New Monster Contest

The event that was taking place on this page has come to a close.
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After hundreds of years it's quite plausible that someone might create a new monster, a god, a titan, maybe a couple of old monsters got it on (not really sure how having monsters works), or maybe while Typhon was out and about 15 years ago, he had another kid. So here's your chance to put your creative juices to work for the benefit of the wiki.


Monsters may not be roleplayed, but if new forms of nymphs can be created that weren't in Greek mythology, why not special monsters, a kind nobody has ever heard of? You might expect only a god could be able to create a new species. Perhaps it was on accident, or to destroy something, well now is the time you can create your own species of monster. Let your creative side roam free... just like these future monsters.

  1. Name of the Monster
  2. Powers of the Monster
  3. Appearance of the monster
  4. History of how it came to be
  5. Strengths/Weaknesses

  • You must be at least a level 5, or becoming a level 5 prior to the last day of the month.
  • Only one entry per user, do NOT copy off other people's ideas/entries, you will be DQ'd for copying
  • Entries must be in by the 29th in order to qualify.
  • It can either be a group of monsters or a singular monster (like how there's only one Minotaur, but lots of harpies)
  • Obviously, or well this should be obvious, it can NOT already be in Greek myth
  • Don't just steal a monster directly from another myth either, that isn't very creative.

Note: User must either update their name in the character forum to reflect their prize choice or notify an admin or rollback to update the user/character forum for them

First Place Prize Options

  1. The winner's monster will be featured on the main page, as well as be credited with the creation of this new monster until the end of days. They will also win a shiny new character spot.

Second Place Prize Options

  1. will be allowed to adopt a character, although not one of their own, and have it count as a minor character.


Entry Last Edit Last Author
New Monster Contest/Empathoids08:57, April 28, 2014~Mathemagical
New Monster Contest/Chionead14:31, April 7, 2014DaMigster
New Monster Contest/Amicoids11:50, April 7, 2014Royaldoggie
New Monster Contest/Hippotaur07:30, April 7, 2014Isabella Chase

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