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Name: Jordan Lavender

Mortal parents: Historia Lavender

God/Titan parents: Pluto

Age: 17

Sexuality: Gay

Relationship: Signal but looking

Appearance: has very dark brown skin, around 5'7 in height, has braid hair with purple lavender tips on it, and purple lavender eyes

Personality: Tend to be very quiet but love to be around people, Love's gemstones (especially if it's purple), very protective of his Greek and Roman siblings, and very loyal to camp Jupiter, like to see people's point of views, love helping others, and since he's a Roman demigod he is more serious and war like.

History: Jordan was born on June 22nd 2004 and was born in St Louis Missouri but raise in California. As he's grows he always knows that he was special his mother Historia always tell him that. On his 9th birthday his mom found a letter from Pluto himself telling her it was time for him to go to the wolf house a and once they got there to give him the lavender amethyst ring. This show she listens on with the letter says she then tell her son who he is and that he was a demigod I'm piecing everything together for him it makes sense why he always feels special and why his mom told him he was special. She told to pack up and that she was taking him somewhere he obey on what his mother told him to do and once he got everything packed they went to the wolf house he was scared knowing that he he will not see his mom for a very long time but his mom reassured him that someday he will see her again and that he'll makes new friends who that makes him excited. Lupa when she first meets him consents the potential in the power that he has they're so took him in as her pup. As he trained in the wolf house for a year he already shows amount of great combat abilities even during training he will help other demigods even if they're not as strong as him and during this time Lupa let him go to go to Camp Jupiter when he got to Camp Jupiter he was immediately claimed by Pluto it was marked as a child a Pluto. Through the 7 years there Jordan retained Non-Stop so he can protect others but also so he make Pluto happy wanting him to know that he can hold himself in a fight. As he got older he joined war games even though he was Strong by himself he was stronger around other people with him he was always helping his teammates out even if it means if he gets badly hurt in the process and as he got older as new young campers arrive he always tries to help them out the best they can he like training and helping him around camp or helping them to get around New Rome. As he was staying Camp Jupiter he always were sold about Camp half blood and their Greek siblings but haven't been into contact with them for years and from that he was always interested on what was outside of Camp Jupiter. When he was at Camp Jupiter he was also part of the Senate that he was like in the Senate because of how he always tries to make people listen to each other's point of views and when there's conflict in the Senate he was the one who's always called to try to resolve the conflict. While the time when they're trying to connect back we can't have blood Jaden have a boyfriend name Alex who was the son of Mercury who is on the mission to find and connect with Camp half blood but they came back. This meet Jordan into a deep depression knowing that the guy he's falling in love with was gone but with the help the people around him he was able to get back up as a little more time pass Lupa ask Jordan to be one of the the two leaders for for the Roman demigod while at Camp Half-Blood he asked her why she want him to be one of the leaders who she replied with his great problem-solving skills in a good way to go straight with others and always helping people out when they need it. And from that he took that chance not for himself but also for his boyfriend Alex.

How did Historia and Pluto met: Historia met Pluto and dark time of her life. She just experienced death of her younger brother who got shot because of her older brother's bad decisions. She was depressed in around the times not when she would start going to a wine bar and during one of those trips to the bar she meant Pluto. Upon meeting Pluto listen to her problems in about her brother's death so Pluto listen to her and kind of became her therapist. And after about 2 weeks the two starts to date a week later in Pluto her who he is who at first she did believe him but realized he was not joking and so she took him seriously. Not only am I there she got pregnant knowing who the child is but not telling anyone even her own family who's the father because she knows that her family will not believe that their grandchild, nephew, or cousin that he was a son of Pluto. So for the most part she kept that secret it was not till former months later she gave birth to her now son Jordan who was her pride in joy. Immediately right after dating was born Pluto sent her a letter and the letter was a ton of money to help her move out of St Louis to live a more safe and decent place for her and her son. So therefore using the save money that Pluto gave her and her money that she gets as a nurse to move to California and quickly found a job there and that's when she starts to raise her son.


1-2 years old: surprisingly as an infant he didn't really like to be picked up a lot so his mother use he has him on the ground all the time I left she needs to pick him up to move him.

3-9 years old: during this time he always felt like he was special even his own mother always tell him that this is also during the time when he was 9 when he find out that he was a demigod and immediately drop off at the wolf house

10 years old: after one year training at the wolf house Lupa thanks that he was ready so she sent him off to Camp Jupiter and when she made to Camp Jupiter he was a merely claimed by his father Pluto

11-17 years old: during this time he trained a lot went to make his father Pluto proud. At the age of 14 that's also when he starts to compete in some war games also at that age he was also was part of the Senate too. At the age of 15 that's where he met his first love Alex who is the son of Mercury but die on the quest to try to find Camp half blood. Who that made dating Jordan to a spiraling depression but with the help the people around him he was able to get his feet back up. And at the age of 17 he was offered one of the two positions by Lupa to lead the Roman demigods while at Camp half blood. He was hesitant at first but after Lupa convince him he immediately took one spot.

Weapons/items: Swords, and Lavender Slayer ( Lavender Slayer is a ring with lavender amethyst on it that turns into a golden sword with lavender amethyst on it and the Pluto symbol on the hill of the sword it was given to him from Pluto as a birthday present when he turned 9 years old.

Jordan Lavender son of Pluto

This is what he looks like but with purple braids

The SPQR tattoo for Children and Legacies of Pluto

"A true person riches is what they have with in not what they have on the surface"

Lavender's ring from