Del- Diafthorai, the Overturned

Name: The Diafthorai (singular Diafthor) meaning "the corrupt". Often referred to as the Overturned.


  • The Diafthor can change shape into any human appearance they wish. This ability is used to lure their victims. They can turn back between their human form and their "corrupt" form freely. However, this drains them largely of energy.
  • The vines which grow under their elven ears can be grown to a great length. These vines can only be penetrated by consecrated materials (celestial bronze, stygian iron, etc.). These vines are topped by flowers, which at will can release pheromones that can lure humans to sleep.
  • The Diafthorai have great control over plants. However, they cannot create plants, only control existing plants. This also gives them full control over their vines, letting them use it offensively.

Appearance: While in human form, the Diafthorai's appearance varies as much as any human's does, as they can take on any human form they wish. However, once in their corrupt form, the males have green eyes and the females have yellow eyes. Their ears become elven and two vines, topped by flowers, grow under them. Their hair tends to be long and filled with plants. They each have a unique marking of dots on their forehead. Their teeth become razor sharp, their lips becoming extremely thin. In their corrupt form, their human clothes transform into plants, wrapping the Diafthor. The Diafthorai have extremely long and sharp claws.

History: Many years ago, when the titans castrated their father, Ouranos, in rebellion, his blood fell into the seas and the earth, spawning several creatures, in particular, monsters. Seeing as some of the blood dripped into the earth, Gaea could control some of its flow. In desire to spawn another race for her to lead, she took control of some of the blood, combining it with some of her own pure essence while she let it seep through the earth. After conspiring with her new husband, Tartarus, they agreed to let the blood seep into the underworld and then Tartarus itself, combining some of Tartarus' pure essence with the mixture as well. Gaea took possession of the now enhanced substance and tuned some of it down with holy water, to make sure her new race wouldn't be so powerful as to overcome her rule or have a sense of morality and turn to the side of her opponents. She took the substance and under human disguise, lured various impregnated mortal women around the globe to "have a drink" of the substance. This immediately killed the women, but turned the babies into what are known as the Diafthorai today, who would eat through the women's flesh and within a few hours, become fully grown monsters. Gaea made sure to unite her new race and keep it at bay for any coming danger. As such, they were used in the Titanomachy and the Gigantomachy alike. When Gaea was lulled into sleep at the end of the Gigantomachy, however, the Diafthorai became largely autonomous, still fully committed to their matron Gaea and their patron Tartarus. During the Second Titanomachy, the Diafthorai were on the side of the Titans as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The Diafthor has many strengths, but have many weaknesses as well. Their human form, which they use often to lure victims, leaves them absolutely powerless. While on ground, the Diafthorai have a large advantage, as Gaea is their patron, making them move faster and become slightly stronger with their feet on the ground (like several giants have often demonstrated), but when not directly on the ground, they are left at a disadvantage. While stronger in areas with a large amounts of plants such as forests, they are often left weak in barren areas such as cities and deserts. Turning into their corrupt form also takes some time, leaving them vulnerable mid-transformation. The Diafthorai tend to reform slightly faster than other monsters, as their patron is Tartarus. Their lack of intelligence also leaves them slightly detectable in conversation with other humans, as they cannot identify with human society, so they have to lure the victim as quickly as possible. However, they tend to be far more intelligent than other creatures due to their blood being mixed with human blood.

Ob - Jabberwocky

1. Jabberwocky

2. A Jabberwocky can fly, breath poisonous fumes upon enemies, and rip them to shreds with its massive teeth and great strength.

3. See picture

4. The Jabberwocky was created when Zeus discovered two insane demigods, Marco and his step-daughter Adriana, living as deprived and horrible people. When their parent gods, Ate and Hypnos respectively, refused to destroy the two, Zeus decided to teach the gods a lesson for rebuffing his commands and went to do it himself.

The insane Adriana was always having a dream of being attacked and devoured by a beast known as the Jabberwocky, a beast from one of Adriana's favorite books. So one night, when Adriana was having the nightmare again, Zeus bade the beast in the dream to appear in reality, and ordered it to destroy Marco and Adriana.

Though it did manage to kill Marco, Adriana was able to get away from it. Losing Adriana's trail, the Jabberwocky started wandering around Portugal, causing lots of trouble for demigods who happened to live there and in the neighboring country of Spain. Eventually; Adriana did come back and the Jabberwocky tried to destroy her once again, as well as her caretaker Gary. However; Adriana was able to defeat the beast.

At this, Zeus was pleased. Adriana had improved much, and the defeat of the Jabberwocky cemented that fact. However; when the Jabberwocky reformed a few months later, Zeus was utterly shocked. The Jabberwocky had been in reality for so long that it actually became real, instead of disappearing once it had ben killed. Though Zeus had the intention to destroy it forever, he ultimately decided to keep it alive as a challenge to future heroes.

5. A Jabberwocky's strength lies within the air. It is an amazing flier, and in the sky there is very little chance that can be defeated. Also adding to the Jabberwocky's strength is it's erratic attacks. It never attacks the same way twice. However; this erratic behaviour is also a great weakness to the Jabberwocky. In a rage, the beast will become so erratic that it easily hurts itself or hinders it's attacks. Other times this randomness reduces the beast's accuracy to nearly nothing. Perhaps because of this behaviour, the Jabberwocky can barely act on the ground. It has nearly no sense of balance, and only by running it can possibly stay on its legs. No Jabberwocky can walk or even stand up without falling over.

Wai - Gigantes Pyroi/Fire Giants

Name: Fire Giants (Gigantes Pyroi/Etnoi)


  1. Fireball Generation: Fire giants are able to generate fire from their hands and use it to throw fireballs against their opponents.
  2. Fireproof skin: Fire giants are immune to fire or heat.
  3. Fire Empowerment: Fire giants are more stronger when there is heat and fire
  4. Super-strength
  5. Speed: Fire giants are faster than most giants due to them (possibly) smaller than normal giants.

Appearance: Fire giants resemble the Hyperborean giants. However, fire giants are much smaller than them and is therefore one of the fastest giants. Their bodies are made of molten rock from Mount Etna with cracks all over. Their eyes are filled with magma and is devoid of all emotions. They are blind and has thermal sense to help guide them. Their core contains Prometheus' fire which will disappear when in contact with the outside atmosphere. The core is their life force.

History: As the gigantomachy started to come to an end, Typhon and Zeus (and Athena) engaged in a devastating battle that shook the world. Afterwards, Zeus imprisoned the mighty son of Tartarus in the volcano in Sicily, Mount Etna. The goddess of the said mountain, Etna soon became the guardian of the imprisoned giant. This frightened the goddess and she started to keep herself sane while the wind giant ravaged her mountain to get free. So one day, she requested Prometheus and Hephaestus to help her keep Typhon in the mountain.

Prometheus and Hephaestus agreed to help the distressed goddess and began their construction of a group of miniature giants likened to that of the original giants of the gigantomachy. Prometheus molded the beings from the molten rocks, magma and lava and blessed them with fire as their life. He gave them vision to see and hear things. The giants gained sentience from Prometheus and became very obeidient to their mistress, Aetna. Hephaestus meanwhile, forged them spears of Celestial Bronze and gold to defend against any hordes of beast that might come. The three gods successfully created fifty fire giants to guard Typhon.

Typhon meanwhile planned his escape very early. Four years after his imprisonment, Typhon grew restless. While the gods were fighting in the Trojan war, it was the best time for him to escape. Typhon began to whisper thoughts to deceits. He tells his false tales of imprisonment. The fire giants began to sympathize with Typhon. He told them that if they were of the same kin, shouldn't they revolt against a mere mountain nymph that was enslaving them? The fire giants finally agreed to rebel against her. To do this, Typhon explained, they must first free him. For the first time, the fire giants turned back looking into Typhon's eyes. Before they could even free the giant, they went mad. The sight of the giant's eyes was so bleak and hideous, they tore out their eyes and threw away their armors and spears.

Etna discovered Typhon's plan before it was successfully enacted. With a wandering group of demigods, Etna and the heroes managed to drive out the maddened fire giants from Mount Etna. Typhon growled and bellowed with all its might of his failure. He unleashed an earthquake trying to get himself free in frustration of his loss. He finally got his wish in Mount St. Helens after the gods moved to the United States.

On the other hand, the fire giants escaped. They randomly attacked citizens and razes most buildings to the ground. Most of the fire giants were soon wiped out by various heroic demigods across the ages. Now, only ten to fifteen fire giants remain scattered across the globe.

Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 was implied to caused by a battle between a group of questors and a wild fire giant in Australia. To this day, Fire giants continue to exist wildly unlike their opposites (Hyperborean giants). Most demigods have reported that fire giants are being sighted recently in the United States. It would be rare event or sudden death to fight a creature like this.

Strengths: Fire giants are very frustrating for newcomers to attack due to their pyrogenesis (fire creation) and fast speed or a combination of both. They are aggressive attackers but most prefers to use fireballs to attack their enemies before finishing them off. Their thermal vision allows them to see the target very easily. They are immune to fire or heat based attacks which only enhances them. They only die when their body has taken too much damage for it to sustain. If all attacks fail against the demigods' death, the giant will charge at the person that was attacking them.

Weaknesses: However, a skilled archer or a swordsman will find a weakness in its attacks. The cracks which glow are their most vulnerable parts. The fire act as their blood veins. Also Fire giants take a lot of damage when they charge and miss. Water, Ice and Wind-based attacks can cool down the giant slowing its attacks. Furthermore, the giants are blind and use thermal vision. They are not very accurate with their shots. Wind-based and Water attacks would be useful in defending against the fireballs thrown. The giant will be killed when the fire in it die out.

Mr.Mikachu - Το στοιχείο Δαιμονικά-Κορίτσια


Unusual - Οι πλανεύτρεσπου - The Seductresses

  1. Names of the Monsters: Goiteia (Charm), Proselkyste (Entice), Dealeasei (Tempt)
  2. Powers of the Minsters:
    1. Blood-Sucking: They, like their mother, suck the blood of those who pursued them. They are often referred to as Vampires, as they drink blood, and their canines are overgrown, due to this purpose.
    2. The Scream: They are able to utter a high-pitched scream, causing those around to become momentarily deaf, or permanently deaf.
    3. Shape-Shifting: They are able to change their appearances to the type of young woman the one they pursue wants, or to a girl that will be pursued by many.
    4. The Sharp-Tongue: Although the three of them may not be very smart, they do have very good, well-planned insults to fire at you, for both your looks and personality.
    5. Flight: While in their original form, they have the power of flight, or hovering, as they have wings.
  3. Appearance of the Monsters:
    1. Goiteia: She has a pale, slightly grey-ish complexion. Her hair is black, matted so that it ends just at the middle of her back. Her eyes are nothing but, empty eye sockets. She has black, leathery wings that are about 3 feet in length. She stands at 5'5". Her favorite form to shape shift into is a woman of about 18. The woman has soft brunette hair that is curled at the ends. It ends at the middle of her back. Her eyes are a soft blue. She has slightly pasty skin, and looks a bit anorexic.
    2. Proselkyste: She has grey-ish, slightly blue complexion. Her eyes are just milky white with no iris or pupil. Her hair is a dark black, matted, that ends at her waist. Her black, leathery wings have a wing span of 4 feet. She stands at about 6'0". Her favorite shape-shifted form is a woman of 18. She has soft blonde hair, that is completely straight. Her hair ends at her waist. She has dark brown eyes, and fair white skin.
    3. Dealeasei: She has a pale, slightly blue-ish complexion. Her hair is black, matted so that it ends at just past her shoulders. Her eyes are nothing, but, empty sockets. She has dark black, leathery wings that are about 3 feet in length. She stands at 5'3". Her favorite form to shape shift into is a woman of about 18. She has soft red hair, that ends at just past her shoulders. It is comletely straight. Her eyes are a bright green. She has slightly pasty, pale skin, and she looks a bit more, filled out.
  4. History of how they came to be: 15 years ago, while Typhon was roaming about, he met an Empousa. This Empousa wanted to prove she was every man, and monster's dream, so, she seduced him. The two made love, and, the Empousa became impregnated. Zeus, after Typhon was defeated, found the Empousa, who was going to give birth. He cursed the Empousa, causing her to start to rot away and writher from the inside out. Zeus, not bothering to check on the babies, as he was too sure of himself to prove otherwise, just left the body to turn to dust. However, the babies weren't dead. They had eaten through their mother's stomach, and, all emerged, fully grown. They soon learned that Zeus had been the one to do this to their mother, as well as defeated their father, so, they started to plot against the Gods. The Gods, however, found them out. and prepared to send them to Tarturus. However, the triplets made them an offer. If they swore on The River Styx to never attack the Gods, then the they would be free to go. Zeus accepted this offer. They continued to roam the Earth.
  5. Strengths: They are most powerful, when in flight, as they enjoy the open air. They prefer to be near more men, than women, as they can easily dissolve a man's defensive wall, but, a woman's is not as easy for them. They are stronger if they have had fresh blood. However, The Seductresses have very little to no emotion. They will exploit your faults before you are able to find theirs.
  6. Weaknesses: They are least powerful when underground, as they enjoy the open air. They don`t really have an effect on woman, like they do with men. They can not go three days without flesh blood. However, if you are able to exploit their faults, then, they will flee soon enough.

Float - Bunyip

A. Name: Bunyip

B. Powers:

1. Breathing Underwater: The Bunyp can breath underwater and he uses this to drawn his victims.

2. Poisones Salavia: Their salavia can paralyz you for a short period of time, but if the salavia gets through the skin you die.

3. Enhanced Speed: They are much faster in the water then on land.

4. Enhanced Strength: Their jaws can easily crush bones and a well aimed swipe from their tails can cause serious damage.

5. Hypnoses: When they are hunting they play a certain song that brings their victims close to the water.

C. Appearance: They have a dog like face with sharp teeth. Their body is very muscular, and they have flippers like a walrus. Their tail is flat and is used to steer them through the water. They have dark brown fur that is extremely oily and water resistant.

D. History: During the 1800s there was a child of Aphrodite who lived in Australia. She was extremely beautiful and she caught the eyes of many gods and demigods. There was a demigod however that was especially attracted to her. The demigods name was Garreth. He tried many things to win her heart, by trying impressing her with his strength, speed, and fighting skills, seeing as he was the most eligible bachlor she started to have an affair with him.

Garreth quickly fell deeply in love with her, but she was mostly aloof to him not exactly interested in the relationship. She often cheated on him without his knowledge. She eventually began a second affair with Poseidon. Unlike with Garreth she actually loved Poseidon and she decided to break it off with the young demigod.

Meanwhile determined to have her he went to the temple and prayed to the god of Eros. He pleaded with the god of love to make the young demigod fall in love with him. The god refused and warned Garreth that love was not something to mess with, but his warning was ignored. Next he went to Aphrodite she to warned him that love was not something to trifle with, explaing to the young demigod that she simple wasn't in love with him, and no amount of attraction would make her fall in love with him. Again the warning was ignored. Desperate and with no where else to turn he went to Hecate for help, and asked her to make a love potion. For the third time he was warned that love wasn't to be taken lightly, but after much pleading and begging the god of love finally relented and made him a potion that would make her fall in love with the first person she saw. Hecate warned him of the dangers of this potion, and sent him on his way.

He excitedly returned to his home and poured the potion onto an apple before going to hisloves home to ready give her the love potion. When he arrived however, she quickly told him that she thought they should break up, and that she had been seeing someone else for a while. Garreth to the news rather well and gave her the apple, she naively accepted it and after he urged her some she took a bite, and fell instantly in love with him.

Enraged by how Garreth had tricked his love Posiedon turned to young demigod into a monster of the rivers, cursing him to be a beast for an eternity. The young demigod lost without her love and heartbroken over what he had become killed herself shortly after. Now the Bunyip kills any demigod who dares try to cross his rivers.

F. Strengths: Their salavia is poisones and they are extremely deadly while in water.

G. Weaknesses: If lured out of water they can barely move and are extremely slow, making them easy to defeat. The hypnoses can be broken if the demigod is able to force themselves to think rationally.


A. Name:Kelpie

{C}B. Powers:

  1. Breathing Underwater: The Kelpie can breath underwater, and often uses this ability to plunge its rider underwater so they can drown.
  2. Sticky Skin: The Kelpie has very sticky skin so that when someone tries to ride, He/She will have a very difficult time getting off. In one case it is said that a young boy cut off his hand in order to save himself from the creature
  3. Illusions: The Kelpie oftentimes uses illusions in order to tempt people to come near the water where it would then drown then eat the victim, or mate with them.
  4. Enchanced Endurance: The Kelpie doesn't easily tire out.
  5. Enchanced Strength: The Kelpie is said to be as strong as 10 horses put together.

C.Appearance: The Kelpie is known to take the shape of wet black, or white stallion, and whose skin is cold to the touch. In its human form it can take the appearance of a beautiful woman or man this depends on its gender and preference. The Kelpie's true form is that of a humanoid creature with two hooved horse legs, it has a head of a horse, and has two strong arms with claws on its hands.

D.History of how it came to be:In the town of Loch Ness lived a beautiful young woman named Griselda. Now she was renowned for her beautiful and grace that almost every time a man will look at her they would fall in love. Each time that man knew that they will do anything and everything for her, but the thing is Griselda knew it too. She would always use these men for her own personal gain which would often leave them in ruin and heart break.

What Griselda didn't know was that it wasn't just mortal men who she had manage to catch the eye of not just one but two gods, who were Poseidon, and Morpheus. Since Griselda did not know who exactly was courting her she treated Poseidon and Morpheus like the rest of her previous lovers. She often made outrageous demands toward them, but did little to satisfy their "needs" in the relationship. What was worse is that Griselda was seeing both of them at the same time.

One day while they were on Olympus, they both sought out Aphrodite and Eros to get advice about Griselda. Morpheus was the first to complain to the love gods, only for them to tell them that she wasn't worse it and that he should leave her. Since the love gods knew full well how manipulative and conniving Griselda could be, and wanted to spare him from heartbreak. It wasn't until Poseidon came to see the two where they realized to the extent the girl was willing to go. They had the unfortunate task to tell Poseidon that Griselda was seeing the both of he and Morpheus at the same time.

Needless to say the Poseidon were very angry and upset by the news and wanted revenge. He then decided to create a monster that will be able to devastate and harm Griselda, like the way she had harmed him. In an instant Poseidon had created the first Kelpi, and then sent him to lake near Loch Ness. When the Kelpie arrived at Loch Ness the atmosphere was warm and peaceful, but as time went on the atmosphere had changed into one that was cold, and dark.

You see the Kelpie as decided to start terrorizing the citizens of the town. It started with several children to whom he tricked in riding in his back and then forcing them to go inside the water where he would proceed to eat them. The next time the Kelpie attack was at a bar where he shape shift into a handsome man had great success in mating with woman. A few months later the woman eventually met another man to whom she fell deeply in love with, and the two was going to get married. On the day of the wedding the Kelpie kidnapped the woman and drowned her before he ate her. As the time went on the Kelpie had gotten a few more victims before meeting Griselda.

Griselda was still manipulating and using men when she met the Kelpie who was in his horse form. Griselda thought that the horse was very beautiful and decided to ride on him. The Kelpie then begins to run straight into the lake where he would eventually devour her. Now No one knows what happens to the Kelpie after this point. Rumors say that a group of demigods would have been sent to kill the creature. Other that someone found his brindle and forced the Kelpie into servitude to the man family. While their few people say that the Kelpie settled down and choose a mate where he would conceive other creature which would inhabit other lakes and rivers. No matter what occurred one thing remains the true that if you see a wet horse near a lake, I suggest you walk away, because if you don't then you might be heading for the ride of your life.

E. Strength: The Kelpie is a very dangerous and formidable creature. You see the Kelpie will use illusions in order to tempt the victims to ride it or forcing in to go near the water. Once the person mounts the Kelpie, the creature will plunge into the water where it would rather eat the person, or mate with them. There are very few people who are able to escape once they are on the Kelpie.

F. Weakness: If anyone where to able to take hold of it brindle or harness it, they can overpower it. Since all of its powers lie within the brindle or harness the opponent can be able to control or destroy the Kelpie.

Shady - The Demon Horses

  1. Name: The Demon Horses
  2. Powers: They are incredibly fast being able to go from speeds 70 to 100 mph, faster than an average horse and can see a human's worse nightmare then haunt them with it. At nighttime they can appear ghostly, making someone believe its a ghost horse and can drive a person mad with fear. They can also shadow travel but, not to far.
  3. Appearance: Magnificent, wild, and uncontrollable, these horses are demons. The horses are named Podagros (the fast), Lampon (the shining), Xanthos (the blond) and Deimos (the terrible). Podagros is a brown horse and is the fastest of the four, Lampon is the white horse with a shining fur coat and is the smallest of the four, Xanthos is the redish/gold horse and is the smartest one of the four and finally there is Deimos, the pure black one with a terrible attitude and is the biggest horse of the four. There eyes a pure black, revealing no feeling or emotion.
  4. History of how it came to be: One day, Heracles was visited by King Eurystheus who needed Heracles to capture the horses and bring them back to him. At first Heracles didn’t like the idea but, agreed soon after and left to find the cave of Diomedes. The horses were created and belonged to the giant Diomedes, who lived in a cave and anyone to come near he would send the horses after them. Heracles stayed awake so that he didn't have his throat cut by Diomedes in the night, and cut the chains binding the horses. Having scared the horses onto the high ground of a peninsula, Heracles quickly dug a trench through the peninsula, filling it with water, thus making it an island. When Diomedes arrived, Heracles killed him with an axe, and took them back to King Eurystheus, who dedicated the horses to Hera. After King Eurystheus died, the horses disappeared into the mortal world, creating mortals to go mad.
  5. Strengths: At nighttime they are stronger than during the day.
  6. Weaknesses: They hate water, if water touches them they'll become spooked and run, disappearing into the shadows.

The ApolloBuddy - Apoblitos

1.The Apoblitos

2.The Apoblitos have razor sharp finger nails, and teeth,and they are able to shape shift into rats


4.It all started when Zeus cheated on Hera, by seducing Iris.When Zeus told Hera about the pregnancy, she snapped, Hera was tired of Zeus' betrayals and decided to punish him.So being the goddess of child birth, she cursed Iris to give birth to three horrible monsters.These monsters were the Apoblitos .WIP


===Wonder - Diaisele===Name: DiaiseleAppearance: WIPHistory: WIPPowers:WIPStrengths: WIPWeaknesses: WIP

===Kuerkynaggy - Diabolyth===

1. Name: the devils of the labyrith, in short Diabolyth.

The Three Diabolyths are:

θυμό (Thymo), wrath' - the eldest son. He has the most powerful strength among the three.

ερημιά (Erimia), solitude - the middle daughter. She has the fastest poison among the three.

κενό (Keno), loneliness - the youngest son. He has the greatest speed and sight among the three.

2. Powers: The Diabolyths has the ability to fly at extreme speeds and is able to discharge acidic poison through their mouths in both gaseous and liquid form. The poison discharged by a Diabolyth are luminous green in color in both liquid and gaseous form. The poison painfully disintegrates organic material at touch and once it enters the bloodstream, the poison swiftly spreads and shuts down the body in a very painful way. The Diabolyths are immune to every poison and disease known to the gods, and are able to regenerate lost limbs, wings and several other body parts in a span of several days. However, they are incapable of restoring internal organs and features such as the eyes and brain.Their vision are also sharper in the night.

When the Diabolyths are killed and sent to Tartarus, Thymo will drop his black-furred right arm, the arm he uses to attack others, as a spoil of war. Erimia will leave behind her black-blooded heart, the heart which endured all her solitude and Keno will leave behind his black-holed left eye; the eye that contains all of his loneliness.

3. Appearance: The Diabolyths are humanoid in form and has extremely long arms and legs, walking upright. It has pale white skin and bright yellow eyes. Black fur covers its body from the chin up and waist down, leaving only its chest bare white. Its face is bony and features like a human skull with black fur and bat ears protruding from the side. Its hands and feet are fitted with claws and huge bat wings burst from its back.

In the present day, due to the mist, mortals will only see three poorly dressed, mentally deranged and extremely pale, and tall black-clothed hobos living in the sewers.

4. History: Ages ago, Hera caught the eye of Icelos, the shapeshifting god of nightmares. Knowing Hera is faithful to her husband, Zeus, Icelos shapeshifted to the image of Zeus and made love with Hera. The real Zeus, lord of the sky sighted Icelos and Hera, and shot hundreds of lightning bolts at Icelos, driving him away in fear from Olympus. Hera mortified over the event, is furious when she found out she was pregnant. After Hera gave birth to her two sons and a daughter, she cursed her bastard children, causing them to transform into hideous monsters and banished them to a cave hidden deep within Daedalus's monstrous labyrinth. Because of these events, they actively despise all the gods and their offsprings; including demigods and other monsters. All mortals and demigods, save for Daedalus are clueless about the existence of these monsters and all gods have sworned upon the River Styx to keep silent, or they shall face Hera's Wrath!

During the events of the battle of the labyrinth and Daedalus's death, the labyrinth crumbled and the three Diabolyths were released into the world. The monsters now live in the maze of sewers and tunnels under the city of New York.

5. Strengths/Weaknesses: The Diabolyths' strength lies in their super speed, flight and their ability to discharge poison. They are also immune to all forms of poison, and even though their strength is not legendary, they are still much more powerful than ordinary demigods and could easily crush their skulls and tear their bodies apart. They also have extremely sharp vision, smell and hearing.

A Diabolyth's strengths could also be their weakness. Their vision is very poor during the day or in bright areas, which is why they prefer to live in dark areas, and their sharp hearing could cause them to go insane by hearing extremely high frequencies. They are also defenseless against average attacks as its skin does not offer protective abilities except from poison or acid.

Lotto - Braxas, the Skinwalker


  1. Braxas, the Skinwalker
    • It can "envelope" people, allowing it to control the victim's body, and in the case of demigods, control their powers as well.
  • It is able to fly at high speeds, however at only moderate altitudes.
  • It possesses vast physical strength.
  • It often whispers with power in its voice similar to charmspeaking, but seems to only lull its victim's senses briefly.
  1. Braxas' form is that of its namesake. It is a misshapen, amorphous creature with fleshy appendages that resemble tentacles that are prehensile. This misshapen mass is covered in skin draped over it, almost worn like a cloak.It also has a single pink eye that in constant motion throughout its body.
  2. For centuries Hephaestus has been jealous that Aphrodite is always cheating on him with Ares.So, to retaliate,he created a set of armor that looked exactly like Ares'. He then proceeded to put it on and seduced Aphrodite while wearing it. Aphrodite, being none the wiser consented.It wasn't until Aphrodite reveals that she's pregnant that Hephaestus ended his charade .Once the goddess realizes that she's pregnant with Hephaestus' child, she went into hysterics and ripped it out of her womb, creating Braxas. Having immortal blood but not being fully developed, it contorted and twisted into a horrid amorphous shape that now just seeks out something to feed on, using demigods as a source of strength it'll need to eventually become whole. Being a child of Aphrodite, it sought to be beautiful, so at one point, it took to taking skin from its victims, wearing it in a horrid display of vanity.
  3. Strengths:Being a formidable force of brute force, it is extremely difficult to defeat it in a head on assault. It often ambushes groups of demigods, enveloping the most powerful of them, and uses their powers to either kill the others or expend their energy so they cannot resist. It then proceeds to eat them.

Weaknesses:Its eye is its more pronounced weakness. If struck, Braxas, it will retreat from attack, and if struck repeatedly, it will die.If its "skin" is removed, it is also significantly more vulnerable.

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