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Dani is very loving and kind, and loves to help younger campers. Her favorite thing to do is pour over fashion magazines. Dani really enjoys helping others.


Dani was born on February 14th. She is currently 16 years old. Her only memory of her mother was her holding Dani, sobbing, saying over and over, "I'm so sorry," when Dani was one. She never saw her mother again. When Dani was twelve, she got expelled for convincing a teacher to give her a better grade. At thirteen, Dani was attacked by her history teacher, who ended up being a Fury. Danu escaped and her friend Grover ended up bringing her to Camp Half-Blood. She was claimed by Aphrodite a week after ariving. She is currently 16. 


  • Charmspeak - Dani has the power to persuade others to do what she says.
  • Amokinesis - Dani has the power over

love and similar emotions, like her mother, although not as strong. She attracts others as she passes, and can change her physical features; her eyes can change color, and her hair grows faster than average.


Name Relation Feelings
Aphrodite Mother Dani likes her mother well enough.
Dean Johnson Father

Dani loves her dad more than anyone in the world.


Dani fights with a small dagger.


Dani has light brown hair and light skin. Her eyes change color because her mother is Aphrodite, but she likes to keep them icy blue.

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