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Patriarch of the Erotiads Contest


Important Update:

(10 July 2013) User:Broken fire came in first and is the proud owner of the Patriarch that is paired with Sapphire, User:LyreOfOrpheHyus came in second, good job everyone :)

When the Matriarch of the Erotiads, Sapphire, was first made, she was paired up with a lovely lad named Jasper, who served as the Patriarch of the Erotiads. Under mysterious circumstances, Jasper disappeared and Sapphire was left alone, heartbroken, weakened by her loneliness. Only later on, they realized he was kidnapped and then brainwashed, and so Sapphire and a group of demigods embarked on a quest in order to liberate Sapphire for a new mate, a new Patriarch.

This is where you come in. We are running a contest, just in time for Valentine's Day, in which the new Patriarch of the Erotiads, and the permanent (male) spouse of Sapphire, will be chosen. Both old characters and new may enter for a chance to attain this role.


  1. You must be at least a level 5 or will be one by the end of the month (31 July 2013).
  2. You must enter by the 30 July 2013.
  3. One entry per user.
  4. You can both submit a "claim" for a new character, or submit an old character. They must be male, as Sapphire is a heterosexual. They may either be already an Erotios, or be turned into one at a special ceremony in RP form after the contest. Note that first generation erotios' won't be allowed, as it, well, would be incest >~<
  5. Characters will be judged based on compatibility with Sapphire, detail, creativity, etc. The new characters will also have the criteria of any other character contest. If you want the character to know Sapphire in the past, you must run that by me before entering it.
  6. It is important to note that the winning character, should its owner ever leave/abandon it, will be passed on to a user of my choice.

To Enter

Form for New Characters

This is for new characters, made especially for the role:

  1. Name
  2. User Entering
  3. Age
  4. History
  5. Personality
  6. Appearance
  7. Sexual Orientation
  8. Why do they fit the role?
  9. Why are they interested in the role?
  10. What do they look for in a partner?
  11. What would be the ideal date for them?

Form for Existing Characters

This is for existing characters who want to attain the role:

  1. Name and Link
  2. Owner
  3. Age
  4. Personality
  5. Sexual Orientation
  6. Why do they fit the role?
  7. Why are they interested in the role?
  8. What do they look for in a partner?
  9. What would be the ideal date for them?


  1. The winning user will get to make whatever character they chose to enter with a minor character (if for some reason the entering character is a minor character, or is a new character, they can apply it to another character).
  2. The first runner up will get to adopt a character, other than their own, and make it a minor.



Name and Link: Peter

Owner: Jacob and Jedi

Age: Immortal, looks 16

Personality: He is energetic and quite the charmer. He never meets a stranger, and is outgoing and kind though he has a quieter, serious side not many see. He can be quite flirtatious even though he's waiting for the perfect girl.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Why do they fit the role?: Because Peter just wants to find love and is willing to work on a relationship like theirs to help her love again.

Why are they interested in the role?: Because he's willing to help her love again no matter how long it takes.

What do they look for in a partner? She has to be intelligent, loving and a least a little funny. He also would like her to treat him as a best friend as well as her love. She also needs to like the cheesy and corny stuff in a relationship because he is all that.

What would be the ideal date for them?: A walk in the park and then a romantic, candle lit picnic on the beach. After that a swim in the ocean then he would drop her off where she lives.


  1. Name and Link: Calix
  2. Owner: Hyu
  3. Age: Immortal
  4. Personality: Calix is always full of energy and can be wild and crazy sometimes without knowing it. He has an odd obsession for Coca-Cola which explains some of his energy and causes him to talk before thinking. He can sometimes be nice and flirty but, at other times he's selfish, rash and impatient. He loves being care-free and having freedom to do what he pleases. His personality is a mix of Aries' and Sadie's.
  5. Sexual Orientation: Straight
  6. Why do they fit the role? I believe that "opposites attract" and Calix fits the role for they want love, but have two polar personalities. Some may say that mutual thoughts, feelings and personalities are the perfect factors for two people to fall in love, but he doesn't. He believes that despite how different two people are, love will come to them and bless them. Calix may be wild and sometimes rash, but he has the heart to love others unconditionally and fully.
  7. Why are they interested in the role? It seems Sapphire has been sad for too long after losing Jasper. It is time for a special person to cheer her up and make happiness and love blossom all over her again. And that special person would be Calix. He wants to see the Matriarch smile truly once again, and with his cheerful and energetic attitude, he is sure that he will raise her spirits up.
  8. What do they look for in a partner? He isn't that picky when it comes to a partner. As long as that person stays true to herself and shows no infidelity to him, he won't look for other contributing factors. But truth be told, he kinda likes the person who is always happy and cheerful and someone who stays at that state despite hardships in life.
  9. What would be the ideal date for them? He wants to surprise his date by blindfolding her as he leads her to the destination. Setting aside his obsession for Coca-Cola, he wants a simple and meaningful date right beside a lake or any body of water for that matter. Rose petals lying on the ground and lit scented candles are the perfect things he would love to see on his date. A simple but very delicious serving of sweet and juicy food will surely leave him, and his partner, very contented. After that, a short walk while gazing at the sunset while talking to each other privately will wrap up the ideal date he is thinking about.


  1. Name: Brandon Anderson
  2. User Entering: ~Rose Witch~
  3. Age: About 19
  4. History: WIP
  5. Personality: WIP
  6. Appearance: WIP
  7. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  8. Why do they fit the role?
  9. Why are they interested in the role?
  10. What do they look for in a partner?
  11. What would be the ideal date for them?



  • Name: Balthazar Hamilton
  • Age: 231 (but appears to be in his mid to late 20s)
  • Personality: He is patient, kind, and can be selfless.Due to his time on Earth, and all his losses he’s learned the value of life and living it to the fullest. His heart still aches from losing his first love, Elizabeth. He can be romantic and flirtatious, which is sometimes a bad thing. It is also what caused him to be cursed. He gives good advice and is very wise, although he can make a stupid mistakes. Being a son of Dionysus, he loves his alcohol but isn’t an alcoholic. He knows when things are and aren't appropriate. Always up for fun, there for his friends, and ready to fall in love he is a great guy but still far from perfect.
  • Appearance: He is a tall 6’4 with dark hair and blue eyes. His nose is narrow and his lips are full. He wears his hair differently depending on his mood, sometimes to his shoulders and sometimes to his ears. His shoulders are broad and he has good muscle tone. He has a charming smile that invites people to conversate with him.
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Balthazar fits the role for Patriarch of Erotaids, because of all his life experiences. He is wise and patient, and even though he makes mistakes, he always makes sure to learn from them. He’s loyal and can be extremely selfless at times as well, making him a good leader.
  • Balthazar is interested in the role, because he feels that he is able to understand how Sapphire must feel. He also feels that he has found a wonderful woman that he may be able to connect with due to their experience with losing their first loves. Them being together may just heal them both. Even if he isn't able to become her lover he’d still want to be there for her, since he knows that being alone at a time like this isn't a very good feeling. Basically, he wants to help her feel better and hopes that she’ll also be able to help him.
  • Balthazar looks for a woman who is kind, caring, and understanding. One who isn’t afraid to have fun and go on adventures. A woman that is strong hearted and knows what she wants. As well as a woman who isn’t afraid or ashamed to flirt back, but also carries high standards. He wants someone he can laugh and have fun with, someone he would never get bored of, and most of all someone he can love with all his heart while getting the same amount back.
  • The ideal date would have to be something fun. Somewhere they can dance, laugh, and eat. Not necessarily a club, but maybe something close to a ball. He would love to be able to dance and socialize the way he did when he was young. He sees the ball room floor as the perfect place to find out if you can connect with someone. Dancing with someone smoothly and elegantly needs chemistry, just like love ; thus going out dancing would be the ideal and perfect date in Balthazar’s mind.

Balthazar Cunningham is a lot older than he may appear. He was a son of a countess, birth father unknown. He was told that his father was murdered, but if that was true he didn't know until he was much older. He was born on October 3, 1782. He was the only man of the house, so he was extremely spoiled and greedy. He was also a perfectionist, and was a jack of all trades. He courted many women, and broke many hearts growing up. He was incredibly handsome, and mysterious which attracted many ladies ,both young and old.

When he became fifteen he was told that he must marry. He didn’t wish to have an arranged marriage, so he hosted a ball. He was hoping to find his love on the dance floor. Many people attended, it wasn’t for eligible women only, which made the event large. Everybody, who was anybody attended and Aphrodite just had to attend. Hebe also came along, but only because Aphrodite requested it. Of course aphrodite, being who she is didn’t come alone but the youthful hebe did.

The ball was going swell, everyone was enjoying themselves, even Balthazar. He was having fun dancing, drinking, and most of all flirting.Meanwhile, just as the ball had just reached it’s high point a man began to hit on hebe and was obviously drunk. Hebe was obviously giving him the cold shoulder, but aphrodite scolded her for it and egged the man on pushing both the man and hebe to a secluded area. The area was a balcony and the man decided to get handsy.

Hebe could’ve dealt with him herself, but Aphrodite threatened that if hebe hurt or did anything to the man then she’d take it personally. Therefore, hebe kept sidestepping his advances, but knew she was only stalling. That is, until Balthazar came out onro the balcony.He needed a break from all the dancing and some fresh air as he took a deep breath he noticed Hebe and the man. The man was obviously irritated that he’d been interrupted while hebe’s face showed the complete opposite emotion.

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?” Balthazar asked hebe due to her facial expression. But of course the man answered, while slurring his words together drunkenly, “Yesyou bloodyidiot.Nowgo back insideandmind yourowndamnbu-” Balthazar cut the man off with a punch right to the face while saying “I will not tolerate such language around a lady.” With that he escorted hebe back inside and sincerely apologised for the other man’s behavior.

As she was being escorted out hebe sensed that he was a demigod and decided to thank him with a gift. “You’re a demigod. A hero, not just for mortals, but for me as well. I must thank yo-” Hebe was stopped when she realized Balthazar was not paying attention, but instead was looking at another woman. Although hebe was not an envious person, she was offended and angered by his naivety and disrespect. He was blatantly flirting with multiple women on the dance floor.

She was already fed up with Aphrodite, towing her to a ball where a man decided to sexually harass her, and now while she was trying to thank balthazar, he paid her no mid. That was the last straw and she let out her anger by cursing Balthazar, “You will be stuck on this earth, looked down upon, casted out, and always on the run. You will never be allowed to live a normal life, not until you learn how to love, respect, and treat a woman ” With those words, Balthazar was cursed to age extremely slowly, yet it was unbeknownst to him because he still wasn't paying any attention to hebe.After cursing him and giving him dagger eyes she left, carting an agitated aphrodite with her.

Even though he spent the whole night flirting, he did find “the one”. Her name was Elizabeth and she was stunning. She had beautiful ringlets of golden locks, and the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. She was long, slender, and also quite wealthy. They married a month after their meeting and she was pregnant the day after their marriage. Things were going well, and everything was fine until eight months into the pregnancy.

Elizabeth had gone into an early labor due to a fall down the steps. The labor went on for hours and when the baby finally started to come out, it was obvious it was dead. An hour later Elizabeth also died. Out of grief Balthazar left the house and went to a bar and became extremely drunk. He got so drunk that he was kicked out, but not before having his money stolen. As he walked home he was attacked by a hellhound. Even though he was drunk, he was suddenly able to focus. He unsheathed his sword, that was suddenly an odd bronze color and attacked it.

Being an amazing swordsman helped him kill the hell hound tremendously. After killing it and seeing it turn to dust, he decided it’d be best for him to go home. When he got home his mother was there waiting for him. She was in tears sobbing when he walked through the door, but as soon as she set her eyes on him she let out all her rage. She was disappointed and ashamed that he could go out and get drunk at a time like this. After his mom cooled down he went to bed, but could hardly sleep. He missed his lovely Elizabeth and wanted to give up on life, but he knew that if he did he would be disappointing Lizzy.

When he woke up in the morning with a blazing headache he had to attend the funeral made for his wife and son. After the funeral his life began to spiral even more. Although his mother wasn't very old, she began to suddenly grow old and sick. She lived for a two years after the funeral, then died of a heart attack. Believing he was cursed, and all his loved ones were cursed to die he fired all his house servants and shut himself in his home.

Monsters came and attack him of course. One cyclops in disguise was allowed right into Balthazar’s home, by Balthazar himself. She disguised herself as a maiden that needed a place to stay for the night. Because of the mist it took some time for Balthazar to realize she was monster, and he was a bit too late. As the beast came towards him, he forced a state of drunkenness on it , not really knowing what he was doing.Suddenly the cyclops's steady, suspenseful steps turned into stumbling. As she stumbled towards him, about to fall he pulled his sword and stabbed her in the eye.

The pain pulled her out of her state of drunkenness as she screamed in pain.As she raised her hands to cover her eye, Balthazar took the opening, stabbing her in the chest with his CB sword and turning her to dust. Scared out of his mind and thinking that he’d gone insane he ran to his mother's room to get her rosary and pray. When he opened the door he was welcomed by dust,forgetting that he hadn’t been in there since she died seven months earlier. He worked his way around her bed and opened her nightstand drawer ;not only did he find her rosary, but he also found a letter addressed to him. It read:

                                             February 7 , 1798                                                                                                                               

Dear son,

I’m writing this on my deathbed. I know I will be dying soon. Before I go there are some things you must know. First off you should know that your father is the Greek God Dionysus. He is the god of wine and loved us both. We met at a ball, much like you and the past elizabeth. We fell in love and I got pregnant. He left when you were nine months, because he had work to do. He manipulated the mist to make it seem as if he was murdered. But, before he left he made me aware of vital information.

You are a demigod. Monsters should've started to attack you around the age of twelve. The attacks will only get worst, either you will go through more or you will have to fight harder monsters. Therefore, you should always keep your sword with you. It is special and can defeat the monsters. Now that your wife is gone and I will be too soon, I suggest you try to keep moving this will make it harder for monsters to catch your scent.

I’m leaving you all the family money, so you should be able to do this. As you get older your scent may become stronger so beware. You may also have odd abilities, sadly your father didn’t elaborate on that comment.

I love you son, you must live on. For your stillborn son, Ciel, your passed wife, Elizabeth, and myself.

By the time Balthazar finished the letter, he was crying his heart out. His cries would be painful to hear if anyone was around. It was a cry that came straight from the soul, but the worse was yet to come.

Balthazar traveled, like his mother suggested. He learned how to use his abilities and he also learned about his slow ageing. Three years had gone by since he read the letter, making him 19 but he still looked 16. He constantly moved not only because of monsters, but also because he didn’t want anyone to learn about his slow ageing. He was lonely, and had very few friends. His life became miserable and pointless as he wandered the Earth.But there was hope, in spain he met a fellow demigod, who told him of a camp in the United States. This camp was camp half blood.

Immediately he went there and his father claimed him, he also learned of his curse from a child of hecate. He didn’t stay at camp for too long, as he wanted to continue to travel.Once he had learned that there was a place safe haven for him, he had hope and his whole attitude changed.

He’d made many friends in various countries and learned a lot about life, but he never fell in love again. Balthazar didn’t become an stable camper until recently. He’d seen Sapphire around,but never actually met her. He heard of her tragic love story from an erotois named Kyle, and felt as if he could connect with her since he knew the feeling of losing your one true love himself. He’d always wished to find love again, but because of his slow aging and constant travel it became hard.


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