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Hephaestus' Workshop

Heph's Workshop.jpg

Deep in the deserts of Nevada stands an old workshop. From the outside it appears abandoned with nothing inside. Barbed wires lace the perimeter around it and various 'Do Not Enter' signs are hung. To those without the mist this is all they see; a decrepit and clearly dangerous site.

You decide to venture on and inside you are greeted with Hephaestus' Workshop. Various weapons are strewn across the floor messily; some hang on the walls but most lay on the floor, very clearly not having been touched in many years. In the centre of the one room is a pedestal. On top of it is a green flame that flickers underneath a glass dome. Congratulations! This is your first experience with Greek Fire.

Hephaestus' Workshop is a located within Nevada in one of it's many deserts. It is the site of a piece of Greek Fire and the home of Akela Kalili, it's guardian.

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