The Dark Cave


You have chosen to enter The Cave...

A mere pyre faintly enlightens the entrance of the cave. No light from the exterior of the cave is able to shed light upon the darkness that the cave is consumed in.

The first thing that catches onto ones sight when you enter the cave is a swaying bridge looming above an abyss. With the mere movement of your footstep, rocks crumble from the side of the abyss and falls into it. A silent is followed as after a long while, a very faint crash can be heard, created by the rocks. It's a good sign that there is an end to such abyss. What truly may puzzle a person was, why would such a bridge be built in this isolated and desolated cave.

Those with high attention span and perception will notice some weird carvings on the cavern wall. Drawings can be seen chipped onto the wall, as well as many slashes.
Due to the extreme darkness, the surroundings all just a mirage, a dream. The landscape seems to change with every step you take. A faint yet shrilling cry of distress can be heard coming from an unknown direction. The cry, full of pain, agony, and distress, continues for another 10 seconds before it fades completely from the face of the cavern. A screech can be heard coming from the nearby wall, kind of like someone is scratching on the wall. And with your eyes still stuck upon the wall, a new scratch can be seen on an empty area of it. Words begin to form on the wall... "Dare to give it a try?", before it fades completely...

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