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This character is not currently at camp, they are in England staying with their family.

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This user's character is a child of Notus.


She's really shy and quiet type of girl. She loves playing her drums and guitar but, she hates attention and crowds. She also never wears makeup.


My mother, Cheyenne met Notus one day on the beach. She was taking a walk on the beach one night when she ran into the god. After that they spent a few weeks together before Notus said that he had to leave for a little while. A year later I was born. When I turned one, Notus returned for a few more weeks then, left without notice. Later that year, my little sister Jewel was born into the family. Soon after my mother bought a little beach front cottage. When I went to school I was picked on and teased and it went on like that for years so I've never had friends. When Jewel started school she was the popular girl while, I stayed in the shadows of my younger sister. But, I didn’t mind. I liked it because that meant I didn’t have to be noticed. On my fifteenth birthday, the family moved to St. Ives, England to live with our Uncle Dwayne and Cousin, Selenia. That’s when the monsters started attacking and friend of our mother's, Todum, who was a demi-god came and told them us had to leave. Todum quickly took us to Camp so we could train.




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