You and a group of friends are on an airplane to a beautiful island in the Bahamas and everything is absolutely perfect; the sky is blue, the weather is perfect... nothing seems to be able to go wrong. Suddenly, you see a dark shadow ahead but pay no attention as the plane keeps going forward until you discover that the shadow is actually a giant thunderstorm. Unable to fly away so quickly and as the storm nears quickly, you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation until, suddenly, a bright light flashes and everything goes dark.

When you wake up, you're on a beach and, after searching more, you see the rest of your friends and a few more mortals. You soon discover that you're stranded on an uncharted island so suddenly, you're facing a life-death situation; to see if you can survive the island for a month.


  1. You must be at least a level three or will be one by the end of the month.
  2. Put in effort to this! Make sure the quest is reasonable, and ends in a plausible manner, otherwise, the role-play may be disqualified.
  3. If none of the people in your group post for a week, it means your characters died from starvation and are immediately disqualified.
  4. Five characters per group and two mortals that have a certain skill you may pick from below.
  5. This will not count as leading a quest.

The Island

  1. There are plants, trees, small animals, and other things to gather food from.
  2. The island is surrounded by salt water but there are small freshwater lakes around the island.
  3. The wreckage of the plane is located on the west side of the island and will keep your members safe for a week.
  4. There are a handful of small monsters (e.g. hellhounds, harpies, empousas, etc.) that you can choose to fight or flee; defeating one can get helpful items (e.g. matches, tents, flashlights). There are also several more intense monsters (e.g. Minotaur, hydras, Medusa, etc.) that can get you a part of plane. If you gather all the parts of the plane, you can get an early out of the island but the larger monster fights will be monitored.
  5. There are also natives that can either help or attack you depending on your actions.
  6. The rest of the island is up to your imagination but please be realistic.


You may pick two mortals to accompany you on your trip. They can only serve their main purpose and other small tasks (e.g. gather food, explore, etc.) but can not do anything else (e.g. fight monsters, etc.)

  1. Builder
  2. Doctor
  3. Zoologist
  4. Botanist
  5. Native


Here's a list of possible monsters on the island.

  • Easy - Matches, crackers, granola bars, etc.
  • Medium - Tents, backpacks filled with food, weapons, etc.
  • Hard - Parts of the plane


  1. Derek McKinney - (Hephaestus) - Miggy
  2. River Schwarz - (Prometheus) - Mr.Mikachu
  3. Drew Kaiser - (Eros) - Rawr
  4. Aubrey Taylor - (Demeter) - Owlz
  5. Auvrea de Oussea (Hypnos) - Wonder


  1. Doctor
  2. Native


Derek: He opens his eyes and realizes that he is in the beach with all the sand and the sound of the waves. He sits up and looks around... What the.. where am I... He remembers what happened and started looking for the others.

Aub: She wakes up and looks around, slowly taking in her surroundings.

Derek: She sees Aubrey and runs into her location. Aubrey! Are you alright? Aub! He calls out.

Aub: She turns to Derek. Derek! Yea, I'm alright, you?

Derek: I'm fine, I'm fine... anyways... have you seen Drew and River and Auvrea? He looks around.

Drew: He wakes up and sits up slowly, looking around. He hears Derek and Aub then quickly gets up to find them. Derek? Aub?

Derek: Oh there you are Drew... are you alright? No wounds or broken bones? He slips his hand in his pocket and realizes that his beloved screwdriver/weapon, Vector is missing. Oh gods... no... He started looking around. My screwdriver... Vector.. he's gone.

Auvrea: Is still unconscious on the other side of the beach.

Derek: He sees Auvrea while he is searching for Vector. He calls Drew and Aubrey and runs to Auvrea. He sees Vector beside her and picked him up, slipping him into his pocket. He knelts beside Auvrea and started shaking her body. Auvrea.. Auvrea, wake up!

Auvrea: Slaps him like she would an alarm clock. Shut up and stop shaking me, you idiot. I'm trying to get some beauty sleep here.

Drew: Rolls his eyes as he runs over. Derek, that was an awful way to wake her up. Just saying.

Derek: He stands up, rubbing his cheek. Whatever..... His expression was like >.< So.. Auvrea, are you gonna stand up or just lie down there in the sand??

Auvrea: Like the spoilt little princess she is. Someone carry me....

Drew: Oh for f*ck's sake. He picks her up. Now can we please find my boyfriend? I'm starting to get worried here.

Derek: He walks towards the big rocks and started climbing it. He sees two legs, sticking out of a gap between two big boulders. Hey guys... I saw someone's legs.. it could be River.

Auvrea: Awww, I was hoping he would be hanging upside down. dripping with blood, from a tree....

Drew: Drops Auvrea and rushes over to the rocks.

River: He coughs out blood and rubs his eyes D-d-drew?

Drew: Pulls River out of the rocks and picks him up. Are you okay? You're not hurt or anything are you?

River: He shrugs a bit and a long cut appears on his right side I-I-It's okay...

Derek: Derek carries Auvrea cause she refuses to walk. He follows Drew into River's location.

Auvrea: At least blood's coming from somewhere....shit, that sounded wrong.

Drew: No, it's not. We'll sort it out okay? Kisses his forehead and turns to Derek. We had a first aid kit right?

Doctor: He groggily gets up and rubs his head Why use a first aid kit when you have a doctor?

Derek: He looks at the doctor. Oh! I remember you! You're with us on the plane right? You sat in the window seat next to me.

Drew: Oh thank the gods...sets River down and points to the cut. Sort out that...please.

Auvrea: Ties up her hair in a messy bun.

River: He coughs Y-y-y-you guys should g-g-go find f-food and s-stuff.... I'll b-be okay....

Doctor: He pulls out his backpack, quietly muttering as he pulls out equipment to tend to River's wound.

Derek: Derek nods and drops Auvrea. I'll look for wood so we can build a shelter. He transforms Vector into a katana and ran into the nearby jungle to find some wood.

Drew: I'm not leaving you River. Holds his hand and looks up at Auvrea. You can f*ck off somewhere.

Auvrea: Hmph. Flips her hair before walking off to start gathering stuff off the beach.

River: He winces as the doctor starts disinfecting his wound and cries out in pain

Doctor: He wipes his brow and sighs before starting to bandage River's wound.

Derek: He has a few pieces of bamboo under his arm when he found the crash site of the plane. He finds his bag and runs back to the beach. I found the plane guys! Your bags are probably there...

Drew: Squeezes River's hand and looks at Derek. Oh phew...we'll go up there once the doctor's done.

Auvrea:Runs over to Derek in her like 5 inch heels.

Doctor: There, done.

River: He tries to stand up weakly and smiles at Drew I-I'm okay.

Drew: Puts one arm around his waist, preparing to catch him if he falls. You sure?

River: He nods and pecks Drew's cheek Let's go.

Auvrea: Here comes the invalid.

Drew: Glares at Auvrea and walks with River, one arm still around him.

Derek: He digs a small pit and piles the wood neatly. So.. to the plane?

River: He nods and, with Drew' support, starts walking towards the plane.

Aub: She stands up, hyperventelating and her eyes closed. S-S-Sorry, crap with blood. I'm gonna go find some island food.

~They all but Aub went to the plane wreckage and started looking for their belongings. Suddenly, two anemoi thuellai appear, holding a part of the plane. They attack the group of demigods~

Anemoi Thuellai #1: I hunger for demigods! Lunges at River.

Anemoi Thuellai #2 (Horse): Follows his comrade's lead and lunges at Drew.

River: His eyes widen and he creates a knife made out of clay before throwing it at the first Anemoi Thuellai

Anemoi Thuellai #1: Becomes intangible so that the clay knife passes through him. He sends a small bolt of lightning towards River.

Drew: He dives to the side, just avoiding the Anemoi Thuellai and grabs his bow and arrows.

Anemoi Thuellai #2 (Horse): As Drew avoided him, he fixed his eyes on a new target: Derek. He charged at him and attempts to trample him.

Derek: He transforms his screwdriver into a Katana and slashes at the Storm Spirit.

Anemoi Thuellai #2 (Horse): He turns intangible so that the katana passes through him. He sees Auvrea behind Derek and flies above her, sending a small bolt of lightning towards her.

River: He winces as the bolt hits him and he flies backwards, landing in the sand. When he opens his eyes again, he raises his hand and a wall of clay protects Auvrea.

Anemoi Thuellai #2 (Horse): He lands on the ground and started charging at Drew.

Derek: He sends a small wave of chaotic fire at the Storm Spirit.

Anemoi Thuellai #2 (Horse): The fire hits him and so does nearby trees. He started rolling on the ground, trying to put the fire out.

Drew: Rushes to River's side and helps him up quickly.

River: He quickly creates another knife out of clay and throws it at the first Anemoi Thuellai

Auvrea: Sends out a wave of energy, trying to put the Anemoi Thuellai to sleep.

River: As both of them fall asleep, he pulls out his crossbow and shoots both of them with a Celestial Bronze bolt.

~The bolts hit the two monsters and both of them disintegrate into dust. A plane part would be visible in the pile of dust, partially covered by the monsters remains.~

Aub: She walks back to where the others are, her arms fulls of coconuts. Hey guys I got the- She notices the plane part. Damn, looks like I missed a battle, sorry guys. She hands round the coconuts as a peace offering.

Drew: Takes the coconut. Thanks I suppose...looks at River and smiles. You handled those monsters really well.

Aub: Everyone okay?

Derek: He stops panting. I'm okay Aub. Okay guys.. if you found you bags...let's go back to the beach. He carries some pieces of scrap metal with him, a bit of rope he found at the plane wreckage and driftwood. He started building a shelter using the bamboo he found, coconut leaves and the other materials he gathered.

River: He bites his lip and rests against Drew's chest I-I wanna go to sleep....

Drew: Picks up River. You can go sleep once we get to the beach kay?

Aub: She walks over to Derek and starts growing plants round his shelter. If we're living here, it may as well look pretty.

Auvrea: With your sense of style I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up looking uglier than voldemort.....Scowls.

The sun starts to set.

River: He yawns and collapses

Drew: Catches him and holds him in his arms.

Aub: She raises her eyebrow and Auvrea. Says the one.

Drew: Okay, okay you guys calm down. Auvrea stop being a bitch, Aub it looks nice okay?

Aub: She rolls her eyes and continues to grow flowers until she hears something. What was that?

Auvrea: It's hard not being a bitch when someone as annoying as her is around and I don't know, maybe a motherf*cking bird, not everything has to be a monster or something abnormal y'know... Rolls her eyes.

Drew: Sighs and gives Auvrea a look. Auvrea, stop bitching at Aub, please?

Aub: She's obviously distracted, looking round at the forest/jungle. Guys, seriously, there's something out there. Not JUST motherf*cking bird.

River: He peers into the forest and his eyes widen T-th-that's not a-a-...

A dragon bursts out of the forest, breathes fire at them, and flies upward.

Aub: She runs backwards, keeping her eyes on the dragon, and throws a dagger upwards.

Drew: Dives to the side to avoid the fire and starts scrambling around for his bow and arrows.

Aub: She shouts. Run! Then looks at Auvrea. Told you it wasn't a bird.

River: He pushes himself off the ground and starts running while turning around halfway and shooting bolts at the dragon with his crossbow.

Aub: She catches her dagger as it falls back and runs round the back of the dragon.

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