Fernando Emilio Guerrero
Plant from a Jar • Future Dictator of the World


Personal Information

Full NameFernando Emilio Guerrero
BirthdayApril 1st, 2002
Zodiac SignAries
Sex / GenderMale
NationalityUnited States
Sexual Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
AccentNorth east united states
BirthplaceNew York, New York
Living SituationCHB
Languages SpokenEnglish, fading spanish
Weapon(s)none right now


Fernando is friendly, trusting, and it’s very easy to make him laugh. He has this sort of sense of warmth around him, and this can make people feel easily comfortable with him. He’s knowledgeable about current affairs, and pretty smart, although he did averagely in school before running away. He’s obsessed with things from the 80s, and while he consumes much media from the era, he actually isn;t critical of the time and simply appreciates most of the content he consumes. This sort of nerdish quality about him, mixed in with a gulp of confidence can make him feel intoxicating to people, or at least worth getting to know.

Most people don’t take him seriously when he says he’s gonna rule the world, but he’s actually quite serious. Most people assume it’s simply a running joke with him. Fern is a bit morbid, although he prefers cheesy slasher films to the newer more realistic stuff, and while violence isn’t fun perse, with the cool soundtrack it’s just a fun ride. He’s unapologetic about how many romance films he’s watched because of the great 80s classics, but he isn’t a crier. Honestly, he can’t remember the last time he cried. The son of Elpis is the kind of guy who communicates with touch, so he can be very touchy with people, but generally knows the right boundaries when it comes to this. Being his friend is both weird and fun because he will give you back hugs and be super vocal about telling his friends he loves them.

His feelings on romance are as follows: "romance is kind of dumb since I'm going to be a ruler but I wanna find someone to raise a boom box to.” It’s probably easy for people to confuse his friendliness as flirting, but actually he’s just friendly. Fernando is the kind of guy who trusts people, but plans for things just in case he can’t trust people. He’s also the kind of chaotic good or chaotic neutral that allow him to do really terrible or wrong things in order to get whatever objective he needs. He loves winning, he loves competition, but also understands that to win wars you need to lose battles. He’s generally either hot or cold about topics, meaning he isn’t wishy washy about things and will have a specific opinion one way or another. He’s kind of a loyal friend, for the most part, but has the capability not to be.


“The best moments of my life were lived in a time capsule.”

It’s never easy to answer questions of who you are and where you come from, because memory is all you have to make you /you/. This is why asking people to tell a little bit about themselves can be tricky. What side of themselves do they want to show to that specific crowd. Fernando stands and answers anyways.

“I’m Fernando, I like the 80’s, and I’m going to rule over all of you one day.”

He smiles and laughs, and so does everyone else, uncomfortably. He’s kind of a weirdo, but what’s new. His eyes don’t smile. He’s serious.

And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran, I ran all night and day
And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran, I couldn't get away

Fernando began his life running with his father to the promised land, in February of 2001. He hadn’t been born yet, of course, but the spirit of his father had. He had lost everything and everyone he knew in a single earthquake in his home country, El Salvador, and had to rebuild his life from scratch. Hope comes to those who have none, and he was able to buy a cheapish ticket to flee to the United States. He arrived in New York City and sought Asylum, eventually granted to him. His father truly tried to continue living, but it’s difficult when there’s nothing to live for. His happiness was cut abruptly by a certain plane crash in NYC, where he almost became one of the many unrecovered bodies. By fate, or by divine intervention, he managed to meet the woman who saved his life on that day, the one who made him late to work. It reinspired the fire he had to live, and in a span of a week, he felt as if he were in love. It didn’t end up mattering, however.

I walk along the avenue
I never thought I'd meet a girl like you
Meet a girl like you

The person he had met and loved was no person at all, but the Goddess herself. The great tragedy of 9/11 allowed her to see the world which had lost so much of her. Her essence had been what saved him and gave him joy, and in the end, she’s the reason his lineage lives on through Fernando. The goddess held him in her womb in her jar for five months, before accepting that if he were born with her, he would never escape. She left the infant with his father. With odds like this, Fernando should have had a regular childhood.

His father had been close enough that he was persisted by failing health, and being abandoned by the woman he loves and left with a child only made him weaker. The immigrant didn’t have the money to travel back and forth in and out from the hospital. He couldn’t take care of his child. He wrote his son a later, the son with his same name, emphasizing how special and how much of a miracle the boy was.He left him on a door step in New Jersey, and drove on from there, coming to a logical decision to kill himself.

The people who Fernando was left with called the proper authorities, who immediately put him into the foster system. They didn’t know when he was born, so his birthday became the day he was found.

Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away I've got to
Get away from the pain that you drive into the heart of me

Fernando didn’t stay easy in the system. Even as a young child filled with hope and aspiration for a better future, he refused to sit still and do what was asked of him. None of the foster homes treated him how he felt he should’ve been treated. His sentiments on settling in a particular home were also tainted by the affection he had for the father he didn’t know, and his prized possession was the letter he received from him. As a rebellious five year old, Fernando was a polarizing figure in his foster homes. Some people loved him and his strong will, some of the younger kids followed his lead, while some of the older kids who had been in the system longer didn’t approve of him making waves and making life more difficult for them. He got told off, got picked on, but it was fine because he never stuck around long enough for anyone to seriously harm him.

You have to grow up quickly in the system. His hardships were made more apparent with his “flaws”, the other things that wouldn’t allow him to get adopted. Every night, Fernando would dream of dying. He would die in many different ways, but he always came back to the towers. Every night, he would imagine people he thought he could love, and then see them vanish. It was all too much for a child. Whenever Fernando tried to verbalize it, people would shut him up and shut him out, and no one really cared enough to help him out besides his social worker, who managed to get him a therapist. He didn’t know the things he was seeing were the lasting hardships of his father, and the family that came before. The generational trauma left a mark on him spiritually in a way that wouldn’t let him ignore it.

Fernando finally found a place to call home, that he could even accept as a home, in a foster family that worked to erase his culture. The kids he lived with he felt comfortable with, and his foster parents were hard working americans. It would’ve been perfect if it weren’t for some of the prejudice they held that would slip here and there. They were loving, they accepted his wild side, and they worked with him. So why wouldn't they let him speak spanish in the house? They all went to church together, they taught him to ride a bike, they let him play soccer. They only called him Fern, they didn’t like immigrants, they didn’t have any darker boys in the house. It all felt incredibly paradoxical, to have someone who cared about him, but also disregarded things that were important to him.

Through the storm, we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you
With or without you

These were the best moments in his life. The life he lived then was what gave him hope for a future. The Adams’ had a attic full of cool retro things, the things from their own childhoods. The attic became his own little slice of heaven, where he would watch these classics, anything John Hughes and any sort of Slasher. He found his foster dad’s old walkman, and started a tape collection for it. This was his escape from the world, and the way he learned to socialize. It definitely helped him appreciate his foster parents.

He didn’t realize it at first, but it began affecting his fashion sense too.

Super trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I won't feel blue
Like I always do
'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's you

His life was hell, but became more of a hell once Fern entered high school. The kids were loud and mean as expected, but wow, did the homework load increase. He had watched the breakfast club at least 30 times before entering school, but it wasn’t enough to prepare him for high school. In fact, it was a bit outdated. The teachers were cruel, possibly because he didn’t particularly like paying attention in their class. His not so terrible looks also made him popular in other circles, but with his geeky self, he only managed to make about 3 friends real friends, aka, the friends who could endure watching Friday the 13th every friday, and the ones who were down to play D&D on tuesdays.

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life

As a teenager, the news hardly escaped him, and like most people, he became increasingly concerned about the world. Adding to his concerns, he faced his first monster attack. At the age of fourteen, a hellhound who he thought was a cute dog in an alley, jumped him and ravaged him, leaving him bruised and battered. He honestly thought he was going to die, but he just hoped and hoped he wouldn’t. The hope manifested and blinded the hell hound, giving him an escape. That wasn’t the end of it however, because the hound still had his scent, and it would track him, wherever he went. He endured two months playing a game of cat and mouse, barely surviving, thinking he was going crazy, especially when the harpies began attacking. He was afraid his game of D&D had somehow come to life. There’s no way he would have survived the attack, if it weren’t for the demigod that arrived to save him. They lived in town together, and Fern had run away from home to avoid these odd creatures, thinking himself insane. The demigod was part of the BC, and explained to him what exactly he was, and thus who he was. He also revealed to him how much darker the world really was, besides just the general human horrors. Thus Fern, upon learning about the gods, also learned how corrupt and harmful they were. Sawyer offered to train him and induct him into the BC, and as tempting as it was, Fern told him he had to mull it over. He had no confidence in the gods now, sure, but he missed his family and his old life. He tried to go back to living freely, but found it was harder to do so. He wanted to do something. Anything. Fern was done with seeing death in his dreams, the death he knew was real.

Admittedly, he came back for his friends and family but only grew more detached. He started seeing his parents more for what they really were, and when the perfect people show their flaws, you have to start treating them as human. Thus, at 15, he ran away again, to join the BC.

To his shock, Fern came to find out the BC wasn’t what Sawyer had promised. Many of the factions seemed vicious, and they all had their own, hidden motives for changing the world into a better place. He saw many power hungry, and none quite as power hungry as their infamous leader. It wasn’t a place for him. He didn’t last a week, and deserted. He tried to go back to the life he was living. After all, he hadn’t been fully inducted. Unfortunately, the BC hunted him down, and gave him the option to die or die. If it weren’t for Sawyer’s guilt and soft spot, he would’ve died. Sawyer kept him hidden away, finally relenting and telling him about camp, his safest option. Out of options, he decided that this cabin hidden away wasn’t enough. He wasn’t even a good fighter, he was just an 80s junkie. But he had hope. He still had his dad’s letter.

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over

Fern’s conviction only grew stronger. Maybe it’s silly, but the life he’s lived, the things he’s seen, it all has left him with a singular conclusion. Before going to camp, he busted into his old foster parents home to leave them a final note and steal all the stuff he couldn’t bare parting with.

Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep

His final steps brought him late february of 2019 to Camp, 16 years old. Orientation, meeting people, introducing himself. What’s his great conviction?

We will find You acting on your best behavior
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world

He has decided to rule the world, like everyone else.



  1. Children of Elpis can summon small, combustible jars that explode upon impact when thrown at enemies. These jar bombs release minimal shrapnel (i.e.: several large shards that make a blunt impact, not countless tiny shards that can pierce the skin) and cause a mild feeling of negativity and unease to linger over the area of the explosion. The more bombs summoned, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can hope for an event to happen (e.g.: for an attack to hit or for them to remember where they misplaced an object) to slightly increase the chances of that event occurring, but with no guarantees, it'll happen. Hoping for events that are outlandish or overly specific (e.g.: for their opponent to spontaneously catch on fire as meteorites rain from the sky) has virtually no effect, since the chances of those events occurring are extremely low in the first place. The more strongly they hope for an event to happen, the more effective the boost will be, but the more energy they use. This ability must be selectively activated: if children of Elpis hope for an event without deliberately intending to boost the chance of that event occurring, they will not use energy but thus will not receive the boost.
  3. Children of Elpis can fire an intense, golden beam of fiery hope which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Elpis can blind an opponent with hope. This affects all forms of sight (spiritual vision, foresight, seeing potential futures, etc.) beyond just physical sight. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.
  2. Children of Elpis can rapidly summon a large Greek jar (pithos) around themselves to act as a resilient shield. The lid of the jar can be removed, but anyone who tries to open it in such a manner immediately feels sick and is hit by a wave of negativity and unease. The jar disappears after the user exits it.


  1. Children of Elpis radiate an aura of hope and optimism which can be suppressed through conscious effort. Furthermore, they have the ability to detect how hopeful people near them are feeling.
  2. Children of Elpis do not tire as easily when they have their hopes up. They are more energetic and heal more quickly in locations where hope is especially strong.
  3. Children of Elpis see potential positive futures and ways to achieve them, though they have difficulty visualizing negative futures.
  4. Children of Elpis feel comfortable in small, confined areas (e.g.: inside a pithos they summon for defense). They can breathe freely in tight, enclosed spaces without running out of air, as long as the enclosed space is not filled with a substance such as water or sand.


  1. Children of Elpis can project their consciousnesses to locations where hope is especially strong. Although they can see, hear and smell their projected surroundings, they are unable to touch anything. They appear to onlookers as faint, intangible apparitions, and their physical bodies are unable to move during consciousness projection. The longer they project themselves, the more energy they use.
  2. Children of Elpis can summon a pair of shining, golden wings that allow them to fly briefly. The longer they fly, the more energy they use.
  3. Children of Elpis can bolster their teammates' spirits through their motivational words and actions, granting them a boost of hopeful energy in combat.
  4. Children of Elpis can summon several pithos to hold objects or act as decorations. Maintaining these constructs requires concentration, for they disappear once the user stops concentrating on them.
  5. Children of Elpis can emit a faint golden glow to brighten their surroundings in the dark. They can glow more brightly in locations where hope is especially strong.


  1. Children of Elpis radiate an aura of hope and optimism which can be suppressed through conscious effort. Furthermore, they have the ability to detect how hopeful people near them are feeling.
  2. Children of Elpis do not tire as easily when they have their hopes up. They are more energetic and heal more quickly in locations where hope is especially strong.
  3. Children of Elpis see potential positive futures and ways to achieve them, though they have difficulty visualizing negative futures.
  4. Children of Elpis feel comfortable in small, confined areas (e.g.: inside a pithos they summon for defense). They can breathe freely in tight, enclosed spaces without running out of air, as long as the enclosed space is not filled with a substance such as water or sand.

3 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can blind more than one person with hope at once. If this power is used, it will simultaneously blind everyone, friend or foe alike, within what would be their field of view. Children of Elpis can maintain this ability indefinitely, but they themselves will be blinded by hope for the entire duration they maintain it.

6 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can summon a pithos containing an essence of negativity, representing a negative spirit that was trapped inside Pandora's Jar alongside Elpis. When the essence of negativity is released, it will plague a single target for several minutes, affecting the target differently depending on which negative spirit it represents. Children of Elpis can choose only one essence of negativity to summon at a time and will feel moderately drained afterward.

  1. The essence of disease (representing the Nosoi) causes the target to feel sickly and nauseated once released. The target may develop a fever and shiver uncomfortably, and their limbs may feel weaker than normal due to illness. In rare cases, the target may spread the disease to their nearby allies, causing them to experience similar symptoms.
  2. The essence of pain (representing Achos) causes the target to feel sharp, stinging pain across their entire body once released. The target may develop headaches, and they will experience greater pain when moving or being hit.
  3. The essence of hunger (representing Limos) causes the target to feel a deep, insatiable hunger--like someone who hasn't eaten in a week--once released. The target may be distracted by the severity of their hunger during combat and will feel much less energetic than usual.
  4. The essence of despair (representing Oizys) causes the target to feel hopeless and distressed once released. Though they experience no physical discomfort, the severity of their mental pain will be strong enough to distract them during combat. Thrown into the depths of despair, they may be overwhelmed by anxiety and will have difficulty summoning the motivation to keep fighting.
  5. The essence of insanity (representing Mania) causes the target to have difficulty thinking rationally once released. The target may make abrupt, uncontrollable movements and may mutter nonsensically or laugh crazily. They will have little to no sense of self-preservation for the duration they are targeted.
  6. The essence of old age (representing Geras) causes the target to feel decades older once released. The target may have much lower energy than usual and will have aching joints that noticeably slow down their movement and reaction speed.

9 Months After Character is Made

Children of Elpis can draw power from all the hopeful actions or environments they’ve witnessed, committed, or visited in their lives in order to become an embodiment of pure hope. This would make them more powerful and immune to all attacks, enhancing both their physical prowess and power over hope. In this state they retain access to their other powers, enabling them to fly freely using their golden wings, to passively radiate hope among their surroundings, etc. This only lasts for a short time, after which the user will be extremely exhausted and unable to use this ability for at least a day. However, the more frequently children of Elpis use this ability, the more hope they will have experienced in their lives, so later uses of this ability will be progressively stronger than the first.


  1. Children of Elpis tend to have inspirational, uplifting personalities.
  2. Children of Elpis tend to make natural-born leaders, revolutionaries, and motivational speakers.
  3. Children of Elpis tend to be highly driven to make their hopes and dreams come true.
  4. Children of Elpis tend to have good mental and physical health.


Face ClaimJoel Pimentel
Eye Colourbrown
Hair Colourblack
Weight144 lb
Voice Typebaritenor
Blood TypeO+
Distinguishing Marks
Body Stylelean
TattoosHas a 12d tattoo
Piercingsa few
ScentSmells like musk

Family Information

FatherFernando Guerrero
Full Siblings-
Half SiblingsCategory:Children of Elpis
Other Relatives-


Significant Other(s)-
Best Friend(s)-
FriendsSawyer Dahn
EnemiesSawyer Dahn

Name Etymology

Given [ Fernando ]
Middle [ Emilio ]
Surname [ Guerrero ]


Favourite Colourpurple
Favourite MovieFerris Bueller's Day Off
Favourite SongEverybody Wants To Rule The Worldsecond is Take On Me
Favourite FoodCheese pizza
Favourite Drinkfruit punch capri suns
Likes80s films and music, laughing, D&D, Working out to 80s workout dvds
Dislikeshis crappy dreams, people who hurt people because they enjoy it
LovesMusic man
Loathesthis shitty ass world sometimes
First Kissnone
First Crushnone
First Lovenone
First Timenone
Sports Playedplayed soccer
Instruments Playedlearning keyboard
Goalsrule the world
Achievementsescaped the BC alive
Biggest Hoperuling
Biggest Regretnot meeting his dad
Best Memoriesin the attic watching 80s flicks
Worst Memoriesall his dreams
Mental Illnessesno
Criminal Recordno
Medical Recorduh, he's allergic to fish and used to have asthma

Custom Trivia

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