. Frankly, Helga was surprised at how nice he was to Evelyn, and how he enjoyed her company.

Hitler likes Evelyn you two [Helga and Nathalie], she relaxes him...takes his mind off of ruling the country to restore our glory. He has high hopes for her you see, much like the other children he meets. He also thanks you Helga, for bearing the first of many children we hope to see. In all, Evelyn has brought our family even more joy and a better public reputation, not to mention his own opinions on us.

–Hermann Klein, Evelyn's grandfather

In 1939, Poland was invaded by the German Army, and offerings for some German civilians to move into some of the invaded areas arose. Hermann thought it'd be a good idea to send his daughter and granddaughter to live there, in hopes that they'd learn some new things. Helga, unable to go alone, requested that her mother came with her. Nathalie, wanting nothing more, accepted immediately. The three settled into the city of Poznań, situated in the Polish Corridor, where, Helga met a soldier by the name of Bruno Braun. Helga began to fall in love with Bruno, and on the 2nd January 1940, the two were married, and had twin children, Elisabeth and George.

On the 22nd January 1940, the Klein-Braun family were ordered to board the M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff with many other German families and wounded soldiers, which would then take them back to Germany. In the next eight days, the family would pack items that were of importance to them. When the 30th came, the family were among the few of those who made it onto the ship before the chaos of boarding would start.

Evelyn was on the deck, looking out at the everlasting sea that surrounded her, as well as many other passengers, when the first torpedo hit the boat. Bruno and Nathalie stood with her, and whispered wonderful things into the 10-year-old's ears. When the first torpedo, entitled For Motherland hit, Nathalie fell over, and Helga, along with Elisabeth and George, ran out to find the other family. When the second torpedo, entitled For Soviet People hit the boat, George fell out of Helga's arms, and into the Baltic Sea. Bruno, who, like many others, knew that the ship would sink, ushered his family to the lifeboats. Helga, however, rushed down to one of the lower decks, trying to get the keep safes of their family. Sadly, this was the last time she would see her family. By the time the final torpedo, For Leningrad hit the boat, the family were on a lifeboat with many other people, and were being lowered into the sea. The four watched as the ship sunk into the sea, resting eternally.

When the family's lifeboat was picked up by a different German vessel, they wouldn't be separated. Once they were back in Germany, Nathalie and Bruno decided that Nathalie would take Evelyn back to hers and Hermann's house in Berlin, and Bruno would take Elisabeth and live his own life. Back in Berlin, Nathalie and her 10-year-old granddaughter arrived on the door of their house, to which Hermann opened. Inside, he demanded to know where Helga was, and once Nathalie had described everything, he embraced them into a hug, and refused to loosen his grip. Trying to resume their lives back to normal, Hermann would sometimes take Evelyn to meetings he had with other Nazi members.

On Evelyn's 14th birthday, Hermann took her out to the German countryside, and walked around with her. There, they spoke about the ship's sinking, despite Evelyn protesting that she hated the memory of it. During the walk, Evelyn was attacked by a hellhound. Hermann, being able to see through the mist, and sensing his granddaughter was in danger, got his gun out of his pocket and stried to shoot the beast. As expected, it didn't work, and it only brought his death closer. Hermann, whilst being mauled, screamed at Evelyn to run, in which she did. Evelyn, being big on running, managed to get as far to their car, in which she yelled at the driver to drive away.

When the war was over, Nathalie moved herself and Evelyn to America, in hopes of a clean slate, and where they could live a different life. There, they got a house in Las Vegas, where the two lived with loving support from their neighbours. On Evelyn's 16th birthday, again, a hellhound attacked her whilst she was near the Lotus Casino. Trying to outrun it, she rushed into the Casino, and became one of many victims who'd stay there for long periods of time.

Sadly, whilst Evelyn was in the Casino, Nathalie died, after years of setting up searches for her, and finding no traces of her granddaughter, ending the Klein-Braun family. For many years, Evelyn stayed in the casino, oblivious to the changing world outside. Soon, Prometheus became worried that she'd never leave, and, at the time of her arrival into the casino, it was rare for one of his children to go into it, he decided to create a quest for some campers to go save her, only months before she came to camp. Exactly three weeks before her arrival and claiming, Evelyn was pulled away from the Casino by the demigods who were on the quest to release her from the lotus eaters. At her arrival to camp, she was claimed, and still, to this very minute, she can't get the screams of those who were trapped in the metal coffin, who desperately wanted to live, yet, rested in an eternal dream. She can't forget her mother's want to go and retrieve some family possessions, and most of all, she can't forget her grandmother's last words to her: Be careful Evie...I'll see you when you get back at 7.


Deirdre O'Callahan
Daughter of Demeter
Broken Irish Symphony

Name: Deirdre O'Callahan
Age: 17 (Physically), 178 (Biologically)

  • Demeter (Mother)
  • Seamus O'Callahan (Father, deceased)
  • Damian Fane O'Callahan (Twin, turned into nymph)
  • Elinor O'Callahan née Flanagan (Step mother, deceased)
  • Mavis O'Callahan (Half-sister, deceased)
  • Children of Demeter (half-siblings)

Event: WIP


In a small farming town; just outside the capital of Ireland, one of the most abundant potato farms laid, to some, it was just a regular old farm in a town, but to the people in that town know that the very farm, practically provided for them. The owner of the farm was an enigma; never to be seen by anyone but the townspeople, but the man nevertheless was Nigel O'Callahan. Nigel wasn't only known for being a good farmer, and man; but also, for his looks. Though he wasn't looking for love that much; he still had women constantly flirting with him. Usually, the protocol was a simple gesture of gratitude and a nod; but when it came to two special women he laid his eyes on, it was much more. But, under those disguises were goddesses--Demeter and Limos in fact--. The two women was courted in secret by Nigel, in which he'd known that he had to choose only one someday.

Weeks of courting later, his hard work paid off when Limos and him had a night together, which ended, of course, with sex. The morning after; while he was doing his daily rounds in the farm, saw a weeping woman; by the market. As just as he was about to confront her, he stopped. In hindsight, it may not have been his business, but to his good nature, he had to. He walked up to her and saw one of the women he was courting--Demeter or as he'd known her, Siobhan Macmurren, basically sobbing her eyes out. He tried to hold back the guilt and asked her with a clear calming voice, "Are you okay?" But then again, she was crying and had just shaken her head. Nigel tried again; this time trying not to make a fool of himself and said, "Why are you crying?", "Siobhan" stopped crying and pointed her index finger at him and mouthed "You." Nigel had connected the dots and ended up with the conclusion of a broken heart. In the next few days, Nigel had found himself cheering a woman up in which, like Limos had the same ending; sex. But Demeter was much more formal and left him with a letter, a letter in which she had told him the truth, the truth about her, Limos, and the children he would expect in a few months, it brought tears to his eyes and much sadness, but he promised to be much more faithful to his wife.

Months later, the child expected with Limos arrived on his doorstep, crying. His wife wasn't so sure adopting the little girl and questioned his logic


Matilda Morten (Sophia Briggs)
Survivor or the Mary Celeste Disappearance
Name: Sophia Briggs/ Matilda Morten
Age: 17 (actually over 143 years old)
Birth Date: October 31 1870

  • Zephyrus - father
  • Sarah Elizabeth Cobb - mother; deceased
  • Benjamin Spooner Briggs - step-father; Deceased
  • Arthur S. Briggs - half-brother
  • Alexander Morten - Adopted father
  • Emline Morten -Adopted Mother


Sophia is very soft spoken, and a mite on the shy side. She has no memories of her historic past as she was brought forward at such a young age, but she has always felt a sense of lose when she trys to think of her birth family.


Model: Izabella Miko

The Disappearance of the Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a British-American merchant brigantine famous for having been discovered on 4 December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean, unmanned and apparently abandoned (one lifeboat was missing, along with its crew of seven), although the weather was fine and her crew had been experienced and capable seamen.


Benjamin Briggs was devoutly religious and a believer in abstinence. In 1862, he met and married Sarah Elizabeth Cobb, daughter of the Reverend Leander Cobb. The newlyweds then sailed to Europe in Benjamin's schooner Forest King. Three years later they had a son, Arthur S. Briggs, who was born in 1865 at the family home at Rose Cottage, Marion, Massachusetts. This event brought joy to the young couple and the following year, the family decided to travelled to Marseilles, France.

While in France Sarah caught the attention of Zephyrus who was so enamored with her he came to her as if in a dream of soft winds and made love to the young woman. The couple was not aware of this act upon her and were thrilled when they found her to be pregnant again returning in time for their daughter, Sophia Matilda Briggs, to be born on October 31, 1870 at Rose Cottage.

Time passed and the family was all you could have asked for at the time. As a sea captain Mr. Briggs had to spend quite a bit of time away from home and soon his brother and he were discussing giving up the sea and opening a hardware store near there homes. If that had happened of course life would have carried on and Sophia would never had came forward in history.

As it was though Mr. Briggs bought share in a new ship called the Mary Celeste and modified the cabin to accomidate his family for the trips to sea. This would be an ill fated decision as on November 5, 1872 e left his seven year old son with his grandmother at home so he could continue school only taking his wife and two year old daughter Sophia with him and a crew of 7 skilled men.

It was smooth sailing for the first couple of weeks but then in a freak twist of fate Sophia's father noticed a faint smell of Alcohol and fearing the 1,701 barrels of commercial alcohol in the cargo bay would explode killing all aboard he ordered the life boat lowered and teathered to the ship to wait until the perceived disastor was averted. Alas the barrels metal rings rubbing together did release a spark that ingnited the vapors that had escaped. this quick burst of flame rocked the boat and ate up all of the cargo as well as throwing open the doors and cracking alittle wood, but that was the only damage. As soon as Captain Briggs thought the ship safe again he ordered the crew to take them back to the ship to continue the journy.

Before they could reach it though a storm blew in ripping the rope from its anchor and capsizing the tiny boat dumping it's human contents into the water. Sophia's godly father seeing his daughter about to sink to her premature death begged Posiden's wife to think of the poor child and save her. The Goddess conceded to his wishes wrapped the girl in a bubble . but she was unwilling to let this child who looked like a little doll to her go. She made a deal with her brother in law hades' daughter Hecate to keep her in her current for until the bubble popped.

She kept the baby girl in her palace with her for many years until she pushed the bubble to the surface in 1905letting it come to rest and pop infront of a small seaside cabin owned by two demigods who had just gotten married Alexandr and Emiline Morten who apon seeing the striking girl, who was quite soaked at this point, into there home for the night to dry off before leaving for there new future in a new little town called Las Vegas. Soon after arriving Alexander got his new family rooms in the newly built Lotus Boarding House.

Alexander, Emiline and there new daughter Matilada, as they called her, never to leave the place again until 2000 when Alexander pulled himself from the spell and found what seemed to be on a few years had in fact been 95 years.

When they left he had no real money on him, but a strangely dressed man begged him to sell his family's cloths to him for a movie he was making. Alex was confused but at hearing the outragous, at least to him, amount this man was willing to pay for there everyday cloths he agreed to sell there trunkful of cloths. everything but what the three had worn out of the casino.

Now with money in hand, and a very alien world infront of him the family of three set out go to the only place they knew would still take them and feel comfortable. Camp Half-Blood.

WHen they arrived they were greated by the camp director and caught up on all of the latest news from the past 95 years. They then decided to buy a house in the nearby town to give there sweet adopted daughter a chance to grow up with a semi normal life. They were confident that she would not be plaqued with monster attacks like they had as demigods.

It was on her 11th birthday that belief changed when Zepheryus claimed her. Her parents were not willing to let there little girl stay full-time at the camp as they were so close she could walk it if needed, so she stayed during the summer only to get trained but spent her school year with her parents.

When she turned 17 though she decided she really wanted to live in the cabin full of her half siblings full-time, so with her parents blessing she came to stay at camp full-time.



Lt. Commander Alfonse Domville
Infamous Pirate of the Post-Spanish-Succession Golden Age of Piracy
Name: Lt. Commander Alfonse Charles Domville
Age: 19 (has lived 314 years)
Birth Date: October 9, 1699

  • Palaemon - father
  • Samantha Gretchen Domville - mother; deceased


Alfonse has some major anger and depression issues, however those are to be expected of any veteran, especially one who was driven to Piracy. Despite this, he is actually very kind, happy, loyal and funny, due to the fact that he has finally found the home he has so long been searching for. He doesn't exactly understand technology very well, and it is a good thing phones aren't usually used at camp or he would probably go insane trying to figure one out.


The Golden Age of Piracy

The Last Golden Age of Piracy, also known as the post-Spanish Succession period, defined by Marcus Rediker as extending from 1716 to 1726, when Anglo-American sailors and privateers left unemployed by the end of the War of the Spanish Succession turned en masse to piracy in the Caribbean, the American eastern seaboard, the West African coast, and the Indian Ocean.


Lt. Commander Alfonse Domville was born in the October of 1699 in the English Colonies of New England to Samantha Domville and an unknown sailor from Spain who ran off weeks after they discovered Samantha was pregnant. Alfonse did not have a nice life early on, his mother was poor and he could barely afford any education. He started working at age eight, delivering the daily newspaper, however he was soon fired after his employer discovered that he had skipped the delivery of multiple papers each day to take a swim in the local lake. Afterwards his mother began to abuse him as he was the primary source of income coming to the house.

At age twelve he ran away from his home to go and join the military, however, after discovering that he was still four years too young to join the actual military, he decided to enlist as a Paramilitary Privateer, excited that he would get to sail the ocean. And so, he left on a large former Spanish Trades Ship dubbed "The Entrepreneur" to Quebec, Canada where he and his fellow privateers would help in the conquest of Acadia in the hopes to expand New England's territory. In 1713, after multiple years at sea a peace treaty was signed between the forces of France, Spain and Britain, ending the War of the Spanish Succession and the Queene Anne's War. After being discharged from the Privateers on the front that they were no longer needed for battle, Alfonse went back to the only place where he could think to go, his mothers old house in New England. His mother was ripe with rage and began to whip him, however Alfonse, now a seasoned Veteran of the British Military was quick to defend himself, slamming his mother into the wall and creating a large gash down his mother's arm. She began to bleed quite a lot, and as the smell of flesh blood entered his nostrils Alfonse found that he could no longer control himself. After hearing a scream, several of the local townspeople rushed into the house, where they were met by a gruesome sight. Alfonse was hovering above his mother, sword dripping with blood, his teeth suddenly sharp and jagged like some sort of vicious predator. Samantha Domville was most assuredly dead, long gashes ran down her neck, head and back and her limbs had been sliced off. It took more than forty trained British Soldiers, however Alfonse was eventually arrested and brought on a military ship out to sea where he was to be executed.

Alfonse was covered with blood and fat before he was chained to the anchor and thrown out into shark infested waters. The soldiers waited a few minutes to see Alfonse' Body float up to the surface, however, what emerged from the depths was quite the opposite. It seemed, Alfonse' teeth had gone razor sharp again and after biting the chain off of him, he somehow had managed to assume control of a great white shark and was now riding him towards the ship. Finding himself yet again unable to control himself due to the massive amount of blood that was covering him, he attacked and brutally killed everyone on the ship, taking it as his own and deciding upon a life of piracy.

In 1715, Alfonse joined in on the massive raid on Spanish divers trying to recover gold from a sunken Galleon near Florida. Along with various other former English Privateers, Alfonse would be enshrined in Notoriety after the raid proved successful and they had claimed the loot as their own. After that, Alfonse began to target the large shipping business between Africa, the Caribbean and Europe (also known as the triangular trade) taking new crew members from slave workers on the ships he attacked along with a plethora of rum and gold.

Yes, all was good for the young boy, that was, until one of his fellow pirates who had made base on the island of New Providence after the raids at Florida decided to do a raid of his own on Domville's beloved ship. Domville was sure he would defeat the pirate in battle due to his shark abilities, however, he found that the other pirate had supernatural abilities of his own. He possessed a fighting skill of the likes that Domville had never seen, and after Alfonse unhinged his jaw and showed his teeth, it seemed that the other pirate wasn't surprised at all. He explained that his name was Edward Teach, AKA the notorious Blackbeard, and that he shared a similar origin to Alfonse, explaining that they both had parents who were gods. His father was Ares, God of War, and suspected that Alfonse was the son of Palaemon, the god of sharks. He went even further to explain that Alfonse probably had several other abilities that he was not aware of, such as the ability to turn into a full shark himself. Not wanting to get into any trouble with another half-blood, Blackbeard happily left Domville's ship alone, however to get revenge for his initial planning of the raid, Domville led Lt. Robert Maynard of the HMS Pearl into Blackbeard's trail, something that would soon lead to his beheading.

The idea of becoming a shark intrigued Domville, and after staying up many a night thinking about it, he finally found out a way that he could leave his old life as a pirate and a killer which he despised so much behind and look towards a brighter and better future. He decided that he would become a shark for as long as a shark could live (about 40-50 years at a maximum) and then spend half a year as a human again, hoping to find a place where he would be welcome. If that did not work, he would spend another 40-50 years before spending another half year as a human, and so on and so on until he found a place where he felt welcome. Alfonse continued this strategy six times, before, at the physical Age of Nineteen (although he had lived 295 years as a shark) he found Camp Half-Blood, a place where people like him were welcome and treated with care. Happily, he decided he would live the rest of his life in this time, spending as much of it as he could at this wonderful, wonderful place.



Alina Nightwine
Daughter of Hecate

Name: Alina Nightwine
Age: 18 (Physically)

Weapons / Possessions:

Personality: Alina's a very tortured soul. In her unusually long lifetime, she had to watch her father wither away, and was scarred by her actions that caused the death of six people. Despite her tragedies, she's found happiness and good in the world, at least, enough to not make her go over the edge and kill herself.

The wind whispered softly, its slight, deliberate, puffs of breath playfully pushing the curtains of a young girl's pink, frilly curtains. All stopped abruptly, when calm, rage-full footsteps began reverberating throughout the calm, stereotypical suburban home setting. The moonlight poured through the girl's window, giving off a pearlescent luminescence that made her look like an immaculate cherub at rest. The footsteps got more audible, as they neared her room; once in her room, his face was immediately irradiated, a grim, morbid grin stretched across his face. A hoarse voice coaxed him, whispering into his ear eagerly. Pull the trigger He didn't hesitate, he showed no sense of reluctance. He aligned his rifle with the girl's head and fired. He fled the room, and went to the next.

The girl no longer looked like a cherub, the celestial feeling was gone. Pure, sheer innocence obliterated; all that remained was an epitome of purity laying soundlessly, starbursts of blood sinking into her once sublime, achromic sheets.

Time took a step back, and chose rest its gaze on the beginning of Alina Nightwine's story: She was born to a son of Circe, Grayson Nightwine, and Hecate. They had a fairly generic meeting, nothing personal, save for getting a call, telling him his daughter was left on his doorstep.

His outlook on her wasn't negative or surreal at all, he was a wise man, and knew what he did would have consequences, so he accepted his daughter and began raising her with an open heart and mind.

At an early age, he began to help her develop skills that would be of use to her later on in life, such as potion making. Alina was an eager child, always ready to learn more, and enjoyed combat training with her father; he would take her to deep ends of the forest and wait for monsters to come prowling, as they hid, positioned, with weapons in hand.

On Alina's 14th birthday, her father took her to the forest, hoping to show her a fun time, however, they ended up coming across another group of demigods, while waiting in their usual spot. They were an intricate group, quite odd looking. They were all boys, around 15 and 16. They introduced themselves, and told them who their godparents were. There was a child of Melinoe, a child of Deimos, a child of Morpheus, a child of Aphrodite, and a child of Hades. They immediately took an interest in Alina, asking if they could fight with her and her father. She agreed, reluctantly, and they fought off various monsters in the forest.

After they fought off the monsters, the group of boys immediately began to conspire against Alina and her father, wondering if her father would hold them back from their goals, which was to unleash their anger on anyone who spited them. So, while Aline was in bed, and her father was preparing for bed, the son of Nyx shadow traveled into their home and slit her father's throat. Blood oozed from his wound, and he called for Alina with a gurgling tone, pleading for a healing spell. The son of Nyx concealed himself in the shadows. She got to him in time, and began reciting the spell, and got a potion from a cabinet. He healed, but then the son of Melinoe revealed himself, and knocked them both unconscious, he took Alina, and left her father. The only reason for kidnapping her being her powers and skills in sorcery.

After he traveled back to the rest of the group, they coaxed Alina into believing her father was attacked by a monster, and killed. The son of Melinoe, Rayne, being her saviour. She reacted very strongly, and thrashed about, kicking the boys back, but she fell under the Aphrodite kid's influence, and calmed down. They took her to a secluded alley, which was when they came across Robert DeFeo. Already completely enraged and intoxicated, DeFeo decided to shout curses at the group. Not wanting to reveal their powers, they remained quiet, and just stood, watching. When DeFeo got no reaction from his volley of cusses, he took matters into his own hands and brought out a pistol. The gun's rusted metal blended into the dark surroundings of the scenery, and his grip was loose, hand shaky. He clumsily fired bullet. The sound reverberated throughout the alley. The bullet shot out of the gun, sparks flew, and the bullet pierced through the heart of the son of Deimos. The scythe of Thanatos came down on his soul, and life left his body.

Knowing they would find a way to get revenge later, they fled, and mourned their friend's death elsewhere. They began monitoring DeFeo's casual hangouts, and followed him home, which was when they discovered he had a family. Alina was very distant to the group, and often only spoke when spoken to. The sight of a suburban setting sent shocks of nostalgia throughout her mind. It didn't take long for the group to come up with an impromptu plan. They were going to kill his family.

The son of Melinoe would sneak into his home, guising as a demonic spirit, which would whisper into his ear and coax him to murder his family. It wasn't hard to get him to commit the crimes, he had already been having severe problems with his family. He would come home late and receive stern scolds and fight physically with his parents. So, on command, he took his rifle, and took robotic steps to each and every room, shooting every room's inhabitants. The rifle had no sound. It had been enchanted by Alina before use. The answer to today's mystery, on why no one had heard the fires of loud rifle.

After all the murders were committed, DeFeo called a friend to help him hide the evidence, the demigods fled. When the souls of DeFeo's family reached Hades' and Thanatos told him of their murders, Hades became enraged, at the time he had little children, and he wouldn't have his brothers finding out about the incident, which involved his own son. So, Hades his loyal servants, the Furies, to murder the group, save for Alina and his son, who was named Elliott.

The attack came like thunder and ended like a flash of lightning, the Furies tore through everyone's bodies, leaving shreds of skin, and puddles of crimson blood around the scene; they then took Alina and Elliott to the Underworld to face the symbol of damnation himself.

The punishment towards Hades' son was anything but lenient. He received little punishment, if you considered scolding a punishment. On the other hand, Alina was cursed to never age until her father died. She could never leave him, until death would literally part them, and end Alina's immortality.

Aline went back to her father when she was 15, her father was a healthy 36 year old man. He died when he was 89, in 1997. After his death, Alina started to age, she's now physically 18.

They must arrive at camp NOT as nymphs, spirits, automatons, or such; but HALF-BLOODS. Again, they MUST be DEMI-GODS or DEMI-TITANS ONLY! NO Exemptions

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