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OOC: FYI, Bach said it's okay to mention other mythos in char histories, as long as the char itself is Greek. Any issues, plz take it up with her.

Name: Clint Green

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Physically, about 150 chronologically


  • Carol Green-Mother
  • Richard Green-Grandfather
  • Linda Green-Grandmother
  • Charlie Green-Uncle
  • Jacob Green-Uncle
  • Ares, Hermes, Eris, Athena and various other gods-Ancestors

Appearance: Model: Ben Elliott Personality: Clint has seen countless wars, violence, bloodshed and death. He has a hard time expressing feelings of pity and mercy, due to all of the blood on his hand and how many people he’s seen suffer. Clint refuses to grow close to anyone, hating the idea of experiencing loss again. This also makes him very untrusting and distant. Clint suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, intense sadness, anger or ever things like annoyance and indecisiveness can set him off.Some may mistake his severe anxiety for fear but that isn't at all the case, sometimes even the complete opposite as he is more likely to run towards danger than away from it. Unfortunately depending on the situation he may not always react in a level headed manner and could get someone hurt because of it, or put people in danger. Which is another reason he stays distant to people, not wanting to have an episode and putting them in harm's way.

History: It was June 1859 in the United States, Slavery was still legal and there were only 33 states. No historical events of great importance had happened in this time. in Virginia, the Green family was rich and prosperous. They had owned about 50 slaves and a very large cotton plantation, patriarch of Greens was 65 year old Richard Green.

Richard had taken pride in the fact that his family had a very interesting history, many of his ancestors and relatives had taken part in many wars. Richard’s father being a soldier in the War of 1812 and his predecessors having taken part in the American Revolution. Another side to their history being the Green family tree was rich with demigod blood. Even though Richard wasn’t a demigod himself, he could refer to Ares,Eris, Athena, Hermes and a few other gods as his ancestors.

Richard had 3 grown children, Charlie, Jacob and his daughter Carol. Charlie and Jacob were twins and sons of Enyo, goddess of war and destruction. They were 40 and were veterans of the Mexican-American War which took place between 1846 to 1848. While Carol was only 17 and the child of his 34 year old mortal wife Linda.

Linda was constantly trying to get Carol married off to some other rich family, which could mean more fortune for the family. While Richard was praying to the gods, asking one of their stronger members to impregnate his daughter so his family could continue their demigod legacy. Carol didn’t want any of this, but of course in those times she had absolutely no say in the matter.

Until one day, his prayers were answered. Lord Deimos had arrived at the Green estate and introduced himself to Richard who couldn’t be happier. He immediately commanded two of the maids to fetch his daughter. Charlie and Jacob were out on their own business at the time. Richard had told Carol and his wife of the Greek Gods and how Deimos was here to bless their family with another half-blood.

Linda didn’t argue, believing that as a woman she had no say in the matter. But Carol refused to bear some strangers’ child, but upon looking towards Deimos. She was completely terrified of him, thanks to his powers at work. She certainly didn’t want to, but her fear compelled to go with her father’s wishes and have relations with the God of Terror.

The next morning, Carol ended up vomiting in the bathroom and Richard was excited. Soon he’d have another demigod in his family, his wife had mixed feelings about it and Charlie and Jacob just took their father’s side as always. But Carol was quite scared at the idea of motherhood, being young and practically a child herself.

9 months later she birthed Deimos’ child, with aid from her mother and some of the maids. Richard quickly arrived late and named the child Clint, Carol wanted to name him something else. But again, her thoughts and opinions didn’t mean anything.

Growing up, Clint was normally cared for by the maids. Rather than his own family, Charlie was normally off causing issues, raping women and Jacob would normally try to keep a leash on him. Richard had a large plantation to run, Linda was off enjoying her life as a rich wife. Going to parties and having a few affairs. Clint would always seek a relationship with his mother, but he represented the fact that she was in no control of her life. So Carol was always a distant mother.

But then it was 1861 and the Civil War began, Charlie and Jacob quickly joined the Confederacy. Believing stronger in the South’s right to secede from the U.S, Richard was confident in the Confederacy’s ability to fend off the Union. But due to the number of early wars in Virginia, the Green’s quickly had to vacate their estate and seek out a smaller home in North Carolina. Leaving their slaves behind.

The family tried to make a decent living, Linda quickly died of Cholera. Much to Richard’s dismay, he began selling off Carol to a local brothel to make end’s meet. Since prostitution rates had skyrocketed during the war. Clint was far too young to understand what was going on. Richard just told his grandson. “Mommy’s making alot of people happy.”

This went on until the war was over and the Confederate’s was defeated. Clint was 6 when they found out Charlie did not survive the war. He and Jacob were able to use their deadly powers as son of Enyo to murder many Union Soldiers, but eventually they were overwhelmed and Charlie was shot to death.

Jacob quickly fell into an alcoholic depression along with his father, while they both continued to force Carol into prostitution. Clint was detached from all 3 of his family members, becoming somewhat violent and angry at his situation. There was no schooling, seeing as how the South was too busy trying to rebuild after the war. When Clint was 8, he had gotten into a fight with two teenage boys. Jacob had seen everything, being greatly reminded of exactly how Charlie was at that age. Knowing his demigod blood was at work, he began to bond with his nephew.

Two years later in 1869, Carol had snapped. She blamed how bad her life all on her father. Pimping her off to the gods she didn’t care for and countless mortal men just because he didn’t want to get a job. In a furious drunken rage, she had stabbed Richard in his sleep with one of Jacob’s knives and decapitated. Clint and Jacob were out training that night, so they only arrived to find Carol missing and Richard’s bloody corpse.

Clint was somewhat traumatized by the experience, wanting to know where his mother was. Jacob alerted the police, but there was nothing they could do. Carol was long gone, Clint was mortified by the loss of his mother he could never bond with no matter how hard he tried. A year later, the 11 year old complained of seeing strange creatures and beings. Jacob having grown to care about Clint had managed to get a job, but he knew he had to explain to Clint about how he was a demigod and how he’d have to learn how to fend off monsters.

As he trained and grew older, he slowly began to realize his demigod powers. The powers to know, augment, calm and gain power from other people’s fears. He also was innately physically fit and had no fear himself. When he was 12, he had received a Celestial Bronze saber from his uncle and easily slew a small number of harpies thanks to his training.

As Clint grew older and continued to fend off monsters, his uncle told him war stories about his time with the Confederacy and when he fought for American expansion against Mexico. This helped inspire him somewhat to become a brave demigod soldier, just like his uncles and many ancestors past him. It was just him and his beloved uncle, for once in his life Clint couldn’t be happier.

But when Jacob had passed away in 1874 when he contracted typhoid fever, a 15 year old Clint was mortified by the loss of his last family member. With nowhere else to turn and his inspirations of his veteran uncle, Clint lied about his age and joined the army. He had been placed in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, being stationed in Fort Abraham Lincoln located in Dakota Territory (Now known as North Dakota.) Clint joined just in time for the Black Hills Expedition, where he aided their mission to find a location for a new fort. He served under Commander George Armstrong Custer.

Custer and Clint were attacked by an empousai one night, after they both easily dispatched it. Clint and Custer both admitted to being sons of Deimos, one could say they somewhat bonded. But gold was discovered during the expedition, which led to the Black Hills Gold Rush. This angered the local Sioux indians, it was an invasion of land promised to them. Sioux chiefs attempted to maintain their land peacefully, but refused to surrender the Black Hills. Soon after, the Great Sioux War of 1876 had begun.

A brave and completely fearless 17 year old Clint was ready to fight along with Custer and his men.One of the Indian Agents was also a demigod and informed Custer of a powerful artifact sacred to the Native American gods was kept by the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes. Custer was driven by greed, pride and arrogance, ignoring the fact that they were highly outnumbered. Leading his soldiers into the great defeat known as the Battle of Little Bighorn, but Clint had ran away once it was obvious Custer was leading his men to their deaths.

Clint had heard about the deaths of Custer and his allies, the Native American gods were furious to hear their artifact was missing. They went to the Greek Gods and blamed them, Clint being a survivor of the battle and a Greek demigod was blamed for having the artifact even though he didn’t have it. Deimos didn’t care, he was humiliated at how his son ran away from the battle and abandoned his men.

Deimos cursed Clint with immortality, he would be forced to take place in every war America fought in or he would die instantly. The remaining skirmishes with the Native Americans, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam. Clint had served in all of those wars and more. Until it was 2014 and Deimos looked over Clint and his many amazing exploits in battle. He relieved Clint of his curse and had a fear spirit guide him to camp. Deimos quickly claimed him, Clint had then entered camp with nowhere else to go..

Weapons: A Shortsword and a crossbow


Evangeline grey1

Name: Lady Evangeline Grey
Age:17 (looks), 476 (Biologically), Born: 13 February 1538

  • Pandia - Mother
  • Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk - Father
  • Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk (née Lady Frances Brandon) - Stepmother
  • Lady Jane Grey (Ex-Queen of England, executed by Mary I) - Half-Sister
  • Lady Catherine Grey - Half Sister
  • Lady Mary Grey -Half Sister

Disclaimer on Historical Context: I have been extremely detailed in my explanations and historical context, from the days/dates, the people involved and political/religious background - even the gardens at Sudeley castle. However, some of the specific dates are unavailable to historians, such as the exact date of Catherine of Parr's marriage to Thomas Seymour, etc. So therefore I have used the month in which it happened and made up a specific day. However, otherwise all of the other details of the Tudor Court and the events are all factual!

Background on Historical Period:

So, In 1485, the House of Tudor began their reign in England, with Henry VII as King. He died in 1509 and was succeeded by his second son, Henry VIII. Henry VIII had six wives and three children (in order of age); Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. Males always took precedent before women in claiming the throne, so after Henry died in 1547, his only son became King Edward VI at only nine years of age. Edward continued his father's reforms to the Religion- making the country Protestant strictly; going against the religion of his eldest sister (and Heir Presumptive)'s wishes. In June 1553, he was sickly to the point where he knew he would die soon. In order to stop Mary becoming Queen and reversing all his changes, he named his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his Heiress, to be Queen Regnant of England in order to secure the Protestant Religion. Edward died on the 6th of July 1553, aged fifteen, and the next monarch on the throne was, as per his will, his cousin - the 16 year old Queen Jane. Jane ruled for a mere nine days before Edward's sister, Mary, marched into London with troops, deposing Jane and taking her rightful place as Queen. In early 1554, Jane, her husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, and her father, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk were all executed for Treason against the Queen. Jane's mother and sisters were fully pardoned and maintained their positions in the Court. After Mary died in 1559, ruling for only six years, the last of the Tudors, Elizabeth, became Queen, as Mary (much like her mother, Catherine of Aragon) was unable to successfully conceive a child. The Tudor line ended when Elizabeth died in 1603, unmarried and childless, with no Tudor heir to continue the line.

Evangeline is very inquisitive - though sometimes not for her own good. She's learned (the hard way) to be reserved and quiet when she needs to be, especially after growing up in a society where women were expected to speak only when spoken to. After living in Circe's Isle she has regained her willpower and is far more stronger in terms of expressing her opinion.

Evangeline is blonde, like her half sister Catherine. They were both considered anomalies, as Mary, Jane, Frances and Henry all had brown hair. Evangeline also has strikingly silvery-grey eyes; very much unlike the rest of her family. She stands at 5'8", with a very slender body frame and long, back length hair, the colour of sewn platinum.

Evangeline's father, Lord Henry Grey met Pandia on a particularly bright night. Grey enjoyed stargazing and astrology; which was considered a science during the Tudor period. Pandia acknowledged him and met him, but did not reveal her true nature as a goddess, and the two spent a night together. Pandia was pregnant with Evangeline, and when she was born, Pandia sent her to Henry in person. When he brought her home, his wife, Frances was not pleased in the slightest. They were a very high ranking noble family, and so to have a bastard child would stain the family name. Frances said she was pregnant and had the baby, but very few believed her, and many of the courtsmen and women recognised Evangeline as the "Grey Bastard".

Excerpts found from Evangeline's diary, showing some of the most important parts of her life....

Thursday, 13 February, 1547

Today is my ninth birthday. My father, Lord Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, gifted me this small diary in the morning. He said that I should write about my life in this book, so that one day when history looks back to the glorious days of the Tudor Court, they will use the Diary of Lady Evangeline Grey to recall the transpiring events! He sounded crazed on the breakfast table as he spoke- there was a piece of bacon caught on his beard; and I tried my best not to laugh. The diary is very beautiful, and I thanked him for it- it is made of leather,with the Tudor Rose, embroidered with gold silk in the bottom right corner. The pages are creamy and soft, I must be careful to not blotch the ink when writing in it! Father also told me that today, I will become a Lady-in-Waiting for the Queen Dowager, Catherine! He said, all proper and propped against his chair; "Evangeline Eleanor Grey, today you will go with your sister, Jane, to Court. You will become a Lady-in-Waiting for Queen Dowager Catherine". He was very serious. I only had the bravery to nod and say "Yes Papa." I looked from him to Mama, who never smiled- not at me anyway- and he laughed heartily again, a piece of egg falling from his mouth, and told me and Jane to go and get ready.

I suppose I should tell you about my family. My father is Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk. I don't know what Dukes do; but Mama and Jane say it is a very important job, and it is what makes us Noble. My mother, Duchess Frances Grey is a Royal herself! She is a granddaughter of the late king Henry VII, which makes her aunt to His majesty, King Edward VI. That leaves my sisters and I. There are four of us, in age order, it is Jane, Me, Catherine and Mary. Jane is one year older than I, she is ten, Catherine is seven and little Mary is only two years old. I always have felt different to the rest of them- with my lighter, softer hair that they are so jealous of, and my silver eyes. Papa always says that God blessed me with beauty, but I find myself rather plain. Jane is beautiful.

Jane lent me a dress, we are the same size, it's a beautiful purple dress, embroidered with gold fleur de lys'. Jane got it from King Edward, back when he was a prince. I didn't want to wear it, I couldn't- but Jane insisted. My waist is slightly smaller than hers, so she tightened the bodice and I must say, I looked at least 14. The dress is still quite big, and I'm worried not to spill any ink on it.

We got to the court by noon, and Jane, Queen Dowager was sitting alone in her late husband, Henry VII's throne. King Henry died a few weeks ago; the court Physician told Father that he died from ulcers all over his legs. Not a very Kingly way to die, but Papa said we mustn't make ill of the dead, especially if they were a King. His son, Edward, will be crowned King on the 20th of February. I curtsied politely, and The Queen Dowager looked at me and smiled. She asked me if I said my prayers. "Yes, Your Majesty" I replied. She then asked me if I prayed for the Royal Family. I nodded and said "Yes, Your Majesty". Finally she said, "Do you wish to be a Lady-in-Waiting for me?" Jane looked at me and smiled. "If it pleases Your Majesty." I said. Queen Catherine smiled and then invited me to be one of her ladies-in-waiting! I was so glad!

Sunday, 16 February, 1547

Today was the funeral of King Henry. Queen Catherine did not wish to go; it is not comely of a woman to go to her husband's funeral. We sat with her, watching the procession from St. George's chapel. Poor Catherine cried very much, and we could only comfort her.

Before King Henry went on an expedition; he made Queen Catherine regent- to rule as Queen until King Edward came of age. Rumours are spreading that Parliament are going to revoke this. I know Queen Catherine shall not drop this without putting a fight. I fear that Queen Catherine shall not be given the position; for she is not Edward's birth mother...

Monday, 17 February, 1547

It is true. Parliament have withdrawn Queen Catherine's claim as Regent, under grounds that King Henry did not give any Position of Court in his final will and it is wrong to assume that she should become Regent; and all it stated was to "treat Catherine as though she is of Royal Blood". She will lose all her powers as Queen when Edward is crowned King on Thursday. No doubt, she is furious. We are to accompany her to her home at Chelsea Manor, and continue serving her.

On a sidenote, I noticed that people have been whispering things behind my back at the Court. They think that I do not notice it, but of course I do. I shall ask Jane what is going on.

Thursday, 20 February, 1547

Today was King Edward VI's coronation. What a wonderful procession! It is the first I have witnessed in my life, for King Henry VIII was already coronated when I was born. It took place in Westminster Abbey, and everyone was there! Queen Catherine and us stood near the front, in full view of the King, the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the Bishops, Priests and Clergy! Many other Nobles were also present, including one of King Henry's old wives, Lady Anne of Cleves. Many people say she looks ugly, but I find her pretty; she does not flaunt herself, and has a natural beauty towards her. The Princesses, Mary and Elizabeth, Edward's half-sisters, were also present. Lady Mary is gaunt, with black hair that matches the dress she was wearing- black with gold embroidery and the Catholic Cross- like her mother, Lady Mary did not become a Protestant with the rest of the Country. Elizabeth, on the other hand has long, flowing ginger hair, much like her father. She wore white, laced with green, and looked beautiful.

Later that day...

King Edward graciously has allowed Her Majesty Catherine and her handmaidens to remain in the Court; Jane says we are to thank heavens for doing so. I shall recite an extra prayer at the Chapel before bed missing..I remember going to the chapel after washing Catherine's feet. I prayed, profusely and on my way out I stopped by a window to look at the night sky. It was beautiful - and I swear to the lord, I was clearly able to see as though it was broad daylight. I saw a pair of lovers, in the dark, and I could even see ravens on rooftops from miles away. I don't know how or why, but I felt more alive than ever, just being close to the night sky. Perhaps the Lord heard my prayers and was sending me a sign. I'm so confused.

Saturday 21st February 1547

Very much happened today, all due to one small thing that Mama did. Mama sent a letter to Jane, but not to me. Jane tried to hide it, and not read it in front of me, but the other ladies-in-waiting told me about it. They laugh at me and still whisper about me. I thought it was because I'm but nine years old, but that's normal for daughters of Dukes. At two, Princess Mary was betrothed to the Dauphin of France, and then at six to the Holy Roman Emperor - who was twenty-two! So I asked Jane what they were talking about. Jane tried not to answer, but eventually she conceded. She said that Mama was not my real mother, and did not actually give birth to me. I didn't believe her "Who is my Mama, then?" I asked Jane - and she said she did not know. She said that Papa had brought me home after his visit to France, and she thought he didn't want to leave me behind. Jane said that the other ladies-in-waiting call me the "Grey Bastard". I wanted to cry and hit her and tell her she was a liar but I didn't. I am a lady of the court. I stood up, very straight, like papa told me, and walked out of the drawing room. I don't think I feel like writing much more.


Monday 20th April 1547

Catherine has been courting with her old lover before the King, Thomas Seymour. He is a Baron, so he's very low in the Peerage, and isn't even called a Lord. Just 'the Honourable'. I don't like him, he always looks at Princess Elizabeth in peculiar ways. It is neither becomely nor appropriate of anyone to look at a Princess in such a way. Sometimes I forget Princess Elizabeth and I are first cousins. On a side-note, there is a lyre-player who constantly gazes at me. Jane says it is normal for musicians to gawk at ladies of the court, as we are 'far more esteemed'; but there was no lust in his eyes. He wore his cap not sideways, like the others, but fully covering his whole head. He also has a limp, and uses a cane to aid him. I shall remain wary. I asked Jane what his name was, and she told me the other ladies and musicians call him "Sisyphus" after the Greek Myth, because he never eats or drinks in front of anyone. How strange.

Tuesday 21st April 1547

Seymour has married Catherine in secret. She no longer is Queen Dowager - as she was only queen by consort, not birth. We are to move into her old home in Chelsea. The King is furious, as members of the Royal Family must always take permission from the King before they marry. I would have to take King Edward's permission before I marry, as he is my cousin. Or rather, half-cousin; as I am a bastard. I spoke to father about it, and he slapped me twice- once for using crude language, and secondly for talking about things that women shan't talk about. I find it incredulous why men can speak freely yet women are subdued. Catherine publishes books on theology - she listened to no man and voices her opinion. I agree it was wrong of her to re-marry without the permission, but I do admire her.

Wednesday 22nd April 1547

Chelsea Manor is not ideal. It is far smaller than King Edward's court and requires far more work from all of us ladies-in-waiting. Princess Elizabeth joined us in Chelsea Manor - Catherine is quite fond of her. Elizabeth, Jane and I have grown quite close. Elizabeth always allows me to watch as she and Jane play chess and cards and the flute. I am younger, so I am to listen to them, and not participate. It is rather unfair but I do not complain.

Thomas Seymour is a strange man. He seems infatuated with Elizabeth, and always calls her to his bedchambers. I dare not ask of what goes on, but the other girls speak of horrible things. I do not believe a word of it. Seymour also talks of a castle that he is having prepared, for Catherine and us to move to. Jane explained to me that Seymour was becoming Baron of Sudeley, so he will get a castle in Sudeley, and we're to live there.


Monday 17th November 1547

We moved into Sudeley Castle today. I have not written for some days, as the travel from London to Gloucestershire was long and we had duties whence we reached. I have to sit outside, in the beautiful gardens, with only the pale moonlight to use as my light. But it's okay - for some reason I can see more clearly at night than daytime. I daren't say that to anyone else, otherwise they would brand me a witch. But the gardens here - I'm in the Queen's Gardens, and the castle overlooks it. There's a small lake, about six or seven meters wide, and in the night, I can see my own reflection from it. Anyway, I must go and sleep, for otherwise everyone shall know I was awake at night, and assume the worst.

Tuesday 18th November 1547

Lady Catherine has begun giving Princess Elizabeth, Jane and I lessons. She teaches us about literature, theology and history. Today she taught us of the Greek Gods and how blasphemous that cult was. I rather like the idea of many Gods and Goddesses. This world is far too complicated and vast for only one God to govern. But again, I dare not say that, otherwise they'd burn me as a heretic. When I was walking back to my chambers, Sisyphus, the strange lyre-player bumped into me. "Intriguing, aren't they? The Greek myths?" I looked down and nodded my head, like any lady should - not speaking to him. He laughed and replied "Watch out for the hellhounds, M'lady", before limping away. What on earth? That made no sense, but I shan't dwell on it. It's not as if hellhounds exis- [INK TRAILS OFF; RED BLOTCHES/STAINS]

Wednesday 19th November 1547

The strangest and most frightening thing happened yesterday. I was out at night, in the gardens, as always, writing, and as I was writing about hellhounds (I'm looking around me to make sure none appear, but I had the sense to write this entry in the ladies-in-waiting chamber), and then four or five minutes after their first mention, I heard rustling in the bushes opposite me. I ignored it, and continued writing. Suddenly, something jumped out at me, knocked my quill away, and left a large scratch on my hand. Just as I thought I was going to die, you'll never guess who appeared. Sisyphus the lyre-player. I was certain that I were to die, as he's a limp who plays a small harp. But he wasn't using his cane to walk - it resembled a spear in the moonlight, but I'm sure that was just my mind playing tricks on me at night. He managed to beat the dog-like creature away and ushered me inside.

I tried to ask him what in God's name it was, and he convinced me it was a wild dog. I looked out of the window again to see where it was but it had dissapeared - there was only some strange black residue. I don't believe him, but I was too afraid and worried to argue. But that was no dog....


Monday 28th March 1548

Lady Catherine told us she is pregnant today. I am happy for her - but she is thirty-five years of age. Most ladies are pregnant by twenty five, and tend to stop before they reach thirty. I know one mustn't tempt fate, but I doubt that she'll survive through it.


Monday 30th August 1548

Lady Catherine gave birth to a little baby girl, Mary. Both mother and baby seem fine. Per'aps I was wrong.

Wednesday 1st September 1548

Catherine's condition is worsening. We fear she suffers childbed fever - the King's mother, Jane, also died of it. But we pray.

Sunday 5th September 1548

Lady Catherine died today. I can't help but feel guilty of jinxing it. The baby is going to live with one of Seymour's relatives. All of us are to be disbanded and move back to our lives.

Later that day...

Jane received a courier from London. We're to be moving to be ladies of the court. Apparently, His Majesty is rather fond of Jane. Papa is up to something, although Jane would never condone such words from me. But why would Papa want us to be in court, with no lady to serve? I am sure courtesans are simply just prostitutes? I dare not think of it. Before we left, Sisyphus the lyre player came limping to me. He said "Now that you are leaving, we may not see each other. So I have two gifts for you." He firstly gave me a Spanish hand-fan. It was red and black, with lace, but cleverly concealed, there was a strange bronze razor across the edge. "In case you run into anymore dogs." He said, before giving me the second one. It was- and I dared not believe him, but a stiletto blade. It was a beautiful one, very ornate, but a blade? No lady should ever carry weapons! He said "You may wish to hide it in your bodice. And use them only whence you find yourself in trouble." All I could do was nod and conceal my newfound weapons before curtsying and leaving.


13th February 1553

Today I turn 15. I have lived a strange life of a lady-in-waiting from a young age. I have been scorn'd for being a bastard child. I know nothing of my real mother, and who she was. I have been attacked by a hellish doglike creature. And yet, for some reason - today has been the strangest of all days yet.

King Edward's health has not been up to par lately, so like any good king, he has been devising plans for his succession. Because he is my age (although I am a few months older than him), he has not had any children yet so technically, his eldest sister, Mary should succeed him, followed by his other sister, Elizabeth. I do love Elizabeth, having spent so much time with her with Lady Catherine, I have grown rather fond of her, and Jane agrees. But I digress. Now, King Edward considers his two sisters to be illegitimate, because according to the Protestant dogma, Mary and Elizabeth are bastards and do not constitute as true heirs to the throne. So the King has been talking with The Duke of Northumberland, and Papa, and he has issued, on my birthday, the "Devise for the Succession". It is an act which states that due to Mama's being the aunt of the King, Jane, and her heirs are to be queen! My sister, the Queen of England! What's even more shocking is that, if Jane dies without her heirs, I become Queen, because I'm the second-eldest child! I am literally second in line for the throne!!

Of course, the Catholic Church are extremely infuriated - technically, Mary should be next in line for the Crown. Because Mary was the child of King Henry VIII and his first wife, she is considered, by Papal Legate, the only true heir, and therefore should be the one inheriting it. But the King has already made his decision. Jane will succeed him after his death. I highly doubt the Catholics will let this slide easily, however.

Because I cant get it done in time, the rest of the history will be written without the diary format.

On the 25th of May, 1553, Evangeline's sister Jane married the Duke of Northumberland's son, Guidlford, and her younger sister, Catherine married the son of Lord Hastings. Northumberland was a pivotal role in making sure that Jane became next in line, and so now the Grey daughters were the most eligible in the country. However none offered to marry Evangeline, as everyone suspected her birth was not legitimate. King Edward died on July 6th that year, and Jane was to rule as queen.

Jane ruled - for nine days. When Edward's sister Mary heard that Jane had become queen, she marched onto England from Spain, and threw Jane, Guildford and her family into the Tower of London (except for their father, who was in Leicestershire at the time).

Mary was not harsh. Or atleast, not intending on being harsh. She put them into the Tower for the time being, in order to think about what to do with them. She released Jane's sisters and mother (Evangeline, Catherine, Mary and Frances) soon after throwing them in, but left Jane and her husband Guildford for a longer sentence. Mary had no intention of executing any of them, as they were simply following the old King's will, which was completely legitimate.

Until, of course, a few men, including Evangeline and Jane's father, Henry Grey, rebelled against the Queen in January 1554. Known by historians as the Thomas Wyatt rebellion, this was possibly the worst move that could have happened. The rebellion resulted in Henry Grey and Thomas Wyatt being caught and imprisoned. Wyatt was executed then drawn and quartered, while Henry was beheaded.

On the 12th of February, Jane was beheaded, followed by her husband on the 23rd of February for High Treason against the Queen. Despite not being involved in the rebellion, they were executed due to the foolhardiness and role of her Father in the rebellion.

Evangeline, now in mourning was faced by a harpy attack during the night of the 23rd. She was walking alone in the night streets, and was attacked. She was found by Sisyphus the lyre player, who had been keeping a close eye on her, but luckily she used her stiletto blade and fan to fend off the Harpy and killed it, partially due to rage and anger at the Queen over the slaughter of her half-sister, and partially due to her natural demigod strength. After the confrontation, Sisyphus found her.

He told her the truth. Of how she was a demigod and how she had faced a harpy and a hellhound in Sudeley. How she must have a godly mother. He offered to take her to a safe haven, in the new land (America was known as the new land back then), where others of her kind could be together. She agreed, warily, as she felt unloved in her home - only Jane and Henry had truly cared for her, so a new start was very appealing.

They took a boat, but when crossing the sea of monsters, it resulted in trouble. They crash-landed in Circe's isle, and when she tried to find Sisyphus, Circe assured her that he had not made it, and that it was okay, as he had done his job. Evangeline was sad for a while, but at Circe's Isle, she trained and learned of her true parental heritage- Circe was able to tell her by witnessing her powers. Evangeline learned how to harness and control her powers.

Centuries passed, and Evangeline did not age. All was well, until a certain Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase wreaked havoc on the isle, and Evangeline found an opportunity to break loose and go and see the rest of the world. Her inquisitive nature had not left her, so she took a boat with Edward Teach (Blackbeard) and sailed to England. She was still only sixteen, so she spent a year in England, looking at how her old home had changed so much, reading about her family and her sister Jane in history books. On her seventeenth birthday, she found a Satyr named Demosthenes, after being cornered by two cyclopes. The satyr and her managed to kill the cyclopes, before he took her to camp via plane.

Evangeline finally reached camp, only to be recognised as a child of Pandia, and resides now with her godly half-family.

She has a celestial bronze Stiletto blade - very ornate and feminine, along with a black-and-red celestial-bronze edged fan, which she uses as weapons.

She also has her diary, her last link with her Tudor family.


Scott 'Scout' Cameron
Son of Demeter
The Apprentice Boy
2014-06-27 2005

Name: Scott 'Scout' Cameron

Age: 19 (Biologically), 329 (Chronologically) (Born 21st July 1667)

Mortal Parent: Cassius Cameron

God Parent: Demeter

Siblings: Other children of Demeter

Model: Bobby Raffin

Personality: Scout has two strengths, his amazing agility and stamina and his ability to use his words. Scout often comes across as rude or arrogant often thinking of himself as better than those around him. He's considered to be quite brave by some but also quite cowardly by others for his fleeing abilities. On the other-side of his personality he's quite independent and strong willed, hating to be a 'sheep' and following other people. He's also known to be quite observant picking up on things that many people seem to not notice.

Scout's creativity comes into light when it comes to food. He has quite an addiction to cooking but doesn't like keeping it for himself and usually shares it with other people. He has a huge difficulty with writing because he never learnt how to when he was a child but wishes to learn how to.

Weapons/Possessions: -

Scott 'Scout' Cameron
The Runt

In 1611 Eva Anderson and Jasper Cameron moved from their home in Scotland to the newly built walled city of Londonderry which was still being constructed. The reason they moved was for new job opportunities and because Eva was pregnant with her first child at the mere age of 21 which was disappointing to everyone in both of their families as they were expecting Eva to become a lady in waiting to a queen.

Matthew Cameron was born during the winter of that year, there were no congratulations. Matthew, deciding to make it into a tradition had two children by the age of 17, a newborn boy and a two year old girl. The girl, Amy, decided to carry on the tradition whereas he brother Cassius decided to abandon it entirely. Cassius quickly decided he wanted to become a lawyer, a profession that in those times were hard to find or come across and extremely hard to afford to hire so he decided to go to England to study but after finishing his studies came back to Derry to find his parents.

Amy's child Rebekah had already had a child by the time Cassius reached 35. He'd realized he's been getting old but firmly decided that he was never having children. He met his future wife Esther later that year and they had their first child Jemma


Siege of Derry



Gustave Loki Andersen
Son of Apate • WIP

Name: Gustave Loki Andersen

Age: WIP

Mortal Parent: Anders Naess

God Parent: Apate

Siblings: Other children of Apate

Model: WIP

Personality: -

Weapon/s: -


Gustave Loki Andersen
The Viking Trickster


The Viking Expansions


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