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Name: Clint Green

Gender: Male

Age: 17 Physically, about 150 chronologically


  • Carol Green-Mother
  • Richard Green-Grandfather
  • Linda Green-Grandmother
  • Charlie Green-Uncle
  • Jacob Green-Uncle
  • Ares, Hermes, Eris, Athena and various other gods-Ancestors

Appearance: Model: Ben Elliott Personality: Clint has seen countless wars, violence, bloodshed and death. He has a hard time expressing feelings of pity and mercy, due to all of the blood on his hand and how many people he’s seen suffer. Clint refuses to grow close to anyone, hating the idea of experiencing loss again. This also makes him very untrusting and distant. Clint suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, intense sadness, anger or ever things like annoyance and indecisiveness can set him off.Some may mistake his severe anxiety for fear but that isn't at all the case, sometimes even the complete opposite as he is more likely to run towards danger than away from it. Unfortunately depending on the situation he may not always react in a level headed manner and could get someone hurt because of it, or put people in danger. Which is another reason he stays distant to people, not wanting to have an episode and putting them in harm's way.

History: It was June 1859 in the United States, Slavery was still legal and there were only 33 states. No historical events of great importance had happened in this time. in Virginia, the Green family was rich and prosperous. They had owned about 50 slaves and a very large cotton plantation, patriarch of Greens was 65 year old Richard Green.

Richard had taken pride in the fact that his family had a very interesting history, many of his ancestors and relatives had taken part in many wars. Richard’s father being a soldier in the War of 1812 and his predecessors having taken part in the American Revolution. Another side to their history being the Green family tree was rich with demigod blood. Even though Richard wasn’t a demigod himself, he could refer to Ares,Eris, Athena, Hermes and a few other gods as his ancestors.

Richard had 3 grown children, Charlie, Jacob and his daughter Carol. Charlie and Jacob were twins and sons of Enyo, goddess of war and destruction. They were 40 and were veterans of the Mexican-American War which took place between 1846 to 1848. While Carol was only 17 and the child of his 34 year old mortal wife Linda.

Linda was constantly trying to get Carol married off to some other rich family, which could mean more fortune for the family. While Richard was praying to the gods, asking one of their stronger members to impregnate his daughter so his family could continue their demigod legacy. Carol didn’t want any of this, but of course in those times she had absolutely no say in the matter.

Until one day, his prayers were answered. Lord Deimos had arrived at the Green estate and introduced himself to Richard who couldn’t be happier. He immediately commanded two of the maids to fetch his daughter. Charlie and Jacob were out on their own business at the time. Richard had told Carol and his wife of the Greek Gods and how Deimos was here to bless their family with another half-blood.

Linda didn’t argue, believing that as a woman she had no say in the matter. But Carol refused to bear some strangers’ child, but upon looking towards Deimos. She was completely terrified of him, thanks to his powers at work. She certainly didn’t want to, but her fear compelled to go with her father’s wishes and have relations with the God of Terror.

The next morning, Carol ended up vomiting in the bathroom and Richard was excited. Soon he’d have another demigod in his family, his wife had mixed feelings about it and Charlie and Jacob just took their father’s side as always. But Carol was quite scared at the idea of motherhood, being young and practically a child herself.

9 months later she birthed Deimos’ child, with aid from her mother and some of the maids. Richard quickly arrived late and named the child Clint, Carol wanted to name him something else. But again, her thoughts and opinions didn’t mean anything.

Growing up, Clint was normally cared for by the maids. Rather than his own family, Charlie was normally off causing issues, raping women and Jacob would normally try to keep a leash on him. Richard had a large plantation to run, Linda was off enjoying her life as a rich wife. Going to parties and having a few affairs. Clint would always seek a relationship with his mother, but he represented the fact that she was in no control of her life. So Carol was always a distant mother.

But then it was 1861 and the Civil War began, Charlie and Jacob quickly joined the Confederacy. Believing stronger in the South’s right to secede from the U.S, Richard was confident in the Confederacy’s ability to fend off the Union. But due to the number of early wars in Virginia, the Green’s quickly had to vacate their estate and seek out a smaller home in North Carolina. Leaving their slaves behind.

The family tried to make a decent living, Linda quickly died of Cholera. Much to Richard’s dismay, he began selling off Carol to a local brothel to make end’s meet. Since prostitution rates had skyrocketed during the war. Clint was far too young to understand what was going on. Richard just told his grandson. “Mommy’s making alot of people happy.”

This went on until the war was over and the Confederate’s was defeated. Clint was 6 when they found out Charlie did not survive the war. He and Jacob were able to use their deadly powers as son of Enyo to murder many Union Soldiers, but eventually they were overwhelmed and Charlie was shot to death.

Jacob quickly fell into an alcoholic depression along with his father, while they both continued to force Carol into prostitution. Clint was detached from all 3 of his family members, becoming somewhat violent and angry at his situation. There was no schooling, seeing as how the South was too busy trying to rebuild after the war. When Clint was 8, he had gotten into a fight with two teenage boys. Jacob had seen everything, being greatly reminded of exactly how Charlie was at that age. Knowing his demigod blood was at work, he began to bond with his nephew.

Two years later in 1869, Carol had snapped. She blamed how bad her life all on her father. Pimping her off to the gods she didn’t care for and countless mortal men just because he didn’t want to get a job. In a furious drunken rage, she had stabbed Richard in his sleep with one of Jacob’s knives and decapitated. Clint and Jacob were out training that night, so they only arrived to find Carol missing and Richard’s bloody corpse.

Clint was somewhat traumatized by the experience, wanting to know where his mother was. Jacob alerted the police, but there was nothing they could do. Carol was long gone, Clint was mortified by the loss of his mother he could never bond with no matter how hard he tried. A year later, the 11 year old complained of seeing strange creatures and beings. Jacob having grown to care about Clint had managed to get a job, but he knew he had to explain to Clint about how he was a demigod and how he’d have to learn how to fend off monsters.

As he trained and grew older, he slowly began to realize his demigod powers. The powers to know, augment, calm and gain power from other people’s fears. He also was innately physically fit and had no fear himself. When he was 12, he had received a Celestial Bronze saber from his uncle and easily slew a small number of harpies thanks to his training.

As Clint grew older and continued to fend off monsters, his uncle told him war stories about his time with the Confederacy and when he fought for American expansion against Mexico. This helped inspire him somewhat to become a brave demigod soldier, just like his uncles and many ancestors past him. It was just him and his beloved uncle, for once in his life Clint couldn’t be happier.

But when Jacob had passed away in 1874 when he contracted typhoid fever, a 15 year old Clint was mortified by the loss of his last family member. With nowhere else to turn and his inspirations of his veteran uncle, Clint lied about his age and joined the army. He had been placed in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, being stationed in Fort Abraham Lincoln located in Dakota Territory (Now known as North Dakota.) Clint joined just in time for the Black Hills Expedition, where he aided their mission to find a location for a new fort. He served under Commander George Armstrong Custer.

Custer and Clint were attacked by an empousai one night, after they both easily dispatched it. Clint and Custer both admitted to being sons of Deimos, one could say they somewhat bonded. But gold was discovered during the expedition, which led to the Black Hills Gold Rush. This angered the local Sioux indians, it was an invasion of land promised to them. Sioux chiefs attempted to maintain their land peacefully, but refused to surrender the Black Hills. Soon after, the Great Sioux War of 1876 had begun.

A brave and completely fearless 17 year old Clint was ready to fight along with Custer and his men.One of the Indian Agents was also a demigod and informed Custer of a powerful artifact sacred to the Native American gods was kept by the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes. Custer was driven by greed, pride and arrogance, ignoring the fact that they were highly outnumbered. Leading his soldiers into the great defeat known as the Battle of Little Bighorn, but Clint had ran away once it was obvious Custer was leading his men to their deaths.

Clint had heard about the deaths of Custer and his allies, the Native American gods were furious to hear their artifact was missing. They went to the Greek Gods and blamed them, Clint being a survivor of the battle and a Greek demigod was blamed for having the artifact even though he didn’t have it. Deimos didn’t care, he was humiliated at how his son ran away from the battle and abandoned his men.

Deimos cursed Clint with immortality, he would be forced to take place in every war America fought in or he would die instantly. The remaining skirmishes with the Native Americans, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam. Clint had served in all of those wars and more. Until it was 2014 and Deimos looked over Clint and his many amazing exploits in battle. He relieved Clint of his curse and had a fear spirit guide him to camp. Deimos quickly claimed him, Clint had then entered camp with nowhere else to go..

Weapons: A Shortsword and a crossbow

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