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AKHLYS (Achlys) was the personified spirit (daimona) of the death-mist--the clouding of the eyes preceding death. She may also have been the goddess of deadly poisons. Akhlys was probably numbered amonst the Keres. PARENTS. Probably a daughter of NYX, though nowhere stated.

Some say she might've been the Protogenoi of misery and poison and the keeper of the Death Mist.

Sources: Theoi Riordan Wiki

Cabin Description

The Akhlys Cabin is just as poisonous as one would imagine. By the front is a tree that bears incredibly sweet, but poisonous fruit surrounded by poisonous flowers. The children of the cabin enjoy picking the flowers and eating the fruit of their beloved tree. Of course, they are clearly painted warning signs that would deter other campers from being harmed.

The cabin itself is made out of a dull brown wood that is slightly toxic and can irritate skin due to extended contact. The windows rarely open. A set of red poisonous mushrooms can be found growing all over the fence porch that can be easily plucked off.

Posted on the door is a Bio Hazard sign and incoming guests are asked to wear one of the gas masks to ensure their own safety. The Cabin is enchanted to emit a lightly poisonous gas that is said to make Akhlys' children more mellow and relaxed. Any fruits, candy or anything edible left laying around is dipped in poison, another sign is left to warn guests of that. Strangely enough, the rooms themselves don't contain any sort of aroma. The main attraction of the cabin is a collection of poisonous bugs kept in glass cases like a zoo. Another magical aspect of the cabin is that the poisonous material mentioned before (even the bugs) cannot be taken away from the general area of the cabin or it'll instantly disintegrate.



  1. Children of Akhlys have the ability to solidify poison and create it into weaponry, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user. Although only one can be conjured at a time, they may also form other objects out of their poison. If hit with a weapon made from poison, the poison can enter a target’s bloodstream through a cut or through their pores, so the target will feel sick and nauseous for a short time.
  2. Children of Akhlys can fire a small cloud of tear gas towards their opponent. The gas causes crying, sneezing, coughing and difficult breathing for a short time and leaves opponents open to attack.After being fired, the cloud quickly fades away into the air after a few moments.


  1. Children of Akhlys can solidify poison to create a protective cloak which is hung tight around the user. The longer the cloak is present, the more it drains.


  1. Children of Akhlys are immune to any sort of poison, even able to ingest toxic materials such as detergents and get bitten by venomous animals with no effect. Though they can negate this immunity for recreational drug and alcohol usage if they wish.
  2. Children of Akhlys have an aura of poison around them, which causes people around them to be slightly sick and nauseous. They can shut this off for a long time if they wish.
  3. Children of Akhlys can naturally sense and track nearby sources of poison, able to track people who've been affected by poison they created recently. They cannot track people who have only been affected by their poisonous aura.
  4. Over exposure to a child of Akhlys' poison during battle can potentially leave a single person in a coma or even cause them to die, though this is highly difficult to do and the child must actually want it to happen. Successfully doing either would leave the user extremely drained and on the verge of death themselves.


  1. Children of Akhlys can create a dense mist around a small area, whoever inhales the toxins or merely stays within it's presence for a few moments will feel it's effects. The toxic mist creates powerful headaches, leaves the target feeling weak for a few moments and even temporarily negates the healing process of their bodies. Leaving them immune to any healing abilities or items for a while.
  2. Children of Akhlys can heal their allies from the effects of any poison, but only on physical contact. The target will be effectively cleansed of any toxins in their system.
  3. Children of Akhlys can generate and control liquid poison with their minds. The more poison that is generated or controlled, the more energy that is drained.(Note: This liquid poison possesses the same effects as Offensive 1.)
  4. Children of Akhlys can drink a bottle of poisonous liquid for a temporary boost of speed and strength by drawing power from it. The empowerment can be used for an enhanced attack or a quick escape, it can only be used 3 times in battle before it's ineffective for the rest of the fight.

3 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Akhlys can coat their weapons, whether a regular one or one made from poison, with a rather powerful venom. The venom can be ingested through a cut, or upon entering the pores of their skin. The venom causes intense pain, swelling, and possibly paralysis. It only lasts for a short time.

6 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Akhlys can transform the air in the immediate vicinity into an invisible gas, once inhaled the target will suffer excessive perspiration, blurred vision, confusion and severe coughing. The poison transmutation ability can also extend to food, turning it into poison with no notable change until ingestion. The effects only last for a few moments of course.

9 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Akhlys can generate a large amount of gooey, purple liquid poison that it coats their entire body. Anyone who touches them will instantly feel the basic effects of sickness and nausea. Their toxikinetic abilities ascend to the point where the poison they're covered with gains magical properties, able to move through solid objects in an automatic search for any organic beings to poison. They're allowed to use their preexisting abilities in this state and can only maintain this form for a short time, being immensely drained afterwards.


  1. Children of Akhlys have a natural interest in poisons or anything of a toxic nature, whether it's the smell of it or how it can affect people. This interest can even get to the point where they'll consume toxic materials and feel some euphoria from doing so. This could lead to eating poisonous plants, having poisonous animals as pets and even drinking materials such as bleach or arsenic.
  2. Children of Akhlys tend to have habits of drug and alcohol usage since they could definitely be considered poisonous.
  3. Children of Akhlys naturally have a wide variety of knowledge on many things poisonous.
  4. Children of Akhlys tend to be very gloomy and miserable, sometimes for no reason at all.
  5. Children of Akhlys are known for enjoying toxic behavior and typically love being toxic socially.

Head Counsellor


Full Name

Benjiro Hamada


June 2nd 1996




Endo Fumiya




Father:Shoto Hamada
Mother: Akhyls


Being a slacker, Benji constantly displays a lazy and indifferent demeanor about most things. He believes that life should be enjoyed and not much matters except for that. Demigod heritage be damned, he doesn’t think being a demigod makes him or anyone that special since it causes so many potential issues for them. He doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t really affect him. Due to his belief, Benji typically tries to find some humor in whatever situation he’s in.

Ever since he was a teenager, the son of poison has been quite in love with the effects of smoking weed. Enjoying the peace and clarity that it gives him. Benji is quite a social man, finding himself the most comfortable around people that respect and even take part in his way of life. He believes in judging people by who they are, not necessarily believing that godparent stereotypes are absolute rules.


Shoto Hamada was a young Japanese immigrant, having moved to Los Angeles after a tenure at Camp Half Blood. As a son of Apollo, Shoto was a respected demigod who fit right in. Though after leaving Camp, he had some strange interests. He had a strange and morbid interest in poisoning people, whether it was friends, co-workers or even family. He loved seeing people suffer by his hands without even knowing it. But after his horrible activities led to several deaths, he decided it was best to live out in America.

Something about Shoto’s story interested a certain and relatively unknown goddess on Olympus. Many of Apollo’s children had went on to become Olympic archers, doctors and so on. Most didn’t know that he was also god of plague and disease, apparently Shoto was the rarity who focused on this trait aside from the others. Akhlys was the goddess of poison and couldn’t help but enjoy seeing a man enjoy her toxic creations. She figured Shoto was cute enough and that she could’ve used more children around anyway.

After managing to pose as a mortal woman and date him for a few weeks, Akhlys had her way and promptly left. Not going anywhere until she was absolutely sure she was pregnant. As a goddess she was able to give birth much faster than a mortal could and left the bastard child she desired by Shoto’s doorstep. As an experienced demigod, the man was able to figure out exactly what had happened. Only question was whether the mother of his newborn son was a notable goddess or not.

Growing up, Benjiro never felt particularly close with his father. The man had managed to give up habit of poisoning people and was haunted by his desire to keep doing so. More concerned with his own sadistic desires than being a dad, Shoto had turned to rampant alcoholism. This caused Benji to grow up feeling unwanted and unimportant as a child. Desiring that warmth and affection he carved from his father, only to receive small amounts of it.

Shoto didn’t think he needed to give his son much attention, only giving him the basic necessities and a few items such as toys and games to keep him out of his hair. Carving any sort of love and affection, Benji had become a very social child. Trying his best to act out for attention and make people laugh so they’d befriend him.

So Benji and Shoto had a strong divide between them until the boy was 13, the man had never wanted to be a father but knew his son was too special to give away. When Shoto had told him of his demigod heritage, he merely thought his dad had been drinking again. But once he talked about how he’d need to train him to defend himself, it seemed like the perfect excuse to actually do something with his dad for a change.

Honestly learning how to fight these supposed monsters felt like a chore, Benji had asked his father over and over about this crazy demigod thing and every time he explained it sounded worse and worse. Being hunted by monsters, not being able to use phones and having a parent who had an excuse to be a deadbeat. The teen tended to have a negative view on most things in life.

Fortunately after he turned 14, Benji had to use that weird transforming spear his father gave him to impale a harpy. He felt his friends probably would’ve thought all of this was cool, but he considered the experience rather scary and unpleasant. Since the demigod decided he’d simply miss his mortal friends if he ever went to Camp, he ended up keeping his normal life while handling the occasional monster attack. He ended up becoming a rampant pothead in high school with his stoner friends.

At this point in his life, Benji had become less caring and far more fun loving. Determined to focus on enjoying himself rather than his relationship with his dad and unfavorable status as a demigod. As he got older, fending himself from monsters and getting high constantly Benji felt like he was becoming happier when he just stopped caring. He adopted a form of optimistic nihilism, taking joy and comfort in the belief that life should just be enjoyed and that nothing really mattered in the end.

After graduating high school, he ended up attending Camp Half Blood since he didn’t feel like living with his dad anymore. He was claimed by Akhlys, the goddess of poison and this was annoying since it’s not like his mother had a cabin. Having to stay in the Hermes Cabin with the other rejects wasn’t fun but he adapted and stayed for a few years before leaving to try handling himself.

Though after a close call after he nearly got arrested for drug possession, Benji ended up deciding he was better off living at Camp where there was no rent or police to worry about.

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