Basic Info
Full Name
Fabián Andres Casanova Ruiz
3 August, 2002
Zodiac Sign
Camp Half-Blood
Granada, Spain
Living Situation
Mnemosyne's Cabin
Spanish Accent
Languages Spoken
Spanish / Catalan / English
Celestial Bronze Scimitar


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read weapons out of pure energy which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also write/read other objects that are for non-combative purposes
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can launch orbs of ink which burst upon striking the target, temporarily obscuring their vision. They can only launch three orbs of ink at a time.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to write/read a shield of pure energy, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will blunt most attacks but slow the movement of the conjurer.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to revert time around them for a short duration in order to dodge an attack that was unforeseen. After doing so, this ability cannot be used for a while.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne gain memory of the contents of any written text - such as a book or a webpage - as soon as they lay eyes on it. They would still have to learn what it all means, however.
  2. Children of Mnemosyne have an eidetic memory and can remember every detail of a previous fight with an opponent.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne are able to force everyone around them within a 10-meter radius to remember and dwell on an event from their past that emulates a certain emotion from the affected. The child of Mnemosyne can choose which emotion they would like their targets to feel, be it anger, sadness, happiness, ecstasy or anything in or ecstasy. The user cannot hold the targets under their control for more than a few minutes, and the effects of the power can cause those around them to become positive and motivated from their happy memory
  2. Children of Mnemosyne can use descriptive insults used both against themselves and their opponents to gain a temporary boost in speed and strength. The longer they maintain this boost, the more energy is drained.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can read/write wings into existence. This enables them to fly; the longer they maintain this state, the more energy it drains. They must rest between flights and cannot make long distance traveling without resting often. However the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic; they can also be customized to the user’s preference.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne have the ability to travel back and forth in time, but they are unable to interact with or change past events they are only able to see the events play out. When they go forward in time they only see “possible” futures, that does not mean those future events will come to pass.
  5. Children of Mnemosyne can view the memories of another person that they can see, in real time. They may struggle to zero in on specific memories, however, and the target can notice and resist them if they are too forceful.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can temporarily rewrite details about the battlefield they are fighting on in order to alter it and gain an advantage over their opponent. This could include things like temporarily eliminating the shadows on a battlefield if they are fighting a child of Nyx or temporarily drying up the water if they are fighting a child of Poseidon. The change takes effect gradually and only lasts for a moderate time. The more complicated the wording of the change, and the less clear their description of it is, the more the user is drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can manifest a person or creature from any book in order to temporarily fight alongside them. The manifestation cannot be larger than 2-3 the size of the user and will dissipate after a short time. The person cannot be overly powerful and the user will have a hard time moving while the manifestation is in place.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Mnemosyne can morph into a state of pure imagination. This grants them flight, receive enhancement in some of their abilities (Offensive 1, Defensive 1, 3 Month and 6 Month) and invulnerability to attacks. This effect only lasts for a short time, leaving the user extremely drained and temporarily unable to move afterward.


  1. Children of Mnemosyne typically have excellent memories, unable to forget details from their past and are therefore immune to the effects of amnesia and other memory-related illnesses.
  2. Though most demigods struggle with dyslexia, children of Mnemosyne usually do so to a lesser extent because their mother is the goddess of the written word.
  3. Children of Mnemosyne can normally learn and decipher other languages incredibly easy. Ex: Hearing a woman speak Chinese would mean the user could somewhat understand even if they never heard the language before. If they then have a lengthy conversation with the woman in Chinese, they’d be considered fluent in the language afterward.
  4. Children of Mnemosyne often grow up to become great authors, English teachers, and historians.
Ambrosio Casanova Ruiz was a deputy in the Granada police department when he first met Mnemosyne. Disguised as a tourist simply appreciating the beauty of the Alhambra, the titaness caught the eye of the cop as she was traversing the ancient palace's halls. Ambrosio was called in to intercept a drunk man who was bothering people, and that's when he first laid eyes on sweet, beautiful Lola. Impressed by the way he handled the case, Mnemosyne sought out the young man, and later that same night, when he was on the way home from work, "coincidentally" bumped into him in the cobblestone streets. One thing led to another, and soon they started dating. And well, you already know what happens next.

A couple weeks into the relationship, their love bore fruit and a child was conceived. A couple more months after that, and Fabián was born. It was then that Lola revealed her true identity to Ambrosio, who found it hard to believe at first, but was eventually convinced. Mnemosyne didn't want to leave, but she had to, though not before leaving a celestial bronze scimitar (an old weapon of a famed demigod who lived back when Spain was still part of the Caliphate of Córdoba, during the era of Islamic Iberia) that can be disguised as a commonplace retractable click pen.

As a single parent, Ambrosio found it difficult to raise his son, often enlisting the help of his parents to assist him with the child. That, along with the nature of his work, meant he often didn't have the time to be with Fabián. They slept under the same roof, of course, but they just didn't bond as much as he would have liked. Regardless, Fabi never resented his father. He was a smart kid, and he understood why things were the way they were, even at a very young age. Instead, he poured out all his time to his hobbies, developing a keen interest in the arts and literature, further fostering his intellectual growth.

For Fabi, living in Granada has been great. Sure, there were a lot of tourists out and about, flocking towards the Alhambra, but it's part of the city's charms. With that said, he wasn't very happy when his father told him he was considering moving them both to Barcelona, for a good job opportunity. It wasn't set in stone just yet, and Fabi really wanted to convince Ambrosio otherwise, but an incident happened when he was thirteen that changed even his own mind. He was on his way to the police station after school, so he and his dad — whose shift was about to end - could go home together. However, when he passed by a dark alley, he saw two orbs that were glowing red which seemed like eyes. Naturally curious, Fabi went to investigate, and soon learned that it was one of the poorest decisions he ever made in his life. A large creature with glistening black fur — a Hellhound, stalked the demigod and watched his every move. The moment it growled, Fabi turned on his heels and ran as fast as he can, screaming through the streets of Granada as he was chased by the solitary monster. The mortals who witnessed the incident only saw him being chased by a "wolf", and thankfully, there were only a few because it happened during Spain's siesta hours (between 14:00 and 17:00). Nevertheless, it was a terrifying affair for the son of Mnemosyne.

As he raced through the cobblestone roads, Fabián's mind was racing. Still, he was clever enough to head towards the police station where he bumped into his father in a quiet street along the way. One might question how he managed to outrun such a terrifying beast, but as a young boy of thirteen, Fabi was small and lithe, and his knowledge of Granada's inner workings helped him outmaneuver the hellhound. Besides, his hardwired demigod brain aided his plight as well. Now with his father, things turned for the better, and while Ambrosia was no clear-sighted mortal, he's been preparing for this day after he was warned by Mnemosyne all those years ago. The monster stalked the father-son duo, walking in circles around them as it decided how it would attack, but Ambrosio made the first move and fired bullets in an attempt to deter it, which of course, proved to no avail. Enraged, the monster leapt and caught Fabián by its claws, wounding the boy's right shoulder. His panic and adrenaline reminded Ambrosio of an important detail, prompting him to take the click pen from his pocket, and transformed it into the celestial bronze scimitar. Just as the monster was about the bite the face of his son off, the mortal cop drove the weapon into the Hellhound, in the soft juncture between its head and its neck, effectively killing it. Traumatised, Fabián clung onto his father and immediately agreed to the plan to move to Barcelona.

After the incident, Ambrosio told Fabián all about his true heritage, who, for a smart lad like him, understood everything and took it quite well. With that out of the way, they bid goodbye to Granada and traveled northeast to the capital of Catalonia — the bustling metropolis of Barcelona.

Starting anew was not easy for Fabián. Truth be told, the first several months were hellish for him because he had no friends, could not speak Catalan, and on top of everything else, he had his big gay freakout. There's always a rainbow at the end of the rain proved to be a truthful quote though, and soon after that, things started getting better — he became close with a few people at school, especially to a guy named Jordi (who unbeknownst to him was also a demigod), and he was also able to come out to his father who accepted him wholeheartedly. Happy with how things turned out, life went on for Fabián.

Jordi Delmás was Fabián's Catalan tutor, who taught him English in return. They formed a close bond after spending all that time studying together, but that wasn't just it for Fabi because he developed something more, something he was quite afraid of. He discovered that he had feelings for Jordi. Feelings he was quite sure will never be reciprocated because he was certain that the other demigod was straight as a needle. But still, one could hope. After all, if love doesn't make a fool of us, what will? And so he hid his feelings for him but he kept on hoping, even though he was inadvertently making himself vulnerable, opening himself up to pain. This went on for years on end, until that fateful summer when Jordi — who was 18, and only a year older than Fabián — disappeared. No explanations, he was just gone.

Inevitably, Fabián nursed a foul mood all throughout his second and final year of Bachilerato (the Spanish education system's equivalent to the US' 12th grade) due to this. He was depressed for a bit, and even got into smoking in order to cope with it. His father was not pleased with how he's acting, but he didn't care. He turned 18 that year and was technically an adult; he could handle himself. Surprisingly though, at the end of the school year, Jordi showed up to their school with a bright smile on his face, eager to reunite with some old friends. Fabián didn't know how to feel about it. On one hand, he was really pissed with him, but deep down he was also really happy to see him. The latter prevailed, and Fabián greeted his old friend, the object of his affections, with a tight warm hug, ecstatic that he got to be with him again. He didn't let him off the hook quite easily though, and he berated him afterwards. Jordi promised to tell him everything, but not out on the streets, as he insisted. Fabi then invited him for coffee in his and his dad's place.

However, their little stroll was not left undisturbed. Walking by the beach as they made their way home, their scents were caught by two rather large Telkhines that emerged from the water's surface. With a year of demigod training under his belt, Jordi was confident he could vanquish the monsters. He was surprised though when he saw Fabián pull out an otherwise regular click pen, and transformed it into a celestial bronze weapon. Momentarily distracted as realization dawned on both of them, the monsters made their move. Unexperienced as he was though, Fabi was able to dodge, and so did Jordi. With good cooperation, and a couple of slashes from their weapons, the two monsters were soon turned into a pile of dust, reforming somewhere in the pits of Tartarus. After the altercation, they made their way to the Casanova home, where Ambrosio already was, and the three talked.

After quite a lengthy discussion, Ambrosio agreed to send Fabián to Camp Half-Blood, where he could get the training he couldn't give him. Besides, they were already prepared to be apart from each other since Fabi was supposed to go to university anyways, so there wasn't much of a change at all. All in all, Ambrosio was happy because at the very least, his son had a companion would could look after him. As much as he didn't want to let go, he knew this day was coming, and he was ready to oblige with his son's wishes. With a tearful goodbye, Fabián bid farewell to his father and set off on a journey to America with Jordi, wondering what their adventures will bring them. With his feelings as strong as ever, he was hoping for something good.
Find somebody to love, be accepted for who he is, and eventually have his own family — Fabián only wants the simple things out of life. Being a gay man though, that might not be at all easy to achieve. Even though Spain, his home country, is relatively more accepting of individuals like him, there's still a long way to go before the entirety of the world shifts its polarizing views. Afraid to be targeted by people's prejudice, Fabián had to hide the real him except to a select few that he's really close with (including his mortal father). As much as he wants to be as free as a bird, he figured he should get through high school first, or until he's no longer surrounded by rumor-savage people who'd give him sideway glances as he walked by. You get the idea.

Naturally, Fabi is an intellectual through and through. And as a son of Mnemosyne, he has a penchant for all things literature, and is considered quite the nerd because of it. And with an IQ of 132, he is quite knowledgeable in a lot of other things too. His interests lie in novels, history books, maps, star charts, and this crosses over to film, music, video games and other mundane things. He has a very flexible taste when it comes to what he likes in everything, and he believes that this makes him versatile and approachable, always having something to keep the conversation going. He does suck in small talk though, but he's trying to be better at that.

So yes, while Fabi is, in fact, a nerd, he's not of the easily flustered sort that one would find in those cheesy high school rom-coms. He has a sharp tongue, and could be rather fierce, lacking a brain-to-mouth filter at times. He enjoys witty banter though, and likes hanging out with people with the same wavelength as his, or at least those who could keep up with him eventually. Despite this though, his taste in men is more varied. He's not going to lie when asked if looks are important to him — of course it is, it's usually the first thing he looks at. But other than that, he also strives for compatibility and great chemistry, someone who would fit well with him and his personality. As it stands though, he's quite unlucky in love, and almost always fall for the typical "straight" jock — those who couldn't reciprocate his feelings. He's a hopeless romantic though, and he knows that one day, his prince will come.
David Solans
Body Type
Hair Color
Eye Color
180 cm
158 lbs

center top

Vocal Range
Tenor II
Blood Type
Distinguishing Marks
A scar on his right shoulder
from a Hellhound attack
Family | Love
Relationship Status
Single, but pining
Sexual Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Best Friend
Ambrosio Casanova
Full Siblings
Half Siblings