Halloween Battle Royale - Round 1

Welcome to the first round of the Halloween Battle Royale!

Rules are simple. Each user has to pick a power that their character has, and come up with the most creative way to use that power in a fighting post. Basically pick a power, and come up with the most creative fight post you can utilising just that one power you chose against the assigned monster (as well as any non-power related things, weapons, physical environment, etc). The post should be reasonably long, but not novel length, preferably one to two paragraphs tops.

The assigned monster for this group is: a Cyclops!


P.S. - It is up to the user if they wish to use their character's WB or use the {{Post}} template.

P.S.S. - Please indicate which Arena you would like to use. This is just a minor clarification cause some users were asking me if it's like a run-in somewhere outside Camp. Because this is an organized event by the gods IC, these attacks will happen in Arenas. It is up to you which Arena you would like to use.

Deadline: October 20


  1. Aria Shen - Nata
  2. Jimmy Cooper - Jack
  3. Ini Seraphim - Nin
  4. Landon Jeon - Brocky
  5. Leon Mitchel - Toxyca



Round One
Opponent: Cyclops

Arena: The arena is circular and enclosed by a domed wall (20 meters high at its apex), preventing airborne demigods from escaping. Small, dark pebbles comprise most of its floor, but scattered throughout are larger rocks with jagged edges. Enchanted torches spiral along the walls, lighting the arena just enough to render Aria's night vision ineffective.

Possessions: Backpack (containing a tactical flashlight, a water bottle, a miniature first-aid kit, and ambrosia squares) and CB sword

Outfit: Gray hoodie, basketball shorts, running shoes, no armor

Power Chosen: "Children of Astraeus can limit gravity’s effect on their own bodies, causing them to float up and fly. The longer they fly, the more it drains them."

With his shoulders bowed and his feet dragging, the Cyclops lumbered onto the arena's rocky floor. Gravel crunched ominously beneath his footsteps, and foul saliva dripped from his asymmetrical mouth. With a start, Aria realized the full gravity of her situation. Everything had progressed so quickly that even she--the constantly vigilant, notoriously unshakable, and ridiculously overprepared head counselor of Astraeus--was caught off-guard. As quickly as the Halloween gods had whisked her into the Underworld, they had sent her along her way, directly onto the next stage of their competition: the monster battle. Now, the blood-streaked eye of what could be her imminent demise stared into her soul. If Aria remembered correctly (and, alas, she always remembered correctly), many Cyclops ate demigods. The drool oozing from between her opponent's plaque-encrusted teeth provided her no reassurance. Unless Aria regained her bearings immediately, her spirit would soon be traveling to another part of the Underworld, and her dismembered body would be dissolving within a pool of gastric acid.

Drawing upon her own strengths--rationality and levelheadedness--to suppress the visceral fear of death bubbling within her, Aria inhaled deeply and analyzed her situation. What is my best course of action? Although Aria's sword was her most important physical weapon, her intellect--or, more specifically, her aptitude for strategy--was her most valuable weapon overall. Both in combat and in peace, she was never without a plan or ten. Possibilities racing through her mind, the child of Astraeus focused her thoughts and prepared to fight for her life. After mere seconds of deliberation, Aria refocused her eyes on the Cyclops. Got it.

About 50 meters away, the Cyclops was slowly shuffling in her direction. Expecting an easy meal, he was taking his own sweet time in approaching her. Taking advantage of the extra time, Aria shrugged her backpack off of her shoulders and fully zipped up her jacket. For her plan to work, she would have to make herself as light and aerodynamic as possible. For the past few months, Aria had been developing a technique that conserved energy while still yielding advantages similar to flight. By lowering gravity's downward pull on her to slightly more than zero, she would not fly outright, but she would be able run more quickly and jump more easily. In effect, like an astronaut in the lower gravity of the Moon, she could soar through the air and land lightly. Praying that her hours of practice would pay off, Aria bounded determinedly across the rocks toward her opponent. Taken aback by his prey's sudden movements, the Cyclops stopped in his approach. His eye scoured his surroundings for a weapon, eventually settling on a hefty boulder about the size of Aria's torso. Unleashing a guttural roar that echoed throughout the arena, he launched the boulder at her. Crap. She planted her feet firmly in the rocks and pushed off, momentarily lessening her gravity even more to give her an extra vertical boost. The momentum she had built up from running carried her forward and above the path of the boulder. Heartbeat racing due to her narrow brush with death, Aria quickened her pace after she landed. As she drew within 10 meters of her enemy, she tugged a red charm bead off of her watch and clasped it in her right hand. Instantaneously the bead transformed into a short sword, much to the Cyclops' bewilderment. Before he could react, Aria jumped up again, this time to his shoulder level. Once again, her momentum propelled her forward, bringing her sword within reach of the Cyclops' face. She slashed downward viciously and kicked off of his shoulder. The success of her entire plan hinged on the success of her next few actions.

The Cyclops let out a scream so tortured that a part of Aria's heart twinged in pity for her opponent. A bloody gash diagonally bisected his face, mutilating his eye, nose, and upper lip. The battle had not ended, however. Lashing out in intense agony, the monster stomped the ground frenziedly, shaking the entire arena with his pain. Looks like I'll have to stay in the air a little longer. Still traveling upwards after pushing off of the Cyclops' shoulder, Aria pivoted midair so that her feet faced the domed arena ceiling. She lessened gravity's effect on her further, continuing until her feet lightly came into contact with the dome. Although she could feel the rumbling of the ground reverberating through the ceiling, it was much steadier than standing on the floor. Her powers couldn't keep this up forever, though. Aria had to finish this fight as expediently as possible, then, spending as little time as possible near the flailing Cyclops. She ran along the ceiling, mindful of the enchanted torches that spiraled from the top. Though they obstructed her movement, they also assisted her in determining which part of the floor she was standing above: as she vaulted over a light source, she cast a shadow on the ground directly beneath it. Using this method, Aria pinpointed the spot at which she stood diametrically above the Cyclops. Time to end this. She steadied herself with a deep breath, then mustered all the force her legs could produce to propel herself away from the ceiling. Flipping so that her feet faced the ground, she released all control of gravity and let the Earth pull her downward. The timing of her next two seconds of free-fall was key. As she fell toward the Cyclops, Aria grabbed her sword with both hands and jabbed it into his back. It sliced messily through skin and muscles, scraping through the middle of his spinal column. Before she collided with the ground, Aria restarted her power usage, slowing her fall enough to survive but still landing roughly.

Well, I'm never doing that again, Aria winced, pain shooting up her shins. She was much better off than her opponent, at least. The Cyclops lay immobile, facedown in a growing pool of his own blood. Since monsters vanished after being killed, Aria assumed that he was still alive but paralyzed from the carnage she'd inflicted upon his back. She shuddered. Poor guy. I'd never wish that fate upon anybody, monster or not. As the adrenaline wore off, she simply felt tired, physically and emotionally. Sitting down on the ground, Aria stared reflectively at her bloody sword. What comes next?

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If fighting a Cyclops Ini would only use the power to create miniature moons of light and he would face it in it's own cave/home. Ini would make his way in stealthily his weapons in mode and his fingers on the string ready to fire when the chance is given. He would stay near the entrance/exit and create the moonlight orb around the belly button of the cyclops so that the cyclops would see the orb and have no way of seeing Ini. Once his attention was on the moonlight orb he would brighten it to the point the retina of the cyclops would burn forcing the creature to close it eye. Like any creature would do when blinded the Cyclops would blink and when it did Ini would fire an arrow through it's eyelid keeping the eyelid in place. The pain and sense loss would cause it stumble around looking for a place to keep balance and sense it is in it's own home he would find it easily. Once there Ini would send out another orb where it stops but this one just a light to see by while Ini sneaks behind the cyclops and attacks it from behind. Using his weapon in dagger mode to stab into it's back and as a hand hold and using the other to stab into the eye being held open by his arrow.


Chosen Power

Children of Zeus have the ability to flow an electrical current into any sort of metal weaponry which will shock anyone it strikes; the current can only be maintained while they are holding the weapon.


Landon Jeon 12

Landon Jeon Son of Zeus • New Athens Resident

Landon walked into the water arena completely unaware of what monster he would be facing off against. He had the tiniest inkling that he would be facing off against a cyclops, but that was only a mere rumour he had heard in the midst of all the camp gossip. The arena he had chosen, although one would assume it would be more of a nuisance to him, actually would benefit him greatly with the power he had picked. If he executed it correctly that is. Adorned in minimal armour (just a chest plate), he was also sporting some black spandex shorts that came to just above his knees and a tank top underneath his chest plate. When he started walking around the arena, he took note of the mass bodies of water. He had a plan already in place, it all just depended on if he could fool the monster he was against.

Once analyzing the arena and deciding his plan would definitely work out, Landon heard a low grumble coming from behind him. While the demigod was analyzing the arena, a 9 foot tall cyclops had entered the arena. Drawing his sword, Landon didn't feel any pressure to make any sudden attacks. If he wanted his plan to work he needed to move calmly and not become panicked. Taking a defensive stance, Landon waited for the cyclops to charge for him, and when it did he evaded it with ease by stepping to the side. Once the cyclops finished it's charge, it turned back around to face Landon with a look of anger. He charged Landon once more, this time instead of Landon stepping out of the way he allowed himself to get knocked into a deep body of water, the deepest part coming up to his midsection roughly. The sudden plunge into rather chilly water was shocking at first, but it did help in his plan. The cyclops followed Landon into the water and Landon then began to lure him by swimming towards the knee high part of the body of water.

Landon arrived at the almost sandbar like part of the water, giving him a chance to prepare himself for water he needed to do in order to beat the monster. Once the water came up to his knees, Landon turned around to face the cyclops who was just now reaching the start of the sandbar. This was his chance to take down the cyclops. Using the ability where he can flow an electrical current into his sword, Landon did just that and broke the surface of the water with the sword's blade. If science had taught Landon anything, the electric current would electrify the water, and since children of Zeus weren't fazed by electricity, he watched calmly as the cyclops was electrocuted. Although it would have been enough to kill a normal human, the cyclops was essentially just stunned. Once the electrical current had ended, Landon drove his sword through the cyclops' chest.


Power: Children of Eurus have the ability to create a massive rainstorm which will begin to downpour and flood the area for a short time.

Equipment: Leon wields a stone ring on his right hand given to him by Aeolus. The ring is enchanted to release a blast of concussive force toward heavy impacts, with more powerful impacts against it yielding larger blasts. It is not celestial bronze or Stygian iron, so monsters are not supernaturally weak to it - its only lethal effect is its enchantment.

Leon:“NOW, DON’T GET ME WRONG,” Leon shouted through the swirling mist, “I REALLY AM ENJOYING THIS-” CRASH! “-BUT WE DON’T SEEM TO BE MAKING-” CRASH! “-ANY PROGRESS ON OUR PREDICAMENT HERE!” His excitement-crazed laugh was lost in the torrential winds and cold rain tearing at him, but his opponent’s bellow of rage cut through the noise like an earthquake. Again it swung with all its fury, and again and again, and each time Leon swung in mirror. Their fists collided repeatedly, and time and again the Cyclops’ hand was blown back by a blast from Leon’s ring. The rhythmic bursts from his unassuming weapon in its clash against the colossal creature’s blows sent pulses through the steam hanging around them. Leon was grinning like a madman facing down the monster – barely a dark silhouette through the rain and steam. Cyclops were ridiculously strong, and, celestial bronze notwithstanding, ridiculously durable. Leon ducked under one punch and swatted aside another with one of his own. CRASH! Another pressure wave through the mists. They clashed barely ten meters from the massive basin of lava that made the center of the Fire Arena, which sent up clouds of steam like smoke. As the Cyclops staggered back and roared in frustration, Leon circled around and edged a few more feet back toward the lava. The brutal punching match that he had engaged in for the last countless minutes, leaving him drenched in sweat and rain was, all leading up to this - getting the creature to follow him here. No, his enchanted stone ring wouldn’t kill it. No matter how hard he swung, it wouldn’t be be enough to end the hulking monster. It didn’t have to.

When the Cyclops moved to swing again, Leon turned and ran. Where now he stepped out onto slick, soft black stone, there had been lava when the fight began. He exhaled in relief. Ten minutes of cold cloudburst-strength rain had worked – the surface of the lava lake was crusted over. Oh, Nyxil, thank the gods for your endurance lessons. The Cyclops let out a furious bellow while Leon fled as fast as his legs would take him. It charged after him a moment later, but its confusion had given him a head start and he’d lost it in the steam made by the solidifying molten lake. He ran and ran until his legs gave out, then sat down and slid off his ring. As the Cyclops finally caught up with its long, thunderous strides and bellowed bloody murder at him, he just rose with a smirk and, before the monster could react, pitched his precious ring as hard as he could between the beast’s feet. CRASH! The ring struck the dark crust right under the creature and let off another pulse like a thunderclap. The resulting blast of force shot the ring into the air just as fast as it had hit. Cracks webbed out under the cyclops’ feet. The poor, confused thing barely got the chance to focus its one eye downward before the crust it stood on crumbled, giving way to the molten magma below. The Cyclops cried a guttural scream and thrashed violently about for anything to hold on to, but its heavy fists only broke away any soft rock it could reach. It sank in terror into the glowing red depths. A second later Leon caught his ring out of the air and punched the sky in celebration. Cyclopes could withstand virtually infinite heat, breathe underwater, and wade through volcanoes, but when dropped thirty feet deep into the center of a molten caldera, they couldn’t swim in it. And they sure as hell couldn’t breathe in it. Leon let the rain from his localized storm wash the sweat from his brow and set back to more solid earth.


Character Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total Score
Aria Shen 92 93 97 282
Jimmy Cooper
Ini Seraphim 76 72 79 227
Landon Jeon 93 90 91 274
Leon Mitchel 87 87 88 262

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