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Nickname Baek, Gyeolie, Bagel
Birthday 5/6/1160 BC
Age 21, 1,037 or 3,294
Gender male
Ethnicity nigerian-korean
Nationality american
Birthplace california
R/S single; not dibbed
Sexuality pansexual

Model han hyunmin
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Height 6'2"
M/E State stable
Disorders TBD

List of Incarnations

first incarnation:
airlea/died 16/female
second incarnation:
amaratha/died 98/female
third incarnation:
amaratha/died 758/female
fourth incarnation:
liu bohai/died 10/male
fifth incarnation:
abeo/died 32/male
current incarnation:
do baekgyeol/21/male/

Do Baekgyeol
Son of Kympoleia

love me or leave me and let me be lonely...

For all the lives he's lived, Baekgyeol has always been a kindhearted and caring person. He tends to everyone and everything, whether it's housing a homeless stranger or fostering the work of others, he's always been a helpful soul. He can never turn down the opportunity to help others, even if it puts himself behind, and even if it is slightly reluctant. His kindness is a core part of him, regardless of how it presents himself to other people.

Baekgyeol's also extremely hardworking. As both inspiration from all the mother figures he's had over the years, especially Alice, he knows how much work it takes to really make it big, and whenever he does things, he puts his all into it. He's been working on clothes since he was just a fifteen-year-old, working a factory, and now he owns a large international brand that he's incredibly proud to own. When it comes to getting dirty, he's your guy, and regardless of the stakes, the risks, and the danger, Baekgyeol will be the first volunteer—albeit, hesitantly.

Baekgyeol is also, for all purposes and intents, very expressive. Unlike his past lives, Baekgyeol himself has a much more loud flair to him, and he can be quite talkative when in the mood. When it comes to communicating with other people, he's straightforward and direct, and for the most part, will tell you what he's thinking. He's still very sensitive to other people, however, and he's not the type to be blunt. In fact, he very often sugarcoats his negative opinions of things, even when giving criticism. In his defense, he knows it's a bad habit, and he's trying his best to get rid of it.

Something that tends to surprise Baekgyeol, is that he is very much an introvert. As much as he loves talking with other people, and it's quite easy to strike up a conversation, he's the type to recharge alone, working on designs or reading a book. He's also quite self aware of himself and his habits, and for as long as he's lived, he's always been trying his best to change for the better. Although change has always been a little bit overwhelming to him, you'll always find him being one of the first to welcome something new, knowing that it can bring good things. He's truly a progressive in every word of the sense, never thinking of the past, sometimes in the present, and always thinking how what's going on now will affect the future.

He's very critical in this sense, and while you could never tell from the way he speaks, he's quite the intellectual. He's very intelligent and quite in tune with the world. As a result of dealing in the business world, he typically thinks strategically first before anything else, and at the risk of coming off insensitive sometimes, he will always propose the most efficient solution to a problem. He's often been accused of being too logical of a lover. Not a great person to rant to, because he's always been in the mindsight of, "If it's such a problem, just fix it."

Altogether, Baekgyeol is a combination of all his past selves. He's not as submissive as Airlea and not as quiet and as Amaratha, but he holds Airlea's kindness and Amaratha's compassion. He's as curious and as intelligent as Ren Shu, and as strong-willed as Abeo. Every single thing he does, you see his past selves in, and it's no wonder that out of all his incarnations, Baekgyeol is the one who came out the victor.

Usually when people ask me about my life, I just tell them it's a really long story and move on. Because it is a really long story, like full length, 600 page novel long. Yet people keep asking for a Draw My life, so here I am hopping on a trend. Buckle up hunties, this isn't a road trip but an international expedition. Welcome to Draw My Life: 3,000+ Year edition!

First Incarnation

Okay so... Let's get this out of the way. There's been some rumors here and there that I was born female, and well... they're true! First incarnation me, a beauty, living it up in the city of Athens, Greece. If this was like... a fairytale, I'd start it off like this:

In the ages of Ancient Greece, a maiden found herself married off to a rich man to raise her family's financial status. This maiden's name was Airlea.

But it's not because that's pretentious, way too wordy, and honestly a snore to read. This is Draw My Life, not Write a 90 Page Thesis My Life. So, let's get the basic facts out of the way. Yes, I was born female, in Athens, Greece. Beautiful place by the way, visit like every summer with Morpheus. The food, the culture—

But unbeknownst to her, quiet, mortal life, conflict was brewing among the gods. Before she knew it, war was raging. Her husband had left their home to fight in the war, and it had suddenly become even quieter in their large, empty home. She waited months at first, hesitantly. But then she began to out a little by herself, and then a little more each time, until years had passed and all she wanted was to be free. So, she ran.

The guy I married? Don't even remember his name. I do remember he was uggg-ly. And wasn't too gifted in the intellectual department either. I hadn't been wooed by poetry or anything. He just expected me to sit all pretty inside like a house plant. What's the point of a sugar daddy if you can't even go outside? Of course I left, duh. Clear opportunity. No one else was there to keep me there besides my husband. Hell, half the staff had already ditched the place after a few years. How am I not supposed to do the same?

But the wilderness of Greece proved to be too much for a city-bred maiden, who knew nothing but the comfort of luxury and laze. Even as she struggled to survive, her efforts were for nothing. Months later in the cold of winter, she found herself lying on the snow-covered floor of the forest, crying out to Mother Gaea for help.

This is... embarrassing. I admit, kind of clown behavior on my part to run into the wilderness of all places but like... my husband was a popular guy, you know? Terrible at comedy, definitely not pleasant at all, but he was rich, held rich company, the works. Everyone in town knew who he was, and of course they were going to recognize the moving mannequin he brought with him. I dipped! I was trying to think logically. Minus the fact that I literally didn't even know how to operate in the wilderness. Like my family wasn't the richest, but even I managed to stay inside for the majority of my life. Shrubbery, animals? Not my cup of tea. It's only so bad I died there, you know? On the bright side, I did look really cute freezing to death. I will say that. There's a reason blue lipstick is so popular. The nearly dead look is very interesting.

Second Incarnation

Mother Gaea, I call out to you...

Did I give up at that moment? Yes, of course. I'm freezing in the middle of the woods, sis, who else wouldn't give up? But lucky for me, I live in a world with Greek Gods, and although I spend no time in nature, I value our one and only Mother Nature. And naturally, I'm out here, quietly hollering for help on the forest floor because girl, if I'm gonna die, this ain't gonna be the last time I'm alive.

Generous Gaea heard the young woman's call from her slumber, and took Airlea into the earth. In the same valley she had died in, Gaea rebirthed her as its nymph. From then on, Airlea became Amaratha the napea, a valley nymph. But little did Amaratha know, two people heard her call that day. The Great Mother Gaea, and the stormy daughter of Poseidon, Kymopoleia. Normally, the latter rarely took interest in mortal events. Mortals were fragile and expendable and uninspiring. She'd watched hundreds of them drown from her storms. They were nothing impressive. But for some reason she couldn't name, she felt inclined to question a bit more about this young woman, now a nymph. And so she watched.

Imagine dying in the wilderness to become the wilderness. I don't know if that's poetic or just my first incarnation being a clown. Amaratha is such a beautiful name though. It's actually derived from an old flower in Greek, and honestly, I'd name my daughter that. There's also a male version, I believe. Amarantos? Both stunning names. Wait, actually... that's a fashion brand moment. I could name my collection that. One minute.

That aside though, say hola to my madre , the icon herself, Kymopoleia! To be honest, sis tells me this story a hundred times, and it still puts me in disbelief she's been interested in me since I was a dying broad in the woods. Now that's a mother-son relationship if I've ever seen one. I know like... this technically doesn't apply, but isn't that also stalking? I've been stalked by my mother since like... day one.

Unaware of prying eyes, Amaratha kept to the valley she'd been reborn in, spending her time repaying Gaea by revitalizing the valley into a hauntingly beautiful hideaway. Here, Amaratha lived alone among the birds and the vines. Draped in rich green clothing from the shrubbery, skin dark and rich like the Earth, a stunning offering to the likes of Aglaea and even Aphrodite. Though by herself and quiet, Amaratha was already a contest for a beautiful spouse. But her desire for a companion changed quite suddenly, all due to one day.

I mean, I've always been stunning but Amaratha was truly something. Darkskinned goddess, she ran so Calypso could walk. I think my intimacy with nature has always come from her. Even in this form, I still feel inclined to beautify, and to bring life to things. In that way, Amaratha, besides the fact that she is literally me, will always be apart of me. Actually, a better way to phrase that would be... her work will always be a part of me. Her time is an inspiration behind a lot of my work. She is the perfect muse in my eyes, and I am so lucky to have the ability to just see her clearly in my head and work off of her and our memories.

Some days, Amaratha wanders from her valley, not too far, but just far enough to witness the turning of Daphne. A kind and gentle soul who seldom met any conflict nor companionship, felt inclined to once again return to her silent and partner-less life style as she witnessed Daphne turn into a tree and Apollo weep at her feet. Although she knew not the context, she still felt an overwhelming, new sense of fear with someone who shown so brightly and gave off such a usually joyful aura.

Woo, girl, I will never forget that day. Apollo and I are on good terms now, and like... I would hit that, you know? But back in the day, never. Apollo terrified me. All the gods did, really. After that day at least. I mean, it was Gaea's choice to turn homegirl into a tree, but I didn't want to see myself in a similar situation, so from then on I was like, men? Not it. In Daphne's honor though, I planted a lot of laurel trees in my valley. Laurels are actually a staple in the majority of my fashions, and it's... sort of logo for me at this point. Like... a signature almost. How artists sign their drawings, I sign my clothing with a laurel. Woo, okay, next.

Amaratha continued to live her days in her valley, never venturing more than a mile or so away and she always found her way back, connected to her birthplace by an innate energy. And althogh Kymopoleia would only take innate interest some days, whenever did, she'd watch the nymph for hours, curious how someone so quiet could be so interesting in every other way.

Since the day Daphne died, Amaratha rarely saw any other life than small, woodland animals, and the occasional larger one. Amaratha was never destined to find peace in this life, however. The scream she heard will echo forward for centuries to come. The haunting cry of a young girl pleading for help, and so Amaratha ran, her dress whipping in the wind as she tore through the forest, looking for a maiden in need. Courageously, she put herself between this girl and the man chasing her, and for this she paid the price.

Okay, I'm not going to lie. Slightly flattered Kymopoleia was watching me. Like this is honestly one of the boring of my lives, but mama look interest even then. But then again, I was stunning, who wouldn't be? And honey, when I say I was dedicated to that valley, I say I was dedicated to that valley, sis. That valley was quite literally my life. If it was destroyed, bye bitch, there I go.

But that poor girl I sacrificed myself in the woods for? She was worth more. I sprinted, like olympic track sprinted to get to this girl. After seeing Daphne turn into a tree there was no way I was going to let someone else die near me again. No, ma'am. This is still such a vivid memory I have. So vivid actually, I made a whole collection off it. I named it the "Blood of Roses" Collection, it was like... tight, fall, shic. A lot of red carpet material. A few leather pieces. Green, red, white, brown, staple colors. Sounds like an odd combination, but I made it work. Especially since it well, sold out just hours after the launch.

Third Incarnation

As Amaratha's blood sunk into the Earth, and she took her last breaths, Artemis passed overhead with the young girl Amaratha had saved. Artemis, having taken notice of the situation when the young girl cried for help, witnessed Amaratha's death, and shot and killed the man in both retaliation for chasing after the young girl and for killing a nymph. In reward for protecting the girl, Artemis counsels with the sleeping Gaea, and brings your body to Cybele, who breathed life into her once again. Amaratha returns for a third time, in mortal form. Kymopoleia, however, watched bitterly from the depths. When she saw Amaratha's death, she was for all intents and purposes, interested in reviving her, but of course an Olympian beats her to it.

Was that a lot? I feel like, that was a lot. Definitely a lot to process, so let me break it down. When I got stabbed by nasty predator man and died, Artemis noticed and saved the girl before the man could catch up and snatch her up. She killed the creep, saved the girl (the girl became a Hunter of Artemis, fun fact), then saw my freshly dead body, and was like, you look a lot prettier alive. Then she took me to Cybelle, queen fixed me up, but like... I became mortal. It had something to do with Terms and Agreements but like... even in the Underworld, I never read that. And Queen Kym has a little bit a jealous streak sometimes. Like we'll be talking and she'll through shade at Aglaea. Like, girl, I get it. It's rough being irrelevant but no need to be messy.

Regardless of her sour feelings towards the procession of Amaratha's revival, Kymopoleia continued to patiently watch, her interest stronger than ever. Amaratha, on the other hand, once again indebted, stayed by Artemis' side as a Hunter of Artemis. As a Huntress, Amaratha remained loyal to the goddess, following her wherever they ventured, and growing close to the sister of Apollo. With the Hunters, Amaratha felt a new experience, the experience of true company and a sense of family. Never for a moment did she regret a single second of her time with them. Yet like all things do, it came to an end.

Surprise, surprise! I became a Hunter of Artemis. Look, as a lady, I kicked ass. I still kick ass right now though and look fabulous while doing it. If I was Amaratha right now, I knew she would've pulled off these boots so well. Okay tea but, Kym really had something to say about me joining the Hunters of Artemis. She was so salty for actual centuries, can you believe? Goddesses, I tell you. Hold grudges till the end of time. But, you know, fashion and gossip aside, the Hunters really were a family. Like when I tell you I truly would've died for every single one of those ladies, I'm telling the truth. I love them so much, and honestly, it's a shame I can't be apart of such a wonderful group anymore. But at the same time, I think the family I'm going to have here at Camp as well, is going to be a group of individuals I'm gonna be very excited to get to know.

No matter what Amaratha seemed to do, death followed her around like a shadow. The Fates seemed determined to tie her to the Underworld, but Amaratha was determined to go as honorably as she could. Conflict was arising again among the Gods, and in an act of peace, Amaratha put herself up as a sacrifice to appease Ares, the God of War. A peace-keeper in nature, Amaratha felt that it was only right that she did the most she could to avoid the flourishing and developing culture of Greece to war against itself. And so, she bled again, but this time, upon white marble and gracious architecture. Perhaps if she had not made this choice, we'd see one more war in the history books.

#HumbleBrag but I kind of like... stopped a war. I'm not saying it to like, be obnoxious or anything but it is something that I have to mention. I can't just be like, "I was a Hunter of Artemis and then I died! The End :)". Because then I'd be miss a huge part of the story, and... as honorable as it is, bleeding out on an altar is not fun, no matter what anyone tells you. It is painful, it is excruciating, honestly, humiliating at some points to be surrounded by your friends as you literally bleed to death. I mean, obviously I wasn't there to see when I died but I heard that when they finally removed my body, the altar was stained red for centuries. So that's a story for the grandchildren. Definitely.

Fourth Incarnation

Now, a sharp turn in the direction of our hero's life is taken. Death as a mortal is normally not very exciting, but Amaratha, when she died, found herself in the Elysium, otherwise known as the home of heroes within the Underworld. She enjoyed her afterlife quietly, yet with a stinging sense of... satisfactions. Some part of her wanted to see more. Wanted to live a new life in a new world. And after centuries of lounging, she found herself going after these back of the head desires. Amaratha was going to be reborn in the drastically different world, in a drastically different time. And as she had been always, Kymopoleia was watching. When Amaratha expressed her desire for a rebirth, Kymopoleia struck.

Approaching Hades, she discussed the possibility of Amaratha being reborn as her child. And after some discussion, she was given the go ahead. To Kymopoleia, Amaratha symbolized the perfect hero. She was courageous, kindhearted, strong willed, empathetic, witty, among various other things. For all the Hercules(es) and Perseus(es) in the world, Kymopoleia wanted one of her own. She wanted a legendary legacy to claim to. Her father was Poseidon, and that was just about everyone knew about her. She wanted a shadow that held its own weight, and for all the terrorizing she did on mortals, it was always Poseidon's work and not hers. And she was tired. So, she would have her own hero. They would be grandiose in every sense, in conception, in execution, and she would finally stand among the other gods feeling a larger sense of importance.

We back in black, honey! After all, black goes with everything. As nice as the Elysium is, I feel like... it got boring quick. Like the idea of an afterlife is cute and everything, but in the Elysium I had no motivation to do anything. Everyday was wake up, hang out, go back to sleep. There was no excitement, there was no purpose. Simply put, it stank. As a creative individual, I needed inspiration, I needed something new. And that, that's what really went into my choice. Honestly though, if I saw where life was going to take me, I think I would've re-thought reviving at that period in time because like... it's not very pretty, honey. Shoutout to Queen Kym though! Honestly, if there's anyone I could be adopted by—honestly wait, is that even how that worked? Regardless, if there's anyone I could be adopted by, it'd be Kymopoleia. In a lot of ways, I really feel her struggle. And we are kind of a fabulous duo so.

Kymopoleia start the first stage of her plan in fifteenth century, Ancient China, during the Ming Dynasty. She scoured the whole world for a worthy carrier of her hero, and eventually she landed on the young Li Fen. She was gifted in intellect and in beauty, but in 15th Century China, only the second mattered very much. She lived a model life of the Chinese elite, and found herself among the Imperial concubines. Slowly but steadily, she rose through ranks, and found herself among one of two honorable consorts. Kymopoleia admired the intelligence behind the woman's eyes, and knew she would be a good woman to raise her child. And after Kymopoleia decided this, Li Fen meet another young woman. Her name, Mei Lien.

At this point like, I can't say much 'cause this is my mom's story and not really mine. But, I will say before I like disappear for a little, I want it to be known Kym had the hots for Li Fen, like, she'd never admit it right now but woo girl. Sis, I might've not been alive yet, but you ask her about Li Fen, and suddenly all the oceans are peaceful, crops are going back, the environment is restoring itself. Unfortunately, my other mom is dead, so we can't get much input from her. Though, I could pop in real quick and ask Li Fen her opinion and like thoughts from the Underworld if anyone wants. I think that'd be a really interesting video. I'm actually going to write that down...

Mei Lien was the other honorable consort, and she was quite different from what Li Fen was used to. Most court woman were very muted and submissive, and aside from looking pretty, didn't cause much of a stir unless they were bred of a more bold nature. Li Fen could only assume this was Mei Lin, for the woman was quite bold. Loud and vibrous like a thunder, but with the beautiful, striking definition of lighting. She was the perfect personification of a storm. A wonder of nature.

Slowly, Li Fen found herself infatuated with this woman. It started out small and subtle, a mouse really, compared to the beast of a love it would turn into. The two women would exchange small talk, and the way Mei Lien absolutely fascinated Li Fen, the same way Mei Lien found Li Fen absolutely captivating. Although the woman was one of little worlds, she carried about a confidence with her that was truly impeccable, and the quiet sparkle of intellect that Mei Lien saw in her eyes every time she looked at her. It was no wonder the two were so drawn to each other.

Their little fling continued for months, and in the late of the night, the women always found themselves with each other. Li Fen was perfectly content for once in her life, and could ask for nothing more than a permanent life with the woman she loved. However, it was... not to be. Mei Lien, for months, had been hiding something from her lover. She was not who she appeared to be, and she felt as if she could never tell Li Fen this after spending so much time with her as Mei Lien. When Li Fen suggested to Mei Lien to run away together one night, panic swelled in her lovesick heart. Mei Lien could no longer keep it up. For as much as she adored Li Fen, she knew that in her plan, there was no place for this mortal to be a permanent part.

The following night, Mei Lien took off. She was quiet and articulate as she fled the palace, a stark difference from her usual self. But before she left, she kissed the forehead of her lover, placed her hands on her womb and blessed it with a child, a symbol that Mei Lien would never forget their beautiful relationship, and that she would always cherish what they had together. For the truth was, Mei Lien was not who she said she was. As the culture had drastically changed, Kymopoleia found herself in different waters, and as the Roman Empire fell, she sought to expand her sights to different places. And this is how she settled in Beijing and met Li Fen.

So, I've been quiet for a little bit—rightfully so, this is such a beautiful story, I literally cannot bring myself to interrupt. Like from what I remember of my mortal mother, she was always so sweet and quiet, but the sadness I saw in her eyes even as a kid? That always stuck with me. And when I found out why, it hurt like... It hurt like I was her. Don't get me wrong, I love Kymopoleia, love her to death. But to have someone leave you like that? With no warning, nothing. I'd be... I'd be a mess. I'd be sobbing one day, swearing the vengeance the next. In that way, I think I understand a lot of the insurgences you see nowadays. Broken Covenant, Champion of Orthys, even some of the bitter feelings in Camp. It comes from neglect, abandonment. No one wants to be left. Let me get my fan, sis, I think I'm gonna cry.

When Mei Lien disappeared, Li Fen fell into a deep depression, one even the emperor noticed. When questioned, she gave no reason, but it seemed the quiet Li Fen had become dead silent. Traumatized, for months she did not speak. It was quite confusing to the many around her who noticed the change. What had changed that had made Li Fen loose her spirit? Whispers and gossip roamed the palace among the the accompanying news that Honorable Consort Fan Mei Lien had been announced missing. It seemed as if there was no light in the dark times Li Fen was facing until she faced her monthly examination. All consorts were examined for health at least once a month, and when a doctor noticed a change in her form, combined with Li Fen reporting that she had missed her period for the past two months, it was announced that Li Fen was pregnant.

The only one it could be assumed the child belonged to was the emperor, and although Li Fen had only laid with the man twice, Li Fen believed it as well. She had no one else to believe after all. Mei Lien, her only love, could not give her a child. The news of the child rose Li Fen's spirits, and from afar, Kymopoleia watched with a bittersweet joy to see her love rejoice at the gift she had left for her. The goddess was heartbroken but knew what was necessary. The preparations for Li Fen's child were grand, as the empress had died in childbirth, and the child had come out a stillborn just a month before Li Fen was announced to be pregnant. This child would have claim to the throne once born, and that was a grandiose occasion.

What did I say about really long story? Honestly, this is the fourth time I've been alive and I honestly don't even think we're halfway through the story yet. Like... the last three incarnations are a lot more... exciting for the first three if that makes sense. I like to think it's because of when Kymopoleia really started doing some work, because my mom's an icon, of course she's the one that spiced it up. No hate to Ancient Greece and my homegirl Artemis, but sometimes Greek food can be a little bland. Like how much Greek yogurt are you going to have before you ask for some red bean buns and tang yuan? Sometimes we just gotta switch it up. Sprinkle some pepper on it, add some paprika. No one can survive off of grapes and pita bread. Also, encase anyone's wondering, red bean buns and tang yuan are both delicious. Some of my favorite Chinese desserts.

When Crown Prince Xiu Ren Shu was born, the celebrations lasted for days. And rightly so, he was raised like a true prince. From the day he was born, you could see the same twinkle of intellect in his eyes that you could see in Li Fen. As the young prince grew, he had the beauty of Li Fen as well. Many in court commented on his aptitude for learning and growth, and a point of gossip seemed to be not only his curiosity, but his dislike for court followings. When he was old enough to begin lessons, he seemed more interested on learning on his own time than being tutored. It was a peculiar arrangement.

Did you get a whole three day party when you were born? Yeah, didn't think so. And like I said, I'm stunning in all my forms.

As Ren Shu grew, Kymopoleia watched, sorely missing her lover and enjoying seeing both her love and their child grow. Despite her initial leaving, she couldn't quite keep away. She was always appearing in different forms to interact with Ren Shu and Li Fen, whether a normal servant or a Chinese elite visiting from a different part of the country. Sometimes, just for the kick from old times, she'd flirt with an alarmed Li Fen. As time passed, she found herself incredibly attached to their son, Ren Shu. She was also quite excited to see what greatness her hero would have to his name when he grew up. She often fantasized about the day he would be crowned emperor, and she could brag about how wonderful her son had turned out.

It seemed that things would go as planned, life would go on, Renshu would grow up and assume the position of emperor—but not all flowers bloom, and not all trees bear fruit. A month after Renshu's tenth birthday was celebrated, the palace was breached by traitors to the throne, and Renshu among other officials, was kidnapped. Although a ransom had been paid for Renshu's return, both Li Fen and Kymopoleia were devastated, and in her anger, Kymopoleia swept in a storm from the East China Sea into Beijing. The storm among other things, complicated the situation, and when the smoke cleared, Renshu died in the conflict.

I actually hate it here. Like looking back, I literally could never catch a break. I got married off, died in the wilderness like a clown, got stabbed by some creepy rando, died as a sacrifice, revived as the prince of a Chinese emperor, and then I died at literally age ten. I the majority of life is just the short end of the stick. As much as I loved my mom, I don't think very much of this period because like... there wasn't much to think about. I literally died ten years into my life because I basically got kidnapped by bandits. Well... not bandits. But like, I got kidnapped. And then died. At ten. Literally ten. This was literally six hundred years ago and I'm honestly, still not over it. Also fun story to tell at parties, Kymopoleia killed every single one of those bandits after I died. Never mess with a goddess, even if a minor one.

Fifth Incarnation

Taking Renshu's death as a sign of a failure, Kymopoleia sank into a depression as she saw the life drain out of her son's eyes. For awhile, she lived with herself like that, miserable as she rested at the bottom of the raging ocean. When she emerged from the sea again, she was filled with a new determination. Seeing demigod children of the greater, more known gods retain glory for their godparent, Kymopoleia had sunk even in farther in her depression and into a place of self-hate. But when she emerged from her sea trench, she felt nothing but a fiery determination to give Renshu the glory he would've experienced alive. And even for all the sons of Zeus and Poseidon, Kymopoleia would have a hero just as important if not more important.

So the goddess journeyed to the Underworld and pulled Renshu's soul from the bunch, before returning to her trench. At the bottom of the ocean, she blew the soul of her son into a intricate body constructed from sea foam. He would have all the intellect of a dolphin, with the strength of an ox. As ambitious as they come, and his kindness would touch the souls he met. This had turned into more than just interest and a personal attachment, it was now a testament to worth. And Kymopoleia was determined to prove through Abeo, that her children were as worthy as any.

When Kymopoleia rose from the waters again, she found herself on the coast of pre-colonial Nigeria, and found a kindhearted elderly woman on her way home with her dinner for the night out of fish she had traded for. Kymopoleia approached her in her home and told her to take care of the child she had brought with her. If she did, she would receive a grand reward and as much glory in the afterlife as a mortal could receive. The elderly woman, very well minded in her gods, agreed, believing Kymopoleia's appearance and the child was a sign from her gods, and she dedicated herself to raising this child as if it were her own.

This... takes a much darker turn, in my opinion. I feel like... it's inappropriate to comment on this part of my life because it was... very, very dark. People talk to me about struggle and... I felt, every single bit of it. Every single bit of struggle from this point onwards. There was no luxury and three day celebrations, only pain... a lot of hard work. I am sincerely grateful for my iyaiya because she taught me so much, even when I was just dropped in her lap like the useless child I was. She rose me like her own and I will always appreciate that. Honestly, I still use so many life lessons from her, I just... If she was hear right now. Honestly, all the female figures in my life that I've grown up with, I love them. I love them so much.

As the young boy grew, it was apparent there was something quite different than him. And even though the elderly woman acknowledged it wasn't her place to judge—she felt as if the boy carried a supernatural aura to him. She simply ruled it out as something in relation to the gods of her religion, and let it be. But unbeknownst to her, there was something strange about Abeo. He was a son of a goddess and attracted unusual attention and company, from quite unfriendly monsters. Kymopoleia saw this coming and before she left Abeo with the elderly woman, she gave the boy a leather cord with a single pearl on it.

When Abeo was thirteen and travelling among the village, he encountered a strange, large beast, black as midnight in the clear, sunny day. Instinctively, he felt an urge to clutch around the pearl he wore, and on the dirt road back to his hut with his iyaiya, he slayed a hellhound, knowing not what it was, but knowing that if he didn't, it could be the end to his life. And life like this continued. Unbeknownst to the elderly woman, Abeo regularly found himself in situations in which he was confronted with death and with the courage of his past selves and the spirit of a storm flowing through his veins, he thwarted it every single time.

But even Abeo could not win every battle. As instructed, the elderly woman raised Kymopoleia's son, and she did very well. The young child grew into a strong and respectful man, who no matter what, refused to leave his grandmother's side, even when he had become applicable for marriage. As his mother had taken care of him, he took care of her as well, and vowed to be for her till she died. Abeo would never be able to bury his grandmother though, or even attend her funeral. For while he was out collecting water, he was abducted by slave traders. The elderly woman never saw Abeo ever again, never had the time to say goodbye. Her surrogate grandson was gone, just like that.

For Abeo, he was taken to the American plantation, worked as a slave day and night. He stuck to himself, and through miracles, was able to keep the one thing he had to his name, his leather necklace. It was the one thing that had kept him safe all these years. But this time, there was no escaping fate. And when Abeo was re-sold to a new plantation that saw fit to take away every possession a slave had, Abeo lost the sword Kymopoleia had given him. And in the hot, miserable fields, Abeo fell. At the age of thirty-two, confronted by a monster he was no-longer equipped to fight. Although weaponless, he fought hard for survival, but the Keres bested him. Lonely and painfully, Abeo died.

I vividly remember this monster among all the monsters I fought when... I was Abeo. I mean, how can I not, it literally killed me. But, just... the fear I felt facing this thing. My heart was pounding in my ears. I was running around the field like a mad man. I remember it was still late evening, just an hour or so after the slaves had been called from the fields. I had been sent into town to do an errand and on my way back, it attacked. I was running like I had just robbed a bank. I don't think I've ever ran so fast in my life. And it didn't help that the Keres was just straight up, unpleasant to look at it. This woman, bird thing with fifteen feet wings and sharp, poisonous claws? Sounds cool until it's chasing you all the way back to your plantation. I died in the fields—from a monster. From a world that I just briefly encountered every few months. Just another part of my life. Not something I'd ever thought would kill me. Oh my gosh. I need, like a huge moment. In... In lighter news. This next part, I believe is... not less emotional, but something... less heavy. So, let's... let's get into it.

Sixth Incarnation

Something red hot seared through Kymopoleia that day, seeing her son die in a way she found so disgraceful, so undeserving. She was frustrated, defeated once again. But just as quickly as she fell, she was back to picking herself up again. Her importance, her child's importance, she felt like something was on the line here. So this time, she decided to start from scratch.

It was the 1860s. The United States was expanding, the civil war had just ended, slaves had been freed, East Asian immigrants were arriving. On all the fronts, the frontier was greater. In this time, Kymopoleia saw it as the perfect time to start working. The details were meticulous. Her son would be born in California, an especial land of opportunity at the time. She would appear to a former slave as a Korean immigrant named Do Shinjeon, and in a land of inspiration, she would aid this young woman in her dream of starting a business. Although the actual time that Kymopoleia appeared to this woman was in the 1880s, she watched her, and observing the woman's resilience and strength, before deciding she was the perfect candidate to carry the reincarnate of her beloved hero.

In 1885, a African American woman named Alice opened up a shop with her business partner, Shinjeon. The two were an unusual pair. It was odd to see a former slave and a Korean immigrant together, but they didn't let the controversy get to them. They worked well together, and business was going well. As business grew, so did their relationship, and Alice felt herself quite close to this man. Shinjeon the same. There was no discussion of marriage for separate reasons, however. For one, it was controversial and illegal, and second, Kymopoleia wasn't here for marriage, although Alice was a wonderful mortal to be around. The two simply enjoyed each other's company in private, a quiet love that needed no external approval. Law or otherwise.

Then, Alice found herself pregnant. To them, naturally, it was fantastic news. And well, it was the talk of the town, but not in a good way. Nonetheless, they paid no mind as long as the cash kept coming in—and it was, so they lived modestly and quietly. There was the discussion of naming. Alice, having been born from slaves as well, didn't know much of her culture. She just knew she was from a West African nation, and all she had was her mother's tongue—Yoruba. Desperate for her son to have a culture to know of, Alice decided that her son would have a Korean name like his father. Unusual to the period, but unique, and something that he could see in himself.

And so, Do Baekgyeol was born. March 14th, 1887 was a grey, cloudy day. But for Alice, it was the brightest day of her life. The infant was larger than most at the time, and it was a painful bearing, but Alice braved through it, and was overjoyed to see her child. And for a few months, they were a happy family, Alice, Shinjeon, and Baekgyeol. Yet suddenly, Shinjeon disappeared, never to be seen again. Kymopoleia, deciding to give closure on her disappearance, made a mock mortal body of Do Shinjeon as evidence for his death to be discovered a few weeks later. But like that, the chess pieces had been set. And now it was time to play with fate.

To be honest, compared to the other like... five incarnations. I definitely think the start of this is much more simple and less extravagant than the others. Which is really ironic because what I get a lot when people me their first impressions of me, is that I'm the exact opposite. And like, I get it. I'm not what you expect from someone born in the nineteenth century. Besides the fact that most people from the nineteenth century are dead.

Regardless of the now absent father figure, Alice did her best to raise Baekgyeol. Between running her business and mothering her son, it was a difficult task. The child always seemed to be drawn to things that frightened Alice. He liked thunderstorms, oddly enough, and always wanted to be at sea. The few times they'd take trips to the beach when they could afford it, he'd spend more time playing in the water when the weather was getting worse than when the weather was perfectly fine. It was concerning and absolutely terrifying as a mother trying to protect her child. But little did she know, Kymopoleia was always there, making sure Baekgyeol would never drown.

I love, love, love, storms, so much. Always have, always will. I'd like to think it's probably a Kymopoleia thing but honestly, they're everything. I have storm inspired clothes, I drew storms all the time when I was little. If Halloween was a thing when I was little, I would've dressed up as a whole ass storm. Whatever that would look like. They're so fascinating, especially at sea. Tornadoes are scary, but watersprouts? That shit both scared me as a kid and amazed me. A tornado over water? You've got to be kidding me. I assure you, if I had been born in the 2000s, I would've watched Octonauts as a kid and would've absolutely loved it. And yes, I know what Octonauts is. Don't judge me. Kids shows are novelty.

Kymopoleia, like before, couldn't resist popping by in a mortal disguise every once awhile. She found a solid middle ground between being around constantly like Renshu and not being around at all like Abeo, by making regular visits as a customer to Alice's shop. She'd only come in once every few months, and none one knew where she was from, but Kymopoleia didn't bother for the small details. She was just overjoyed to see Baekgyeol happy in the simplistic life he lived.

A small detail Kymopoleia had forgotten to account for in her planning was defense. She had given the boy no means to defend himself, and found herself having quite violent flashbacks to Baekgyeol's past life when a myrmeke approached the young boy while he was out in the front yard. The thirteen-year-old had no idea what to do about the giant ant, who seemed quite angry, despite it's expressionless face. Naturally, he heads inside, and Kymopoleia, refusing to see Baekgyeol see the same end as before, leads the monster away to find other company—particularly a nearby son of Hecate who quickly slays the monster before going on their way. After that day, she decided it was necessary to best equip Baekgyeol for success as much as she could.

The following visit Kymopoleia made to Alice's store, she brought with her a nicely decorated wooden box with Greek symbols carved into the top and sides. She told Alice it was a gift for Baekgyeol's birthday, before she purchased her product and left. Alice was well acquainted with Kymopoleia's new mortal form at this point, as she had been seeing her come around every once awhile for just a little under fourteen years now—but was still surprised that someone would bring a gift for Baekgyeol. Nonetheless, she accepted it happily, and as they were celebrating Baekgyeol's birthday with a nice dinner, Alice presented the box to her son and told him who it was from.

Inside the box was a single silver, dangling earring. The chain was durable but fine, and thin, almost liked a thread. A feather hung at the end of this chain, beautifully crafted. Alice thought it was a peculiar gift to give, especially to a fourteen-year-old boy, but Baekgyeol loved it. He almost never took it off, and when he did, he always put it in the box that it came with to ensure it'd be as safe from harm as possible. When he was working in his mother's store, the most common comment he'd here in the store was hushed whispers about his earring, and how expensive it looked. The single accessory filled the young teenager with pride, and he displayed his only treasure like it was his best.

Okay, so this earring is actually what catapulted me into fashion. When I was little, I used to draw a lot. I did a lot of nature scenes, but slowly I felt myself more and more drawn to clothing. I'd draw like the outfits people would wear when they came into my mom's store. I kept a whole journal, and I knew almost every customer simply by the things they tended to wear. Sometimes, when I was feeling bold or knew a customer really well, I'd suggest something to them to try out. And honestly, it'd give me so much pride when they came back the next week with my suggestion.

The earring that Kymopoleia gave me really inspired me to pursue it more, and although I didn't have much in my closet, it really pushed my to more with what I had. Imagine being a fashion icon at fourteen. All thanks to Kymopoleia. That's so crazy to think about, if I'm gonna be real. Like... I was literally inspired to get into designing because my god mother gave me a really expensive looking earring and I literally could not get enough of it. That's legend status right there. So little can go so far.

Besides looking pretty, the earring that had been giving to Baekgyeol had another function. The next time Baekgyeol had the misfortune of running into a monster, he discovered the earring had some otherworldly properties as well. Specifically, when the feather of the earring was tapped three times, it'd transform into a Celestial Bronze sword, stylized in a mix between an Ida and a Geom (Ida is a sword belonging to the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Geom is a Korean sword). From then on, Baekgyeol had little trouble fending for himself when he was in danger.

When Baekgyeol was fifteen, he began working at a nearby clothes factory for extra money. While Alice and him were quite well off, Baekgyeol took off anyway, determined to begin making a living for himself as well. Whenever he could, he would take scraps of clothing and thread from the factory and start his own projects. He even managed to get ahold of a sewing machine, and in the late hours of the night, we would put together clothing, working diligently and hiding his things under some loose floorboards in his room.

I remember this so clearly. The first thing I ever made was this black chiffon top. It was large and shoulderless, and whenever I wore it, I tuck it into my breeches. It was certainly a different look, but I personally love it, and it caught traction in its own way. I was asked to make so many copies of that shirt. People would walk into my store and be like, do you have the shirt in stock? And I was like of course, come on in. I was pretty much the model for my clothing so this happened often.

The year is 1903. Baekgyeol had moved out and relocated to Los Angeles. He had managed to scrap together enough money to open up a small store to sell the clothing he had been working on. At first, business was slow, as very few seemed to be willing to by from a black-owned store, but slowly but surely, as more of his fashions sold out—it slowly became the talk of the town. Baekgyeol, proud of his creations, and because he didn't have anyone else to model them, often wore the clothing he created. And when he had enough money to hire other employees, he had them model designs as well. It was a part of Baekgyeol's store for all the employees to be fashioned in a presentable and representative state of his brand.

Kymopoleia became a regular customer at Baekgyeol's store, hoping to see her son become an icon and apart of history to forever be remembered by. If he established a brand and it blew up, surely that would bring immense glory to the both of them. Unfortunately, there were conflicts. Or, more like a single conflict, between Kymopoleia and her father, Poseidon. They had gotten into a disagreement of sorts, and as a result, Poseidon had locked Kymopoleia away in an underground cavern in the San Francisco Bay. Disparate, enraged, and desperate to be freed, she contacted Baekgyeol in a dream and told her who she was, and how she had played a role in his life. She asked him to come free her, and while at first, Baekgyeol tried to ignore the dream due to the sheer bizareness of it—it continued to stick with him and he could not forget it.

I thought I was on crack before I even knew crack was a thing. Like when I had that dream, not only was my mind completely blown, but like the proportions of my world had been shattered. I had only lived my life in California, I went to church on Sundays with my mom, and worked continuously. That was it. The strangest my life had ever gotten before that point was the occasional monster attack but even then like... My mom was highkey so irrelevant, that I could not only go months between them, but I literally had a two year gap between one of my monster attacks. I personally think I'm a snack, but I don't know, maybe monsters have different taste.

So, Baekgyeol closed down his store for what her thought would be a month, packed up, and set off to San Francisco.

Little did I know, I was never going to see my precious store ever again. I mean, now I have an international brand but like still, that shop held such a precious place in my heart. I tried finding it once, but Los Angeles has changed so much, that even the street my shop was on looks so different, I can't remember where it used to be.

Baekgyeol took a series of buses, trains, and even travelled on foot occasionally to get to San Francisco. The travel itself took about three days, and when Baekgyeol arrived in San Francisco, he felt stranded. He had no idea where to start when it came to finding Kymopoleia and freeing her. From his dream, all he remembered was the city and its' bay, so he made his way over there by when he was still idealess, he returned to the hotel he was staying in to sleep in and see where he could go in the morning.

On his way back to the hotel, he ran into a teenage girl fighting off stymphilian birds. When they defeated the flock together, the girl introduced herself as Mary Anne, daughter of Poseidon. Baekgyeol, awkwardly, introduced himself as son of Kymopoleia.

Mary Anne was the first... otherworldly person I had ever really met. Kymopoleia in my mind, doesn't count because I never knew it was her. But having someone say to you, "I'm a daughter of a Poseidon", suddenly everything changes. I swear, every second, my world view was just completely changing, it was wild.

Mary Anne revealed she had actually been looking for a son of Kymopoleia, as a week prior, she had received a dream from Kymopoleia as well, asking for help to be freed. Oddly enough, Kymopoleia had instructed her to leave alone, as she would find her quest companion once she left San Francisco, and that they were one of her sons. And that's how she had found herself on the other side of the country.

Okay, so... Mary Anne's from Camp Half-Blood. I literally had no idea Camp Half-Blood even existed until she told me about her whole quest thing. And honestly at the time, I was kind of... I wouldn't say upset, but like, yeah, overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed. It's so much information to take in, in just a couple of days. Also, the fact that Kym K didn't feel the need to mention Camp Half-Blood in the dream she sent me, made me a little salty. You're telling me this demigod safe haven where I could meet other demigods and get in touch with my godly heritage was literally in the same country—and then I don't even get to know it existed? What must I do around here to get some respect?

The following day, the two of them returned to the San Francisco Bay to sort things out and find a way down there. Mary Anne dipped her hands in the water, feeling for Kymopoleia's energy, and after a few minutes, she found it. She quickly dived in, leaving Baekgyeol stranded on the surface as he waited. She resurfaced minutes later and then they began drawing out a plan. From what Mary Anne had seen, Kymopoleia was trapped at the bottom of the bay and contained by some sort magic barrier. Kymopoleia told Mary Anne that the only thing that could break it was Poseidon's trident, so they were now on a quest to steal Poseidon's trident and break Kymopoleia free.

I was not a fan, at all. The hell you mean steal Poseidon's trident? Do I look like I'm trying to die for a sixth time? Humans are fragile and expendable, and I wasn't sure on the extent of my powers, and if I could drown, and I wasn't intent on finding out. But like, here we were, about to go steal Poseidon's trident. Kym owed me big time and she knew it.

Stowing away aboard a cargo ship, Baekgyeol and Mary Anne traveled to the location of Poseidon's Underwater Palace. When Mary Anne felt as if they were close enough, the two dived in and swam to the entrance of the palace. Working together, they snuck into the palace throne room, and disguising themselves as sea nymphs, managed to swip Poseidon's trident, which upon being taken turned into a key chain for easy keeping. Quickly, they returned to the surface, and Mary Anne called two hippocampi for them to ride back to San Francisco.

When they returned to San Francisco a day later, they hurried to the bay to destroy the magical border, and free Kymopoleia. Once free, the goddess rewarded the both of them nicely, and Baekgyeol finally met his mother. In the moments that they connected, Baekgyeol felt his past lives flashing before him, and his heart swelled at the thought of finally meeting the woman who had been so determined to keep him alive. The goddess promptly left after giving the two of them their rewards, and having completed his quest, Baekgyeol was ready to head back to Los Angeles and open his shop back up again. Mary Anne, having gotten close to Baekgyeol over the past few weeks, invited him to come back to Camp with her. Although he was torn, he wanted to see what demigod life was all about, and wanted to meet more demigods like Mary Anne, and finally have a community beyond him and his mother to connect to, so he took her offer.

That quest might've been one of the most stressful things I've ever had to do. Every moment in Poseidon's palace was nerve-wracking. We never knew when we were going to be caught, when the jig was going to be up. It was a literal miracle that we managed to get in and out of the place undetected, especially because neither of us are in no way a child of Hermes. It really would've paid off to have one with us at the time, but I suppose Kymopoleia didn't think that part of it through when she was telling Mary Anne what to do.

The two began their journey back to Camp Half-Blood after a night of celebration for the success of their quest. As they crossed into Nevada, they encountered something peculiar. It seemed to be a caravan of people, who had intricately drawn flora on their vehicles and caravans. At first, they were hesitant to approach them, but recognizing they had a long way until the next town they'd encounter (there were no bus routes through this part of Nevada at the time), they approached the caravan, eager for help.

Mary Anne first went in to scout out the place, which seemed so empty it was unsettling. Baekgyeol stood watch near the front of the caravan while she did so. And suddenly, there was a handsome man approaching him. Baekgyeol hadn't seen where the man had come from, and was no doubt, suspicious of the man, but when he offered for him and his friend to sit down and have a drink, he relaxed just slightly. Unlike him, Mary Anne, when she came back, had dropped her guard completely. The two were settled in and offered a clear drink, and assuming it was water, drank it graciously. Little did they know, it was a drink from the Lotus flower, as the caravan was a tribe of Lotus eaters that would soon become the founders of the Lotus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where Baekgyeol and Mary Anne, soon woke up.

In my defense, the man who offered me the lotus drink was hot. And when I say hot, I mean Greek god, scultped abs, gorgeous. When a god of a man asks you for a drink, why would you say no? He was so nice and charming too. It was just... so hard to resist his charms. And well, now that I think about it. I never got his name. Maybe if I go back to the Lotus Hotel & Casino, I might find him again. I wonder how good he is in bed...

The two of them had been put out by the drink for so long due to the fact that the Lotus eaters kept giving it to them, and they were too sleepy-minded to put up much of a fight. When they truly awoke again, they found themselves in the Lotus Hotel & Casino. It was safe to say, they were terrified, but the flashiness of the place quickly caught their attention, and they found themselves stuck there again until the two of them found each other in the casino. Mary Anne was playing a game of poker, and upon spotting her, Baekgyeol immediately remembered what they had been doing, and how they got here.

Immediately pulling Mary Anne from the card game, Baekgyeol frantically asked her what was going on, and Mary Anne had a realization as well. Mary Anne realized as she looked around where they were, and from her knowledge of Greek mythology, she placed they must be among the modern reincarnates of the Lotus eater tribe. Baekgyeol had no idea what that was, but was keen to get out of here, and so they did. It took a while, but the finally found the exit to the hotel, and when they are about to leave, they ran into a guy around Baekgyeol's age, who seemed to take an interest in them almost immediately.

The guy introduced himself as Motoyasu, and although Baekgyeol and Mary Anne were clearly on a schedule, Motoyasu seemed to make an effort to keep them there as long as possible. When they finally got away again and got onto the street, they realized they were in a completely different time period. It was the 1920s, and they were in a rampant city that was drastically different from what either of them had ever encountered. They had no idea how to get back to where they were, and were literally lost. While walking through the Vegas streets, they encountered Motoyasu again, and were surprised, thinking they left him in the hotel. Motoyasu asks Baekgyeol and Mary Anne where they in such a hurry to go, and Baekgyeol tells him about his fabled "Camp Half-Blood" they've heard so much about.

At this, Motoyasu proposes a deal. Motoyasu apparently knew where Camp Half-Blood was, and could get them there quite quickly if they did something for him. Baekgyeol and Mary Anne, deciding they didn't have much to loose anyway, agreed. Then amused, Motoyasu revealed himself as Morpheus, the god of dreams. He'd been looking for demigods willing to recover some apples from the Garden of Hesperides for him for awhile, and unfortunately for those two, those had been the first demigods he had run into since planting himself in Las Vegas. Since it was too late to back out of the agreement, begrudingly, Baekgyeol and Mary Anne began making their travel to the Garden of Hesperides. And ironically, it seemed as they were travelling backwards as they were required to travel west to find the Garden.

I love Morpheus now, but when I first met him, I swear this man got on my every last nerve. The first of it was this whole quest to go get this golden apples for him. Like, in my mind it was "He's literally a god, why does he need us to do this for him?" But since then I've learned, gods don't like to talk motivation very often. And no matter how much I pry, he, still to this day, has not told me why he had us go on that quest. Like I said, Morpheus drives me nuts. In a good way now, at least

As they traveled to the Garden of Hesperides, Morpheus made it a point to pop in whenever he felt like it to be a general bother. As a minor god, there wasn't much merit to staying as far away from mortals as the "more important" gods tended to do. Morpheus cited his reason for hanging around them so much was for his own amusement, and despite the words Baekgyeol had about that, he kept that bit to himself. The actual journey was just as frustrating as the god was himself. Trying to find their way to the Garden of Hesperides with with only the compass that Morpheus gave them was extremely infuriating.

It seemed some days, they were moving in the right direction, and other days, they weren't. Baekgyeol was just about read to try and maim Morpheus. But then slowly, things changed. Baekgyeol got more used to Morpheus, as pretentious as he was, and started to enjoy the little change up in the usual travelling schedule they had that Morpheus brought. As irritating as Baekgyeol found him sometimes, he made good conversation, and it was genuinely fascinating to hear from the perspective of a god of all people.

I'm kind of blushing right now, if I'm going to be honest. Morpheus? Kind of a sweetheart when you get to know him. Just kind of though. I can't cut him all the slack just because I'm in love with him.

By the time they had reached the Garden of Hesperides, Baekgyeol felt a connection with Morpheus, but neither of them spoke much about it. Baekgyeol and Mary Anne camped out on the outskirts of the garden, and after spying on it for a day, devised a plan for how they would get passed Ladon and the Hesperides. The night before the day they planned to execute this plan, Morpheus and Baekgyeol stayed up talking, and that's when Morpheus confessed part of the reason he had chosen Baekgyeol and Mary Anne for his quest was because Baekgyeol had intrigued him when they met. Baekgyeol, unfortunately, had fallen asleep before Morpheus could finish his confession, and so, the god left it for later.

Morpheus still clowns me for that. I swear I didn't mean to fall asleep on him like that, especially when he was being all romantic and stuff, but I was exhausted. This trek took literal weeks, I was low on money, and inflation had been kicking my bank account's ass. He was cute, but beauty sleep was cuter, what can I say?

The following morning, Baekgyeol and Mary Anne started their plan. Since they both knew they weren't capable of slaying Ladon by any means, they decided to go by a simpler approach. It'd be much harder for Ladon to kill them if they couldn't see him, so slowly for a few hours, they plucked off the eyes on his head one by one until they had a blind spot big enough for one of them to sneak into the garden and pluck a few apples off the tree. It was tedious, and they had to go into hiding everytime a Heseperide came by, but ultimately, it paid off. When they felt as if they had blinded enough of Ladon's heads (at the cost of the dragon being very riled up and defensive), Baekgyeol sprinted in and plucked two apples from the tree, before quickly returning to their camp on the outskirts of the garden.

This is the only other time I've ever run so fast in my life. It's funny how death really gets your adrenaline kicking. Demigods really are hard-wired to survive, isn't that iconic?

This, is when everything begins going terribly wrong. They continue their tactic of blinding Ladon and making the blind spot even bigger so that Mary Anne can run in and get the last apple, and up until that period, everything seemed like it was going to go according to plan—but then it didn't. Mary Anne was spotted by a hesperide, who alerted Ladon, and with his remaining eyes, he coiled himself from the tree and chased after Mary Anne. Seeing this, Baekgyeol frantically calls out to Morpheus for help, and the god, reacting to Baekgyeol's call, puts all the Hesperides to sleep. He manages to only slow Ladon down into a drowiser, less coordinated state using daydreams, and encourages the two of them to get out of there as fast as they can.

In the scuffle to get Mary Anne outside the garden, Baekgyeol, fearless as ever, puts himself in front of Mary Anne when Ladon finally strikes, and is injured by the dragon. Baekgyeol wounds the dragon with his sword, however, and the two of them manage to escape with the apples and their lives.

Five words. Scariest moment of my life. Do you know what Ladon's breaths smells like? Acid. Actualy acid. I could literally feel my face corroding off, some part of me really felt like it was about to bet the end. But by some lucky streak, I wriggled free and sprinted for my life bitch. I was Usain Bolt before Usain Bolt was even born. The Bee Gees? Wrote Stayin' Alive just for me.

As the two of them got further and further away from the Gardens, it became evident that Baekgyeol's injury was more serious than they initially believed. A day and a half after the events perspired, Baekgyeol collapsed. And Morpheus, immediately materialized when he heard Mary Anne's cries, and the two promptly discussed solutions. Mary Anne angrily asked why they had not been taken to Camp yet, and what was going on with Baekgyeol. Morpheus, heavily, explained that the poison from Ladon was shutting down his systems. And... Morpheus, more reluctantly, revealed that he wouldn't be directly taking them to camp—just directing them.

Infuriated, Mary Anne, quickly took one of the apples they had stolen and fed it to an unconscious Baekgyeol, hoping that the properties of the apple would heal Baekgyeol alongside making him immortal. Morpheus, too shocked to stop her, only reacted when she had gotten Baekgyeol to take a bite out of the apple and swallow it down. And right before their eyes, Baekgyeol immortalized. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in the camp infirmary, with a concerned Mary Anne hovering over him.

The Camp Infirmary wasn't really what I was expecting when it came to welcomes, but I was glad to be alive, so like... I wasn't complaining, you know?

Baekgyeol had been claimed almost immediately once he had crossed borders, as even distracted, Kymopoleia had still been paying attention to her son. The issue was... there was no cabin. At this point in time, it was 1929. Kymopoleia, among other gods, was as irrelevant as minor gods came. Despite everything Baekgyeol had gone through, he had no place. He had no where to stay. Sure, there was an offer from the Hermes' cabin, but Baekgyeol wanted to be among his siblings in a cabin of their own. Upset by this turn out of events, Baekgyeol left.

The immense feeling of feeling that I did not belong all my life returned full force. Even when I find out I'm a demigod and there's a place for demigods, oh great, there's literally no place for me. You know how humiliating that was? Especially after everything I had been through? I had abandoned my store for a safe haven that I didn't even get to be in. Naturally, I was infuriated. And I left! I left to apsire for other things. Now that I was immortal, I decided to return back to the mortal world and do all the things I would've done if it wasn't for the demigod life.

I started a shop in New York where I sold clothes. It was in Brooklyn, a small place but it will always have a big place in my heart. The process was slow, but I began to get to big. I opened another shop in a different part of New York, and it just continued from then on. Alongisde that, I began spending more time with Morpheus. I didn't really know where I classified on the scale since I was now immortal, but it didn't stop me very much from staying away from Morpheus. And yes, I did get that full version of the confession.

Life has treated me well since then, I think. It's been decades, and I'm an established name now. Though it's been... interesting covering up my immortal happenings. The majority of my company is made up of demigods and the like so, I just kind of people rotate for me important positions so everyone thinks I'm dead but like... I'm not actually dead, you know? Morpheus and me... I don't want to say dated, because I honestly have no idea how that works. But we pursued an estranged relationship of sorts, and I'm still very happy with his company. Though I do warn him that if I find a better looking man that him, I will leave.

When I heard from a friend that they were making a Kymopoleia cabin, I decided to return back to camp. Was I still bitter? Yes, a little, but I was willing to put that past me to meet other children of Kymopoleia. She's a minor goddess, but I think the family I meet there will be worth seeing. I've always wanted a sister anyway. Not that I mind a brother or two. We can... play football? Or whatever men do these days. I barely keep up with stuff anymore. It's such a hassle. The only thing I pay attention is fashion trends, and that's the tea.

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