Blaghden Pet of Damon Lawson

Blaghden's Information

Blaghden is the most sarcastic bird on face of the Earth.
White Raven

He is owned by Damon, a son of Eris. Blaghden is a wise and intelligent white raven sent by Eris to protect Damon. He loves being flattered, especially by his master. Blaghden is annoyed by those who act braver than they really are. He understands that sometimes it's a must, like when you're leading armies or the such. However those who have nothing to gain by acting brave infuriates him.

Blaghden likes being groomed. Let's just say he's a snobby bird. However he's not afraid to get dirty. Considering that Blaghden always refers to his master as Young Buck. States that although he answers to Damon, he doesn't respect him yet. Eventually Damon will earn that respect, but it's a long way off. Thankfully Blaghden understands Damon, as they always have a little banter here and there.

Blaghden's History

Blaghden was one of Eris' info brokers. A special raven used to gather info on enemies, allies, or even what activities were being done. He has the intelligence to challenge a goddess to a game of chess. Blaghden was created when America was founded. He was sent to Damon when Eris' decided that Damon would need him more than she did.

Blaghden was sent to the mortal realm when Damon was 5, he watched over him at all times. He was basically the voice that kept Damon out of danger. Blaghden has little patience with those intending to hurt or decieve Damon. He saved him from his first monster attack, by clawing out the eyes of the hellhound that attacked him.

Blaghden loves the thought that without him Damon would be dead. Which if you want to be technical is true. Blaghden has saved Damon more times than one can count. He is the soul that pushes Damon to strive to steadily train.

Abilities: He's immortal. Being a raven of Chaos, he's empowered by chaotic surroundings. Blaghden has a higher endurance and stealth than all normal ravens and his intelligence far exceeds them. He has a supersonic shriek, that has the power to confuse an enemy for several moments. With the gift of telepahtic link with his master, or other children of Eris. He speaks within the minds of those who have telepathic abilities.

People Trusted to Watch Over Him

Only children of Eris may watch over him.

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