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Estelle Buckingham
Daughter of Eris • Camper

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Personal Information

Full NameEstelle Antoinette Buckingham
Zodiac SignTBA
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentUpper-class English; akin to that of the royal family
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Living SituationEris' Cabin
Languages SpokenEnglish / Greek
Weapon(s)Twin Celestial Bronze Axes


A notable thing about Estelle, and perhaps the first thing someone meeting her for the first time will pick up on, is how poised and well-spoken she is. Never one to paint herself in a bad light nor make herself sound below the intellect she knows she has, Estelle will carefully choose her words and make sure every syllable leaves an impact. It's obvious from speaking to her that she's been brought up in an affluent environment and thus a sense of pretentiousness lingers amongst her and she can, at some points, be rather oblivious to the struggles of those without the funds she has. Although nobody knows if it's intentional or not - she swears it isn't but as her mum's Eris people have their doubts - people can tell she does have somewhat of a kind heart as she can be among the most loyal of friends.



Perhaps being called Estelle was always an inadvertent hint at the demigoddess' origins in life; another form of a trophy for Eris to have. Estelle existing as a daughter of Eris was enough of an accomplishment alone for the Goddess but making a direct reference to the deity that should have birthed her? The ultimate insult. Not that Estelle knew and, quite honestly, she was and is content with that.

You see, Estelle was meant to be a daughter of Asteria and a mortal, Sirius Belfrey, who was enrolled on an astronomy course - one that Asteria taught. Living up to the inappropriate cliche of a student and teacher, the two let their attraction to one another take over and it wasn't long before Asteria was with child, well, three of them. The two got caught and whilst Asteria was very nonchalant with the whole situation (going far as to say the college's programme of astrology was pure and utter crap), Sirius took his expulsion as a student a lot harder and the sting of Asteria disappearing? Made it even worse. In the back of her head, however, Asteria knew it'd all work out when she could present to him their children - the product of their love. It was a very romantic notion, but one she'd never get to fulfil.

To say the pregnancy of the three children was one of, if not the, hardest pregnancies Asteria ever had throughout her existence was an understatement. Though unknown given her status as a sentient being, Asteria lost two of the children within the womb. A truly rare phenomenon, in an attempt to save the children's lives without interfering, the souls were passed away to other goddesses to where they could flourish. With two babies down, only a single one remained. A determination had grown within Asteria whereby she was determined to see this child through and deliver her to Sirius. The token of love that the baby served as was turning increasingly into a prize of determination to not let anything get the better of the goddess. However, other goddesses had other plans - namely Eris.

Now there's two forms of preface for the actions that led to the final one of Asteria's children being deemed as 'dead' and what Eris did. The first is a historical feud of sorts between the two goddesses. To make things clear, ever since Troy the various goddesses have vowed to not fight over men so valiantly but small bursts of disagreements and malice occur. For Eris and Asteria? It always seemed to be that the two goddesses went for the same men who looked to be promising. No matter how fair the latter always tried to make out, any man that Eris would attempt to court would be tempted away by Asteria at the final moment. Now Eris, the known salty goddess, bided her time and accepted stolen man after stolen man as she waited for her time to pounce - and the three babies gave her the chance she had been waiting for.

The second preface is that, concurrently alongside Asteria's romance with Sirius, Eris had managed to catch the eye of British business heir, one that would place her child with him in an undeniably good position for the rest of their life. There was a problem, however. The man in question, a young Archibald Buckingham, had offended Aphrodite in a momentous way in his youth and caused the goddess to curse him so that he'd never have a child - not naturally at least. Unaware of this curse, Eris tried a multitude of times with each conception failing. Despite his curse, Archibald was still a very desirable suitor and Eris refused to let him slip away from her so when news that Asteria had lost two of her three children and the fate of the third looked uncertain, well, how could the goddess of discord herself resist?

Knowing she had to be subtle, Eris had to conceal her plan of stealing the remaining child of Asteria for her own gain and that included the very way the child had to be taken care of. Knowing the bacteria listeria killed mortal children within the womb, Eris had a hunch that it would work similarly on demichildren, utilising their heritage as half mortals. Tricking Asteria was easier than Eris had ever imagined; masquerading the foods that contained listeria amongst those that were deemed safe for consumption during pregnancy, Eris watched from afar as Asteria ate an excess of the bacteria. Of course, a small amount wouldn't have done much which is why Eris did all in her power to accelerate it's effects as much as she could. Both goddesses could sense the death of the child and Eris had to work fast. Manifesting an illusion of a Fury, Eris was able to steal the soul of the child going unnoticed and it looked as if the Fury had taken it instead.

With the hardest part of the whole ordeal done, Eris mated with Archibald once again. Knowing when the baby within her would be effected by Aphrodite's curse, Eris waited until the child was lost before reviving it with the stolen soul - a loophole in the curse. That was that, really. The five month pregnancy term was over and Eris gave birth to a healthy baby girl - a child of her and Archibald. Completely clueless, Asteria watched from above, abhorred that another goddess got a child whilst she didn't.

Life after that was rather uneventful for the girl, named Estelle by Archibald. Her father doted on her and cleaned up his act. He never knew exactly who or what Eris was, but the aura of power about her was unmissable and he knew that Estelle was destined for some form of greatness, thus deciding that he'd do all he could to make the process as easy as he could for her. He went from having no interest in the company he'd inherit to joining it and working his way up until the ranks, making the process of taking over from his father (who's untimely death when Estelle was but five years old being extremely hard on the two of them) as CEO of the company. Thanks to that, a sizeable home and the best of the best was the life that Estelle was brought up in.

Now, fortunately for Archibald (or, to be more apt, fortunately for Estelle), his younger half-sister was a demigoddess herself. A daughter of Athena, the young woman was smart in all areas to do with her heritage and had recognised Eris from day one. She hadn't mentioned anything to her brother in fear that he'd abandon the child and, quite simply, because he never asked. Ever since the birth of Estelle, however, she had worked to prepare herself for the time where she knew she'd have to step in and save the young demigoddess when needed.

Archibald's first suspicions about the identity began when Estelle was about seven years old. At school, Estelle would often find herself in a multitude of arguments and fights and was a name often synonymous with rumours and gossip. He thought nothing of it first, just that Estelle was a feisty young girl who wanted to stand up for herself, but when his sister took interest in asking why Estelle did the things she did, his curiosity was piqued. You see, Archibald was fortunate to know that the Greek Gods existed, or at least, he knew of it. Though ultimately sceptical, he trusted his sister and whenever she would talk to him about her godly heritage, he couldn't help but feel that it made sense. Thus, on Estelle's tenth birthday after a particularly nasty argument between the birthday girl and one of his aunts, Archibald sought help from his sister and asked her what she thought of the whole thing.

Was he relieved to here his daughter was a demigoddess? Not quite. Did he feel slightly powerful that he had managed to court a goddess multiple times? Definitely. Though he loved her deeply and doted on her, Archibald couldn't help but see Estelle as a trophy of sorts - a reminder of his achievements. Dad of the year, right? In all seriousness, the pride he felt for his own feats were paled into the fear and worry he had for Estelle. Within a matter of days he began researching mythology, trying to see if there was anything he could do to make Estelle's life easier. He bombarded his own sister with questions and happily accepted her offer of finding some demigods that could act as bodyguards for Estelle; wherever she went, they'd be shadowing her from behind ready to save her at any given moment. Whilst this was all going on, Estelle remained largely oblivious, and her argumentative side morphed into a passion and competitiveness towards the academic side of education as she entered secondary school.

Estelle's first monster attack happened when she was twelve-years-old on her way home from school. Given the affluence she and her father had, they were able to afford a sizeable home on the outskirts of London and thus her walk home was often littered with trees and large fields rather than an urban landscape. It was during a particularly tree plentiful section of her walk that a hellhound was stalking her, waiting to attack. Estelle was fortunate that the bodyguards her father paid for were behind her and could save her from the attack, leaving her to watch in horror. The escort home was one that was quick and despite all the questions she asked, she never got an answer to any of them, much to her annoyance. Even quips of them telling her she'd get all her answers in due time couldn't save her the contempt growing for the two that popped out of nowhere and saved her.

Waiting, though she'd never admit it, proved to be extremely beneficial as she learnt a lot that day. Estelle, when she got home, learned from her aunt of their shared heritage as children of gods, though her mother was up for debate. To find out that monster attacks like the one she experienced that day would become regular occurrences unnerved Estelle - if anything because she knew it'd just eat into her academic time and if she fell from the top of the year then there would be issues. Though the presence of the two demigods was explained to her and she was begrudgingly grateful, Estelle still harboured ill feelings on the basis that they could've answered her questions and they chose not to. Finally, she was given a small celestial bronze sword in the shape of a collapsible ruler to train with. It all happened in a rush - a night of geography and maths homework turned into something so much more and honesty? Estelle would've just rather did the homework solely.

Although the new things introduced into her life that night were monumental, Estelle found a way to make it all work and have it be considered normal. She continued to study and remain at the top of her class, becoming a model student. Good grades in homeworks turned into excelling at mock exams which translated further into getting overall good grades and being able to hold the position of Head Girl at her school. She was subsequently accepted into one of the more prestigious sixth forms in the area and came out with extremely desirable qualifications, setting her up well for university should she ever choose to attend.

The monster attacks? Well, they got easier as they went along. At first she relied heavily on the demigod guards to help see her through, mostly as her training with her aunt was beginning. Being one to commit herself to anything, Estelle was determined to pick up the art of sword fighting and excel at it and, really, she did just that (or as well as she could given the resources she had access to). In her final few attacks before leaving for Camp, Estelle was taking out hellhounds and firebreathing sheep with the best of them.

After being convinced against her will by her aunt to attend Camp Half-Blood after years of refusing, Estelle doesn't know what the next chapter of her life holds but hey! As long as she gets to work on these strife powers, it's all good, right?


Powers of a child of Eris [ 3/6/9 Locked ]:

  1. Children of Eris have the ability to focus an intense beam of chaotic energy which will burn any organic matter it touches. Any inorganic matter it touches begins to slightly break, warp and disintegrate.
  2. Since Eris could be considered a war goddess, her children can decrease an opponent’s strength and combat abilities for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  3. Children of Eris have the ability to create a field of chaotic energy around them for a short time, which stuns anyone who steps inside of it and deflects attacks.
  4. Children of Eris can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  5. Children of Eris are innately stronger in times of battle or any other kind of chaos.
  6. Children of Eris emit an aura of chaos and discord, making people around them more likely to misbehave and start fights. They can shut it off for a long time if they wish.
  7. Children of Eris have the ability to force a state of confusion upon another person for a limited time, allowing the child of Eris to attack or flee freely.
  8. Children of Eris can create a short lived “storm of strife” which causes everything within it to change, warp, or break. The effects are random, but typically powerful and can stretch over a wide area depending upon the amount of energy put into it, the larger the field, the more energy it drains.
  9. Children of Eris have the ability to cause a group of people or animals to become irrational and fight amongst themselves for no reason for a short time. Which can give the user a chance to attack or flee.
  10. Since their mother was depicted as a winged goddess, children of Eris can sprout wings for a short time, this enables them to fly; the longer they maintain this state, the more energy it drains. They must rest between flights and cannot make long distance traveling without resting often. However the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic; they can also be customized to the user’s preference.
  11. Children of Eris can create a small explosion of chaotic energy at a range of about 12 meters, but the blast radius is only about 5 meters and it takes a few seconds to explode, during which the point of the explosion sparks and pops.
  12. Children of Eris can use their powers over chaos to affect reality in an illogical way. For example, they can splash water on an opponent and cause severe burns and get hit with a hammer and it will just tickle. Only one aspect of reality can be thrown into chaos at a time and it will only be in effect for a short time. Afterwards, the user will be substantially drained. The power cannot be used so that it would cause severe damage, such as breathing or blinking would cause their brains to explode.
  13. Children of Eris can draw power from all the chaotic actions and desires they’ve seen, felt, or committed in their lives and become an embodiment of chaos. This would make them more powerful, making them immune to all attacks, enhancing their physical prowess and power over chaos they previously possessed. This only lasts for a short time, after which the user will be so exhausted they’d lack the ability to even move for some time and could even faint.
  14. Children of Eris are often quick to cause arguments, misbehave and fights between others.
  15. Children of Eris are normally competitive and enjoy stirring up feelings of rivalry.
  16. Children of Eris sometimes have in interest in war and combat, especially the strife and bloodshed


Face ClaimBarbara Palvin
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBrown
Weight121 lbs
Voice TypeSoprano
Blood TypeAB+
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleFit
ScentChanel No. 5

Family Information

FatherArchibald Buckingham
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsChildren of Eris
Other RelativesValerie Fairchild / Willa Clayton


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Estelle ]Star
Middle [ Antoinette ]Highly praiseworthy
Surname [ Buckingham ]Habitual name; 'People of the Water Meadow'


Nickname(s)Stella, Stel'
Favourite ColourGold
Favourite MovieCinderella
Favourite SongDomino, by Jessie J
Favourite FoodMango Ice Cream
Favourite DrinkPeach Juice
First KissA boy in primary school
First CrushThe same boy in primary school
First LoveTBA
First TimeA boy at her Sixth Form
Sports PlayedRounders, Netball
Instruments PlayedN/A
GoalsTo be Successful
AchievementsBecoming Head Girl at Secondary School
Biggest HopeTo have her name known internationally
Biggest RegretComing to Camp
Best MemoriesAchieving near perfect grades at GCSE & A-Level
Worst MemoriesLeaving her father to come to Camp
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

Custom Trivia

  • N/A