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Adéle Beaulieu - daughter of nemesis • lt. counsellor
- winged • meme-faced queen • will get in ur face • petty af
-I'm do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin' done with you, baby,

Message Me – 17:45, March 4, 2018 (UTC)
This character belongs to Jaye.



Adele: She doesn't look all that nervous when she arrives at the arena. Regardless of the outcome, at least she'll have gotten extra combat practice with this challenge. She opted for some light armor, recognizing how crucial mobility was in fights such as this one. It would save her from the initial attacks, at the very least, while not weighting her down enough to be a nuisance. Similarly, having too many weapons at her disposal could wear her down, though this she recognizes is a must to have. Thusly, she has her rings on their respective fingers, ready to be converted into a shield and sword respectively, whereas her bow and quiver are strapped to her back. The back of her right earring - the winged one - has been removed, to facilitate withdrawing it to expose her wings. Her wings are vital to this fight; nobody knows she has them, except Philippe. She's been practicing using them privately, with the hopes that the secret would one day come in handy. And this - this seems like the ideal time to reveal them. She trudges deeper into the arena, waiting patiently for Ben to appear.





Katniss/Ben did not respond to the challenge after seven days, thus Jaye/Adele officially win the challenge, make the necessary changes.

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