Type of Pet:

Blue and Yellow Swallowtail butterfly


Name of Pet:



Dove Paxton:

Why does Dove own Hope?

Dove Paxton felt completely misplaced when she was on her way to Camp Half Blood, but a beautiful butterfly flew in through the window of the car and set on her shoulder. Dove always loved butterflies; they made her feel calm, and she really needed some calm right then. 

Dove saw that the butterfly had taken a liking to her, and evidently Dove had done the same. She opened the car window a bit more, to see if the butterfly wished to leave, even nudging it slightly. The fragile creature just fluttered it's wings and settled onto her finger.

So, Dove named the butterfly Hope, remembering that her dad always said everyone needed some more hope. And Dove needed Hope. In the car, Dove used her dads phone to research butterflies, sad to see they had a short lifespan. Hope sat on Dove's head until they arrived at CHB, where Hope flew off, later to be found on the window sill of the Harmonia cabin. Dove had a Hecate child put a spell on Hope so that Hope would live as long as Dove, or if Dove dies young, forever. Though Hope can't die from old age if this happens, she would be just as vunerable as any other butterfly.

Hope had followed Dove around the cabin since, not leaving CHB.

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