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Daniel Chanen
Wielder of Breeze
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Matthew Boehm

“Great! I just survived a demon attack and now I find out my dad was a huge ass!"
Daniel is currently living in Camp Half-Blood.
Daniel Chanen is often outgoing and is always trying to fit in. He is very adaptive, and a quick learner. When it comes to a fight, he's mildly aggressive. Daniel has a broad knowledge of the "mortal world" society as well as knowledge of Greek myths. He is a fast mover, agile and pretty mobile; good physical mobility. He's also a fan of soccer and hockey. He's quite social, and tries to settle arguments than start or add to them. He's a bit inventive. Daniel is very spunky, but sometimes laid back. Like Aeolus kids, naturally, Daniel Chanen is rather claustrophobic.

In 1998, Julia Chanen was a young and beautiful news reporter and meteorologist in Vancouver. Julia had greatly succeeded in her meteorology career and was looking to be hired by CBC News. She met Aeolus posing as the wealthy CBC Weather manager, Tomas Dredon, during her first days of working at CBC. Tomas’ job fell on assessing her meteorology skills on set, and he soon fell in love with her. Asking her out, Tomas (Aeolus) brought Julia on their first dinner date. Soon they fell in love with one another, and after several months they had child, whom they named Daniel. Julia, however, insisted they be married believing it would be better for Daniel. Aeolus is against this, and the next day, he leaves. Years later, Julia has moved to Seattle, Washington. When Daniel was 2 years old, Julia was killed in a street shooting/robbery in downtown Seattle after work. The authorities eventually forfeited Daniel to the Seattle Foster Youth Orphanage (SFYO), due to Julia not having siblings, relatives, and living parents. Aeolus heard of this, and felt sorrowful, so he placed his humble wind spirit, Philipus, or Philip Agnes in his human form, to watch over Daniel as a head guardian at the orphanage. Remembering the words of Percy Jackson’s wish, Aeolus instructs Philipus to take Daniel to Camp Half-Blood at age 13, and then leaves them for many years. Daniel did not know Philip was a wind spirit until his first monster encounter.

During his early childhood, Daniel was proclaimed mischievous by his guardians, and often ventured alone into the streets of Seattle, a city he knew like the back of his hand. He knew many people in the market streets, and got on the good side of all the homeless, whom he helped constantly and generously. Daniel often got into trouble for interfering with the lower class populace in the large city. Daniel attended John Hay Elementary School and Eckstein Middle School in Seattle’s Wedgewood District, and was put into a special ed class for the dyslexic. Throughout his early life, Philip Agnes taught Daniel all he needed to know about Greek mythology, except for that it was real, thus he knew much about it before learning of its truth. Daniel proclaims Mr. Agnes as the most fatherlike person to him. Philip Agnes is always kind and protective over Daniel, however sometimes cannot get past the fact that Daniel likes to have adventures through the risky streets of Seattle, even by himself, and constantly reminds him to "get off the backs of strangers", fearing for a monster encounter. On Daniel's 11th B-Day, he received his watch/shield and pen/sword as gifts including several others, from Mr. Agnes, who once carried the shield, and Aeolus, who gave the sword to Mr.Agnes for him to pass on Daniel. However, he never knows they are actually weapons until his first monster incidents, and is untrained for an encounter.

When he was 14 yrs old, almost 15, Daniel took a taxi to the orphanage. The driver, an abnormally large and muscular man, suspiciously asked personal questions about Daniel, and also hid his face with a hat. The driver also had a rottweiler dog placed on the front seat, which violates cab rules (no animals on taxi law). Daniel's watch kept beeping, but he dismissed it as a malfunction. He was dropped of at the wrong place, an alleyway, in which the taxi driver and the dog proceeded to get out of their car. Before, Daniel can do anything, the driver lifts his hat to reveal one eye, revealing that he is a cyclops, and the rottweiler turns into a hellhound. Each enemy blocked both sides of the narrow alleyway, and being claustrophobic, Daniel quickly panicked. But luckily, with the sight of a narrow space between several garbage cans, Daniel took off in through the space with all of his adrenaline, enough not to trigger is claustrophobia. Just as that happened the hellhound lunged to chase him, however could not climb pass the fence, and so instead, ran to meet the kid on the other side. As he meets the hellhound with the cyclops yelling behind, Daniel's watch suddenly turns into a shield, even more surprising. Daniel is unable to outrun the hellhound, and must resort to running and jumping on roofs, while the cyclops gives a car chase in his taxi cab. Although both monsters were much faster in comparison to Daniel, they couuldn't incarcerate him because he was on the roof. Daniel unintentionally uses his wind abilities, and extensively uses higher view advantage to run faster and jump easily from building to building with a good sense of direction, making it harder for the enemy to foresight him.

Eventually Mr. Agnes arrived in his car, driving it into the taxi, before rushing out to engage the enemy, while the public views it as "just another street crime", with a "Scream!-lets-get-the-hell-outta-here” attitude. The panic prevents them to observe anything weird, even when the mist clouds the monsters. Philips attacks the hellhound with a gust of wind, pushing it into the taxi and crumbling it through the windows, "killing" it. Philips then stabs the cyclops in the eye with Aeraki in pen form, and then clicking it so the blade punctures through the monster's head. He and Daniel escape in his car just before the police arrive without any authorital identifications. They head to the orphanage, with Daniel dazed, and very confused. Daniel, upon arrival, rests for the remainder of the day.

The next morning, around 4:30 AM, Mr. Agnes wakes Daniel up, telling him it isn't safe and they must go to the Seattle Airport. Daniel is too tired to ask questions, and instead, goes along. Just outside of the airport, they came across two cyclopses (one eye invisible in the mist), disguised as club-armed security guards. Philip Agnes fights the 2 spirits while Daniel tries to escape, only to be  grabbed by a cyclops. After Philips (Mr. Agnes) hits that cyclops with wind, Daniel is knocked flying and unconscious by that cyclops, and fractures his left leg after hitting the ground (Daniel does not fight, Philip does). The cyclopses knock out all of the outside security cameras during the brutal battle with Philip, who is too fast for them. The mortal human bystanders witness it as an incarceration attempt gone wrong, and are too panicked to notice anything "unusual". Philip introduces his true form (which is still invisible to those who can't see through the mist), and "kills" the cyclopses with Aeraki. In the panicking, Philip carries an unconscious Daniel hidden within the running crowd. As they go through the checkpoint, Philip responds to the security about an unconscious 15-year-old, saying Daniel was knocked out cold in the panicking, however claims he is uninjured, and only needs rest. Philip uses a god-made fake passport, while Daniel sticks to his own, and they eventually are able catch a flight to Manhattan. Philip drugs Daniel as he wakes up in pain (This is because Daniel is in shock and pain, and would "be better off asleep, so the mortal doctors won't crawl over you"). Soon they arrive at Manhattan and as Daniel is asleep, they safely arrive at Camp Half-Blood.

Mr. Agnes celebrates Daniel's 15th B-Day while he is unconscious. After almost two weeks in the Infirmary, Daniel fully recovers. Before leaving, Mr. Agnes tells Daniel of his heritage to the wind god, Philip Agnes' identity as Philipus, and explains everything else. Philipus then leaves, claiming he must get back to Aeolus' side. Daniel leaves the Infirmary later and begins his story...

Basic Info
Full Name: Daniel E. Chanen
Titles: Son of Aeolus, Wielder of the Breeze
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Aeolus' Cabin
Current Status: Alive and Well
Relationship Status: single
Born or Created On: September 12th, 1999
Current Age: 15 years 8 month
Species: Demigod
Nationality: British Columbia
Sexuality: heterosexual
Accent: Northwest American
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: DanChan123
Inspiration Behind Creation: WIP
Love Interests Char/Owner: WIP
Active RP's: WIP
Created Page On: February 2014
Page Last Updated On: WIP
Plans: WIP
3/6/9 Month Powers: Passive


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Matthew Boehm

Daniel Chanen -Child of Aeolus
-Son of Aeolus and Wielder of the Breeze

 – 00:12, July 30, 2014 (UTC) "Great! I just survived a demon attack and now I find out my dad is a huge ass!”



  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create a small tornado, about the size of the user, which can be sent across short distances to knock opponents off their feet or used to send small debris flying at opponents.
  2. Children of Aeolus are able to use air itself to slice objects, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the caster launches at foes. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, some users are able to focus it into single piercing stab like a bullet.


  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of wind, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create powerful gusts of wind, however, the stronger the gust, the more it drains them. The gusts can be used to block incoming attacks.


  1. Children of Aeolus feel stronger when they are touched by strong winds they did not create.
  2. Children of Aeolus are innately able to lower air resistance and move faster on the ground, granting them an enhanced level of speed.
  3. Children of Aeolus can contain more air in their lungs than the average human, allowing them to survive longer when they cannot gather oxygen.


  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them. Due to their rare ability to lower air resistance, users are able to fly faster than anyone else with the ability to fly.
  2. Children of Aeolus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; conversely this can also be used to slow the movements or attacks of others.
  3. Children of Aeolus can use the wind to either surround themselves to block enemies and projectiles or to surround an enemy trapping them within the winds. The longer they maintain the wind, the more it drains.
  4. Children of Aeolus can curse an opponent by draining some of the air from an opponent’s lungs and make it somewhat hard for them to breathe for a short time. This leaves them vulnerable to attack or giving the user a chance to flee.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can create a massive tornado, about five times the size of the user, which can be used to violently assault others with strong winds and debris.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can turn the air into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only up to 3 combative/non-combative items or 1 semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly 3 times the size of the one that conjured it. The longer they maintain combative/non combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can shed their flesh and turn into pure wind, while in this state they are immune to attacks, can fly even faster than before and receive enhancements in their existing aerokinetic abilities. Once the transformation subsides, they are extremely exhausted. Barely able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Aeolus are known to grow up to be amazing meteorologists, as they know all the current weather going on in a certain area.
  2. Children of Aeolus typically enjoy flying and high places, enabling them to become astounding pilots and hot air ballooners.
  3. Children of Aeolus are often claustrophobic when in tight places or underground.
  4. Since their father presides the four directional wind gods, children of Aeolus have what could be described as a mental compass. Able to tell where the four main directions are most of the time.
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"A real father never leaves his son, even upon death." [[File:{{{file2}}}|{{{file size2}}}|center]]
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Julia Chanen
Father: Aeolus
Creator: WIP
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Schooling: Nathan Hale High
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Most Influenced By: Phillipus Agnes
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