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Dreamy Redhead
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"Take a deep breath and don't be shy, don't you worry about tomorrow 'cause tomorrow ain't tonight."
Diana is a daughter of Morpheus. She got to camp on November 9th and is currently residing there. She is single and looking and straight.

Diana is cute almost always. She may get to your nerves sometimes, but not to the extent of wanting to strangle her. She is very curious with anything. She also is somewhat insecure and feels lonely throughout the world and sometimes a masochist, as she has the terrible habit of biting her bottom lip when she is nervous, however, it has come to the extent of biting off a whole piece of flesh.


Parents Meeting:

Adriana Machiavelli lived in Verona since she was a child. She loved meeting new people and hanging out with them, so she was relatively social. However, when she was just 16, she was walking through a field and suddenly saw someone older than her sitting, sleeping. Being as curious as she herself was, she walked up to him, and sat next to him, waiting for him to wake up. She didn't know why she was doing this really, the guy emitted some kind of aura that she just loved. Eventually, Adriana dozed off into a long dream.

When she woke up, she was sitting in a chair. But definitely not any chair she knew. She looked around for any clues of what had just happened. She saw the guy that was in the field. He looked Irish, and she had never met someone like that. She asked why she was brought there and he answered that when he woke up, he had seen her next to him and at late night, so he had decided to take her with him. He presented himself as Monroe.

He invited her to stay over the rest of the night, and she accepted. She asked him so many questions, and he could only answer some, so the next day, she went at the midst of night to Monroe's house again to try and push him into the questions, hoping one day he would answer. What she didn't know was that she was pushing herself into Monroe and one day, they ended up doing it.

She returned the next day with him, and to her surprise, he was gone. Only a note took his place. It answered all of her questions and said that he was really Morpheus. He also explained about her having a demigod when her pregnancy finished, which now were news to her as she didn't know she was pregnant. Morpheus also left one dream catcher earring inside the note. He said to give it to the child when he or she was 11. He also wrote down the address to camp. It was so much to take in, and people would think she didn't have dignity, so she escaped by her own means to Marseille, France. A new place, a new life.

Early Childhood:

Since Diana was born, she was curious, a trait she got from her mother. Adriana took very good care of Diana, as she was the only family she had. Diana was taught both Italian and French since little, as her mother thought it would be good for Diana to know her ancestors' language and obviously, the language spoken where they were living.

Diana had some problems at school as her classmates always ended beaten up if they'd mess with her. She also had problems recognizing letters and even some shapes. Sometimes she was even hyperactive and the consequences of those acts were not good, but Adriana was determined to help her. Adriana actually put Diana into a special school, but not much progress was seen anyways.

Since 7 years old, she started archery classes, and surprisingly, she was good at it. When 10, she won the national competition and continued to practice. Maybe her strength with the bow wasn't much, but she had an almost flawless aim.

When she turned 12, she met someone new in her school named Kyle. Soon enough, they befriended and turned into best friends. That same year, Adriana gave her the earring, and since she wasn't too fond of glamourous fashion, she didn't have other pendants, she used the lone earring all the time.

Monster Attacks:

When Diana was 13 and three-quarters, she had her first monster attack. A dracaena. She felt as if her ear was melting, so she pressed on the earring to get it off, but before she could, a bow and a quiver took its place. She immediately knew what to do as she shot an arrow at the snake woman. It dodged the arrow and hissssssed. Get it? Ok no... Well, the dracaena hit Diana in the head with it's trident-like stick and she almost fainted from the pain. Her view seemed to have developed a sudden vignette in her sight. In anger, she shot another arrow, and it pierced the monster's chest. It exploded into dust.

She ran home and told her mother about it and she took her to camp by her car. She stayed in camp for a year and trained before escaping home. She was claimed as a daughter of Morpheus since the first day at camp.

When she was 15 and a half, she fought a hellhound, and although it was somewhat easier to kill the monster, she got more scrapes and minor cuts than last time. She got to kill it by shooting several arrows at it, and suddenly exploded into golden powder from bleeding out. She retrieved her arrows into her quiver and put her earring back.

Some time near after she turned 16, a harpy found her and this time, she fought hard against the monster. She got a huge gash in her thigh and infuriated, she shot an arrow that went right through the bird-woman's head. When she got home, she was limping and couldn't hide the cut. Adriana asked what happened and Diana answered the truth. Then her mother explained her godly heritage. It all made sense now. Her mother took care of the cut, and after some time, it left a scar, but nothing very severe.

One night, when she was almost 17, she was walking through the street, Kyle bumped into Diana, they both fell to the ground. He looked at her and then they saw some stymphalian birds. She used her bow and arrows and shot two, Kyle could only kill one.

They were both demigods. They talked about their history. For years they didn't know about this from each other.

Getting to Camp:

Diana and Kyle, went to camp by themselves. They had, surprisingly, no monster attacks on the way to camp. They took a plane to New York and then a cab to Camp, with the address Kyle had on the paper strip. They were received warmly by the campers. The next day, Diana turned 17.

Basic Info
Full Name: Diana Machiavelli
Titles: Daughter of Morpheus
Current Location: Morpheus' Cabin
Affiliation(s): CHB
Current Status: Single
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: 10th of November, 1997
Current Age: 17
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Italian
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Mix between Italian and French
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: DrXax
Inspiration Behind Creation: Mother
Love Interests Char/Owner: Anything
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3/6/9 Month Powers: None
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  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to create dream-like illusions of attacks so realistic that they are most likely to catch an enemy off guard; however, if they miss they are left vulnerable to counterattack.
  2. Children of Morpheus can absorb the dreams of others for a short time, removing their memories of them and empowering the user to be faster and stronger. Once the enhancement subsides, the target will remember their dreams if they wish to do so and are immune to further use of this power for a moderate time.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to make someone think they are seeing their worst nightmares brought to life for a short time; attempting to scare them into not attacking. The user cannot attack while they are using this power.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to cause a person to day dream as if the child of Morpheus was a friend, causing the person to no longer desire to attack them for a short time. If the user attacks while the day dream is in effect, it will instantly stop working, so the power is purely defensive.


  1. Children of Morpheus often receive the current thoughts of people in the surrounding area while asleep. They can turn off this ability if they wish.
  2. Children of Morpheus heal faster while they are asleep and dreaming.
  3. Children of Morpheus are partially conscious while asleep, able to wake themselves up at will.


  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to send a small wave of energy which will cause anyone affected to fall asleep and enter a vivid dream for a short time; after the effects have worn off, a person is immune to further effects of this for a moderate time. If the user wishes, the wave may just force the target into a vivid daydream for a short time. This will require less energy, but will have the same limitations.
  2. Children of Morpheus have the ability to look into people’s dreams as they sleep and even manipulate them as they wish.
  3. Children of Morpheus are able to astral project, they can use this for multiple reasons, however, their physical body is vulnerable and they can not effect anything on the physical plane while astral projecting.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus can create dream-like illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and therefore is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also confuse single individuals in the same fashion.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus have the ability to manifest a small shadowy creature to fight alongside them for a short time; the shadow takes the form of whatever a person’s worst nightmare is when they fight it, however, it is smaller in size if the thing from their nightmares is large. They can command the nightmare and can create up to 3 copies of it, it cannot be bigger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and doesn’t wield any extraordinary abilities. Ex: the nightmare can fly if the target’s nightmare is something winged like a bird. But if it’s a dragon, it may not breathe fire.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Morpheus are able to transform the surrounding area into their own dream-world, an alternate reality fabricated from the user’s dreams. The dream-world will take any appearance the user desires. Anyone within 30 meters of the user will be trapped within the dream world as well. Within it, the user can fly, teleport, are able to create psychic constructs and are immune to all attacks. They’re also aware of everything happening there. After a short time, the dream-world reverts to a normal environment and the user is left incredibly drained. The user will not be able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Morpheus are normally well adept at interpreting the dreams of others.
  2. Children of Morpheus often tend to be daydreamers, with their heads always in the “clouds”.
  3. Children of Morpheus typically love dreaming, able to master the concept of “lucid dreaming” at a young age.
  4. Children of Morpheus sometimes accidentally enter other people’s dreams when sleeping.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Fast Learner
Preferred Weapon: Bow and arrows. If she wants to, she can induce the arrows with dreams, meaning that if the tip of the arrow touches someone, he/she might feel really sleepy and probably make him/her fall to sleep, if that happens, she has a slight influence in the dream. They are concealed in a lone dreamcatcher earring.
Strengths: Strategy, Stealth
Weaknesses: Anxiety
Quests/Missions Led: N/A
Quests/Missions Been On: N/A

No photo

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: N/A
Pets: N/A

Her bow and arrows. If she wants to, she can induce the arrows with dreams, meaning that if the tip of the arrow touches someone, he/she might feel really sleepy and probably make him/her fall to sleep, if that happens, she has a slight influence in the dream. They are concealed in a lone dreamcatcher earring.

Likes: Learning, Running
Dislikes: Rude people, Apathy, Ignorance
Colour: Dark Purple
Music: Pop
Food: Homemade
Animal: Raven
Book: The Scorch Trials
Quote: "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
Drink: Grape Juice
Song: Many
Movie: Many
Sport: Lacrosse
Other Favs: Many
Appearance & More Images
Model: Erica Henrickson
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Red
Height: 5'05
Weight: 122
Ethnicity: European/Caucassian
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 7
Blood Type: B-
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: Scar in her head from dracaena attack
Body Style: Slim
One Word to Describe: Cute
Best Physical Trait: First Kiss
Worst Physical Trait: Shoulder
Mental/Emotional State: Healthy
Things to Change: Curiously
Mental/Emotional disorders: ADHD and Dyslexia
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Adriana Machiavelli
Father: Morpheus
Creator: Uhmm mother and father.
Half-Siblings: Morpheus' children
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Treats Kyle as a brother
Home: Verona and Marseille
Earliest Memory: Doesn't remember
Best Memory: First Kiss
Schooling: Private
First Kiss: Kyle
First Love: Kyle
First Sex: N/A
Other Firsts: Many

General Info
Nicknames: Dia
Native Language: Italian
Character Flaw: Curiosity
Fears/Phobias: Never waking up again
Hobbies: Looking around
Personal Motto: "Life's not worth living if risks are not included."
Things He Won't Do: Stop Learning
Most Admires: Mother
Most Influenced By: Mother
Moral Compass: South
Most Important Person Before: Mother
Most Important Person Now: Mother
Reacts to Crises: Sarcastically
Faces Their Problems: Directly
Reacts to Change: Curiously
Alignment: NNN
Dream Job: Psychologist
Current Job: Training
"Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect."
Vices: None
Bad Habits: None
Sleeping Habits: Too much dreaming
Quirks: Likes to jab people's chest or collarbone when angry.
Attitude: Positive
Special Talents: Learning
Social Skills: Good
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: Family/Friends are near
Main Priorities: Learn how to defend herself so she can return home.
Past Failures: None to regret
Biggest Accomplishment: Winning an archery tournament
Darkest Secret?: Wanting to be born normal.
Secret Known by Anyone?: Mother
Personal Tragedy: Being born
One Wish: Being born to a normal family.
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Rather nicely
Perceived by Strangers: Bubbly, cute
Perceived by Lover: Funny, beautiful, cute
Perceived by Friends: Sarcastic, direct
Perceived by Family: Bubbly, shy, positive, smiley
First Impression: Shy girl
Family/Friends Like Most? Attitude
Family/Friends Like Least? Stressing happiness at times.

None at the moment

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