Elijah Huntington III

Son of Plutus
Head Counselor 💰 Polyglot Genius

Owned by: Eternal Sterek

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Basic Information
AGE 17
SEXUALITY Homosexual
MODEL Timothée Chalamet
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The Huntingtons were one of the most prominent families in the entrepreneurial arena of 20th Century America. Having Italian-French roots, the family was known to have had humble migrant beginnings during the 1800s, when a series of businesses and industries of their own making rose through the ranks and became successful. This trend went on until the 1990s, when ownership of most of their properties were transferred to Elijah Huntington II - the family's last and only heir.

Elijah II was not the most responsible person. In fact, he grew up with pretty much everything handed to him. In short, he was severely spoilt, and this did not bide well for the family's future and continuity, especially since Eli - as he liked to be called - was a brat and wanted nothing to do with taking over the business and managing the assets. All he cared about was spending money for his own accords, which heavily involved, alcohol, sex, and illegal drugs.

This attitude - probably - is what attracted the god of wealth, Plutus, to him. Disguised as a fellow trust fund baby of the same age, the god began his plan to seduce Eli in a club in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They met on the dance floor, and well, one thing led to another, and er, you get the gist. Unlike most godly-mortal relationships though, theirs did not end with just a one night stand. Eli and Plutus continued seeing each other, much to the chagrin of Eli's parents because, well, how could you produce a child - an heir, really - in a same sex relationship? Little did they know, though, that Greek gods are completely capable of birthing legitimate offspring, despite being both male. They are gods, after all. And so, that was exactly what happened.

Much to Eli's surprise, Plutus appeared before him one day, carrying a child on his arms. Naturally, Eli found it hard to understand because, how exactly is this possible? Plutus provided him with a long and thorough explanation, but still, the mortal couldn't quite process it. With a sigh - and really, without much more he can do - Plutus left the child in Eli's care and went on to search for his next conquest.

The child was named Elijah Huntington III, after his father's own namesake, and was accepted well into the family. Eli's parents thought that the child was a blessing, and they couldn't be happier, especially because Plutus stopped seeing their son, and that he has been "cured". At last, they have an heir, one which they assumed was born from an affair, since they also had no idea that Plutus was a Greek god and that both he and Eli are the biological fathers. Regardless, Eli's parents raised Elijah well and groomed him to become the heir of all their riches - something that they have failed to do with Eli the first time around.

Eli, on the other hand, grew distant with his child as each they passed. He was heartbroken, and hurt that Plutus left him. He was barely around during much of Elijah's childhood, laundering out and about the city, establishing crazed sexual relations with random strangers, and even had a streak of drug-use and alcoholism. Thankfully enough, Elijah was never abused by his father, but he grew increasingly sorrowed as the years passed as he longed for his father's company.

Elijah was spoiled by his grandparents. He was homeschooled for the most part, and like many of the privileged rich young men out there, he was trained in the arts - music, painting, poetry, etc. - as well as athletics. Elijah grew up to be quite the intellectual, smart and well-mannered, knowledgeable about numerous facts of the world. He also became a polyglot, having mastered no less than ten different languages, and still in the process of learning more. However, he wasn't a very happy kid. He felt ignored and abandoned by his own father, and he has no idea where his other parent is. He would spend a lot of nights awake, sitting on the mansion's roof and just stare at the sky while he let his tears fall from his eyes. Eventually, he learned to transform all of this pent up anger and sorrow into studying more, and mastering different crafts until he was almost on genius-level. He was lauded with praise by his grandparents and his peers, and they were happy for him. But he wasn't for himself.

The next series of events would not prove to be helpful to Elijah's state of mind, either. It was his grandmother who first died, succumbing to cancer, and his grandfather followed around two years later. He never really got over his spouse's death, and some speculate that he died of sadness and heartache. Well, Elijah's not too far from going down that same path - considering the only two people who ever really cared about him were gone. He was thirteen at that time, and is yet to encounter a monster. He still had no idea about his true heritage and well, if the time comes, that could be really troublesome. Eli never bothered to tell Elijah about his other parent, and ever since his parents died, he grew even more distant from his own son.

They did switch residences though, after the passing of Elijah's grandfather when he was still thirteen. They moved into a beach mansion in the Hamptons in Long Island for a fresh start - a simple change of scenery. While there, a satyr working for Camp Half-Blood, Raphael, sniffed out Elijah's scent and immediately made his way towards the demigod. Security was heavy, though, and he had to apply as a "gardener" in order to gain access to the mansion grounds. One night, when Elijah went downstairs to get a drink, he was surprised to see a Telkhine that came from the beach standing there, on the marble counter, ready to strike. The son of Plutus screamed in shock, and was heard by Raphael who was staying in the servants' quarters. The monster attacked Elijah and he sustained some injuries, however, he was saved by the satyr in the last minute who threw a celestial bronze knife straight into the Telkhine's head. Elijah was understandably panicked and could barely breath - unable to process what took place in front of him. As smart as he was, he never would have expected that something like this would be true. The commotion attracted the attention of Eli, who scampered downstairs, demanding to know what the commotion was. Raphael introduced himself as a satyr, and asked if he could bring Elijah back to Camp Half-Blood. The son of Plutus caught on quick, and upon learning of his true heritage, wanted to go right then and there. He was lonely, and well, it's not like he has company in their large house, anyways. Eli was angered, though, and refused to let Elijah go despite his son's pleas. All of this reminded him of Plutus, and he would rather not go there, so, he shut Raphael out and kicked him out of the house.

Elijah began despising his father after that, like, really despising him. He resented him for not letting him go to Camp, and for all the times he was ignored and felt like he was abandoned by his own father. He started to devise a plan to run away, in close collaboration with Raphael who kept sneaking letters into the mansion by throwing them over the high walls. One letter taught Elijah how to send Iris Messages, in case of emergencies, and another one taught him all about Celestial Bronze and other metals deadly to monsters. Elijah did research on his own, and began training for self-defense, while Raphael kept a close watch on the mansion with his other satyr friends, who made sure to kill any monster who went nearby.

Meanwhile, Eli's father increased the tightness of security as the years went by, suspecting that his son would want to run away. He began hiring top-notch bodyguards, and implemented a strict bedroom curfew for Elijah, which only made his son hate him more. He didn't care, though. At this point, he could barely think rationally. All he knew was that he couldn't let Elijah leave the mansion.

Things came to a head a few years later, when Elijah turned seventeen. He couldn't take his father's ways anymore, and finally decided that he would run away. He concocted the perfect plan to escape, and sent IMs to Raphael so they could collaborate. The satyr was able to send him a couple of sleep-inducing needles created by a son of Hecate, and transported to him via magic. He used them to lull all the bodyguards to sleep. As he was making his way to the front door, though, his father appeared out of nowhere and grabbed onto him. They wrestled and fought, Elijah struggling to get away. His father wouldn't let him go, even as he cried and pleaded, he still wouldn't let him go. Out of impulse and adrenaline, Elijah grabbed a celestial bronze dagger that Raphael entrusted him, and stabbed his father on the abdomen. He was shocked by his own actions, and wished he could take it back, but it was too late. Before Eli died in his arms though, he uttered an apology to his son, which promptly left the son of Plutus in tears.

Elijah headed straight to Camp after that, even after inheriting all of his family's fortune. He needed some time to be away from the mansion, some time to clear his head, and he hoped he could find that at Camp Half-Blood. For the first few days, he stayed at Hermes' Cabin, but not until after he was claimed by the god Plutus himself. After that, he was informed that a new cabin would be constructed for him, and that he would be the new Head Counselor, considering he's the first child of Plutus - at least the first ever claimed one - to set foot on Camp grounds.


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Intelligent, sophisticated, and well-mannered - those are just a few words that describe what kind of a person Elijah Huntington III is. Although he is usually quiet, he is not anti-social. In fact, he enjoys hanging out with different people. He's simply not the talkative type, well, not unless he's really into you and is trying to woo you. Now, that's when you'll hear from him, a lot.

Elijah has a strong and curious mind, and as young as he is, he has already learned and been through a lot of adversaries in his life. He's a polyglot, and has mastered numerous languages from all over the globe, and he also knows how to play the piano, t he guitar, the clarinet, the violin, and a whole lot more. He doesn't brag about his skill though, unless, like I've said, he's trying to impress you.

Some would say that Elijah is a hopeless romantic. Well, he might have to agree with you on that. He's never had a boyfriend before, and so he does not have first-hand experience when it comes to romancing someone. His closest source would have to be movies, and well, we all know how unrealistic and unreliable those could be. He's willing to learn, though, perhaps from a child of Aphrodite or Eros.

Elijah has tendencies to become depressed, though. His childhood was tough, and his relationship with his mortal father is a primary factor as to why he gets random bouts of depression in random times. When this happens, he usually keeps to himself, lights up a cigarette, and sits somewhere. Or, he just sulks in his bed all day. He's trying his best to get better though, and he's hoping that the scenery at Camp could help him do just that.


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Other Information
MORTAL PARENT Elijah Huntington II
HALF SIBLINGS Other children of Plutus
HOMETOWN New York City
MAIN WEAPON Celestial Bronze spear

Normal set60 002
(doesn't have 3/6/9 powers)
  1. Children of Plutus can fire off drachma coins that materialize from their fingertips at a very high speed - fast enough that they could pierce and cut through skin upon contact. However, they cannot use this excessively, and will need a brief period of rest between turns before it can become usable again.
  2. Children of Plutus can induce a powerful desire for money and wealth upon a target, making them think of various material possessions and riches. This would leave them vulnerable to attacks.
  3. Children of Plutus have the ability to summon precious metals from the earth - diamonds, gold, other gem stones - and use them to create a wall, or a dome that could be used to blunt attacks and shield them from harm. However, they could only be roughly two or three times the size of the user, and they will crumble to dust after a short while.
  4. Children of Plutus get innately stronger when they are in possession of large amounts of money. The more money they have, the more powerful they get. They can also draw power from nearby locations that have an abundant source of wealth, e.g., banks, gold mines, ATM vestibules, etc.
  5. Children of Plutus naturally exude an aura that could make the people around them tend to be more greedy or possessive over their money and material wealth. They could turn this ability on and off as they please.
  6. Children of Plutus innately know the exact location of money, as well as luxurious high-end items within a ten mile radius. And the exact amount of money someone has on their person. This could make them excellent treasure hunters or thieves.
  7. Children of Plutus have inherent knowledge of the different currency exchange rates of the world, as well as the price value of different material items. They can also identify gemstones and other precious metals just by touching them.
  8. Children of Plutus can summon a large number of drachma coins and command them to be magnetized on an opponent’s body for a short time, after which they lose effect and fall off the body they were attached to. This could leave an opponent vulnerable to attack or give the user a chance to flee. This can only be done if the user is able to see their target.
  9. Children of Plutus can enchant a piece of paper money or a coin with an aura of greed, which would cause surrounding people to quickly desire it. This can be used to distract a single opponent or cause a group of people to fight over the desired item. This can only affect a person once during a fight.
  10. Children of Plutus can transform items into a piece of paper money - this could be an opponent’s weapon or shield, or other equipment. The item would remain in this form for a fair amount of time, and this could place an opponent at a disadvantage. However only one item can be transformed at a time.
  11. Children of Plutus can create paper bills and coins out of thin air, which can be used in transactions out in the real world. The more money they generate at a time, the more energy is drained. Constant abuse of this power - i.e., generating large heaps of money that would amount to USD 100,000 and above in one instant - could cause the user to pass out for at least a day.
  12. Children of Plutus can telekinetic move small amounts of paper bills with their minds, the larger amounts they move means the more energy drained.
  13. Children of Plutus can turn precious metals into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs (such as animals or golems) and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only one combative item or semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly twice the size of the one that conjured it. The longer they maintain combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive. If they create a combative item they can telekinetically move it with their mind.
  14. Children of Plutus have the ability to cover their entire bodies with precious metal coating. The form they adapt depends on the user, and they all have varying effects - diamond for immense durability, silver for reflecting energy attacks, copper to act as a lightning rod, etc. This gives them extra properties that could prove useful in battle, and they could even mix and match and use multiple precious metals depending on their choice. However, their movements are more restricted and sluggish this way, and they cannot be as quick and agile as they would have been without the precious metal covering their body. Also, the longer their form is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user.
  15. Children of Plutus have the ability to temporarily don "The Golden Touch". With this, they can turn literally everything they touch into gold, including, but not limited to, physical objects, elements (like water, earth and fire, but with the exclusion of air), energy attacks, and even other living beings, except the gods, of course. However, the effects are not permanent, and will wear off after a fair amount of time. The effects are also not instantaneous, and the pace of the transformation depends on the size of the target. In the case of living beings, they cannot be fully transformed into gold quickly, and the transformation will have to start from somewhere. For example if the user touches the arm of the target, the transformation will begin there and will then spread to the other parts of the body, until they are fully turned into gold. After using this power, the user will be extremely drained of energy - unable to move and could even possibly faint.
  16. Children of Plutus often make great economists, businessmen, accountants, pawn brokers and even treasure hunters because of their affinity with money and material wealth.
  17. Children of Plutus often find themselves living a luxurious and wealthy life, or if not, grow to accumulate more wealth over time through various reasons. Those close to them - like friends, lovers and family - could also find themselves affected by this.
  18. Children of Plutus normally excel at games where money is involved as a prize. For example, they have higher chances of winning when it comes to the lottery, or in different casino games, as well as betting on different sports games especially when a high sum of money is involved.
  19. Children of Plutus tend to greatly care about financial success, and while these reasons can usually be selfish, some can be driven by a desire to aid loved ones and even strangers with their wealth. But most can agree that making money is one of the most important things in the world to them.
  20. While many children of Plutus find legitimate ways to make money, others are willing to go to extreme lengths for it, like getting involved in highly illegal activities such as drug trafficking and arms dealing for the sake of money. This can sometimes send them down rather immoral paths.


FAVE FOOD Buttered Lobster
FAVE DRINK Jasmine Tea
FAVE SONG Love on the Brain






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Elijah Huntington III - Son of Plutus
polyglot genius • lost heir • head counselor
-Have you ever looked fear in the face and said I just don't care?

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"It's only half past the point of no return; the tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn."


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