Elixabeth's Bedroom.png

As the Counsellor's residence, Elixabeth's room is slightly larger than the average room within Boreas' Cabin. The room is ice themed in accordance with both her Godparent and her country of origin. Hanging around the ceiling are numerous banners dedicated to Camp Half-Blood, her father Boreas and her homeland of Norway. On the outer side of the door to her room is a whiteboard where residents of the cabin may leave notes for her. Proudly displayed on the wall next to her bed is her trusty harpoon. Her Dao Broadswords holder is attached on the wall right above it. The holder is currently empty, signifying that Elixabeth is not currently in the cabin and is out and about. Laying on her bed, as she has not yet decided where to place it is the unique sword given to her as the prize for winning the first event of the Grand Cabin Games.

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