Basic Info
Full Name
Damianos "Damien" Stravos
Born during the First Titanomachy (BCE)
Zodiac Sign
Broken Covenant [ As Lieutenant ]
Ancient Greece
Living Situation
Languages Spoken
English | Greek
A Celestial Bronze labrys/double-bitted axe
A Celestial Bronze katar
A kusarigama with a Celestial Bronze sickle


  1. Children of Kronos are able to distort time on their bodies in combat, making themselves and their attacks appear extremely fast for a short time. They can also apply this effect to objects, such as distorting time on a throwing knife to make it travel faster, etc.
  2. Children of Kronos can fire blasts of chronal energy that age targets they hit. Enemies will feel temporarily exhausted and less powerful, while objects will permanently erode and weaken. The effects compound with multiple hits, which could eventually age objects to dust given repeat use.


  1. Children of Kronos can greatly accelerate time on an opponent’s body without warning for a few seconds, making them stumble or mistime attacks as they can’t keep up with their own movements.
  2. Children of Kronos can release an extremely-short-range pulse of chronal energy that freezes time on inanimate objects, briefly locking them in place. The pulse only extends about 10 cm from their body, and the larger the objects affected, the more they are drained. It can be used to block weapons, but this requires expert timing.


  1. Children of Kronos can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.
  2. Children of Kronos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.
  3. Children of Kronos become progressively stronger and more powerful over long battles.
  4. Children of Kronos have an innate “harvest sense”, that lets them sense coming opportunities to capitalize on advantages for maximum effect. This could be in battle or in their day-to-day lives.


  1. Children of Kronos have the ability to travel back and forth in time, but they are unable to interact with or change past events, only see the events play out. When they go forward in time they only see “possible” futures, that does not mean those future events will come to pass.
  2. Children of Kronos can infuse their words with power to command others to do their will; the person will remain under the control of the command for a few minutes or until control is relinquished. The person can resist the command, especially if told to harm themselves or their allies.
  3. Children of Kronos can accelerate and control the growth of nearby living plants, which can be used to create constructs or hamper foes.
  4. Children of Kronos have the ability to heal from non-fatal wounds by slowly draining the life essence from surrounding plant life. This could take a few minutes for minor cuts and scrapes to several hours for deep wounds.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Kronos are able to “invest” energy into a specific point in the future, weakening themselves for the duration. At the chosen moment, they can harvest the stored energy for an explosive burst of power and agility that is stronger the longer they were drained.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Kronos have the ability to slow time in a small area around them roughly three times their size, gradually slowing all movement but their own over ten seconds. People close to them would feel resistance as if underwater, making it progressively harder to move the longer they spend inside the area. Anyone who remains for the full effect will be briefly frozen in time, unable to move at all for a short duration. The user is considerably drained afterward.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Kronos can rip the life essence from surrounding plant life in a wide area to create a powerful astral scythe for a time. Any attacks the child makes with the scythe will leech power from the target, exhausting them while empowering the wielder to become faster and stronger. It will also harvest the lifespan of any mortals it kills, letting the child of Kronos stop aging for a number of years based on how long their victim would’ve lived naturally. The scythe only lasts for a short time before fading. Afterward the user would be left very exhausted and they would possibly pass out.


  1. Children of Kronos are often natural leaders.
  2. Children of Kronos always know what time it is, even if they don’t have a watch.
  3. Children of Kronos have a knack for long-term planning.
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Long have I been captive under the wrath of the Titan Lord. The titans found me as a nuisance and trouble to their authority and position of command. Is this hell what I deserve! I was forced to be imprisoned in the dungeon, a hell of its own, hidden in the depths on Mount Orthys beneath the fortress of the rulers themselves. There I would be tormented, treated as nothing. Bruises and scars imprinted, left behind, on my flesh every single sunset that had past. While a person that comes upon my situation will fall immediately in fear and drown themselves in their own tears and blood, I did not. I am no longer the once innocent child I was, who has now vanished from the face of our corrupted world. Left behind is the hollow shell of a man with no emotions to burden him any further. Held in my cell, day by day, things became tedious, pain was no longer a thing to be, rather it became a nature, as it seems to numb itself away.

I still remember scarred in my memory. My arms are chained as I hung from the wall, my head limped downwards as I shook in shock from the impact of the whip. The man grabbed my head and slapped my face, time after time. Engulfed in laughter as he slashed my body leaving numerous gashes. Unchaining me, I feel onto the hard cement floor, as two men grabbed me and held me down. The other man, kicked my body, sanguine blood flood the floor. Dragged back to my cell, they threw me in as I laid there drowning in my own blood. I was summoned one day, dragged into the marble palace atop the fortress, brought upon to the presence of my father. Negotiation was made, in exchange for freedom of my own, but I must pay a price...

My father has took notice of my capability, my leadership, and thirst for superiority. For the past years he has taken me under their thrones, allianced with the forces of the Titans, Kronos' right hand-man. Although it may seem that I'm nothing but a mere pawn, a puppet of the gods. Little would Kronos know that it was me who had the choice of the final decision and the one who holds some of their information. I would have to say that I'm not the type of person that gets used. My thirst for power was still unsatiated. Deception I would call it, be trusting the titans, as a mere trick allowing me to be in the middle of the two forces, the gods and the titans.

Utilizing both sides I gained both of their trust so that the titans and god may fall under my hands in the grand scheme. Hidden in the shadow, my sole objective is to deceit the titans and the titans, to aid the gods to overtake their own father. And, when they feel they have superiority and weaken in greed, I will strike. I will not work for free, I demand power and superiority! With immortality I will overtake and dethrone the worthless gods themselves and become the sole ruler of the world. Prior to the Titanomachy War, I was brutally forced, without a single choice in my hands. A mere task prevent anyone at all cause from freeing the Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires. As this very phrase echoes in my head to this day, "Death is just an easy path, let you suffer for eternity for disobeying the King of the Titans!"

For the mere reason the king of titans would do this could only be of envy, fear of my power. With that he proves that I am a threat of his position. Yet, truly within, I am just a mere demigod. The great time lord with his scythe in hand thrust it upon me, from that point I know that there's nothing in my power that I can do, chains seal my body. The talisman of time, perfectly carved, about to shatter upon the marble floor of the palace of Mount Othrys. Its hour hand perched exactly at 6. Saved by time as itself, it slows down to fractals of a second as things come to motionless stop. The flow of temporal energy can be seen that constructs the flow of time itself. A gateway would emerge as the scene shift itself as time and space reconfigure itself. The surrounding begins to merge yet it does not grasp upon a unique and true image.

A year before the first Titanomachy War, prior to Kronos' castration and slaughter. He would syndicate himself among the mortals. In a small tavern in Ancient Greek he would meet a young woman, under the name Aikaterine, descendant of both Spanish and Greek bloodline. It wasn't your typical bonding, she was forcibly pushed into a house and raped, left alone found by the fellow residents in agony and anguish that will forever alter her life. At first buried in the decision of whether to keep the baby, one that is a remembrance of her life's biggest fault and scar. I would be abused for being a reminiscent of her past. After being overtaken from his throne, the young woman hid among the shadows in fear of being found by the gods. She left her child alone in distress. Every single day seeing her child it would remind her of her sorrow of her past. Broken in fear and stress she took her own life to free herself from the reality of her own pain. Her body was left have devoured with her skin stripped from the flesh by the skin weaver known as Braxas. Brought back to Mount Orthys by a Time Nymph sent by Kronos, I was put in training to become right-hand man of Kronos in the future.

Waves of monsters would be summoned as I would lie on the dungeon ground on the verge of bleeding to death from the maul of the beasts. Countless bones shattered. Forced to achieve physical perfection, I would spend countless days and night trapped in the dungeon. Time was the only thing that accompanied me as I always had track of it. Days seem long as if they never pass by.

The encounter isn't much of a challenge as for these years he has been training, years of blood and sweat. At this point no longer will he be weak and useless as he once was in his younger years. He has arisen a new, becoming a whole new person. As a chimera pounces onto him, he rolls aside prior to having had contact with the chimera's fangs. Grabbing onto the hilt of his Celestial Bronze axe, he swings it and aims it upon the Chimera's head. Leaving a long, narrow gash upon the shaft of its neck. Dodging the crimson flames spew upon him, his left arm was left with minor sears. Although he withstood minor wounds, he slaughtered the monster without putting his life in danger.

It would be one night as an unsuspecting boy falls into sleep. His father, one that he knows abandoned him for his own selfish reasons, Kronos came to the him in his dreams. Awaiting and preparing the right moment to perhaps rise from Tartarus he forcibly commanded him to become his host. I refused without the single need of a thought. As the host I would lose my superiority left as nothing but a puppet, controlled with strings. Angered in my refusal in his mind he must think that as a mere demigod myself I wouldn't dare refuse. But I did.

Banished deep into Tartarus, he shall feel what it's truly like to be powerless, no longer are you who you once was, stripped of your power you are nothing but comparable to my fellow species. The weakening allowed to take advantage and escape from this hell. Long have I been condemned into this hellhole, powerless, I linger for a day I can escape and pay the gods vengeance. Forced to relive the horror of my past. But the power of this is unstable ready to collapse at any split second. A crack was formed in the time-stream allowed me to escape. But as the time-stream lies both separate and connected from the world's own, it created a rip in the balance of time. It is finally time for my liberation; for me to live off the grand scheme I have planned. I plummets through a time-loop, spiraling me images of things that will happen in my future or had happened in your past. Propelled forward a few thousands of years, I landed in modern day New York. Meanwhile, the same time nymph, who was created by Kronos, senses a sudden ripple in time.

My memories are un-apprehensive, I feel as if I lost my identity, the piece of me that makes me who I am. He said in Greek, at first with his memory blurry. I make sight of a young man, rather familiar yet I can't grasp upon anything within his memory. A screech comes upon my ear as I make out a single word, "Aikaterine" Images like flashback began to show up in his head, some blurry and unrecognizable yet some are more vivid. I paused, as a name slipped from my mouth as if it was second nature to me, "Temporalis?"

I was brought upon to a child of Mnemosyne, currently residing in the Broken Covenant sanctuary, to seek out the lost memory whether if it will be found or needed to be pieced together. As fractals and pieces of my memory returned, links began to form. From there the rest began to come back to me. My rage for superiority that has been lingering is now revived. It has come to my attention the Broken Covenant intentions and the ideologies. I can't do this alone, that is why with the alliance and covenant of my species. We will have liberation and superiority. Let us lead our charge towards freedom and justice! No more shall we fall weakness under the force of the gods. This is merely just the beginning of an unfolding scheme. The gods, they are just degeneracies that fall prey to pride of themselves.

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Damianos could be defined as what people would call a control-freak. He thrives on exercising control and superiority on all things in his life; in a situation where he is capable of taking matters into his own hands, he would never trust others to do the task. However, this leads to his poor treatment towards those who he see as inferior. He is a person that knows what he wants, sees what he wants, and gets what he wants. His visage is nothing more than an illusion to hide his desolation and burning hatred within. As a man with many secrets, Damianos goes to great lengths to keep his past hidden in the deepest corners. In all honesty, Heinrich himself only knows so little about Damianos' past that it barely skims the surface.

Failure is not a comprehensible concept to Damianos. He intends to be successful in all his endeavors through one way or another. The results of his past failures now act as a catalyst of his thoughts on failure nowadays. While it could be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation, similarly, Damianos can be quite arrogant, slightly narcissistic, and borderline egotistic at times. He is one to give orders, not take orders from other (with only a minuscule number of people being an exception. You can argue that his arrogance and ego is simply his way of expressing his self-pride in his authority and potential—keep in mind, becoming Kronos' right-hand man is no easy feat. He is not afraid to make this point clear to others, whether it'd be to instill supremacy or fear to those who oppose him.

Resolute and unyielding, Damianos is not one to let other's action bother or affect him in any sort of way; trying to persuade Damianos out of one of his decisions would simply be asking for trouble in a situation that will most likely yield no conclusions. Damianos has always been and always will be a person that revolves around a lifestyle that takes on more of a singular approach—keeping his personal life distant from others. At the same time, the fifteen or so odd years he spent in the downtown of London (prior to his arrival at the Broken Covenant) is a key turning point for his personality. It is there that he saw the true nature of mortals and it is also the first time he felt as if he had a true home. He has been drawn away from his former desolated personality to one that is more open to interaction than before. Regardless, whether he has truly changed or circumstances called for him to open a false visage, he still has an underlying distrust for other people—even comrades and allies to a certain extent. That is not to say that can't be a powerful ally, although if you double-cross him, he can an equally powerful enemy.

Damianos is the type of person to believe that actions speak louder than words and it is certainly clear that he is a risk taker. However, the risks he takes are backed by his experiences and knowledge to ensure that the risks taken should be to their advantage. While he does not conform to blatant sacrifices and deaths, he will do so if they are to the covenant's benefit; to put in another way, he ensures that all deaths are for a well-suited purpose. However, this does not mean that he does not make ruthless decisions at times. Watching the world evolve has taught Damianos one thing, as much as the world tries to promote equality and such, the world is all just a game of "survival of the fittest". Those who achieve the extraordinary will be rewarded with riches, while in contrast, others starve in poverty. This ties with a demigod's life, the strong will become heroes while the weak will die as nobodies. As a result, if you are of use to the covenant and Damianos he will see that you will come out unscathed and alive, in contrary, he is willing to sacrifice the inferior or leaving the weak to die."

Given his personality, Damianos doesn't always see eye to eye with other people. Initially, he would take it with a grain of salt. However, he expects to get his own way (with one way or another), aside from his leader Heinrich, no one is safe from his wrath?—not even his fellow lieutenants nor the faction leaders. He does not expect himself to be flexible for other people, instead, he expects people to be flexible around him. Those who question his authority and decision will find themselves a victim of his wrath, whether it'd be brute force, or devastating someone, Damianos will see that you regret your choices.

Having a sly tongue, Damianos often takes little consideration of people's emotions and is innately deceptive and manipulative in his speech. In a sense, it is hard to distinguish whether or not he is being manipulative. Beneath his cold demeanor lies an cleverly exploitative, person. After seeing the human race develop and evolve throughout the millenniums while trapped in the time-loop, Damianos has seen what people has done and what people is capable of doing. In another word, he understands what fuels human vices. With that in mind, he uses that understanding to exploit different people's desires, ambitions, fears, demons, and struggles, using that against them in order to manipulate them for his own benefit.

On the other hand, this does not mean that Damianos does not have his share of flaws—nobody is perfect, not even Kronos' former right-hand man himself. Damianos is the type of person who does not accept failure as an acceptable answer. While innately able to make quick and precise decisions, his past and disdain can something gets the best of him. His cold and intimidating demeanor often instill a sense of fear upon people, making him seem rather unapproachable at first glance. How he bottles his problems to himself can be extremely overbearing and take a huge toll on him; however, regardless, he is determined to deal with the problems himself.

It is all of these reasons that Heinrich chose Damianos to join the upper echelon of the Broken Covenant alongside him and his two other lieutenants.

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Jeremy Irvine
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6'3" (190 cm)
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