Halloween Battle Royale - Round 1

Welcome to the first round of the Halloween Battle Royale!

Rules are simple. Each user has to pick a power that their character has, and come up with the most creative way to use that power in a fighting post. Basically pick a power, and come up with the most creative fight post you can utilising just that one power you chose against the assigned monster (as well as any non-power related things, weapons, physical environment, etc). The post should be reasonably long, but not novel length, preferably one to two paragraphs tops.

The assigned monster for this group is: a Karkinos!


P.S. - It is up to the user if they wish to use their character's WB or use the {{Post}} template.

P.S.S. - Please indicate which Arena you would like to use. This is just a minor clarification cause some users were asking me if it's like a run-in somewhere outside Camp. Because this is an organized event by the gods IC, these attacks will happen in Arenas. It is up to you which Arena you would like to use.

Deadline: October 20


  1. Alaska Eira Jansen - June
  2. Yelena Ivy Kovalsky - Xax
  3. Joachim Flamel - Hyu
  4. Sasha Taylor - Kat



Earth Arena
Power used: Iris supplementary power #1

The light is good. Yes, better. Alaska was pretty sure she made a mistake joining such a game, yet she felt like participating. Her fans swayed, hooked on the belt around her hips. Observing the arena, she sighed, when suddenly a loud hissing sound came out of nowhere. She turned around and spotted one of the ugliest things she'd ever seen. The crab rose to almost ten feet tall, its foamy mouth dripping icky water. Its pincers snapped horribly as it came nearer while Alaska stood there, frozen by such a sight. How in the world did Heracles crushed a monster this size? she thought, remembering the story of it. This putting her out of her state, she ducked and rolled on the ground away from it as its pincers came to swoop on her. Immediately, she took her fans and spread them open, the whole of its leaves covering almost half of her body like a shield. The crab came again, and Alaska slashed on its pincer. It didn't seem to be hurt, but it didn't like it, either. She put her fans on standby.

It moved fast at her sideways, and she jumped behind ruins of what was probably once a wall. The infernal crustacean crashed at the wall, ruining it more as the bricks fell on the ground. She rolled away, almost getting crushed by one. One pincer came down at her again, and she summoned a rainbow that crashed down in front of her, blocking the crab from her. It didn't seem surprised, though. I might just tire it until it weakens. Water's too far away, she thought. No, that'd take too much energy. The dry sand seemed to add up to the heat surrounding them. In the second, she sought the monster's eyes and flashed her fans before it. Intense reflected light hit the crab's eyes and it moved away, hissing and snapping. She had another rainbow crash down before her and walked on it as if it were solid pavement. She jumped at the crab's back - a huge mistake.

It was slippery, and plus its constant movement, it was hard to get balanced. She landed on her feet and immediately slid down the huge shell. The monster scuttled round and round, searching for her. Alaska had one fan folded and jabbed it between the crab's eyes. The crab gurgled and tried to snap her off, but she let go of the fan. She turned her other fan into a shield and used it as a slide as the ground they were on began to go downhill steep. She again had a rainbow in front of her that turned back to the crab. The fan she had jabbed reappeared in her hand. With her shield acting as a skate, the rainbow passed under the crab as it continued to scuttle a bit after the hitting in its face. She turned the fan into a sword and stabbed the crab in its belly. The crab froze. She immediately slid on the rainbow away from the crab and fell onto the dry sand, bruises on her skin. The crustacean blew up into golden dust, its empty shell lying in the ground. Her sword came spiraling back at her in its war fan form, the shield also back in fan form.


Arena: Forest Arena

Chosen Ability: Supplementary #2: Children of Apate are able to mimic sounds or the voice of a person or creature they already heard speaking or making noise. The quality of the mimicry depends on the focus and skill level of the user.

Yelena: She finished tying the last knot on her combat boots before heading towards the arena she’d been told to attend. Her recently-braided fishtail bounced against her back as she strutted until she finally found the forest arena. At first, Yelena had thought that joining this event right after getting to camp would be a good idea, and she thought so for a great deal of time. At least until she noticed the gigantic crab-like monster foaming at its mouth constantly. Now she regretted joining in the first place. She didn’t master many of the more advanced powers that most of her half-siblings managed to use successfully nor did she have any professional training with the powers she could use properly. Groaning, the daughter of Apate decided that she would make use of her street smarts. Or whatever was left of them.

Without any previous sign, the monster spit out a gushing water stream of dubious origin at her, and she, unprepared, fell back as the the reeking water soaked her clothes and skin. Luckily, a part of her hair had been spared. She quickly stood up and rolled back her sleeves as the monster made some unusual sounds. With her machete in hand, she charged for it and slashed at one of its several legs. Unluckily, she didn’t hit the joint, only receiving a karkinos’ equivalent sound to a cry of war. Swiftly, the monster moved its leg and kicked Yelena away. She fell on her buttocks and moved a stray strand of hair away from her face, simultaneously deciding that just attacking the monster wouldn’t do. Looking behind her, she noticed a clearing with a waterfall and a pool of water below it after a dense part of the forest with lots of trees close together. Not having any other plan, she ran towards it, knowing for a fact that the shelled creature would follow her to the water source. Even if it was fast for its size, and managed to knock down some trees, she moved faster and had the advantage of her size to sneak out of its sight. Yelena managed to hide behind the running water of the cascade (getting now all of her hair wet in the process) a fraction of a second before the karkinos entered the small clearing. She could almost feel the confusion of the monster as she heard it walking around the clearing, looking for his prey.

Suddenly, she felt her stomach churning and had the sudden urge to throw up. ‘’Morning sickness… again.’’ she thought. What if she’d gotten pregnant this time? After several encounters with several people, the odds were that she should be pregnant at least once by now. Somehow, even if the thought should sicken the demigoddess further, it did quite the opposite. In that moment, she swore that she wouldn’t die to this monster, given that if she did, she could also be making a potential fetus die with her. It was a motherly instinct she quickly developed. Then it hit her –every creature had a motherly instinct, and most likely the monster had one too. Yelena promptly formulated a plan in her head.

As the constant sounds of the giant crab knocking down nearby trees and its pincers slashing at random movement in the pool of water, Yelena listened very closely to the sounds the karkinos made. She practiced speaking at an inaudible volume under her breath for a few seconds before she took a deep breath and decided to let it out. She exceptionally mimicked the karkinos at a higher pitch, as well as misleading the monster into thinking that the sound came from its offspring. The karkinos stopped moving, trying to find the source of the seemingly familiar sound. Yelena, while still imitating the sound, cried in an attempt to make it sound like a desperate act for help. The crab actively looked for the sound until it noticed it came from behind the thick running water sheet that fell from the top of the cascade. Readying herself, Yelena unsheathed her machete and lifted it as she continued screaming. Instinctively, the karkinos charged towards the waterfall, trying to get to the other side. Yelena, on cue, ran with all her might and jumped at it, finding a moderate-sized skin crevice between the monster’s mouth and belly (presumably the equivalent to its neck) and stabbing her machete right on the spot. The acceleration of the crab’s charge towards her helped the weapon embed itself deeply into the creature, and in a last attempt to save itself, it spit another high-pressured stream of water at the demigoddess. She fell back and hit her head in a rock, but as soon as she recovered from the stun and stood back up again, there was no monster in front of her, but rather lots of golden particles floating in the water that surrounded her.


Arena: Swampland

Chosen ability: Children of Hecate are adept at making potions and elixirs, however potions used in battle cannot be overly powerful or altering to the events of the battle. Potions that can automatically heal all wounds or restore all energy are examples of over-powered potions. Only descendants of Hecate/Circe and Lampades can create potions. Overconsumption of potions can result in overdose symptoms and some potions could have side-effects or not work at all.

Joachim: It isn't exactly a good day for Joachim. First of all, he wakes up late for the battle, so he has little time to prepare himself. Second, he has a urinary tract infection after holding his urine for prolonged periods of time. As such, he has to bring with him a small medicine bottle that contained five ciprofloxacin tablets. It's snugly tucked in a small belt bag that contains an assortment of potentially dangerous potions, which he randomly picked from his personal stash at the last minute. And lastly, an agitated giant crab, with claws pinching loudly and madly, was chasing after him. So far, his only strategy is to keep it as far away from the pond at the center of the swamp as possible.

Joachim and the monster are only running in circles, and he can feel the energy insidiously seeping away from his body. As for the karkinos, he can sense that neither symptom nor sign of fatigue has manifested on it. As soon as he covers approximately twenty feet away from it, a sharp pain pierces across his lumbar region. He grits his teeth. His infection's implying the urgent need to take his medication. Otherwise, he'll end up dead quicker than he expects. Not so distant from him, he notices a trench cutting through a small stretch of land. Lucky for him, it is abundantly covered with vegetation and rocks of varying heights. It's a good place for him to hide and collect himself for the later parts of the battle. As such, he pushes his legs to run faster. Unfortunately, the karkinos is gaining speed to the point that Joachim is within its claws' reach. A few seconds later, one of the claws are about to grasp him. He takes a deep breath then dives for an opening in the trench, right between a clump of shrubs. The karkinos' claws barely miss his right foot, cutting through leaves and low-lying branches instead. He rolls downhill, bruising himself along the way. As soon as he regains footing, he crawls and hides in a much denser clump of shrubs. He can hear the karkinos' gurgling growl getting louder, although it is noted in the tone that it is confused--probably wondering where its prey had gone.

With little time to spare, he grabs his medicine bottle and gulps down a tablet of ciprofloaxcin, gagging a little because of the lack of moisture in his throat. Rummaging through his mind for a change of strategy, he notices the label on the bottle: "Tell your doctor if you experience serious side effects of ciprofloaxcin including severe dizziness, fainting, fast or pounding heartbeats; sudden pain, snapping or popping sound, bruising, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, or loss of movement in any of your joints..." In an instant, he searches his belt bag for a potion that intensifies the effect of other potions. Lucky for him, he is able to bring one with him. Now, he hasn't tried mixing mortal medicine with a magical potion before but, for an alchemist like him, it's worth the curiosity and attempt. With shaking hands he takes four of the remaining tablets and submerges it into the potion. He seals the vial tightly with a cork and shakes it hard, making the liquid and tablets inside bubble with an eerie magenta glow.

Joachim stands up and rushes for the end of the trench, which eventually dips into the pond. Waiting there is the karkinos, who immediately sets its eyes and claws on him. With the potion vial clasped in his right hand, he runs straight ahead for the monster. As soon as it opens its foaming mouth, he hurls the bottle into it, all the while dodging the guillotine-like pincers and spear-like legs. He makes his way towards the swampy water, beckoning the karkinos to come after him. It does so with incredible speed, seeing the pond as a safe haven and an advantage against its opponent. Without a further ado, Joachim rolls away to his side as soon as he and the monster are only a few inches apart. The karkinos crashes into the pond with a big splash, once again confused as to where the demigod has gone to. That is when the potion starts to take into effect, putting the monster into great pain and gradual weakening of its limbs. It flails violently, which unwittingly entangles itself with the nearby vines and underwater weeds. Twenty-five seconds later, the karkinos' energy is all but sapped from its flailing, leaving it almost still and flaccid. It cannot muster the strength to untangle itself from the vines. One can even hear the horrible crepitations of its swollen, tender, and enervated joints.


Arena: Forest/Jungle Arena

Chosen ability: Children of Eris have the ability to create a field of chaotic energy around them for a short time, which stuns anyone who steps inside of it and deflects attacks.

Sasha: Sasha had little time to train for the battle. Once she signed up for it, she had decided to go out and drink her mind away. The day before this she felt sick from drinking so much that she couldn't get out of her bedroom, let alone her bed. The child of Eris hadn't thought much of it and pushed it from her mind. All her thoughts had to go towards defeating this monster, thinking about how rank she felt wasn't going to help her defeat this. All she did to prepare in fact was grabbing a tank top, a pair of Kim possible-styled pants, her fit for running nikes, a small white rag, and a stretchy hair band tightly holding her hair in place as not to get in her way. Her belt which had held all of her weapons including a few sharp throwing stars, twin katanas and a few arrows along with a bow on her back--all being celestial bronze obviously. It wasn't very practical having that many items but she knew she could make it work. It wasn't the best outfit to wear but she had just tossed it on once she realised she had the battle today. Making it just in time, she looked breathless. Sasha hid all her nerves all too well-- maybe a little bit too perfectly -- as she kept her face to it's default 'don't-talk-to-me-i-will-kick-you' look but secretly it frightened her a bit. That's when she heard the clicking and snapping noise of the monster that she had dreaded to see.

The young brunette watched it come closer and closer towards her as it thought of it's next move. This gave her time to think as well but she was absolutely brainless. None of the tactics that she had thought about while waiting for it to show up were coming to mind. Using it's steam of water, it shot at her which tossed her back so far that she almost fell off a cliff. Grabbing ahold of the edge of the cliff, she pulled herself up and charged towards it. As they both ran towards each other, she threw two throwing stars to try and get it on it's back. While it did cut into the karkinos' leg, it bounced off quickly due to it's strength. It then used it's claws to slash at her slim waist. Feeling pain, she was vulnerable for a moment which gave it some time to seize her from the waist and squeeze her hard. Unable to breathe, her instincts got the best of her. Using her powers, she used her ability of creating a field of energy around herself which quickly made it let her go. She was a survivor, a fighter--Sasha was not about to go down. Struggling to get one of the katanas from her belt after that powerful grip, she whipped it out and stabbed it into it's ginormous belly as a result of it being vulnerable from the stun. As it cried out in pain it tried to claw at her again but she wrenched her body and any type of way it could take hold of her away from it's grip. Every time it got closer to clawing at her and grabbing her again, she pushed herself off quickly. The adrenaline of getting it to back down got her excited, the energy she got from it was exhilarating despite the fact that she was covered in bruises and her stomach was sopping with blood.

As it remained vulnerable, she attempted to run (Run is an exaggeration, more like limp quickly because the pain from her upper body was way too painful for her to run efficiently) off to a dark hiding spot with a small lake near it to clean herself up a bit. Blood was coursing down from the her mouth and the wound in her shoulder had dried blood all over from the slashing of it's claws and how it just clashed into her. Sasha had tried her best to evade the attacks made by the creature but she was still pretty banged up. Making her hands into a cup form, she let the water go into the formation of her hands. Regardless of whether it was healthy, clean water or water that could possibly kill her, she could careless. It was delicious, the second it touched her lip she just couldn't stop--she just wanted to douse herself in water.

Cleaning herself up a bit with the small rag she had brought with her, she noticed it trying to crawl into a tiny lake--most likely to heal itself up. Groaning out loud, she pulled out her bow and arrow and tried with all her might despite her injuries to aim at the monster with horrible luck. The monster soon began to realise where all the arrows was coming from and began to slowly charge at her despite it's injuries. Trying to aim and shoot while running, her arm was useless and she knew it. Getting an idea, she kept trying to shoot it and run despite it's speed. Walking towards the little temple, she knew exactly what to do. Despite tripping a couple of times due to the pain from her waist, she kept her head up. Walking slower and slower as she got closer to her destination--the fire at the entrance of the temple. Her upper lip curled as she made herself appear to almost jumping the karkinos but instead tossing a throwing star at it as a result of it being caught off-guard. As it fell on top of it's shell, it felt into the fire as it wiggled around and smoldered itself in there. Although she looked like a mess and was lucky that she got out of there alive, her signature too-cool-to-care smirk stayed on her face as she watched it burn to a red-golden and smoking black mess.


Character Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Total Score
Alaska Eira Jansen 90 92 97 279
Yelena Ivy Kovalsky 91 90 89 270
Joachim Flamel 93 95 97 285
Sasha Taylor 90 88 88 266

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