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LevisBoyTears Drew Pierson LevisBoyTears
Son of Aglaea
Lt. Counsellor
Brock WB!!
Basic Info
Full Name: Drew Pierson
Titles: Son of Aglaea
Mirror Image
Born/Created On: 15th July 2014
Current Age: 17 (claims)
1 (biologically)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Aglaea's Cabin
Drew Pierson
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Olympian
American (what he says)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: The idea of a twin made from a dream
Love Interests: N/A
Active RP's: Page comments
Created Page On: 28th May 2013
Last Updated On: 22nd March 2015
Plans: No Current Plans
Model: Ian Phuker
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'10
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood Type: O+
Voice: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: N/A
Body Style: Fit
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Aglaea
Father: Brock Pierson (technically)
Creator: Morpheus/Brock Pierson
Half-Siblings: Other children of Aglaea
Full-Siblings: Brock Pierson (twin brother/it's weird)
Other Relatives: N/A
Home: Mount Olympus
Schooling: N/A
First Kiss: N/A
First Sex: N/A
First Love: N/A


General Info
Nicknames: N?A
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: WIP
Fears/Phobias: Being "un-created"
Hobbies: WIP
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: Nobody
Most Important Person Now: Himself
Alignment: Good
Dream Job: Doesn't know
Current Job: Lieutenant of Aglaea's Cabin

His personality mirrors Brock Pierson's a lot, however he tends to be more calm and less intelligent (due to being newly created and not having too much knowledge from Athena). WIP

After his twin’s departure from Camp, Brock Pierson felt cheated that he never had a twin he felt he could truly love as a twin, and as a result, he created his own. Each night, as he dreamt, he created this perfect twin (who was basically a mirror of him in terms of interests) who he named Drew. From this he’d have dreams which included the two essentially being best friends, something Brock never was with his actual twin.

Morpheus saw this and took pity on the son of Boreas and watched the creation of Drew. Morpheus watched over for a month before creating the personification of Drew in the form of a soul. From that, per request of Morpheus, Hera created the soul into a child and Hebe aged it until it was a healthy, 9 month old baby.

In the Underworld, Thanatos had heard of a child being born and he figured that if three gods had taken an interest, then it must be valuable and as such, he snatched the child when it was left unattended by some dream nymphs. Thanatos’ goal with raising the child via some of his children was so that it would become a mercenary of some sorts and that it could invade the dreams of those Thanatos had beefs with.

When Morpheus, Hera and Hebe realised that Drew had gone missing, they went into a panic and began to scout out the area for the child. Only Aglaea, who had seen Thanatos take it, knew where he was and set out to the underworld that evening to bargain with the god.

At first, Thanatos refused all offers Aglaea made, stating that nothing could replace the idea he had for the child. Only the offer that the child should experience terrible nightmares that Thanatos would invade, could make Thanatos agree. Once it was decided, Thanatos effectively killed the child off and left it’s soul remaining, which was placed within Aglaea where it would grow as a normal child. This essentially made him a child of the goddess.

When Aglaea gave birth to the child, who she named Drew per how it was before, she realised that there was nowhere for the child to go and asked Hebe to age him up to meet his original purpose. Realising that it was the missing child, Hebe aged the child until he had the body of a 16 year old. To make sure he wasn’t completely stupid, Athena gave him basic knowledge of most things and he was sent off to Camp and was claimed by Aglaea.


  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to force a false state of joy upon someone, diminishing their awareness on their surroundings for a short time.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to make someone believe that they are being weighed down by adornments, that they lose their regular speed for a short time, the more illusory adornments they weigh the enemy down with, the more it drains them. The effect may also be applied on weaponry or armory instead, which makes them too heavy to be used.


  1. Children of Aglaea are able to make a person feel as if they have lost all beauty, splendor, and glory in their life for a short time, causing them to feel too depressed to fight.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to mesmerize anyone nearby with their physical appearance, stunning them for a short period of time.


  1. In their presence, people that are surrounding children of Aglaea will be more jubilant, and be more pleased than usual.
  2. Children of Aglaea are more powerful when their surroundings are beautiful.


  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to minorly sway a person's feelings with fervor to attain glory and magnificence in anything they do for a short time, such as fighting, doing their hobby, etc.
  2. Children of Aglaea have the ability to alter and control clothes, make-up, adornments, embellishments, and decorations. The larger the change, the more energy it drains.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea have the ability to enchant the magnificence of nearby weapons or armor with either a positive effect or negative quality for a short time; some examples would be increasing or decreasing the sharpness of a blade, its damage dealt to enemies, the durability of armor, or luster. The more tools affected, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Aglaea are now able to channel their positive emotional energies to construct combative and non-combative objects, formed one at a time and no more than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, which takes on marvelous and luminous appearances depending on the user's preferences. However, their ability to use the power is hindered before or during use when they experience emotions in relation to negativity. As more negative emotions are felt, the strength of the object begins to fade, becoming dull and brittle.


  1. Children of Aglaea are usually beautiful in appearance.
  2. Children of Aglaea tend to have bright, joyous personalities.
  3. Children of Aglaea tend to outshine others, as their mother is the goddess of glory and magnificence.


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