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Cynthia Amoré is a daughter of Thesis, the Protogena of Creation. She joined the Veritum Unitum Faction of the Broken Covenant in 2012, and has been its leader since 2016.


Cynthia Daughter of Thesis
-The Pioneer of Beginnings -Leader of Veritum Unitum Veritum Unitum Symbol.jpg

  Height: 5'6"  Weight: 123 lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Rapier
 – "My life to yours. Awaken to my breath, serve my needs and the needs of my allies, live at my Command and at my word." -the Greater Awakening Command

Hm. need something?


Cynthia is creative and smart, but forgetful due to her condition. She often forgets key information, and gets very pissed off when she can't recall something she knew she heard. She has experience living with few resources. She does not hate people or act violent without provocation, but will respond harshly to those who openly support the gods. She does not take insults well. She is prone to depression when those she fully trusts act in ways she dislikes, or makes choices she does not agree with. She acts like a control freak when others give her choices.



Cynthia Amoré's father, Kristopher Amoré, was the business-savvy project leader of a construction corporation in Patras, Greece. Kristopher engaged Thesis, the protegena of creation, under the alias Elleanore Thene. Kristopher's construction business was sent to build a Greek-styled park in New York, New York in the United States. While there, Elleanore, five months pregnant, displayed a sense of obsession with the place. Kristopher, who loved his fiance dearly, ultimately quit his job when asked to return to Greece and bought an apartment in Brooklyn.

Two weeks later, while Kristopher was out searching for a new job, he received an alarming phone call. Elleanore went into labor, premature by a whole three months. The odds of a baby so undeveloped surviving were very low, but as if through miracle the baby survived. The tiny, underdeveloped girl named Cynthia made a full physical recovery. A few days after the child's birth, Kristopher started to notice an odd phenomenon. He was finding it hard to keep his focus on his fiance. Therapists deemed it the result of stress. Until one night, his wife seemingly vanished from the house without any clues about her disappearance. The police investigated the case for months, but never got a single lead on the woman's absence.

Years later, when the girl was five, she began complaining about her head hurting. Kristopher believed Cynthia was just experiencing a normal headache, but after continued complaints day after day, he took his daughter to a doctor. The doctor then referred him to a hospital, which diagnosed Cynthia with ADHD, dyslexia, and the beginnings of short-term memory loss. She was bullied throughout school because of her illnesses.

An attack by a hellhound in fifth grade was her first encounter with a monster. The rumors spread like wildfire by mortals, their eyes clouded by the Mist, which led to nothing but more bullying. They say the girl who forgets everything got attacked by a greyhound. It never even got close, because apparently her toy wooden sword turned into a real sword and she sliced it in half. A few months later, a squad of soldiers gunned down a big tenth grader who tried to steal her lunch money. And on, and on. Before long, Cynthia was called a freak.

That life ended for her when she was fourteen, just exiting her third of the three middle schools she attended. A cyclops street gang attacked her apartment. She could never remember the details afterward, just that her father died, and she was running through the streets away from crazy cannibal monsters with one eye each. Then a boy that looked around twelve pulled her into an alleyway. The two escaped into the sewers before stopping to talk. Confused and forgetting how the incident began, she left the boy, whose name she also failed to remember, to talk first. He started telling Cynthia things about gods and something about halfbloods. She became only more confused, so the boy, exasperated, said "Alright, uhm, let me take a guess here. One of your parents abandoned you, right? Yes? which one? Mother, alright well she didn't die or anything, she just didn't raise you. She's a goddess. You'll be able to help her out later because of all that. Athena or Aphrodite, maybe... (the boy sniffs her) Hm, you smell like a protegena, maybe Nyx. The point is there's a place for people like you, whose parents are gods and abandoned them. it's my job to bring you to that place. I'm a satyr, look!" At this point, the boy kicked off his shoes to show something peculiar. Cynthia forgot this little detail as well....-Then, out of nowhere, the monsters found them. The boy had attempted to fight off the monsters while protecting her, but was killed. At this point Cynthia decided she would have to flee. The boy had said that she was the daughter of a god. She should have powers... but Cynthia had no idea how to use them. She fled, barely escaping by jumping into a taxi she hadn't paid for. The large men thundering after the car were enough motivation for the driver to floor it.

At this point, Cynthia wandered around, trying to remember where the boy said to go, a place where everyone else's parents were jerks and gods, who abandoned them all too. With all the money she could scavenge from her house, mainly through her dead father's credit card, recently loaded with inheritance from her late grandmother, she tried to travel to the haven the boy mentioned. Ultimately, she headed in the complete wrong direction. Rather than east,toward Long Island, she guessed south. By hitchhiking, mostly, Cynthia wound up traveling through the Appalachians. Her time was rough. Sometimes she would wake up in an alley or cheap hotel with no idea why she was traveling in the first place. It would take days sometimes for her to remember. She fled monsters rather than fought them. She only knew of one of her power of animation, and only through the rumors about herself she was reminded of constantly in her days at school, but just in case the rumor was true, she carried a small wooden sword. It never helped her in any of her encounters.

Her travels eventually came to a close while hiking through the Appalachians at a time she couldn't find a mode of transportation. She had narrowly dodged being nabbed by police and thrown in a foster home, and was rather on edge. She had been crossing by a small stream thinking of how to escape from things next time around, as well as getting pissed when she realized she would forget her plan anyway, when a doorway appeared in the brush next to her. Completely surprised, Cynthia took a few steps back. She was wary about entering, as she had been lured into a trap by monsters before. Her mind was made up when the large, echoing sound of dozens of beating wings like a flock of falcons toward her from behind rang in her ears. She ran away down the stream until she was growing tired, hardly able to keep her senses focused. Suddenly the sound was thundering around her from all sides as a dozen monstrous birds circled her. The monsters, Ares' pets called Stymphalian birds, attacked viciously. She forgot what happened, or what she was doing. Escape hadn't been an option, but... she did something. Cynthia could vaguely remember hearing things streak through the air from behind her just before she lost all energy, toward the monsters but miraculously avoiding hitting her, before blacking out.

Cynthia woke in front of a large, old-looking gateway. Two boys that looked around 16 were arguing in front of her. She struggled to hear their words. The first, who had a bow on his shoulder, was shouting, "You saw her, man! You saw that stupid wooden sword grow. And it turned into mortal steel. Name one cabin god who does that!" The second was regarding the first with a look of annoyance, "What if she's trying to trick us? Seriously, use your brain. She's definitely a demigod. Why would she head down here without the orange shirt?" The first retorted, "BECAUSE SHE'S NOT OUR ENEMY! Look, I don't care. The b**** can hold out against a flock with a mortal weapon. We take her in and we see if Heinrich takes her. Got it?" He offered Cynthia his hand and pushed open the doors. "Welcome to the Broken Covenant."

Fighting Style

In her intense dedication to the Broken Covenant, she has trained tirelessly and become highly adept in the use of her powers. She found that her more abstract powers are best handled subconsciously, and now she uses the power to bring things to life like it's second nature. At any given moment in her day to day life, she will usually have several objects around her "awakened" at a time. Also a naturally gifted fencer, her blade and body are frequent conduits for grander applications of her abilities. She isn't particularly fast or strong, compared to the average demigod, but she is agile and dexterous.


White Knight

White Knight Sword-250x250.jpg
The White Knight is a simple wooden toy sword Cynthia's father gave to her at a renaissance festival when she was six. Cynthia killed a monster with it when she was seven, by transforming it into a real weapon, but did not remember doing so afterward. Remembering the rumors she had heard of herself throughout her childhood, she retrieved it from the wreckage of her house and carried it with her through her travels.

Duelist's Blades

After training in the Sanctuary, she stopped carrying the White Knight in favor of a set of two ornate dueling weapons: a celestial bronze rapier and a longsword in a silver scabbard. She wears the two parallel to the ground on the small of her back, the rapier's hilt to the left and the longsword's to the right.



  1. Children of Thesis can create weapons from elements in their immediate vicinity, which can be used for combat. However, only one weapon can be conjured at a time, and it cannot be bigger than the child who conjured it. The denser the element used to create the weapon, the more energy is drained from the creator.
  2. Children of Thesis can create spikes on the ground or a surface of their choosing (e.g.: generating spikes around a door handle, under a small- to medium-sized patch of leaves, or on the hilt of an opponent's sword). Spikes cannot be bigger than the average index finger. The more spikes are created, the longer they exist, and the denser the element used to create the spikes, the more the user is drained.


  1. Children of Thesis can create a shield or a wall out of surrounding elements. The wall can not be any larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the creator. This could be the ground, stone, water, air, or any other available element. This is possible as long as the amount of the element being used is already present in that immediate vicinity. The denser the element used to create the shield or wall, the more energy is drained from the creator.


  1. Children of Thesis' presence boosts the creativity of allies in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Children of Thesis are naturally creative, meaning they come up with attacks and creative solutions to an issue extremely quickly.


  1. Children of Thesis have the ability to quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds. This is because they can use their powers to recreate living tissue.
  2. Children of Thesis can create stars for a short time. These stars generate light able to illuminate the surrounding area or blind an opponent. The stars will stay lit for a few minutes after the child stops powering them.
  3. They can also create other objects that are for non-combative purposes, but within reason. Complex objects like electronics or musical instruments can be made, but the child has to have all the knowledge they would need to create the objects normally.

3 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Thesis can create a living construct out of any elemental material. Constructs can be no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of user. The denser the element used to create the construct, the more energy is drained from the creator.

6 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Thesis are able to create a soul and bond it to a nearby inanimate object, bringing the object to life for a short time. The object can then be commanded by the child. The bigger and further away the object is, and the more complex the commands it is given are, the more energy is drained.

9 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Thesis can create more of a substance when in contact with a small amount of said substance. However, they are drained of energy according to the amount of substance that they create. The total created substance cannot be 3 times larger than the user. The denser the substance is, the more energy is drained from the creator. The substance can be telekinetically controlled.


  1. Children of Thesis are normally extremely creative.
  2. Children of Thesis tend to be good at solving puzzles, rationalizing things, telling more than believable lies.
  3. Children of Thesis usually excel at building things with their hands, or by using tools around them.


Name Relation Feelings
Kristopher Amoré Father Love
Thesis Mother Hatred
Xandra Scimislar Acquaintance Respect, wishes to become friends
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