The Bethel


The Bethel is a temple, brought down by the gods, in order to give the new priests and priestesses a common ground to pray and repose. Secluded in the forest, The building has been magically tampered to look small and take up very little space on the outside, but look much bigger on the inside. Every time a new priest or priestess enters, a shrine for their patron builds itself into the small building, along with a bedroom for them.


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  1. Pyrrha Frost, Priestess of Apollo
  2. Emma, Priestess of Astraeus
  3. Anja Nikolaievitch, Priestess of Hestia
  4. Hyunwoo Park, Priest of Prometheus
  5. Dmitri Smoke, Priest of Thanatos
  6. Amora Williams, Priestess of the Muses

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  1. Priests/Priestesses have a direct telepathetic connection to the god they represent, which is mostly used to deliver messages, for duties and for prayer.
  2. Priests/Priestesses are able to read auras and sense spiritual essences.
  3. Priests/Priestesses are able to see through the mist.
  4. Priests/Priestesses have a telepathic connection with the god they represent's animal symbol.
  5. Priests/Priestesses have the ability to heal minor wounds, and soothe the pain of major or fatal wounds.


  1. Priests/Priestesses tend to have the traits of the god they represent's demigod children.
  2. Priests/Priestesses do not date at any time, and are celibate. If they do decide to date, they lose their priesthood.

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