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Hephaestus made a life size automaton version of the Hydra for training his children, but it's malfunctioned and is wreaking havoc in California.


  1. Vic Halen ~ Lotto
  2. Brielle Cinaed ~ Jake
  3. Anika Faust ~ Del
  4. Vanessa Vilkas ~ Bloomy
  5. Remi LeBlanc ~ J


Vic sits upon Half-Blood Hill waiting solemnly for the others

Anika: She walks up to Vic. We're on another chase for one of your father's failed machines, huh? She smiles teasingly.

Vic: Smirks Funny how that keeps happening, huh?

Anika: Yeah... your father must have a lot of time on his hands, if so many malfunctioned machines are running around.

Vic: Eh, I try not to judge him. He IS my father, y'know?

Brielle: Brielle walks over. Sorry if I'm late. I met a sunshine nymph on the way over and nearly barfed. Brielle makes a gagging motion. Ready to go clean up Dad's mess?

Anika: Off we go.

They wait for a van they see in the distance.

Anika: So... where has this robotic Hydra been so far? Has it hit several destinations, or just one place so far?

Brielle: From the "rampaging across California" part of our report, I got the distinct feeling it was in multiple areas.

Anika: Hopefully we manage to track it down successfully. Vic? Got any ideas on how exactly we'll be doing that?

Vic: Track it down? If it's rampaging the west coast, it can't be too hard to find. Simply follow the destruction. The only real issue will be taking it out, and being a robotic hydra, I don't think that'll be too much of a cakewalk.

Brielle: I wonder what the mortals are seeing... how can we take it out?

Anika: Let's worry about getting there unharmed first.

Vic: Well, that won't mean much if we don't have a game plan

Brielle: Hydra... you cut off one head, two grow back. Does that apply to this one too? Dad doesn't usually leave out any details that big...

Anika: looks at Vic It shouldn't be a problem to quickly burn every stump.

Vic: Good point.

Brielle: Brielle gives a look. Are you kidding? This monster is almost guaranteed to be impervious to fire. If Hephaestus has anything to do with an invention, especially one this powerful, it's sure to be flame-proof.

Vic: Clearly you don't know your metallurgy, as it is impossible for metal to be flame-proof.

Brielle: Right. And it's also not possible for a person to summon a thunderstorm or fly. Vic, if you haven't realized it yet, the gods are anything but normal. You could be right; we could burn right through it. But we can't have that be our only option.

Vic: Really now? Because, if I recall correctly, I melt and shape every known magical metal known to exist on a regular, nearly daily basis, so I don't know what you're talking about. And unless I have this whole conduction thing TOTALLY f*cking wrong, I do this with heat and fire. And before you try to reneg the only real plan we have, I'd account for your lack of a better plan.

Brielle: It's good to know you that you know EVEYTHING about the gods and how they work. What if it isn't even fully metal, but had a different material for the inside? And by the way, Mr. Counsellor, how exactly are we going to burn through these heads?

Vic: We're not dealing with the gods, we're dealing with a machine, which I DO know everything about. Automatons are made of metal, and it's insides hardly make a difference if we destroy it. And as far as how. His hands ignite We'll burn it with fire, which I have massive amounts of on hand....

Brille: Brielle looks at his hands. Can you control that? I know that even if you can't, it won't hurt me... but what if Anika were to get too close?

Vic: If I'm intentionally trying to burn something, why would she get in the way?

Brielle: So let me get this straight... you want us to stand back and do nothing while you single handedly take this thing down?

Vic: Yea, I TOTALLY said that.....Y'know what? F*ck this, I'm out. He walks back into camp

Anika: She sighs and shakes her head. For your information, my father is Poseidon, so I'm nearly just as resistant to fire as you are. She glares at Brielle and follows Vic.

Brielle: Brielle sees Vanessa near the camp entrance and calls her over. Brielle drapes her arm over Vanessa. Hey kid, how would you like to become a star? You have the makings of a hero... all you need to do is join us! Brielle explains the situation.

Nessa: So basically, you want me to cover up for the idiot who just left and go to California to destroy some crazy robot?

Brielle: Preeeeeeeetty much. I can't believe that idiot would just ditch a mission like that. I know I'm no piece if perfection, but doesn't he know that this thing is killing tons of people? Where is his honor? Counsellor my ass. Brielle is seething, and her hair seems to literally flame. She calms down to talk again. I could really use the help. So could half of Cali.

Nessa: She sighes Well, can I at least pack something? I don't want to go to Cali with nothing at hand

Remi: Walks up Hey guys I just saw Vic and Anika, they were livid, is everything ok?

Brielle: Brielle explains the situation. I can't believe I'm beggin for help twice in one day, but would you please consider helping us save California?

Remi: Sure no worries

Brielle: Thank gods. She checks the time. We should probably leave now, strategize on the way.

Remi: Alright

Nessa: She sighes Okay, whatever. Let's just go before this robot destroys Hollywood

Brielle: Brielle laughs. That'd be a shame.

The van finally pulls up and the trio climbs in.

Brielle: Vic had suggested we burn through it. It might work, but imagine how hot it'd have to be. I think we can try to execute that plan, but we need a backup. Any ideas?

Remi: Give it a taste of its own medicine, as a distraction at least.

Brielle: That's not a bad idea... redirect its own flame to use as a weapon. Brielle thinks outloud. Maybe we can bend the hot metal, put some water on it, and keep it stuck in place...

Remi: No that's not what I meant, my plan was to create an illusion of a person and every time the hydra attacked it the illusion multiplied, just so we can distract it and control the damage it would cause, but your idea could work to

Brielle: As long as we have backup plans. Ideally, I need to get into the control panel. I haven't worked on machines in a while... but I could handle shutting it down. It's time I move on with my life and do what I was born to do.

Nessa: If what you need is to keep him in place, I can freeze him or something I wouldn't be able to freeze the whole thing, but enough to keep it in its place for some time

Brielle: He's big... we're not dealing with a little toy here. But whatever works. As long as he doesn't end up destroying the west coast... or us.

Remi: Well I am sure that we can stop it, as long as this hydra is the only thing that we have to deal with

Brielle: What I don't understand is why Hephaestus hasn't dropped us any hints. It's his mess after all...

Nessa: Because he's a god and gods prefer to just watch while we're trying to save the day without helping?

Brielle: He owes us big time for this. We still don't know what mortals are seeing in Cali, and the press hasn't released anything yet. So we have almost nothing, and we don't know exactly where it is. I was thinking we could take a helicopter, fly over the state, and search for it. But California's huge, and I don't know how we could find it before it causes too much more damage.

Nessa: Maybe my dad can help. He's a wind god and everything, he should know where the robot is. Plus, he's nice to demigods, specially his children

Brielle: How are we gonna get help from a god? Could you find it if you tried? Can't you tell the winds to go look for it or something?

Nessa: Nope, I can't find it. My winds aren't strong enough to get to the other part of the country. But if we paid dad a visit, he'd most probably help. And I can't just say "Dad, tell me where the giant robot is so I can destroy it"

Remi: Or...reaches into his bag and pulls out a crystal ball We can use this

Nessa: Yeah, I guess that's easier and faster

Brielle: I'm only as smart with techie stuff. What is that thing?

Remi: This my dear is a crystal ball, when used by a child of Hecate, it can be used to perceive the regular eye cannot, so it can see things that have happened, that will happen, and things that are happening elsewhere

Nessa: Who cares about how it works? The only important thing is for it to work so we'll see where the stupid thing is

Brielle: Brielle motions for her to use it. Anyday now!

Remi: He levitates the crystal ball in the air, and begins to look into its depths

Brielle: Brielle waits anxiously.

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