Dante Moretti
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Dante -Child of Phanes
-The Predator of Life
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= Italian-American
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Xiphos

 – He cleans off the blood from his xiphos, Dante looks up and smirks. His eyes dark with bloodlust.


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Habits & Traits

Occupation & Self-Perception

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Victim's List

Injured: 3

Killed: 24

Name Godparent/Non-Demigod Species Status
Uriel Cohen Hecate Injured
Margeret Sceaon Deimos Dead
Lisa Flagg Themis Dead
Rosie Serena Woods Demeter Dead
Blake Moore Zeus Injured
Crisostomo Felipe Zeus Dead
Chad Animal Guardian Killed, but Revived (e.e)
Adam Darkwood Hades Dead
Logan Felinson Ares Killed, but Revived
Draco Einar Wolfgang Thanatos Dead
Drew Lincoln Deimos Ghost
Kareal Crow Thanatos Injured
Stephen Pettigrew Hecate Dead
Erin Price Oizys Killed, but Revived
Ho Sook Gangjeon Harmonia Dead
Graciel Hall Limos Dead
Liliana Animal Nymph Dead
Naomi Animal Nymph Dead
Garrett Paelonai Tartarus Dead
Ruben Satyr Dead
Alyssa Healing Nymph Dead
Xander Parks Mnemosyne Dead
Erin Fire Nymph Dead
Myu Lee Nike Dead
Morana Winter Boreas Dead
Callista Animal Nymph Dead
Carina Valentine Eros Dead
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