Deimos won the God/Goddess of the Month Poll competition for January 2018.

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Gender Male
Status Immortal
Parents Ares and Aphrodite
Sibling Phobos and Harmonia
Home Olympus

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Deimos (in Greek Δείμος) is the God of Terror and the son of Ares and Aphrodite.


Deimos was the god (daemon) of terror and panic, and his twin-brother Phobos (Phobus) of fear, flight and battlefield rout. They were sons of the god Ares, who accompanied their father into battle, driving his chariot and spreading fear in their wake. As sons of Aphrodite, goddess of love, the twins represented fear of loss.

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  • Deimos has the ability to bring terror to a large crowd. In The Stolen Chariot, he brings a large sea monster that scares many mortals.
  • Has the standard powers of a god
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